Divine Protection of Many Gods


Divine Protection of Many Gods Chapter 85

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Translator: Ero
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Chapter 85


"What's going on there?" (Hibiki)

Coming back to the village, I saw that there was a crowd at the entrance. Apparently, they seemed to be going back and forth about whether they could come into the village or not.

"We came here on behalf of our tribe and brought a bride for the lord to marry. Please, let us enter the village." (Representative)

Said the man who appeared to be the representative of the group pleading to the goblins at the entrance of the village.

"Our lord will not marry the bride you have brought here. You can't enter the village without the consent of our lord." (Amy)

It was Amy who had confronted them. She said something exaggerated about my consent, though I had said to not let suspicious people enter the village.

"I know I'm being unreasonable here. But please, if we come back without any results we don't know what our lord will do to us!!" (Representative)
"We never asked for that. Giving us something we don't want and asking for payment is something a pushy merchant would do." (Amy)
"Please be lenient with us!!" (Representative)
"Please forgive us. But you can state your business here and I will deliver it to our lord." (Amy)
"We want to meet the lord face-to-face and state our business!!" (Representative)

The representative's side heated up. It seems that the guys surrounding him were also spurred on because of this heroic sensation.
The village goblins also became frightened looking at their strange presences and got their weapon ready.

This was bad. Even if they start a fight here the goblins will win without a problem, but I can't have them paint the village entrance with blood.

"That's enough!!" (Hibiki)

I said that while coming down with Minotaro into the space between them, then I faced the representative with my back facing Amy & co and started to talk to him.

"You guys, what business do you have with me?" (Hibiki)
"You, do you live in this village!?" (Rep)
"Well, if you mean as a resident, then yes." (Hibiki)
"Then, will you help me persuade her!?" (Rep)
"Hm, you can tell me your business here too, right? I don't want to let some suspicious group enter the village you know?" (Hibiki)
"If that's so, at least let me and the bride enter the village!!" (Rep)

However, giving a bride out of nowhere without previous notice, I couldn't understand these guys.

On top of that…

"You guys, are lizardmen right? Did you know that the lord of this village is a human?" (Hibiki)
"Is that a problem? Ah, the bride is so stunning. So stunning that it's a waste to give it to human. But, won't that be proof of the bride's father's, which is our tribe leader, good intention in building a friendly relationship with your lord?" (Rep)

Nah, getting a bride with full-body scales is a bit. "Dear, look at your beautiful scales" I don't even know if this line could count as a compliment or as sexual harassment.
The appearance of a lizardman is like a bipedal lizard.
Like the vampires, depending on the place, they are treated as a demi-human or a monster.
Lizardmen that live outside of towns usually don't wear clothes, but if they live inside a town, they will wear clothes and shoes.
Usually they make a tribe with a certain number of people and live their daily life within that tribe.
Lizardmen in Brett wear clothes like normal humans. In Brett they must be treated as demi-humans.

I have never seen a lizardman in Welburg. I don't know if they are treated as demi-humans or monsters there.
It couldn't be helped. I will allow only this man and the bride to enter the village.

"Amy, let this man and the other one to enter the village. The rest of them are to wait here. Give them a meal too." (Hibiki)
"Are you sure? Don't tell me, you have a liking for a woman with scales all over her body!?" (Amy)
"I won't take her in as a bride!! I just want to know what they want from me." (Hibiki)

Amy was relieved. The gate at the village entrance opened. It was a cheap-looking gate made from wood, but the presence of it can increase the defense of the village.

"Are you, a person with influence in this village?" (Rep)

Even if it was limited, he was surprised at how easily I could permit them to enter the village and had asked me that.

"Well, this village is my village after all." (Hibiki)
"Good lord!? Then, you are "Annihilation"-dono?" (Rep)

Nice to meet you, I didn't expect the name "Annihilation" was well-known.


I invited the lizardman and the bride to my house.

"Have a drink please." (Latia)

Latia said while putting the tea on the table in the reception room.
She did it because I have explained how a maid usually behaves in Japan based on my experiences in my original world.

"Well then, let's start with the self-introduction. My name is Hibiki. An adventurer, and the person in charge of this village." (Hibiki)
"My name is Yattelco from the Gerb Tribe. The bride here is the chief's daughter, Pino-sama." (Yattelco)

Yattelco・Gerb (Lizardman) 25 years old
Warrior Lv.18

【Aquatic Adaptation】
Able to live underwater.

It seems that the Gerb tribe are lizardmen that live near the water.

Pino・Gerb (Lizardman) 14 years old
Tribe Chief's Daughter Lv.12

【Aquatic Adaptation】
Able to live underwater.

【Water Magic】★★

Her job was the tribe chief's daughter.
Was that even a job? Well, for this kind of political marriage it could be called a job.

"Pardon me, but I have never heard of the Gerb Tribe before." (Hibiki)
"I see, we are a lizardman tribe that live near the Gerb Lake." (Yattelco)

There was no lake near Welburg. Where did they come from I wonder.

"In our tribe all males are to be warriors. We even have one that became an adventurer in Welburg and earns money there." (Yattelco)

They hunt monsters then use that money to buy things that are not available in their settlement.

"A while ago, our tribe chief went out to Welburg." (Yattelco)
"And then?" (Hibiki)
"There he heard about "Annihilation" who ruled over the Demon's Wilderness." (Yattelco)

Then the chief gathered information…

It was said, that "Annihilation" took down an army of 10 thousand and saved Welburg.
It was said, that every monster in the Demon's Wilderness was under "Annihilation"'s command, if you didn't pay the fee you would be attacked by the monsters there.
It was said, that the lord of Welburg was threatened by "Annihilation" and did his bidding.
It was said, that he was a womanizer.
It was said, that he didn't have a problem with men too. (GAY)

That was the information that the chief tribe got. Because the information all seemed like baloney (most of them were bullshit), the chief decided to meet "Annihilation" face-to-face and came to this village.
At that time he saw a bunch of goblins doing a weird ritual he never saw before.
A goblin with a stick was trying to hit something that was thrown to him.
When that stick was swung the goblins around him got excited and cheered.
The goblin who was standing in the plaza suddenly started to run, and charged at the other goblin from the beginning, such was the enigma the tribe chief saw…
In the end, the goblins exterminated the orcs that had shown up with surprising swiftness, it was truly incomprehensible.

"Ah~, he saw our baseball match." (Hibiki)
"It's a ritual called baseboll I see, my honorable father had also said that it was the first time he saw goblins doing such organized movements." (Pino) (Darknari: baseball is intentionally misspelled here since she is saying the word in katakana instead of kanji)

The bride had begun to speak here.

"That is not some weird ritual. It's just a game." (Hibiki)
"A game?" (Pino)
"Yes, if someone who doesn't know the rules looks at it, it sure looks like a weird ritual though." (Hibiki)

After Pino's father had looked at the well-organized goblins, he thought that his settlement wouldn't last if they were attacked by them, and sent Pino in a hurry.

"Besides, aren't you against this marriage? Marrying someone of a different race like me." (Hibiki)
"If by doing so, everyone in the settlement will be safe." (Pino)

She answered firmly. But, her hands trembled a bit.

"Haa, for now tell the tribe chief that I don't have any intention to attack his settlement." (Hibiki)
Hearing my answer Pino was no longer tense, but then she made a depressed face.
"I think my father won't accept that. He used me to build a friendly relation with this village." (Pino)
"It's not like I will demand a bride as a requirement to make a friendly relation." (Hibiki)
"It seems so to my eyes, even if it was just a short moment, but I see the residents here are bright and cheerful." (Pino)

Gerb Lake was one day away from here. There was plenty of water resources there, and I could use it as a transit place for travelling to and from Brett.

"Can't I have the tribe chief come directly?" (Hibiki)
"It is possible, I believe." (Pino)
"Then please do, so we can have a nice long chat." (Hibiki)

Pino then asked the lizardmen outside to fetch the tribe chief.

Pino gave them a letter, so there wouldn't be a problem.
Then, we'll just have to wait for him to come.