Doctor, My Bottom Half is Wet Again


Doctor, My Bottom Half is Wet Again Chapter 12


When An He woke up the next day, it was almost noon. An He felt like his chrysanthemum was a little cool and throbbed a bit, most likely because Zhao Kaiming just applied some medicine for him.

Zhao Kaiming brought lunch in and said: “You’re awake? Your bottom is a little red and swollen, just stay in bed and rest today. I’ll take you somewhere tomorrow.”

An He heard that and immediately became interested, demanding to go that very day. An He’s mood was very good, his intuition told him that the place they were going to would be very interesting.

Zhao Kaiming accepted his loss and didn’t have any way to refuse An He. He brought over two sets of clothing, white dress shirts, dress pants, vests, as well as two bow ties. Dressing like that in Hawaii was very formal. If they wore all three layers, they could get dizzy from heatstroke.

“Dressing so formally, are you attending a wedding?”

An He wasn’t shy and removed all his clothes to change, revealing the body that was covered in traces of love making, especially the buttocks that were covered in the thin red whip marks. Zhao Kaiming was immediately reminded of yesterday’s crazyiness.

Zhao Kaiming came closer and rubbed An He’s bruised ass: “You’ll know when you get there. Does baby’s chrysanthemum still hurt?”

An He shook his ass and laughed, saying: “If hubby blows on it, it will stop hurting.”

Zhao Kaiming actually kneeled down and blew on An He’s butt cheeks, but also heavily kissed it, issuing a loud smack.

“So annoying, are you even going to take me out to play any more?” An He shook his half hard penis, the expression on his face obviously showed that he didn’t want to go anymore.

Zhao Kaiming rarely refused, he took the dress shirt and put it on for An He, saying: “Proper abstinence is good for the body. Hurry up, we’re getting late.”

An He pouted, let Zhao Kaiming dress him, and unhappily walked out of the door.

“Are we really going to attend a wedding?”

The chapel by the sea was very beautiful, the white building stood in between the azure sea and the blue sky, both solemn and romantic.

“Do you like it?” Zhao Kaiming waved their ten intertwined fingers, smiling and asking.

So what if he liked it, it wasn’t for him. An He’s earlier excitement died down, and he replied opposite to what he was feeling: “I don’t like it at all.”


Zhao Kaiming took out a small box from inside his pocket and asked: “Then what about this, you don’t like it either?”

An He looked at the small box with surprise, don’t tell him there was a ring inside.

Zhao Kaiming knelt on one knee, opened the box and raised it in front of An He’s eyes: “Baby, will you marry me?”

An He was so excited that he hollered and emotionally hugged Zhao Kaiming. He didn’t expect that Zhao Kaiming would ever propose to him. Great god, even in his dreams he didn’t dare to imagine it, but it actually became a reality.

Zhao Kaiming stood up with difficulty and wiped the tears on An He’s face, gently saying: “Baby, don’t cry, the priest is waiting. Let’s go in first.”

The ceremony only had the two grooms and the witness, who was the priest, but An He was extremely satisfied. When they kissed each other, he hated that he couldn’t swallow the other person into his stomach. Zhao Kaiming leaned in closer to his ear and threatened: “Baby, if you keep kissing me like that, your husband will want to…”

An He stroked Zhao Kaiming’s waist, and interrupted: “Whatever you want.”

Do it at the chapel? It was a good idea, but Zhao Kaiming didn’t want them to consummate their marriage that hastily.

“Everything was prepared at the hotel, let’s return.”

When eating dinner under the candle light, An He wanted to quickly return to the room, but Zhao Kaiming kept delaying. When it was finally dark outside, Zhao Kaiming finally ended the long dinner and returned to the room.

The room that was messy when they left was cleaned up neatly, red rose petals were scattered on the bed, and a ring of scented candles was placed on the counter.

“Thank you, hubby~.” An He’s heart was full of gratitude. Before, Zhao Kaiming was famous in the community for being a playboy, he didn’t expect that the other would make such a promise with him.

Zhao Kaiming grabbed An He and pecked him twice on the lips: “You’re welcome, baby. You just need to remember your promise, obediently let your husband fuck you for the rest of your life.”

“I’ll listen to hubby, hubby can do whatever he wants.”

“Alright, first of all, let’s get changed, my beautiful new bride.”

Zhao Kaiming purposefully prepared a wedding dress for An He. It had a strapless bra style top, and multiple layers of long gauze stacked to form a skirt. It was both beautiful and as fantastic as a dream.

An He Wedding (12).jpg

This set was much better than yesterday’s bunny girl suit. An He quickly got changed and looked into the mirror: “A pity that there’s no chest…” After speaking, he looked over at Zhao Kaiming full of grievances.

“Let hubby massage it so it swells up.”

Zhao Kaiming rubbed and pinched over the wedding dress. He took out the two fake breast pads and the two hard nipples could be seen through the thin cloth.

An He’s entire body heated up. Although he was usually sensitive, but today he was especially erotic. He was only fondled a few times, but his bottom half was already soaking wet.

“I purposefully chose these scented candles, do you like them?”

Zhao Kaiming bit and gnawed on An He’s sensitive ears, his hand held An He’s waist, not allowing the other to escape. Zhao Kaiming had a friend import these candles from out of the country, it had the ability to arouse. An He leaned back and fell into Zhao Kaiming’s arms, his legs

Zhao Kaiming sucked on An He’s full earlobe, his hands unceasingly rubbing the nipples. The wedding dress, without the pads to support it, rustled and fell, getting stuck at An He’s waist. Due to being stimulated by the friction of the clothes, the nipples were swollen and red, becoming even harder due to Zhao Kaiming’s stroking and pinching.

“Hasn’t it become bigger now?”

One of An He’s hands wandered towards Zhao Kaiming’s erect penis. He smiled and said: “It’s so big, ah~. Hubby, kiss me.” An He turned his head around and kissed Zhao Kaiming’s lips.

Zhao Kaiming sucked on his naughty tongue, his two fingers twisting the nipple and occasionally pulling hard. An He protested slightly. Zhao Kaiming let him go slightly before hearing that he was unsatisfied because he neglected the other side.

“So greedy.” Zhao Kaiming pushed An He down one the bed covered in rose petals, lowered his head and kissed the nipple that was neglected this whole time. He used his teeth to lightly nip and swept the tip of his tongue over the nipple before suddenly letting go and biting down hard on the flesh beside it. An He felt pain and grabbed Zhao Kaiming’s hair, pouring out all of his desire:

“Hubby~ ah, hubby~ ah, it’s so hot, it itches so much.”

“What a bad boy.” Zhao Kaiming bit the nipple and ferociously said: “Call me daddy!”

An He froze for a moment, but then he said with a voice full of both embarrassment and longing, “Dad… Daddy…”

“Good boy, later daddy has a reward for you.”

Zhao Kaiming lifted the skirt, and placed it on An He’s upper half. His completely bare bottom half was exposed. An He didn’t have time to prepare his mentality and squeezed his legs together and rubbed, his hands waved at random over the bed, grasping rose petals and bringing them to his mouth. The floral fragrance made it hard for him to hold back and he wanted to bite them.

An He’s penis wasn’t like Zhao Kaiming’s purplish red, large and thick one, but pink and slender, and had a different flavor. Zhao Kaiming took An He’s dick in his mouth and his hands kneaded An He’s balls.

“Ah~ Daddy… is giving his son… a blowjob, ah~ it feels good… Daddy, daddy~” An He used his thighs to clamp Zhao Kaiming’s head, moaning and shouting: “Ah~ daddy, it’s so exciting, your son wants to cum. Daddy, hurry up, go deeper~ fuck your son to death~.”

Zhao Kaiming stuck his tongue in the small hole at the glans and sucked hard a couple times, An He excitedly shot his load. Zhao Kaiming’s mouth overflowed with semen, these two days they made love so often that the semen was a bit thin and it wasn’t as flavorful as before. Zhao Kaiming kissed An He’s lips and exchanged the semen, leaving some on the flower petals by the lips. An He slid his tongue out and licked it clean, swallowing even the rose petal. An He was not only horny, he knew how to seduce others.

“Daddy, daddy, your son’s hole really itches, it wants daddy’s great meat rod to fuck it.” An He anxiously wriggled his body, he could feel that the bed sheets underneath the skirt were soaked with his intestinal fluid. Would his daddy punish him? He was really looking forward to it.

“Good son, quickly lift your leg, let daddy see if your hole is already dripping with love juices.” Zhao Kaiming kissed from the inside of the thigh to the little hole that was slightly red and swollen, hidden between the buttocks.

“Daddy, look quickly, can you see it?”

An He took the initiative to spread his legs apart. These past few months, he had practiced yoga, his body was becoming more flexible daily. At this moment, a stream of intestinal fluid trickled past the small red entrance and dripped on the red rose petals below. This image collaborated with the dreamy light of the candles to increase the amount of obscenity.

Zhao Kaiming stretched out his tongue and licked the stream of love juice that was still flowing down, drawing a circle at the mouth of the entrance, then slowly pushed his tongue into the wet hole.

“Ah~ daddy is licking my chrysanthemum, the tongue is going in, aaaa~ Your son can’t hold it any more~.”

An He moaned incessantly, broadcasting his lust words. Zhao Kaiming tried to push his tongue deep inside, then brought his tongue out to sweep the outside. The hole was aroused so much that it contract, making him feel a little pain.

“Daddy, ah~ Your son want’s daddy’s hard cock, it’s too small, it itches so much, ah~ Daddy~.” An He continued to call out, the empty feeling made his little hole contract more, the tongue could not satisfy him completely. An He was increasingly irritable, the love juices overflowed as if signally that it was hungry for a large, hard, thick meat rod.

The candles melted halfway, making the atmosphere in the room heavy with the scent of desire, the two people aroused each other increasingly. An He used the white gauze to rub his nipples until he was about to tear the skin, but the pain made him feel more indulgent.

“All right, I’ll listen to you, baby.” Zhao Kaiming kissed his thighs to appease him, and took out a condom, intending to wear it.

An He heard the ripping noise and unhappily said: “You’re not allowed to use that.”

It had been a long time since they used condoms, An He liked the feeling of directly being cum inside. As it was hard to clean up, Zhao Kaiming would help him dig it out, the long finger would repeatedly go in and out. Each time they cleaned, they would have sex.

“This isn’t the same, try it out and you will know.”

The meat rod slowly slid inside. Compared to the usual burning heat, this time the feeling was cold, making An He shiver. It seemed that there was something on the surface, rubbing the sensitive inner walls, causing him to tremble.

“Baby, is it comfortable?”

“Ah~ Daddy, it’s so cold, it feels so good. Daddy, I want more~”

An He grabbed Zhao Kaiming’s arm and his fingers scratched the the muscles, claw marks quickly appeared on the flesh.

Zhao Kaiming leaned over and exchanged a long sweet kiss with An He, their teeth and lips intertwined and refused to separate. The bottom was rocked unceasingly, bringing the penis deep inside to the warmest, softest place. An He’s calls of “Daddy” excited Zhao Kaiming, who increased the pace of his thrusting. The red flesh was brought out, glowing with obscenity in the light of the candles. However Zhao Kaiming still felt that it wasn’t enough. He increased his pace again, as if he wanted to stab An He’s hole until it bled before giving up. When he inadvertently thought about blood, although An He was a male, and wasn’t a virgin, seeing that scene on their consummation night would be very beautiful.

The little hole became numb, occasionally shooting pain. An He felt that he couldn’t continue any more. Continuously making love these two days, his body couldn’t endure it any more. After doing it yesterday, An He passed out. Today there were aphrodisiac candles, the made love even more vigorously than yesterday. However, he didn’t want to stop. In fact, he wanted it harder and deeper. An He hugged Zhao Kaiming, kissing him without remembering to breathe, swinging his hips to Zhao Kaiming’s rhythm.

The wedding dress was dyed with an immeasurable amount of semen, the mottled traces were evidence of the fierce battle. The rough gauze and the smooth lining contrasted with each other and flirted with a lover’s heart.

The pure white wedding dress contained traces of bright blood. Zhao Kaiming purposefully left the wedding dress in a place that was easy to see before hugging An He who had passed out once again, and peacefully fell into slumber.

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