Doomsday Wonderland


Doomsday Wonderland Chapter 121

The capsule containment area of the arena was usually the quietest place at night. Dozens of immobilized women laid at the bottom of their capsules like corpses. It was like a frozen frame in a movie. But, tonight was different— the air was filled with the rough panting sounds from men and the unique pungent stench of bodily fluids. This was accompanied with grunts and the sound of colliding bodies, creating an aura of sick decadence and excitement.

After the scrawny security enjoyed himself for one whole minute, he finished his business. He grabbed the clothes of the woman in front of him and wiped his body. While she stared at him motionlessly, he stood up and put on his pants. There were still sounds of heavy breathing coming from a few directions. The scrawny security guard placed his hands on his hip and surveyed the capsules around him and felt like a king. He strode over the woman beneath him and suddenly paused, "Huh? Why is it so quiet over at Laoliu?

If he treated that ice queen too nicely, what would be the fun in that? The scrawny security guard chuckled and walked toward Contestant 97’s capsule. In the darkness, some distance away, there was a figure lying on the ground. Though the silhouette was as motionless as the various women in their capsules, it belonged to a person who was much fatter. The scrawny security guard felt a shiver down his spine and hurried over. When he arrived and saw the scene, his vision suddenly turned black.

At first glance, he almost couldn’t recognize Laoliu. Blood was pouring from every pore in that man’s body and the strong smell of blood nearly made him light-headed. He shuddered while he squatted down to touch the body. The body was still warm. He immediately jumped backward and shouted, "All of you, be caref—"

The second he reached for his tranquilizer gun, he felt a warmth in his throat. The scrawny security guard slowly looked downward, confused by his inability to speak. Without warning, the skin around his neck was split opened. Warm blood spurted out from his severed arteries and immediately dyed the floor red.

"What are you shouting for? Don’t you think we know that we have to be careful? You nearly scared us to death," the other men shouted angrily in response only when the security guard’s body was about to fall to the ground.

A hand held on to the corpse’s collar from behind. Lin Sanjiu placed the security guard gently on the ground without making a noise. She crouched down and took the tranquilizer gun by the man’s waist. She converted it into a card [Tranquilizer gun for the Foot Soldier] and stored it into her body. Next, she looked at the two red cards in her hand.

She smiled slightly when she read the first few words. The previous symptoms she had just moments ago, the chronic fatigue and her high fever, had disappeared without a trace.

[Congratulations on leveling up! 2]

Introduction: It has almost been a year since the last level up. Considering the pace, Lin Sanjiu might finally break free from the curse of her low combat ability before she dies, right?

Active ability: Planar World

Level-up Count: 2

Forecast date of Next Level-up: Until the end of time

Level-up benefits: You can now convert up to 16 items, how wonderful! So now you know that when you level up, the number of items you can convert doubles, what a relief! There is finally an improvement in the artistic level of the card, it is now at the "High-schooler with bad results who just started art class in hopes of entering a good university by taking the art entrance exam" level! And you finally have a card that has real combat value!

Her smile faded after reading the card, as it was always difficult to keep a smile after reading her own cards. Lin Sanjiu brought up the other red card with a mysterious glow. A line of words surfaced.

[Nostradamus’s Card]

This seer’s most notorious prophecy was the doomsday prediction that "the great and terrifying leader will come down from the sky in year 1999". Surprisingly, his prophecy did not come true, thus Nostradamus’s grudge against corporealize to create this card which specifically releases mini doomsday scenarios.

Instructions: Using the owner’s, Lin Sanjiu, body as a medium, the card can store the "doomsday elements" that Lin Sanjiu’s body is exposed to. After Lin Sanjiu has accumulated a certain level of that element in her body, she can extract and convert it into a Nostradamus's Card. For example, if her skin is exposed to a temperature above 85°C in Hyperthermal Hell, she can ‘store’ the high temperature into the card. When she uses the card, it would create a mini doomsday environment of 85°C.

In the same manner, radiation can be extracted from her body and once she has accumulated a high level of condensed radiation in her card, she can release all of it in an instance.

Range of doomsday environment: It’s so small. If you want to envelop just one person within the environment, you better wait for the next level up.

Restrictions: After energy is released from a Nostradamus’s Card, it requires a cooldown period of 24 hours before it can be used again even if the total accumulated energy is not released.

If she didn’t have [Versu Poison] to buy her a little time, and if her Planar World didn’t level up in time, something serious could have happened. Lin Sanjiu emptied the 10 sieverts of radiation in her body right into her [Nostradamus's Card] and the battery symbol on the card now showed 10%.

"So this means that the card can store up to 100 sieverts of radiation? I can’t help feeling that these numbers are getting easier to deal with…" Lin Sanjiu mumbled to herself as she hid it at the back of her capsule.

The remaining men who were enjoying themselves died before they even knew what happened to them. Lin Sanjiu stealthily killed three men consecutively. When each of them died, they stared at Lin Sanjiu with eyes filled with hatred, fear and despair. She thought that she could keep herself composed, and indeed she managed to slow down her racing pulse.

That was until she walked behind a balding fat man. Watching him panting while he moved, his fats jiggling around the thighs of the girl he was holding, the light reflecting off that bald patch in the middle of his head, it was almost impossible for her to muster even an ounce of mercy. When she saw the girl’s stony eyes, Lin Sanjiu couldn’t hold herself back any longer. "Get away from her!" she bellowed.

Following which, an oily bald human head flew across the room and landed with a "thud". That was the last man.

After she kicked the headless body off the girl, the arena returned to its usual dark silence. She could only hear the disorderly breathing sounds from the other women and her own thumping heart. She wiped her face before she crouched down and dressed the girl a little clumsily. The girl was very young. Tears fell from her raven eyes as she looked at Lin Sanjiu.

Ever since the security guard was killed, a red light in the arena lit up. However, Lin Sanjiu did not notice it as it was hidden from her view. Controlling her complicated emotions, she helped dress all the women who had been pulled out from their capsules. Noticing that they were still unable to move, she starting feeling a little worried as she leaned against one of the capsules.

Six capsules have been opened, so there were five women on the ground. Even so, they were still unable to recover from the effects of the chemical they had inhaled. On top of that, no matter what method she tried, she was unable to open the other capsules. As there was a living person in each capsule, it was not possible for her to convert the capsules into cards.

When she searched the security guard’s body, she couldn’t find a key or something similar. The technology here in Garden of Eden was far more advanced than that in her own world, and momentarily Lin Sanjiu felt rather helpless. The most exasperating thing was finding out that there was an electric net surrounding the capsule containment area too. She had initially thought that her view of the battle area was not very clear just because she was in her capsule but it was actually due to the net.

Even though she had escaped the capsule, she realized that she was still trapped. [Is there really no way out?] Just as she was looking around anxiously, she suddenly heard a loud clapping sound. Someone, hidden in the darkness some distance away, was clapping loudly.

Shocked, Lin Sanjiu turned quickly and looked in the direction of the sound. She was too overwhelmed by her emotions just now so she did even noticed that someone had entered the arena.

"Ha! Good. You’re terrific! What a great show!" a voice ranged out, and the man speaking intentionally dragged out the last syllable of each word. Once he said that, the harsh white lights were switched on one after the other. Light quickly assaulted the pitch-black arena, and Lin Sanjiu narrowed her eyes involuntarily.

A man in uniform stood by the left entrance clapping methodically. Another twenty uniformed men who seemed to be his subordinates stood behind him. There was also a woman on the ground beside them. Her long hair covered her face, so it was impossible to tell if she was dead or alive.

The man who was clapping had a square-shaped face. Even though he was smiling, it did little to conceal his cold and stern demeanor. Though he was standing very far from the capsule containment area, he stared at Lin Sanjiu with eyes which conveyed his annoyance towards her, "When I noticed that the security alert had been activated, I thought it was a malfunction… How many years have we held this… yet no mutates ever managed to escape from those capsules. When I saw you from the camera, I was shocked. So this was all because of those scums…"

He peered over at the security guard’s dead body before he made a soft scoffing sound. He turned and gave some orders to his men and turned back to Lin Sanjiu again, "Who would have expected such a twist of events this year?" the man said with a cold piercing voice which could even be heard outside.

Lei Ming paused when he heard this. "Brother Gong, are we really just leaving that woman to fend for herself?"

Gong Daoyi flashed him a gentle smile. "The chief of police already left the committee meeting, that means the room is empty now. Business comes first, I definitely need to get my hands on those confiscated Special Items… Lei Ming, aren’t you coming?"