Doom Lord


Doom Lord Chapter 95

Doom Lord

Chapter 95- Division of Labor

Yu Kai said, “Currently, our territory have 83 Forgers, and 96 Engravers. Although these people have completed their auxiliary class task, but many of them didn't seems to care much about it. After all, at present whether it's quarrying or mining, the amount of power value earned just isn't as fast as killing monsters.”

Cheng Yang said, “That’s a good thing. It shows that our professions have basically gotten rid of their fear of enchanted beasts, and had began to proactively kill more enchanted beast. As for the lack of initiative they have in training their auxiliary class, this one mustn't be forced. Now the price I had put out for the purchase of raw materials are already considered as pretty good. Since there is no danger when collecting raw materials, it is also very normal for the income to be lower than killing monsters. However, for the equipment problem we are facing, that must be solved now."

Yu Kai said, "If you want to solve the equipment problem, you must first start from the raw materials and work your way up. Now every one of us have a auxiliary class, and the biggest problem we faced is the drawings and formulas. Because the few of us had been taking action with the Lord these past few days, the amount of power value we had were awfully a lot. With it, we had already purchase the most basic manufacturing drawing. However, for other people, this is more troublesome. A drawing in the shops need 1,000 power values to purchase, which most people couldn't afford to take out."

Cheng Yang's face relaxed, he said, "This isn't an issue. First, tell me what auxiliary class you had picked? And what drawings you had learned? “

Yu Kai said, “I am a tailor. I had learned the drawing for manufacturing leather armor, which can create leather armor for apprentice-order archers. Moreover, my skinning skill has been upgraded to level 2, so now I am capable of stripping the fur off of first late-order enchanted beasts. “

Liu Hao was next to speak up, “My auxiliary class is Forger. A moment ago, I have learned a drawing for how to make iron sword. As for my collection skill, that is giving me quite the headache. Up until now I have yet to find a place with iron ore, therefore I couldn't practice my mining skill.”

Shortly thereafter, Niu Bing, Zhao Chuan and Lee Wanshan also respectively says their auxiliary class. With the exception of Lee Wanshan who had shifted to Carpenter, Niu Bing and Zhao Chuan has chosen Forger. He was the only one amongst them that had selected Alchemist.

Cheng Yang said with a smile, “Contrary to what I expected, the allocation was pretty balanced. Each one of them can also manufacture equipment. Forgers are responsible for making iron weapons. Carpenters are responsible for the manufacture of staffs, scepters and bow-class equipment. As for Engravers, they can make all types of accessories. As for the ore you need, I know of some places that have it. Later this evening, I'll take you to collect it."

Liu Hao and the others were suddenly pleasantly surprised. His resentment of iron ore has been very deep. If it weren't for the fact that this was reality instead of a game, it was likely he would've already made a phone call to issue a complaint to the GMs(game manager).

"What do I do?" Yu Kai suddenly discovered his chosen auxiliary class was more of a pain than he had initially thought.

Cheng Yang said with smile, “Quite simple, making bows and arrows requires monsters' tendons, so this is handed over to you to collect. In addition, some monsters' leg bone can also be used to make staff-class equipment. You can hoard up on these materials and later sell them to people that need them. As for the leather armor, if you have some spare time, you can also make some. Just think of it as a good way to help level up the production skill."

Yu Kai asked, “But there's only a few of us. And the equipment produced from the instance aren't that many either. For the entire territory, it was nothing more than a drop in the bucket."  

Cheng Yang said, “As a matter of fact, aren't there other people? Separated, everyone's power value aren't much, but together it's a very large number. You can let the people in the team have the freedom to combine their power value. For instance, if a certain person want to practice their auxiliary class, and the other people require equipment, then these people can send some power values to the opposite side, and then had the opposite side create one or a few pieces of equipment for free, wouldn't this be the perfect conclusion?"

Yu Kai and others suddenly realized that this approach was indeed very simple. The reason why they haven't thought of this was because they viewed power value as too valuable, and feel that every individual's power value obtained should be used on oneself.

Now with a reminder from Cheng Yang, they suddenly came to an understanding. Since not everyone wants to practice a craft, then why should there be a need for everyone to learn the corresponding formulas and drawings?

While talking to everyone, Liu Xiyue and Pang Shan jointly came over. The appearance of the two people chatting and laughing made Cheng Yang and the others feel as if this was no longer the apocalypse in general. Especially Liu Xiyue, that beautiful face of her coupled with a sweet smile created a type of charm that caused people to not helped but glanced over a few more times.

Cheng Yang sighed with emotion, such a girl before the apocalypse arrived was no doubt like a goddess in people's eyes. But now she had to take up arms, and desperately fight against the enchanted beasts, otherwise in the future she will have to become dependent on a strong profession.  

Perhaps, this was fate! Such a change was hard to tell whether it's good or bad, because including Cheng Yang, no one know what direction the world would be heading toward.

“Lord, its seems Liu Xiyue have received quite the care from you! “Pang Shan's eyes bend into a crescent-shaped, and laughed.

Cheng Yang didn't tried to fix the misunderstanding, he just laughed, "It was nothing. Liu Xiyue is your best friend. And as face for Niu Bing, how can I unjustly treat her?"

Pang Shan’s eyes with a hint of a different kind of meaning, smiled and said, “Was it really just that?"

Liu Xiyue couldn't bear to continue listening, and gave Pang Shan's waist a slight pinch, she said, “Little Shan, what nonsense are you blabbering about! Not everyone think as complex as you.”

“Hehe ……” After being pinched, Pang Shan not only didn't feel pain, but brightly laughed instead, "Look, look, it's nothing but you are already beginning to defend yourself."

The two girls in a flash had their moments of slapstick comedy, Cheng Yang looked at Niu Bing, and helpless forced a smile. The meaning of Pang Shan's words, he was very clear, but how can he explain it? Could he said the reason why he was so caring to Liu Xiyue was due to her powerful talents? It wasn't that Cheng Yang feel that those present were untrustworthy, but Liu Xiyue's properties was just too abnormal, and combined with her lack of self-preservation, the fewer people that know about it the better.

“Okay, go pick the personnel for the transfer." Cheng Yang said.  

Liu Hao asked, “What do we do after the transfer?"

Cheng Yang said, “After the transfer, everyone will move separately. Haozi, you take your team to Xianghe village and as much as possible during the daytime, clean the large groups of enchanted beast around it. Now you are already a high-order warrior's apprentice, and coupled with the good equipment you have on, as long as you bring some potions along, this shouldn't be much of a problem. Old Niu, Old Lee, your two teams will go together to Xiangcheng city, and save as much people as you can back. For several days now we had rescued many people back, and although the number are already close to 30,000, but to support the development of the three stations was still not enough. In the future, we will also have more field stations, so hoarding population is very necessary."

“Lord, what about me? “Zhao Chuan politely asked.

Cheng Yang said, “Your task is to clean the enchanted beasts around the territory. This task will alternate between the five teams, each team will be responsible for one day."

Zhao Chuan originally thought cleaning up the enchanted beasts surrounding the territory wasn't a good assignment, but once he heard Cheng Yang said that each team will switched after a day, he also had no objection.

Lastly, Cheng Yang said, “Yu Kai, after you pick the people for the transfer, gather up some wood, and then I'll accompany you on a trip to Dongshan village. After you upgrade to high-order archer's apprentice, you will temporary stay in Dongshan village and clear up the enchanted beasts in its surrounding."  

After Yu Kai and the others received Cheng Yang’s orders, they immediately set off. Even Pang Shan left along with Niu Bing. Only Liu Xiyue was left remaining behind.

"Lord, Little Shan was just……" Liu Xiyue was preparing to have the matters explained.

Cheng Yang interjected with a smile: “You don't have to explain, I know she was joking. Hey! Our territory at the moment may already be regarded as a paradise in this world, but it still lack laughter and cheerful talks. Having a lot of people like her is also good for brightening up the atmosphere."

Liu Xiyue looked at Cheng Yang, feeling slightly relieved. But at the same time it seems as if something was missing, this feeling even she wasn't clear.

While waiting, Cheng Yang had Chen Yun and the others called over. Then, together they entered the nightmare difficulty level of the Scarlet Church instance. Actually, Cheng Yang also considered bringing Liu Xiyue along, but her strength was too weak. In a nightmare difficulty level instance, there was the possibility of being spike at any time.

Because yesterday they had already once pass through the nightmare difficulty level, today can be said to be a snap. Less than half an hour after entering, Cheng Yang and the others came out from the instance. On his face was a smile that was very obvious.

This time, the Boss they encountered didn't possessed a life-saving skill, so they had an easy time killing it. Moreover, the harvest was also good. They even got a nice piece of equipment.  

Spirit Wood Scepter: Silver-grade weapon. Increase magic attack by 6 points. Requires apprentice level or above priest to be equipped. Durability: 100/100.
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It was a silver-grade weapon. They had only cleared two nightmare difficulty level Scarlet Church instances, and had obtained three weapons. This luck was truly good. Of course, today’s clearance only got a silver-grade equipment, the other two pieces were bronze-grade.

Regarding this weapon, Cheng Yang first thought of Liu Xiyue, but he soon dispelled that though. With Liu Xiyue's current attack power, even while holding this equipment, it was impossible to spike a first late-order enchanted beast. If this weapon was used to cope with first medium-order enchanted beasts instead, that would be extremely wasteful.  

Besides, the weapon Zeng Yue had at the moment was only bronze-grade. And in this instance, Zeng Yue had provided a lot of help. If Cheng Yang were to give this scepter to Liu Xiyue, although she wouldn't have any objection, but inside her heart wouldn't be pleased.

After processing his thought, Cheng Yang left the scepter to Zeng Yue, while at the same time had the bronze-grade scepter Zeng Yue just replaced handed over to Liu Xiyue. Because Liu Xiyue had on a ring that increase magic attack by 1, her magic attack power has now reached 9 points.  If she used the Sacred Word skill, she should have no issue dealing with first medium-order enchanted beasts.