Dreadful Radio Game


Dreadful Radio Game Chapter 108

Gyatso’s skin was turning dark. Apparently, the toxin was going deeper and deeper- from skin to flesh and now probably into the nerve center.

Actually, he was facing a situation similar to Su Bai.

Su Bai thought he just had to soothe the zombies that were upset because of the blood moon, but unexpectedly ran into a Zombie King that was looking for vengeance and almost end up in a terrible fight.

Gyatso thought he could execute one as a warning to others and thus kept them all in control, but unexpectedly met a centipede and was tricked by its disguise.

Gyatso slowly opened his eyes. Now his eyes were entirely black and extremely empty with no glory at all.

The centipede also lay there. It looked weary after biting Gyatso, but its vicious eyes were fixed on him. It knew this man wouldn’t last long; it wanted to watch him die!

All the evil things around were jumping for joy, as if they were looking forward to a feast.

Gyatso looked around. Although he couldn’t see anything, he could sense their joy.

"How dare you!"

Gyatso yelled. Then the toxin started to vanish.

"My heart goes to the Buddha, it makes no difference if my body goes to the devil!"

There were many Esoteric Buddhists who suddenly turned into demons after they achieved greatness, because their cultivation was too extreme. Different from Buddhism in the Central Plains which aimed for justice and harmony, they were more like piercing swords, so when they reached one extreme, they tended to go to the other extreme. Now, Gyatso was ready to turn into the devil.

For Gyatso who was aiming at the rightful achievements of Buddhism, this was a great sacrifice. There was still hope for rightful achievements even after someone went into devil, and there were successful cases, but it would be extremely difficult.

But Gyatso made the choice without a second thought. Only because these evil things were not polite to him!

Yes, for this one simple reason, he abandoned the path he was on, and turned into a demon.

After he demonized, the toxin instantly became nourishment for the demon body. His eyes turned from black to grey, and his pupils appeared again.

He stood up, his eyes ran down the jars in the room, and the centipede shaking out of fear.

This time, the centipede was terrified, and it wasn’t faking. Everything around was silent as a sense of repression struck them.

"You’re good," Gyatso said in a low voice. "You’re all gonna die."

Now Gyatso couldn’t care whether these were precious "collection" of Lam’s over years. They challenged him and therefore had to be punished. That was Gyatso’s guideline. When Tashi and the others left Tibet, Gyatso made a promise that he would kill them all if they came back. Therefore, when they did come back, he just attacked, with no greeting or negotiating.

Therefore, although Gyatso looked younger and nicer or even a little dull, Su Bai was closer to Seven. Because Su Bai knew that Seven was more friendly and sociable. Sometimes, Seven would do something like holding his brother fast and breaking through a wall after "a word please", but compared to Gyatso, he was much saner.


The fire was burning up his soul, as if it was taking away every drop of his life. Afterwards, he would be gone for good; not only his soul, but his body would also disappear.

However, Su Bai’s instinct for survival was aroused when the Zombie King grabbed Su Bai’s shoulders and pulled him closer to his neck. Su Bai opened his mouth and showed his fangs. Although his vampire blood had almost broken down, when it came to life and death, his potential could be amazing.

Su Bai didn’t let the Zombie King down. Soon after he put down his defense of evil energy and relaxed his own skin, he felt something sharp piercing into his body.

The Zombie King voluntarily offered his original evil energy to Su Bai. He had to, because he had no other option.

When the original evil energy went into Su Bai’s body, the fire of life suddenly came back to him, and it burnt stronger and stronger, like a mad wildfire on a haystack.

Gradually, the flames on the Zombie King and Su Bai grew weaker, because the Zombie King was able to balance the two energy after he passed his original evil energy to Su Bai. Streams of green air started to expel from the Zombie King’s body, that was the demon energy being expelled.

But Su Bai’s look became sharper. He knew what a role he had played, or was still playing. There was never such thing as a windfall; even if there was, it might cost someone’s life later. That was what Su Bai had learnt a long time ago. Besides, he wouldn’t believe himself to be "the chosen one", or someone would pass him energy for free.

When the Zombie King had finally gotten rid of the demon energy, he growled hideously and pushed Su Bai away. Su Bai’s fangs were out of his skin, but he was still gripping Su Bai’s shoulder with both hands.

Apparently, the Zombie King was moving to his next step: his original evil energy was too precious to be thrown away like this, and he wouldn’t let that happen.

At this moment, Fatty was still running with dozens of zombies after him. He couldn’t help Su Bai at all because he himself was in danger. He had been bitten multiple times and was probably affected with ptomaine.

The Zombie King opened his mouth, bit Su Bai’s shoulder, then suddenly shook his head and tore off a large piece of flesh.

Su Bai was quite and calm while watching the Zombie King tear him apart piece by piece.

After two bites, the Zombie King was surprised that Su Bai was so calm. He hesitated, but then went on.

Su Bai just stood there watching himself get bitten, held tight by the Zombie King. Even when his upper body was almost torn apart, he was still calm and slightly smiling.

At last, the Zombie King stopped and stared at Su Bai. Even the dumbest person could tell that Su Bai was not merely bluffing.

Su Bai just looked at him calmly and slowly said:

"I’m not a pure zombie. There’s something more in me."

After Su Bai said that, the Zombie King suddenly quivered and spit out frozen air. Then the skin on his face and all over his body started frosting, and his movement started slowing down.

His hands over Su Bai’s shoulders were also frozen. Su Bai got rid of him easily and continued:

"I really wish I were a pure zombie. Seriously."

If he had been a pure zombie, he would be able to upgrade through the e-shop, instead of going through all the trouble.

The Zombie King kept stepping back; at last, he could not walk anymore and had to jump as his body grew stiffer and stiffer. He used to walk because he was different from ordinary zombies, but now he was frozen and thus no longer flexible.

Su Bai stretched his hands and slightly clenched his fist.

His upper body looked terrible with all those bones exposed, but on his face there was no trace of suffering; on the contrary, he looked intrigued. He touched his ribs that were exposed in the air, rubbed his bleeding shoulders and, without paying any attention to the frozen Zombie King, shouted to Fatty who was still fleeing:

"Fatty, do I look like a piece of artwork now?"

A zombie had just gotten to Fatty and bitten him on the leg. Hearing this dumb question, he course madly:

"F*ck, I’m dying here! And you ask me that? Are you nuts?"

Su Bai heard him, nodded as if he was thinking about something, then turned around and looked at the Zombie King. He was expelling the cold toxin with his evil energy, but he was not as powerful as he used to be and therefore slower in expelling toxin since he had transported most of his original evil energy into Su Bai.

Su Bai walked to him. The Zombie King reached out his hands to catch Su Bai, and Su Bai also reached out and grabbed his hands. However, this time, the Zombie King wasn’t overwhelming.

The two zombies were holding hands and looking at each other.

Su Bai was thinking while the Zombie King was taking this opportunity to get rid of the cold toxin. He didn’t know what Su Bai was up to, but he believed that he only need a little more time and he would be fine. However, what Su Bai said next immediately upset him again:

"You, come with me…

"… or die.

"Because you are…

"… smarter."