Divine Protection of Many Gods


Divine Protection of Many Gods Chapter 88

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Chapter 88

The royal tournament would be held in ten days, so I decided to finished the village domestic affairs within two days.

First of all, there were rookies that Lalu had scouted.
There were 42 of them.
For the time being, I decided to let Lalu train them with military drills while they were getting accustomed to the life here.
At that moment, I decided to have Lalu, Musashi, and Hamon drink the Miraculous Drug +4 (Dark).
With this, even if I used up everything that I was able to produce, it won't create any problems.

Lalu (Military Goblin Commander)
Lv.36 2 years old


Can command the low-rank monsters that are the same race as oneself.
The range of commands depends on the level.

Gives the skill 【Communication】 to the subordinated monsters.
Able to communicate with the monsters who have the skill 【Communication】.
The range of effect depends on the level.

【Military Affiliate】
Bestows "Military" to the race name of the subordinated monster.


Musashi (Goblin Officer)
Lv.35 1 year old


Predict the opponent's movement.

【Matchless Warrior】
In a group battle status will rise.


Hamon (Military Goblin Sergeant)
Lv.27 3 years old


【Demon Sergeant】
Promotes the growth of the other party whose level is lower than oneself.
The subject would be inflicted with physical and mental pain.


Everyone seemed to be able to use their power and keep it hidden safely.
Lalu's 【Communication】 was also very useful.
Musashi's way of using 【Matchless Warrior】 was more effective than my use of it.
I wonder if having military affixed to Hamon's race name from the 【Military Affiliate】 was effective?
However, it seems Musashi was not included.
I don't know where the difference lies.
But, 【Demon Sergeant】 eh? Well, it was not a mistake that a goblin could also be considered as a minor demon-kin.
Since there were a lot of rookies that joined, I was very thankful for it.
For the time being, let's have Lalu and Hamon focus on training the rookies.
With this, the monster's side was good.

The following meeting was with Sai.

"Right now Brett's condition is quite good."

Although the town had triumphed in the last battle against the hordes of monsters, it seemed that there was quite a lot of damage caused by the monsters who had broken through the outer wall of the city, and the flying monsters which had entered the city.
For the sake of damage restoration of the town, various products seemed to have gathered in Brett right now.
Thanks to subsidies from the country for the reconstruction support, it was said that the town's recovery was underway at a rapid pace.
Some of the merchants seemed to be glad that their earnings had increased since before the attack.

"Since Brett is under recovery, is there any demand for luxury goods?"

No matter what I thought, the white porcelain should be considered as a luxury good. Were these going to sell well in Brett?

"That is, it seems to be selling well. Those parties who have gathered in support have frequently emptied us out. When I left that place the rumours had created more rumours, sometimes there were even rumours that the Royal Family was interested in it as well."

The rumour was probably not true.
The existence of the white porcelain ware had only just came to see the light of day. While it would certainly spread within Welburg, within a town like Brett where there was no source of supply for it yet, even if the rumours do start to circulate they would likely only reach the ears of the town’s nobility.

"Should I increase the production?"

"If you created it here, then we would still need to carry them over, isn't that so? In the end if the number of regular transportations don't increase, the result would be same as now, no?"

"You're right. When the training of the scouted rookies are finished, the numbers will be increased later."

For now, let's prepare the stock for the future.

"Also, can you tell me about the royal tournament of the 'Hero's Candidate'?"

"Are you interested in joining that tournament?"

"I'm interested in one of the prizes."

"I see, well, it is certainly going to be good place for Hibiki."

"I don't want to stand out too much, though."

Especially during a tournament which the Royal Family comes to watch like this time.

"Let's see, first of all 'Twin Sky Hero' Lux."

He was first rank on the list of favorites to win. He was a user of the "Violent Sword" which could blow off all of the opponent's defense.
Not only in one-to-one combat, he was also strong in one-to-many combat as proved from the previous monster attack.

"He's a hero just as I had heard."

"Yeah he is, next is the 'Traditional Hero'."

It seems he was a master of the Sword School which had produced a lot of heroes.
Besides his personal sword skill for use against monsters, he also had a technique for the Demon King too.

"Is that guy a swordsman type? Is there any other hero that uses magic?"

Yet, 【Thunder Magic】 was said to be a Hero's magic.

"There is a hero who is being called as the "Gale Hero", he is an amazing 【Wind Magic】 user."

I heard he flew around and defeated the enemies like the wind.
My 【Wind Magic】 was not capable of making me fly in the sky yet. However with that much, I understood that the hero's 【Wind Magic】 was above mine's.

"I just heard about those three so far. Most likely the number will increase as the day of the royal tournament draws closer."

Three people including Lux. I don't know whether that number would be too few or too much.
I should think about a countermeasure.

After my discussion with Sai was finished, I told Lux immediately that I would participate in the royal tournament, after that I used the remaining time to prepare myself for it.
This time, I decided to use the "Goblin Transport" not for work, but for the tournament participation.
Lux said he would pay the cost, however I refused.

I went to Brett this time together with Ayla, Amy, and Zir.
Of course, Ruby also followed us. I took 10 Goblin Elites and Musashi with me.
Velgord and Pino actually wanted to go too, but Velgord was being requested by the adventurer’s guild, and as for Pino, she needed to remain on standby for the reason that we could not secure the safety outside the village.
Selva was interested in the tournament because it seemed fun, however she disliked riding the carriage so she was going to fly by herself.
She said that she would arrive at the room at the end of day before the tournament started.

Since Sai was also going to depart on the next transport, I heard that he would leave as soon as the luggage was prepared.

"Then, please keep the village safe while I am away for this time."


Lalu answered while saluting. With military affixed to his name, his body seemed to have become larger.

"I think that I will reach Brett during the tournament, so don't lose until then."

To enter the royal contest, the general participants as well as those invited must first win the preliminary match.
So that he would be on time for the main event of the tournament Sai was telling me to diligently win and advance to the next round.

"Yeah, I'll do what I can."

We were sent off by everyone in the village as we headed for Brett. I was aiming for 3rd place in the royal tournament, for the sake of getting the Ring of Stardust.
I had to work hard so I wouldn't win the championship.