Do You Think You Can Run After Reincarnating, Nii-san?


Do You Think You Can Run After Reincarnating, Nii-san? Chapter 7 part1

Thus, His Life Began

Chapter 7 Part 1

Rustling sounds are echoing throughout.

As I was taking a break from running carefully, I was my sister’s figure behind the gaps of the dense bush.

「Ni—i—san   where— are — you? Please come out, I’m not angry anymore!」

Luckily, it seems like she’s still looking for me.

At worst, I can run towards the mansion if she lost sight of me and ask help from mother, father or anyone of the servants.

It’s just that she’s too focused on me.

「It’s the truth you know~? I’m not angry now! After all, I’m just jumping into conclusions! Is Nii-san, is Nii-san testing me if I could properly protect him right? There’s no other reason, after all, there’s no way Nii-san will run away from me!」

……you, you might say so. It’s all just in the head of that sister of mine.

That’s how it is even in our previous life.

No matter what I say, no matter what I do, she just take it all on her favor.

Since from the start, everything has already been shattered, even those that aren’t yet.

That’s why I don’t get her words.

In order to stop it—— do it with all I got.

I touched a stone nearby.

From here, I need to finish invoking the spirit arts 【Wind Nest Penetration】.

I wonder if I can beat her with just this.

Father’s impressions is just right.

Actually, if I gather all my strength, I can lift heavier objects more that what is expected.

And of I give it all I have to hit, it will surely hurt——

But it’s not enough to kill.

That’s what the problem is.

I’m just a baby after all. There is a great difference in strength.

I want to win if I ever fight.

There’s no room for hesitation.

If so, how to fight without losing….

If I don’t thoroughly plan it out, there’s no chance of winning.

「— I see— Nii—saaan? …..Muu, I guess it can’t be helped」

As I was preparing——

My sister took action.

「Won’t come out —— quickly?」

From my sister’s hand wearing a maid uniform, flame bursts.

Is it a match, a lighter, but it won’t burst like that.

Like how strong the water gushed out from the hose of a fire truck, a strong flame and heat permeated.

This phenomena, I know this.

This is the spirit’s 〈Aime〉’s power,【Daybreak’s Light】。

This girl’s– Arniel’s spirit art.

And right now, my sister is wielding that power.

It was a corkscrew before, now she have a new weapon in another world…!

「Sa~, with this, won’t you come out, Nii-san?

Will you come out this instant after I burn everything?
It’ll be a problem for you if the smoke accumulates and you can’t use to fly using your spirit arts right?

If you continue to hide—— I might also burn the mansion you know?」

….This girl…!!

I’ll fight, since she can’t see my figure, I can release three attacks!

「Now, NOW, NOW, HURRY UP OR ELSE!Don’t think you won’t get hurt you know

After all, the one you’re going to face is the strongest in the world Nii-san. I know this level of fire won’t be able to hurt you! Now, Now NOW Come on come on Come on!!」

My sister is slowly spreading the fire throughout the forest every single moment.

The gentle breeze that once made me feel relaxed it now blazing as if it’s full of hate.

Every moment the wind blows, blazes of flame are spreading at a fast pace.

If this continues, I’m sure, the people at the mansion will be in danger….!

I must do something to this person before that happens…!

I neglected the smoke and the fire that was spreading as I move throughout the forest.

And then as I sneaked behind my sister’s back, I lifted the stone as high as I could above my head.

If this lands on her head after I throw it, she’ll take damage.

My sister’s figure is about ten meters away from me.

I focused my attention as I move on the burning woods carefully.

Carefully aiming——

I narrowed my eyes.

Carefully aiming…. carefully….

Raise my arms to lift it——

And then release it!

The stone that I released the stone from my small hands, it went straight to my sister’s head——


Then the trunk of a tree nearby was fell.

Beside it.

My sister’s movement halted.

Then——I turned around.

I faced to the direction I was before.

「Found you—♪」


My sister’s figure approaches me at lightning speed!

I quickly dodged it. Rolling over my whole body to the ground…..!

Suddenly, my sister’s soft fingers stroked my cheeks.

Like a snake that crawled on you but felt like the touch of the devil, before she can grab me, I rushed up to the sky…..!

「Ah….Look how much sweat you got. Your clothes will start to get drenched soon」

My breathing stopped when I saw my sister smiling.

「Shall we have your clothes changed? Of course, I’ll be the one to change your clothes….♪」

Fear traveled through me.

I threw the stone in my hand in panic but my sister just evaded it by moving her face a little.

「The vision of a one year old is close to zero…. no matter how much Nii-san tries, you won’t be able to land a hit with that hazy vision」

Shit, I clearly know of such disadvantage….!

To me who was moving backwards, my sister approaches me slowly while smiling.

「For Nii-san to be able to land a hit on me, I need to get closer.

That’s right, this close…. no, about this close…. No, no, closercloser.

However, if it’s about this close, the moment you try to hit me, I’ll be able to see it. I’ll be able to dodge it easily.
——Come Nii-san, what are you going to do? Are you planning on launching a surprise attack in this distance? PLEASE LET ME SEE IT! SHOW ME THE NII-SAN WHO’S TRYING TO RUN WITH ALL HIS WITS!」

Stop kidding me…!

No normal human being can do that!

For you by chance to be dreadful sister of mine, that’s normal!

My sister’s hands started moving again.

If I run in a straight direction she’ll catch me. Then I’ll run in multiple directions!

I dashed kicking the ground.

I removed my weight and sped with all my might.

And then–

…….I’m not just going to run away with tails between my legs.

I’ll show it to you. My wits to ….!

Staying at this position, I continue to dash.

Moving towards my sister, I launched another stone.

I’ve already prepared the stone beforehand while I was hiding behind the tress ago.

Like the battle of the crab and monkey, I aimed at my sister’s head. (TL: Monkey-Crab Battle is a Japanese folklore)


My sister tilted her neck.

「If it’s that stone, I’ve already noticed it since while ago but– it seems like you’re up to something else right?”

Without care.

My sister dodges the approaching stone that she already noticed since then.

「However, it’s amazing! This stone weighed about 50 kilograms! I heard that an adult mastering the【Wind Nest Penetration】can lift about 500-kilogram as the limit. Even so, Nii-san who’s still a one year old can already lift 1/10th of the an adult!」

She was ranting with sparkling eyes while looking above–

In the end my sister noticed.

「…..A-re~? Nii-san?」

My figure in the sky became obstructed.

The smoke that was thickening from the burning forest is obstructing vision in all directions.

I was covering my nose and mouth with the baby clothes but I can’t completely stop the smoke from entering.

The smoke for a one year old baby is like poison. I need to end it quickly….!

My sister told me to show her everything I got while running.

And the way is, using the smoke that was spreading to hide.

It was an easiest way to stop this.

I’ll use her own spirit arts against her.

The smoke that was spreading tremor.

I came up with this idea when my sister started burning the whole forest.

I’m going to use the smoke that is spreading and rising as my “weapon”.

And immediately out it into use.

While the flames are also spreading, I’ll fly through the forest–

The limit of stone I should be able to carry is three, but right now there are five floating in the sky…!

It’s true that it’ll be hard to land a hit with my vision.

If so, then I’ll attack in all possible direction my vision can.

To crush this devil–!!