Dreadful Radio Game


Dreadful Radio Game Chapter 125

The lady was completely hysterical. Apparently, she was faking the indifference, just as Su Bai had guessed.

Su Bai had never believed her attitude or calmness or what she said about not wanting others to become the same ghost-like thing like her. If he still believed her crap, he would have lived more than twenty years for nothing.

Her faked generosity was actually so weak that it wouldn't withstand a single blow.

When others were luckier than her, when others were not as miserable as she was, or when others were doing much better than she did, her fake nature would come off immediately, revealing her hysterical envy and unwillingness. And such a person would look more evil than those who were bad from the beginning.

However, an assassin would never give full play to her potential when she was filled with hatred and other negative emotions. She just threw herself at Su Bai, regardless of everything. Therefore, Su Bai was even less scared since the lady was just a total loser.

Between the lady's palms, a mass of black gas appeared and turned into a sword.

Su Bai held Exorciser in front of him and prepared himself for her attack.

They approached each other.

The lady's sword came straight at Su Bai, apparently aiming for the kill.

Su Bai tried to stop her with Exorciser, but to his surprise, the lady's sword went through Exorciser like a block of black smoke.

Facing such a change, Su Bai fell back rapidly. But the sword was faster. It went into Su Bai's chest and immediately became solid.

Su Bai groaned.

The lady let out a joyful cry. Clearly, she was very happy to see Su Bai end up just like her. Now she was neither a human nor a ghost, but she would definitely like to see Su Bai turn into a ghost!

But she paused the next moment. She realized that Su Bai went on after that groan.


Her sword went through Su Bai's chest as Su Bai went forward so it could pierce him, as if he was walking towards his own death.

But an opportunity also appeared at that moment as Exorciser marked a cold arc when they were close enough to each other.

The lady tried to raise her head. But after a few twists of her lips, her head fell off.

In the mean time, a new her started to shape in front of her tomb.

Su Bai held the dagger in his right hand, covered the wound in his chest with the other and started rushing.

He could have left since he didn't believe that lady could follow him all the way. It was a weirdly located enchantment and there must be a limit for her.

But it wasn't in his nature to leave like that. Since she started it, he might as well put an end to it.

It would take quite some time for the lady to take shape again. Most importantly, she had never been killed and reborn like this before. Su Bai had put her through something new, which would cost her even more time.

While at that time, Su Bai had rushed to the lady's tomb and crouched down by her coffin.

The coffin was uncovered by the lady and Su Bai, and it was still open.

He wondered whether the lady regretted about being so arrogant that she dug out and uncovered her own coffin with him.

And he intentionally turned around to check her expression when he reached his hand out for her dead body.


Su Bai really enjoyed it.

When he saw an instinctive panic on her face, he smiled with satisfaction. Then, with that smile, he grabbed the dead lady's neck and twisted it.


With repeated crisp sounds, the lady's head was torn off!

Su Bai even turned into a zombie for a few seconds in order to enhance his strength, but he didn't dare to keep it long. That was exactly why he didn't attack the lady as a zombie.

He wasn't being too careful, but it was a drill ground for Taoists, he was afraid that he might trigger something if he went too wild, though it looked less and less like a real training place for Taoists.

The shaping lady screamed tragically.

Then she started falling apart, and at last… vanished.

Su Bai held the lady's head in his hands. Instead of throwing it away, he took his time unfolding her mask and looked at her real appearance.

Then he shook his head, threw her head onto the ground and said:

"That's an ugly face."

However, he took her bracelet and kept it as a trophy. He had been saving story points for that Hellfire Shotgun and stolen Exorciser from the fox demon. For now, he would not say no to any kind of weapon, because he had been lacking in tools for so long.

After the drill ground, Su Bai kept walking until he saw a mountain pass. But it wasn't as rough as the way into the mountains, it seemed to be well decorated.

Su Bai wondered how Fatty and the others passed that tomb. They were ahead of him, but he had come here yesterday, brought that lady down the mountain and brought her back today, which was to say, he accidentally reduced their burden.

But if even he could notice something wrong, it wouldn't become a problem for the two skilled monks, Seven and Gyatso.

The fine-looking mountain pass was made of rocks, like granite. Su Bai walked along and soon came to a lotus pond.

In the pond, lotuses were flourishing and brimming with life.

But when Su Bai got closer, he found a puddle of blood.

He couldn't tell whose blood it was, but it was most likely Fatty and the others', which meant they came across some kind of danger here, and might be hurt.

There was no way to tell if they had handled the danger.

Su Bai walked forward with even more caution. There was no other way since the lotus pond was located between cliffs, so he had to walk through the pond.

He took out Exorciser, cut off a lotus and observed it before stepping into the pond.

It was just an ordinary lotus. The pond didn't look deep, there must be mud under the water but he couldn't know what was under the mud. Sometimes, the mud would be incredibly deep in a shallow pond.

After double checking and finding no danger, Su Bai stepped into the pond. The water was only waist-deep, and the mud wasn't thick. He kept walking forward, but not very fast, because he couldn't tell whether Fatty and the others had handled the danger or just escaped.

When he arrived in the middle of the pond, his feet touched something. It was slippery, thick and long.

His first thought was a snack. Instantly, he became nervous and his eyes flashed with pale green light. He was ready to turn into a zombie as soon as anything happened.

But after a dozen seconds, that thing under his feet was still motionless. He took a deep breath and dived into the water.

He pushed away the mud. As he had expected, it was a giant python, about ten meters long. But it was dead with an open wound that almost cut through its stomach.

According to Su Bai's observation, the python was not only killed but also deprived of its internal core, which did look like Fatty and the others, who would take whatever they found and maximize their own benefits.

After examining the dead python and finding nothing he could take, Su Bai went up the water. Five minutes later, he was across the pond.

He shook the water off and wiped his face with a lotus leaf.

"Clang! Clang! Clang!"

"Clang! Clang! Clang!"

In front of Su Bai was a corridor going downwards, but from the other side, there came the sounds of sharp weapons hitting against the rocky walls, as if some people were practicing martial art.

Original residents?

Su Bai started walking downwards. After a turning, he saw a pavilion approximately 20 square meters. Five or six men and women were practicing with swords in Taoist clothes; their sword energy was hitting the rocky walls from time to time, causing that clanging sounds Su Bai had heard.

They were not disturbed by Su Bai's appearance at all.

So Su Bai took a closer look at them and found they were a little blurry. Apparently, they were neither human nor ghosts, just something like a mirage. But the sounds were recorded as well, which was pretty interesting.

Su Bai was planning to walk through the mirage. But when he stepped onto that terrace, something strange happened.

The mirage didn't come true or attack him. In fact, if it did, Su Bai would feel quite normal. But what actually happened was…

All of a sudden, these people blushed weirdly, and then…

… they stopped practicing with swords, turned to tear off each other's clothes and began to have sex on that terrace without anything to hide! Two men were left without a girl, and they even started to…