Doctor, My Bottom Half is Wet Again


Doctor, My Bottom Half is Wet Again Chapter 14


An He and Zhao Kaiming had an argument for a reason they couldn’t remember. They only remembered that they were very angry and the flames of anger burned away their reason. After that, An He ran away from home.

In his anger, An He ran out too quickly and didn’t bring anything with him, forcing him to hide at the nearby park. He sat on a bench, but the more he thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt. Lately, Zhao Kaiming was very halfhearted with him, always saying that he was busy. However, he heard the patrons at the bar say that recently Zhao Kaiming was frequenting the bar regularly, and many people surrounded him. An He didn’t know if they went out and got a room, but it had been a long time since he and Zhao Kaiming did it. Every day, Zhao Kaiming would return home in the middle of the night, and sleep as soon as his head hit the pillows. Early the next morning, he would rush to work, not even sparing time to make conversation. The more An He thought about it, the more he felt that Zhao Kaiming had grown tired of him and was about to throw him away. He couldn’t help it and started quietly sniffling.

“Fuck, why are you crying? Yer ruining this old man’s good time.”

An angry cry came from behind, scaring An He out of his wits. He didn’t know that there was anyone nearby.

Right after that, a hoarse voice filled with lust came from another man: “Ignore him, let’s mind our own business. Ah~ hurry up, I’m cumming.”

It turned out to be a couple of exhibitionist men. Following the orange light of the street lamp, An He saw two vague figures clashing behind the bushes. Listening to their moans, An He couldn’t help but feel aroused. After a long time without being released, his penis stood straight up and pushed the cloth of his pants up to form a small tent. The thin summer cloth couldn’t hide it at all. Ah He bit his lip and gently rubbed a couple times. Simple masturbation was completely unable to satisfy the empty feeling in his hole. What An He was looking forward to the most was climaxing at the same time from front and back. Zhao Kaiming had not touched him for a long time, so An He was forced to borrow a vibrator in order to vent his frustration a few times, yet he was never able to orgasm.

When Zhao Kaiming found An He, the first thing that came into view was the image of An He reclining on the bench under the hazy light of the streetlamp with one leg resting on the seat. One hand was stroking the stiff exposed member, and the other was stirring unceasingly in his mouth. Saliva trickled down from the corner of his mouth, glittering under the streetlamp and deeply attracting Zhao Kaiming.

“Baby, what are you doing?”

An He lifted his head and saw Zhao Kaiming. He immediately burst into tears, forgetting that they just fought and spoke hoarsely: “Hubby, I want~.”

Zhao Kaiming immediately step forward and held An He’s chin: “When your husband isn’t around, you come here to play? Waiting for some random men to come fuck your slutty hole?”

An He grouchily wrapped his legs around Zhao Kaiming’s waist: “My hubby doesn’t touch me, so horrible. My hole really itches. I want my hubby’s big meat rod to fuck it.”

Zhao Kaiming violently kissed An He’s small mouth. Recently, he was busy at work and actually neglected An He. The more he thought about it, the guiltier he felt. An He’s stiff penis poked Zhao Kaiming’s stomach. Zhao Kaiming sucked at the saliva in An He’s mouth as he gripped An He’s dick and slid his hand up and down. An He eagerly removed Zhao Kaiming’s belt and pulled his pants down, releasing the big semi-erect male object inside. He pushed Zhao Kaiming away, and when they parted, a silver thread stretched out between them before falling on their bodies. Zhao Khaiming acted according to An He’s will and sat on the bench. He watched An He squat on the ground and suck his cock with small, bright red lips bobbing up and down. An He opened his mouth as wide as he could and swallowed it deep inside. His saliva glands were stimulated, secreting copious amount of spit that lubricated the gradually stiffening meat rod. An He’s actions became more aggressive over time, making the liquid sounds more pronounced in the silence of the night.

“Fuck, are you trying to provoke this old man?” It was the sound of the man from before. He heard heard the movements from outside and was angered, “Directly doing it outside, so damn bold.”

“I already told you to do it outside, but you insisted on hiding in the trees. I couldn’t even see your big dick.” Another person leaned again a tree trunk and spoke lazily.

At this time, Zhao Kaiming finally realized that there was another pair of mandarin ducks[1]. The feeling of making love in front of someone else excited him, making his dick grow a size larger. An He wasn’t quite able to hold it in. He stretched out his tongue and carefully licked, guaranteeing that every centimeter of the meat rod was wet with his saliva. He stood up and spread his legs. He knelt on Zhao Kaiming’s body, then slowly sat down on his penis.

“Ah~ hubby, your big dick is inside. It’s so huge. Ah~ my hole was invaded.” An He wantonly cried out. At this moment, he was preoccupied with the great meat rod in front of him. He didn’t care if someone else were to hear him lust filled moans and screams.

Zhao Kaiming slapped his abundant ass, issuing a crisp sound: “Relax a bit. Do you want to break off your husband’s penis? We’ve been fucking for so long, but you’re still tight.”

“It’s all your fault. We haven’t fucked in so long, now your dick can’t get in.” An He hugged Zhao Kaiming’s neck and acted spoiled. The great meat rod could only be inserted halfway before it got stuck. It really couldn’t go in any more, which made An He feel slight pain.

Zhao Kaiming clung to his buttocks and moved gently, helping An He adapt slowly. They didn’t have lubrication, but An He was impatient. It was already amazing that half of it could go in.

A tube of lube suddenly flew over from behind the bench: “Bro, take it easy.”

Zhao Kaiming caught it and took a look, noticing that it was foreign goods: “Thanks.”

“Why are you paying attention to them? Fuck faster, ah~. All the fluids are dripping, can you even do it any more?” This was the voice of the person being fucked. Apparently this lubricant had aphrodisiac effects. It was all used on that person, so even after cumming twice, it still wasn’t enough.

“Fuck, the effects last such a long time. If we do it anymore, my kidneys will fail. Only use a little bit outside.” The man changed his position and held the other one in his arms. His back leaned against the tree, making their connection deeper, but also easier to manipulate.

With the help of the lube, Zhao Kaiming could finally enter smoothly. With no condom to impede him, he could sense the warm and soft corridor clamping down on his dick more vividly. He couldn’t hold back and excitedly increased the pace of his thrusting. An He coordinated his movements and immediately felt his entire body heat up. His waist and legs went soft, and he couldn’t summon any strength. He was unsatisfied with the frequency he was being done in the back, so he hugged Zhao Kaiming and urged him to go faster.

Zhao Kaiming guessed that this was the onset of the lube’s aphrodisiac effect. He lay An He on the bench and set one leg on the back of the bench. He himself knelt down and rapidly swung his hips. Zhao Kaiming obviously felt the love juices increase inside the little hole. Every time he receded, a bunch of fluids spilled out. The little hole’s contraction rate also sped up, making him feel like ejaculating.

When Zhao Kaiming tried to quickly pull out, An He refused to let him. He clamped his legs tightly around Zhao Kaiming’s waist and held on to one of his arms, refusing to let go: “Hubby, cum inside. Give it all to me, I want to give birth to your children~.”

Zhao Kaiming simply could not bear it any longer. He lowered his head and kissed An He’s lips, plunging his dick into the deepest depths and shooting all of the semen that had accumulated over the past few weeks into the corridor.

An He tensed all of his limbs; his back curled so much that it was straight. The penis that had been neglected for so long finally shot its load. The stream of semen landed on Zhao Kaiming’s lower abdomen, but some of it fell on An He’s chest. Underneath the street lamp, it seemed even more erotic. Zhao Kaiming gently kissed the semen, using his tongue to delicately paint the smooth skin.

An He swallowed gulps of air. Doing it so fast couldn’t satisfy him at all. He needed even more semen to make up for the empty times.

“Ah, hubby, hubby.” An He shouted while wriggling his body. An He felt the big dick in his hole slowly harden when it was rubbed between it buttocks, making his whole body become excited.

Zhao Kaiming picked up the clothes that were thrown to the ground at some point. He held his position and put on his clothes while they were still connected at the lower body. This bench was too hard. An He definitely wouldn’t be comfortable tomorrow; they should still quickly return home.

An He refused. He pushed aside Zhao Kaiming’s arm and overlapped his legs, refusing to let him leave.

Zhao Kaiming thought of a plan. He lifted An He’s entire body into his arms, used both hands to support An He’s ass, circled An He’s legs around his waist, and pulled the T-shirt down to cover the bare back. He intended to embrace An He home just like that. Luckily, Zhao Kaiming was tall and strong while An He was slender and petite. This action actually wasn’t very strenuous.

An He blushed furiously. This road was neither long nor short. If someone were to see, oh god, it would be so shameful. However, An He didn’t refuse. As Zhao Kaiming moved, his dick gently twitched in An He’s back hole. It was completely different from the vigorous pumping from before, making An He’s heart feel incomparably itchy.

“Don’t worry, it’s already late. No one will see.” Zhao Kaiming pulled the clothes down a bit. Fortunately, the T-shirt was big enough to cover the place where they were connected.

An He burrowed his face deep in the crook of Zhao Kaiming’s neck, listening to him report how far it was until they got home. When they got to the elevator, An He still didn’t dare to move despite the subtle friction below almost making him lose control. There was a camera monitoring them in the elevator. An He continuously reminded himself that in just a few seconds, he would be liberated.

However, those seconds became unusually long. When Zhao Kaiming exited the elevator, An He could even hear the sound of liquid dripping on the floor. If there was that much love juice gushing out earlier, they wouldn’t need lube.

Zhao Kaiming opened the door to their home, set An He down on the shoe cupboard right in the entrance, and immediately thrust deep inside. The whole journey, An He was incredibly uncomfortable. He did his best to restrain himself, but not everyone could endure psychological and physical stimulation.

An He relaxed and began to moan unrestrained. At home, he didn’t have to worry about anything. This was their home. They were already married, Zhao Kaiming was only exercising his rights and fulfilling his obligations as a husband.

From the entrance, they went to the living room, and then the bedroom. Those two never stopped having sex. Love juices and semen fell with each of their footsteps, as if an animal was marking its territory, especially leaving traces of ownership on each other.

An He bit Zhao Kaiming’s shoulder and curled his toes as he climaxed without ejaculation. Only Zhao Kaiming was able to give him such extreme pleasure. Zhao Kaiming could only cum inside his body over and over again.

Translation Notes:

Personally, I think the author should have put this chapter in front of the previous one, because it just ends really abruptly.

[1]Mandarin ducks are a symbol of happy couples.

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