Doom Lord


Doom Lord Chapter 106

Chapter 106- Mishap

Suddenly, something went off in Lee Wanshan’s head. As if he seems to realize what Cheng Yang was going to say next, he immediately said: “Lord, are you saying that outside the west channel there’s an enchanted beast with the status of Boss?”

Cheng Yang said: “I am not sure. This is just my guess, but I’m almost positive that outside the west channel that there is no territory altar.”

“……” Lee Wanshan hesitated to speak. He doesn’t know what Cheng Yang used as a basis to make that speculation, but he chose not to ask. Since Cheng Yang didn’t take the initiative to say it, that naturally means that there were some aspects of concerns.

After a brief moment of silent, Lee Wanshan said: “Lord, does that mean we are incapable of passing the west channel at the moment?”  

Cheng Yang said, “I didn’t say it was absolutely impassable, but the risk will be very large. Of course, if was only to kill the enchanted beast group on the channel, it is not much of an issue.”  

Lee Wanshan also knew that killing the enchanted beasts on the west channel could at most obtained an item. Its value couldn’t be compared to the territory altar.