Doom Lord


Doom Lord Chapter 89

Doom Lord

Chapter 89- True Magic Potion Formula

Cheng Yang planned on using this statue promotion stone to increase the priest's transfer quota, since the effect it would show at this stage would be the most obvious.

Walking out of the Prayer Hall, Cheng Yang's heart was somewhat unwilling. It seems the benefits from getting the first clearance of the Scarlet Church in nightmare difficulty this time wasn't that good. Of course, this was compared to the priest statue. If compared with the skill inheritance bead, this statue promotion stone was plenty of times better.

After converging with Chen Yun and the others, Cheng Yang immediately chose to exit the instance.

Without a doubt, the equipment harvested in nightmare difficulty level was a cut above from the rest, moreover the power value obtained was close to 1,000 points. Cheng Yang intends to go with Chen Yun and the others into the nightmare difficulty level instance everyday for a while. This will not only accelerate the earning efficiency of the territory power value, but also let him and the others replace their equipment as soon as possible.

Next, Cheng Yang commanded the Chen Yun and the others to organize several territory guards to continue clearing the hard difficulty level of the instance. There was a total of ten chances, which can provide the territory with nearly 5,000 power values.

After this matter was arranged, Cheng Yang came before the priest statue, and used the statue promotion stone he had just received on the statue.

Almost instantaneously, the number of transfer quota went up from 20 to 41. This wasn't only due to the role of the statue promotion statue, but also the additional effect of Lee Wanshan's talent.  

Since the number of transfer quota increase by 21, he naturally had to find more people to fill them in. However, there weren't that many people with priest's talent. And trying to find 21 people suitable for priest from over 20,000 refugees was also a relatively hard task.

Cheng Yang doesn't intend to do this personally, instead he gave this task over to Lee Wanshan. He also has the permission to transfer personnel.

Now Luo Feng village ‘s profession brigades has gradually entered on the right track, and their division of labor also became gradually clear. Everyday, each person can earn about 40 to 50 power values. If they choose to use it on two times cultivation speed, they can also have a small bit of surplus leftover.

The sole problem remaining now were the many enchanted beasts in the surrounding in first medium-order, and the abundant large monster groups, which played a certain role in restricting the pioneering of Luo Feng village's profession brigades.

To break through this obstacle, an approach was by Cheng Yang charging into the large groups of enchanted beast that exceed a certain amount by himself and eliminate them. This kind of approach will open up the current situation for the profession brigades. The second approach was to let as many professions promote to first medium-order as quickly as possible. As long as the various profession brigades has a certain number of first medium-order, those large groups of enchanted beast's threat would reduced by many.

Currently, these two approaches requires a great amount of effort from Cheng Yang, so as long as there was no urgent matter that need his attention, those large groups of enchanted beast in the outskirts of the village will soon be rooted out. And after several days of cultivation, the first batch of transfers to profession were on the verge of a breakthrough. Especially Liu Hao and others, he estimated that after tonight’s cultivation, they would be able to successfully reach first medium-order. As for the rest of the people, they will also in turn advance in rank in the next few days.  

For today's arrangements, Cheng Yang intends to go to the north of Xiangcheng city where a territory altar was located. This was also the last territory altar around Xiangcheng city. After occupying this altar, if Cheng Yang want to again increase the number affiliated stations to Luo Feng village, then in the future he would need to explore farther afield.

This time, Cheng Yang took with him Yu Kai and his team. For this reason, even their cultivation time was postponed. However, Yu Kai after already hearing about the affiliated station's benefits from Liu Hao didn't have the slightest complaint. Since Cheng Yang took his team, it must be to let him be the manager of the affiliated station.  

Before the departure, Cheng Yang replenished his storage with some potions, leaving him with a little over 100,000 power values remaining. In fact, his harvest from yesterday was quite rich, but because he brought a storage ring, that harvest was directly emptied.

Setting off from the north gate of Luo Feng village, they began their journey toward Xiangcheng city.

Midway into the journey, Cheng Yang stopped by the entrance of Undead Canyon, and then together with the brigade went into the instance. As a result of Cheng Yang leaped in strength, this instance was cleared without difficulty.

Afterward, the team continue to advance northward. Along the way they still encounter a lot of refugees, but the number compared to the past was a lot less.

Now the situation of these people with beforehand had slightly change.

First of all, the enchanted beasts now mostly live in groups, which gives people the opportunity to survive in the crevices. And because these days not many enchanted beasts were killed in Xiangcheng city, the number of newly spawned monsters were also reduced. This also reduce the the occurrence of accidents among the refugees.

Secondly, the ordinary refugees can also have power value. At this time, some courageous people began uniting together, and exhausted their methods to kill the enchanted beast. Although this process was hard and dangerous, but the harvest was huge. As long as 10 power values are gathered, they can go to the main city to transfer.

For the time being, due to the enchanted beasts grouping up, as long as you be careful, even if the distance to the main city was farther away, you can also find a way to enter into the main city.  Moreover, the master of Xiangcheng city's main city, Yuan Jianze didn't place a restriction on the transfer. In other words, no matter who, as long as they can gather 10 power values, they would be able to transfer to a profession. And such people are the object that various militia groups, and even the army tried to win over.

Regarding the olive branch that the army and the militia groups threw out, the vast majority of the professions were difficult to resist, but there are a small number of ambitious people that doesn't want to be subservient to others. They united with each other to form a group, and are active around the main city, killing enchanted beasts.  

These teams have their own method for expansion. Such as after accumulating a certain amount of power value, they would choose from their loved ones or friends that are suitable for transfer, and had them transfer.

So as you can imagine in the near future, the main city of Xiangcheng city will experience an explosive growth.

Like beforehand, Cheng Yang didn’t bring these rescued refugees around with him, but let them wait in place. In any case, after occupying the territory altar on the north side he will have to take a trip back on this road, so at that time he will bring these people back as well.

After arriving at the north channel of Xiangcheng city, not surprisingly, there was a large group of enchanted beasts on the path. However, this time on the path wasn't the spotted spiders he hated, but the Grells he happened to be quite familiar with.

Regarding this situation, Cheng Yang was very happy. With almost no hesitation, he rushed in alone to a large crowd of Grells, and began using Ice Thorn.

After 10 minutes, the battle ended. Apart from the pile of bodies on the ground, the only thing left was a scroll-shaped item.

After Cheng Yang opened up the scroll, he discovered that it was actually a pharmaceutical formula.

True Magic Potion Formula: Record the methods for refining true magic potion. Learning condition: Pharmaceutical skill level 3. (True magic potion (small): Iron-grade potion, Temporarily increase magic attack by 2 points, effective for 5 minutes.)

Not a bad formula. In his past life, there was someone who obtained this formula. Their refined true magic potions became a hot item in Xiangcheng city and the surrounding regions.  

Now this recipe was in Cheng Yang's hands, this will without doubt play a greater role. Who let him have God Effect talent? If combined with his natural medicine talent, then every time he took a  bottle of true magic potion, his magic attack would be enhance by 8, which was even better than equipping a silver-grade weapon.

Cheng Yang's heart began racing, if he has his own refined true magic potion to carry around, then even if later on he come across an enchanted beast that was a bit difficult to handle, it can be easily death with.

He immediately tried to learn the formula, but at the time of usage he found it ended up being a failure, He hurriedly took a closer look at the properties of the pharmaceutical formula. Originally, it need the pharmaceutical skill to reach level 3.

This discovery gave Cheng Yang endless heartache. Why oh why did he try to learn the formula when his skill need to upgrade by 2 levels? In order to upgrade to level 2, he would only need four to five days. As for level 3, at least 10 days’ time was needed. It seems like if he want to enjoy the true magic potion, he will have to wait.

The pharmaceutical formula was put into the storage ring, then Cheng Yang continues to lead Yu Kai and the others on forward. This situation somewhat resembled to yesterday’s situation. Along the road, they didn't encounter many small enchanted beast groups. However, larger monster groups were appearing constantly. Basically every seven hundred to eight hundred meters, they will encounter a large monster group that reach 700-800 enchanted beasts.  

Normally, Cheng Yang would use his Redirection skill, and then with six people fired at the enchanted beast. But if he see the team can't resist the enchanted beast's attack, he would go in alone against the entire monster group. Although this will reduce the efficient, but it win in safety.  

After two hours, according to the descriptions some people posted in the forum in his past life, he found the approximate location of where the territory altar was located. Then, following yesterday's method, he let Yu Kai and the others remain in place, and by himself went into the dense forest.  

Today, Cheng Yang seems to be very lucky. He obtained a pharmaceutical formula that was equally as good as the spirit gathering drug furnace he received yesterday, and his luck in seeking the territory altar happens to be quite good. It only took less than half an hour for him to find the territory altar surrounded by countless enchanted beasts.

The monster group in front wasn't stronger than the group from yesterday, so Cheng Yang basically didn't have to do any extra planning, and began to act. Although, today the first late-order enchanted beast leader wasn't on top of the altar, but this does not affect the decision-making of Cheng Yang.

Completely copying the tactics from yesterday, Cheng Yang with no pressure mounted the top of the territory altar. Today, Cheng Yang brought with him plenty of mana and health potions, so he can have complete disregard for the consumption and fight recklessly.

An hour later, the battle ended, and Cheng Yang successfully took over this field station called Dongshan village.

Watching the four profession statues rise up from the surroundings, a sense of pride well up inside of him. In this world, who can say after 10 days into the apocalypse, they occupy 3 territory altars?