Dragon Poor


Dragon Poor Chapter 2

One day, humans suddenly began to be forcefully summoned. These bewildered humans, were gathered into a group by the occupants of the new world and then had us relocate to a dirty fortress. Kim Sunhyuk was one of those relocated Earthlings.

“Welcome to the Kingdom of Ardenburg, Strangers.”

Together, the strangers were able to realize that what had brought them into this world was termed a ‘grand summoning.’

“Our Kingdom is hoping to be a dependable settlement for all of you. However, we need you to steadily prove your worth first.”

The King had appeared and declared this. And so, for four days, they spent their time in the dirty fortress. All the summoned strangers soon recognized that they lacked the ability to protect themselves, and decided to be supporters of the Kingdom.

In exchange for the Kingdom being a secure settlement for us, we had to offer a fixed amount of time in volunteering for them. Depending on our achievements, the conditions of that period would be conducted accordingly.

“It isn’t hard to confirm the worth of your abilities. Just willingly help us.”

And so, that sudden military training began, since they weren’t able to spare the time to explain how this ignorant training was related to proving their worth. For the first time in his life, he rolled around the muddy ground, and even had his body abused.

“You may swear at us now because we order you to undertake such arduous, rough training, but you will soon come to the realization of this honorable fruit.”

At first, he wasn’t able to realize what nonsense he was saying. But, later, he understood what the Instructor meant.


One of the strangers that was crawling on the muddy floor was surrounded in light.

“Congratulations on your Class Change.”

Until then, that demon-like instructor who hurled insults at them was congratulating that person. Kim Sunhyuk realized then. What it meant to leave this lamentable fortress.

Advanced. Intermediate. Basic.

The Instructor had classified the man as an Intermediate. He changed from those tattered clothes and although he wasn’t clothed with a refined attire, it was quite splendid in comparison to his previous destitute appearance. It wasn’t just his clothes that had changed.

The voices around him exclaimed that he would now be knighted the lowest rank of nobility, and that from now on, he would work for the Kingdom. The mood itself had completely changed.

To be able to have benefits even if you weren’t a noble in this irrational world, and for him to have risen to such a spot became a great motivation for all.

The mood from being reluctant to train changed as the news concerning that man who was knighted spread tremendously.

“The Kingdom is never stingy. Those that prove their worth will receive suitable compensation.”

The instructors encourage them as the strangers became even more passionate in their training.

“You are Basic level? Anyhow, congratulations on your Awakening.”
“Congratulations on Awakening!”
“Oh! Congratulations. You’re an Intermediate as well.”

Countless strangers had ‘Awakened,’ or ‘Changed Classes’ following that scene as they then left the fortress. Whether Intermediate or Basic, all of them were able to leave this hell-like fortress.

“Your Class, soldier?”
“ Ma, Magician.”
“Oh – Oh! Finally, we have a soldier that has Changed Classes to an Advanced! The Kingdom must celebrate!”

As such, the girl that had awakened was the first to receive an ‘Advanced’ Rank. And she received treatment incomparable to any of those Basic ranked people that had already left the fortress.

Ah, it would be nice if I could Change Classes into an Advanced soldier.

Since I had been summoned to this other dimensional world, wouldn’t it be nice to be amongst the higher ups and live comfortably? The enthusiasm of the strangers started to rise.

Kim Sunhyuk was also the same. He also waited for the day he would Awaken as he saw his comrades Change Classes one after the other.


The feeling of fullness and satisfaction that he had never felt before surrounded him, as if he was walking on enchanted clouds. He couldn’t come back to his senses.

“What is that? It’s even more tumultuous than the girl that had changed classes to a Magician?”
“Wouldn’t he be at least Advanced?”

Due to the light that was more glorious and brighter than ever before, the strangers started to talk in whispers. They were full of envy and jealousy as they stared at Kim Sunhyuk, and even the Instructor couldn’t hide the expectations from his face.

“I congratulate you on your Awakening. What is your Class, soldier?”

Belatedly coming into his senses, Kim Sunhyuk first opened his Status Window like how the other Awakened people had done and checked.

[Kim Sunhyuk]

. Level 1

. Dragon Rider

. Strength 17 /  Endurance 16 / Dexterity 19

. Skills in Possession

  • Dragon Taming
  • Dragon Riding
  • Charging

Just from its name, I thought it was something grandiose and great. It wasn’t just a Rider, or a Knight, but a Dragon Rider with an immense title.

“Drr, Dragon Rider!”
“Dragon Rider? What’s that?”

The expression of the Instructor was subtle. It was uncomfortably bothersome, but he hadn’t let down his expectations. As of those previously that had received unique titles, and had all been bestowed an Advanced Rank before leaving the fortress.

“It literally means that it is a Rider that rides a Dragon.”
From that description, the strangers became much more blatantly envious, as they felt that he had hit the jackpot more than anyone else. However, the Instructor’s expression was still subtle.

“Dragon? Riding a dragon?”

At this point, Kim Sunhyuk who was full of joy, couldn’t help but feel that something was strange. That was how complicated the Instructor’s expression was. But the emotion that conveyed the most from his face was…

“Groan. And I had thought another Advanced soldier had appeared after such a long time…”


“Is it not good?”

With a frenzied reaction, Kim Sunhyuk retorted back as he clicked his tongue.

“It would probably be good. If, we had dragons in this world that is.”

A sudden and unexpected response. There was Magic, there were Elements, and there were Monsters. But, there were no Dragons.

“How come!”

Kim Sunhyuk who was once full of expectation screamed.

“Don’t ask me. There never was originally. How are you going to ride something that’s not there.”

The strangers’ faces that were full of envy and jealousy became subtly relieved. And then, they started to ridicule him.

“A Dragon Rider, haha.”
“But there are no dragons.”

I couldn’t even hear their ridicule. The only thing he could hear was the Instructor’s voice.

“Occasionally there are these kind of grand names that don’t have any substance. Unfortunately, that would be in your case.

The instructor’s words, one by one, dug out a hole in my chest.

“Dragon Rider, Dragon Rider. I must distribute to you accordingly as a regular Rider. If you had rather been a Knight, you would be an Intermediate. Tch.”
“S, so?”

With my trembling question, the instructor firmly replied.

“Why! Why! There are fairies too, but how come there are no dragons!”
“Why are you asking me that!”

With this feeling of the whole unfairness of it all, I screamed, but I had only received a scolding from the Instructor.

“Anyhow, you are now exempt from training. Until a separate order is given, standby.”

The criteria for classifying the ranks was determined from the availability of skills. That’s not to say; that the soldiers that were determined as Basic didn’t have any skills at all. However, the problem was that even ordinary citizens of the public could achieve those with effort.
As such, it was obvious that the treatment that the Awakened soldiers Intermediate and up would be incomparable to that inferior, poor treatment of the Basic.

There was no knighthood, and there were also no special benefits. If this is any consolation, at least they were treated a bit better than regular soldiers. Though they didn’t receive any great treatment regarding their status, they thought that at least they weren’t being neglected. It was conduct that was ambiguous to be satisfied with, yet also vague enough to complain about.

That transport carriage that was on its way to the forest was also one of the vague considerations that the Kingdom had shown to the Basic soldiers.

“Groan. My ass hurts so much.”
“They say we have to travel for another three weeks, but at least we get to ride this. Let’s think positively.”

The fact that they were able to obtain and ride this transport wagon caused others to nod their heads in consent.

As people sat on their butts within the tight small wagon, as it traversed the rocky road, inevitably causing people to glance at each other’s eyes. Soon, someone gave his greetings after bumping into another person.

“Ah, nice to meet you all. I had seen your faces at the training grounds every day, but it is a first to engage in such a conversation.”

After that, other people naturally began to share about themselves, and realize that it was the first time that they were sharing a conversation.

“Groan. After training, we were all busy collapsing into our beds anyways.”

The rigorous training was too harsh for many modern people, who grew up with the benefits of globalization from all civilizations to endure. It was difficult to even look around, let alone take care of one’s body, and yet the instructors did not even attempt to emphasize bonds amongst fellow comrades at all.

“What is your name? I am called Kang Jungtae. I am 28 years old. Before I came here, I was working in a company. I have Changed Classes into a Swordsman.”

Now that the people were able to talk with each other, fortunately, the man that revealed his name as Kang Jungtae broke the ice.

“I see that you are my hyungnim. I was taking a semester off and working before I was dragged here. My class is an Archer. I am 25 years old.”

“Ah, I am a student named Park Soohong and I am currently a Shield Soldier. I am the youngest, as I am 21 years old.”

For the first time, stories of the previous world over there were spoken, and soon, people began to engage in conversations of numerous topics.

“My mother would look for me . . .”

However, even that was brief, as the pain that they had forgotten due to training came upon them, causing them to close their mouths. Why were they summoned here, also if there was a way to return, those questions without answers came and faded in the silence.

“Even if we are to find this method later, right now, let’s try and depend on one another to endure.”

That optimistic man who first spoke up, Kang Jungtae, transformed the mood. Since there was no use pondering about these depressive answerless questions, people quietly accepted those words.

“How about you?”

Those that were talking for quite some time addressed a question towards Kim Sunhyuk.

“Ah. I am Kim Sunhyuk. My age is 24, and I was on my last vacation from the military…”

From those words, the strangers suddenly closed their mouths. After a long time, those that opened their mouths were full of compassion.

“Aigoo. How unfortunate. After training like that in the military, and now here as well . . .”
“ How pitiful . . .”

Kim Sunhyuk was distorted. To be stabbed in his sensitive spot like that, it was a situation where he could swear against his own bad luck.

“Groan. Stay strong. So what Class are you?”

Since the strangers were all scattered based on their classes, what everyone was most interested were the classes they changed into. From that question, he replied with an uncomfortable face.

“A Dragon Rider.”
“Ah . . .”

It was an event that no one did not know of in the fortress. The impact of that Awakening was that impressive and grandiose, and it was also special.

“So you are that Dragon Rider, Sunhyuk.”
“Stay strong. Anyhow, everyone that’s gathered here are Basic, so what’s wrong with being a Dragon Rider?”

Unlike the ridicule I received before in the fortress, there was none here. Well, that wasn’t unreasonable. Since everyone gathered here were all distributed with Basic ranks, so they had no reason to ridicule someone else.

“Who knows? Maybe you have a hidden ability.”

As expected, that positive energy of Kang Jungtae was overflowing. It seems that he was trying to extract the positives out of this event as well.

“Truly, it would be nice if it was so.”

Kim Sunghyuk chuckled.

Call It sympathy, but being together with these people in this situation allowed his mind to be a bit more relaxed.

“If you say it differently, a Hidden Class? You know.”
“It definitely feels like a game.”
“There’s no difference from a game! There are Statuses, Skills, and even Classes!”

Though they couldn’t create a new character, or receive the benefits of revival, other than that their current circumstances weren’t really that different from a game. Come to think of it, it was inferred that the Kingdom were separately managing the strangers due to this unique ability.

“Well, it is a world with Magic, and Elements, so it’s nothing strange to have a game-like ability.”
“That’s right! There’s everything here.”
“Except for dragons . . .”

From Kim Sunhyuk words, they became embarrassed as they dryly coughed.