Doomsday Wonderland


Doomsday Wonderland Chapter 94

Isn't That Body Figure a Little too Perfect?

After they searched through a dozen shipping containers, their group finally had some results. They found a small size shipping container filled with canned Starbucks coffee and another filled with Swiss chocolates. Though it wasn’t a staple food, it was still a pleasant surprise for Lin Sanjiu and the others whose basic requirement for food was just calories.

The crates filled with coffee and chocolate were dragged out and stacked properly by the Beret Men. They actually took up quite a large area. Lin Sanjiu leaned on a few crates and drank a few large mouthfuls of warm coffee before she let out a sigh as she felt her dehydrated body being revitalized.

"This is too sweet." B.Rabbit puckered his furry face as he licked some chocolate, unwillingly. "My previous owner once said that rabbits should not eat sweet things."

The chocolate had long melted under the heat, but they did not go bad and seemed edible. The only problem was that they all had to be careful when they were eating them. Once they removed the paper packaging, they had to quickly collect the chocolate goo with their mouths, so that it doesn’t drip all over their hands.

In contrast, Hu Changzai was beaming. He opened his fifth packet of chocolate and poured the melted chocolate into his mouth, commenting, "Wow. I’ve eaten this brand of chocolate once, but it was too expensive, so I couldn’t bring myself to buy it… sigh… It still tastes so good even if it is in this melted form."

Hai Tianqing gave him a sidelong glance before opening a can of coffee.

About ten Beret Men were surrounding the four of them in a circle. Surrounded by a group of people with the same smiles, Lin Sanjiu wondered how Hu Changzai and B.Rabbit still had the mood to eat — she gave them an expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

"Huh?" she muttered as her eyes paused on what she noticed.

"What’s wrong?" Hai Tianqing was keen about such things despite his size.

"Look over there." Everyone turned to where she pointed, somewhere in the distance. "Do you see people there?"

Somewhere in the far distance, they saw a row of little black dots moving. If it hadn’t been for their enhanced eyesight, they wouldn’t have been able to spot those people.

"I think so…" B.Rabbit squinted while he wiped off the chocolate on his fur. "There seem to be quite a few people, at least ten, I suppose," he murmured.

[Are they survivors? Did they come to the customs also hoping to look for food? If it was so, perhaps we could seek help from them and get away from these Beret Men—] Her raised hopes were quickly erased by the Beret Man leader: "Some of you should go over and see if they’re heading this way."

With that, five other Beret Men turned and left. The three humans and one rabbit exchanged glances as their faces turned somber.

[It’s stressful enough that these ten Beret Men are following us. If more of their colleagues come over, the possibility of escaping would become slimmer...] B.Rabbit thought about it, and his eyes flashed with determination. He pressed his earrings and said, "With some of them guarding the crates, and some others checking out that commotion, there are only four of them here now. If we fight them one-on-one, we might have a chance of winning…"

"No. Those guarding the crates are nearby, they will quickly notice if something is amiss," Hai Tianqing replied quietly, "if they turn on us, I don’t have the confidence to dodge an attack from that weapon."

"And if those people over there really belong to their group, we might find ourselves between a rock and a hard place," Lin Sanjiu added, feeling that the plan was too risky.

B.Rabbit sighed when he heard their replies, he lowered his head and continued licking his chocolate miserably.

The group of people they saw in the distance moved very quickly. It only took them a little time to reach the place where Lin Sanjiu and her companions were. The four of them looked up at the same time observing the people who were approaching.

Lin Sanjiu had never seen women with such perfect figures. She concluded that it was probably because they were of mixed-ancestry just like the Beret Men. The woman leading the troupe had a round, small head and a classic oval face. Her neck was long, and her hourglass figure with her slender limbs made her appear graceful and light-footed. Lin Sanjiu had seen many models in her life, but the proportion and body frame of the woman seemed as though she was exquisitely-crafted, the contours of her body flowed so perfectly that she couldn’t spot a single flaw. This was enough to make any woman feel inferior.

The amazing thing was that it was not only one woman that had this perfect figure. Just like how the Beret Men had captured them, the leading woman and a dozen of women with the same perfect figures were surrounding five Posthumans of varied looks and stature.

All the women wore blue wigs, carried the same weapon that the Beret Men had, and they were all pointing their weapons at the five people surrounded by them.

When a teenager — about fifteen or sixteen in school uniform — saw Lin Sanjiu and her companions, he asked woefully, "What do you want from us? Why did you catch us here?"

Lin Sanjiu was stunned for a moment before she suddenly realized that the teenager must have mistaken them for the hidden masterminds when he saw them sitting on the ground casually eating and drinking.

"We are also captives… Huh?" Lin Sanjiu was surprised when she saw the Posthuman at the back of the group. "Tie Dao[1]? You managed to escape?"

When Lin Sanjiu said that, Hai Tianqing, Hu Changzai, and B.Rabbit turned to look at him at the same time. Tie Dao shot Lin Sanjiu a glare and turned pale instantly. He turned to the other, nodding in acknowledgment and forced a smile, "Hi… hi. Are you fine?"

B.Rabbit scoffed as if a bit of that arrogance he had as an Executive in Oasis returned, "I’m NOT fine. I don’t like being watched by those people, and I don’t know what they want!"

The Blue-Haired Women shoved the five new people and forced them to sit down with Lin Sanjiu’s group.

"Executive Rab… Rabbit… You’re here too…" Tie Dao nodded repetitively at B.Rabbit even though they were sitting some distance apart.

Lin Sanjiu looked at him, feeling a little bewildered by his behavior before she turned to the uniformed teenager and asked, "Where did you meet those women? What happened?"

The uniformed teenager replied with a sobbing tone, "I met these people on the road. Before we knew it, these women pointed guns at us and made us follow them. My camp isn’t far, but I’m worried about my sister, she’s all alone..."

Lin Sanjiu’s heart skipped a beat, but she couldn’t cover his mouth fast enough. One of the Blue-Haired Women immediately bent down and looked at him expressionlessly. She placed her gun to the teenager’s head and said, "Where is your sister?/Lead us to her," she spoke in the same tone as the Beret Men, without any inflection.

The uniformed teenager’s face turned white, looking as if he wanted to slap himself for saying that. He motioned his mouth meaninglessly for a while before he finally succumbed to his fear of death. He forced himself to stand, and the Blue-Haired Woman pushed him toward a Beret Man. Shortly after, the latter escorted the teenager away.

Lin Sanjiu also noticed then that the women walked tiptoeing.

[Why are they walking like that? Is this some kind of black magic?]

Just then, the Beret Man leader pulled out a small black cube from his ear. He pressed it, and a small mic popped out, then he said softly, "Yes/We already reached Shenghai Port/We have nine people with us."

The eight people on the floor looked at him dumbfounded.

"Yes/There are many shipping containers here." The Beret Man smiled and continued, "Roger that/When will they arrive?/Okay."

As he spoke without any pauses, Lin Sanjiu, who had been holding her breath as she eavesdropped, only realized that he had finished his conversation when she saw him keeping the cube.

[Are there more people coming?] Lin Sanjiu looked worriedly at her companions, feeling very uncertain about the situation. [How many of those Beret Men and Blue-Haired Women weirdos are there? If this goes on, can we still escape?]

"I want all of you to empty those shipping containers now/You will stay there during the day," the Beret Man commanded the people on the ground with a flat tone.

"They made us look for food and water. Now, they’re asking us to repurpose those shipping containers…" Lin Sanjiu grumbled softly to Hai Tianqing as she stood up with the others, "Do you think they plan to lock us up like prisoners?"

"It’s possible. But I don’t know what’s their big plan?" Hai Tianqing frowned slightly.

As the people behind them were all Posthumans, all of them heard their conversation clearly even though they were whispering. A middle-aged white collar worker coughed and eyed the both of them.

When they were approaching the doors of a shipping container, the middle-aged white collar worker suddenly leaped up. Then, he kicked the calf of one of the Blue-Haired Women. Caught off-guard, the woman fell face up as her balance was very poor. Her blue wig fell off her hair and reveal her bald head. The middle-aged white collar worker grabbed her gun and immediately shouted, "Activate Vajra Body Defense[2]!"

That seemed to be his ability. After he said that, his body emitted a golden glow, and the middle-aged white collar worker started running away like a maniac.

No one had expected that someone would actually do that. One of the smiling Beret Men immediately chased after him.The Beret Man fired his weapon a few time but somehow, due to either his target’s dodging skills or because his target’s ability truly made him impervious to the attacks, his target, the middle-aged white collar worker, continued sprinting forward. The Beret Man chased closely behind, and the two figures soon disappeared out of sight.

The Posthumans who just entered the shipping container was roused by this, but they all kept quiet when they looked behind. A dozen Blue-haired Women were standing at the door, pointing their weapons at them.

"F*ck!" Tie Dao cursed as he kicked one of the wooden crates to vent his anger.

All of them could only accept their situation. They started emptying the shipping containers around. The seven of them could not even fill up half a container, yet the weirdos forced them to empty more than ten shipping containers which contained at least 20 tons of goods each. Not only did they have to carry the goods out from the container, but they had to continue searching for food and water and also move the empty shipping containers to flat ground…

After hours of such backbreaking labor, none of the Posthumans could endure any longer, no matter how strong they were. When it reached noon, the hottest time of the day, all the Posthumans laid on the floor of a container; they were all so exhausted that they could not even lift a finger.

Lin Sanjiu laid on the floor. Her whole body was aching. When she turned and saw the rest of the Posthumans lying on the floor looked like her, pale from exhaustion, she couldn’t help feeling disheartened.

[Did they make us empty these containers so they could house more ‘prisoners’?] she wondered. Suddenly, she heard someone approaching. She forced herself up so that she could look outside and found out that it was the Beret Man who had chased after the middle-aged white collar worker.

The only reason why she could identify that Beret Man was because he was grabbing the white collar worker. The captive’s limbs were horrendously deformed as if they had been twisted many times. The injured man’s eyes were shut tightly, and his face had a sickly yellow tint.

"Is he still alive?" a Blue-Haired Woman asked.

"I only broke the bones in his arms and legs into four segments each/He is totally paralyzed but he is still breathing/He should be alive," the Beret Man replied monotonously.

Following which, the middle-aged white collar worker was thrown into the shipping container. His body drew an arc in the air as his broken limbs flailed loosely before he landed on the floor.