Divine Protection of Many Gods


Divine Protection of Many Gods Chapter 80

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Darknari

Chapter 80

"Is this the item you got from the Evil God Religion?" (Hibiki)

"Ai, it seems to beest a pendant that gives infinite magical power." (Zir)

I confirmed the status of the pendant after I heard infinite magical power.

Pendant of Stardust


【Healing of Stardust】
Gives the owner the magical power which resides in the stars.

【Twinkling of the Stars】
The brilliance of the Star Sword increases. (The grade goes up)
The brilliance of the Star Sword is obtained. (Get the effect of the 【Twinkling of the Stars】 for the Star Sword)


As I expected, it seems to have the same effect as the Star Sword.
When I checked the Star Sword, the stars which are attached to it are five stars.
My current location is the Goblin Village, in the Baseball Square.

"Why were those guys from the Evil God religion not in the Western-style building?" (Hibiki)

"That, I doth not know. Though thither wast forsooth about 10 Evil God believers in the Western-style building." (Zir)

It seems that they were already gone before we knew it.
It is creepy that we still do not know the purpose of the Evil God believers.

"However, it can not be investigated any further now." (Hibiki)

Velgord was the most familiar with the Evil God religion among the vampires.
The other vampires seem to not know as much things as Velgord.

The explanation about the Evil God religion ended, so I decided to check the strength of Zir who had become the vampire lord.

"Kufufu, hither I come mine lord." (Zir)

When Zir thrust her right arm forward, skeletons vigorously rushed out from the ground.

"Woah." (Hibiki)

Three skeletons were added to the surroundings, but I somehow managed to avoid them.

"Here!!" (Hibiki)

I swept away the skeletons with a side stroke attack, while using recovery magic that I had put on my sword.

"As I expect from mine Lord." (Zir)

After she said that, Zir shook her right arm sideways.

Then, skeleton warriors appeared before Zir at this time. Their number was 10.

"Come, Lord. Prithee show me thy merit side~" (Zir)

The skeleton warriors came all at once towards me.

I threw fireballs to restraint them, but half of them prevented it by using shields, while the other half kept walking without stopping even though they were being hit directly.
This was despite having received damage from the fireballs.
There was one body who had half of its head blown away, there was also a body who lost his arm, they were completely recovered after walking two steps forward.
The skeleton warriors who had gained overwhelming recovery power due to Zir’s massive magical power gradually approached me.

"It can't be helped. I'll use my new skill." (Hibiki)

First, I caused a gentle breeze in a wide area.
With only the power to rustle the grass, it doesn't seem like an attack.

"【Healing Wind】" (Hibiki)

I shout and cast a recovery magic on the wind.

Then, the skeleton warriors who were walking, began to collapse to their knees all at once on the uninhabited field.

"Again, what did Lord doth?" (Zir)

Even though the vampires who were watching began to be noisy, Ayla and the others were not surprised.

【Healing Wind】, is a union magic of wind magic and light magic.
After learning dark magic, I had thought that I could manage light magic too.

A hole was created in a windowless hut, and magical power was passed through the light that shined from there.
I succeeded in learning light magic with the so-called pinhole camera device.

Since you can find light anywhere, I thought that if I fired off magic everywhere I could learn something, but when I tested it, on top of it being manifested as wind magic instead, it also stole all of my magic power.
When sensei Kuesu taught me wind magic, I was amazed that there was a separate space inside the tornado.

I understood after learning it, that recovery magic is the derivation of light magic.

"Yea, as I bethought a skeleton wilt not beest a valorous match ‘gainst mine Lord." (Zir)

Zir started doing warm-up exercises while saying so.

"It might beest improper to encave things from the sir that I love." (Zir)
"If you think you can, try to do it. On the contrary, I'll pin down your body and make you unable to become a bride." (Hibiki)
"Kufufu. I feel I hast already become like that." (Zir)

I somehow managed to bend over my body to avoid Zir who had suddenly jumped at me.
Because her status went up after becoming a vampire lord, she is terrifyingly fast.
After having her attack dodged by me, Zir immediately changed directions and began charging at me again, and in response I attempted to break her posture by using earth magic to create a hole at her feet.

"So naive." (Zir)

However, Zir easily avoids the hole below her feet. It seems her sensory organs have been strengthened too.
I shot water ball magic to restraint her. Zir who dislikes getting wet, stops her feet.

"Becometh a wall of ghosts." (Zir)

It seems she arranged several ghosts as a wall to prevent me from going forward.
Ghosts, it is only possible to touch them with magic.
Originally, a ghost wall is used as the weak point of magic.
The water balls shot into the densely packed ghosts and one after another the numbers were decreased. However, the number of ghosts had not decreased too much.

"Kufufu, having so much magic power, tis unexpectedly valorous." (Zir)

Though Zir seemed surprised as well, she seems to have succeeded in giving her ghosts resistance against magic due to her abundant supply of magic power.
However, there seems to be an irregularity in the resistance from how some of the ghosts had disappeared.

When I was thinking about it, Zir had been approaching me before I was aware of her.

"I caught thee, mine Lord~"

Zir grabbed my left arm, and then she tried to reach my other arm as well.
I used 【Insight】 and had already expected Zir's attack.
I fully demonstrated my high status, and furthermore used 【Mental Force Magic】 to break Zir’s posture and throw her down.
It seems overkill, but I did a [throw] from Judo and Aikido.

"What!? Tis suddenly being reversed!?"

I did a beautiful throw on her because I already have knowledge about my opponent's power and her center of gravity.
Zir seems to not have received any damage because the lawn on the ground made the impact soft.
I pressed her back to the ground while gripping her arm. (TN: In Judo/Aikido called Go-kyo)

"It seems to me, that Zir arbitrarily fell down?" (Amy)

"Err, I think it's because he used the momentum of Zir's power to direct her to the ground?" (Ayla)

Amy looks doubtful, and Ayla tried to explain the throw just now with the best of her ability.
Ayla seems to have roughly understood it.
Even though Zir's status went up, but she doesn't have much experience in close combat.
I am able to do this because of the gap in our experience, if my opponent is Ayla, it seems likely that she would resist and it would not have gone well.

"Yea though I doth not understand, mine Lord, can you get up anon?" (Zir)

"Ah, sorry." (Hibiki)

"However, mine Lord sure knoweth some unusual attack." (Zir)

"Well, I won't lose because my opponent is Zir." (Hibiki)

It's for my dignity as Master.

"Kufufu, thou art unexpectedly childish." (Zir)

She laughed in the end, but it's alright. I think the eyes of the vampires that see us have changed a little too.

"Alright, the training has ended. Let's return and eat." (Hibiki)

When I was about to return to the village, Ayla called and stopped me.

"Please train with me too." (Ayla)

Ayla's tiger tail was swaying right and left. Apparently, she seems to have gotten excited after watching the last grapple.

"Err, then, let's do a game of catching without landing any blows." (Hibiki)

Using handheld weapons against Ayla is dangerous. I'll surely be defeated in damage.
That's why I changed the game into a [Game of Tag] which relies on speed.

"Understood, let's begin now." (Ayla)

After seeing Ayla, I understood it.
Ayla is the Oni, so I immediately ran away. The Oni must count for ten seconds. The Oni will change places after capturing. (Darknari: Japanese tag is referred to Onigokko)
I gently explain the basic rules of the game again.
I wonder if she will listen to it, Ayla only nodded repeatedly.
Well, since this is only a [Game of Tag] there is no chance of dying.
So I have been thinking of doing an infinite game of tag with Ayla until we're (Ayla's) satisfied.
I noticed that I had not decided to give a condition of when the game ended, so the sun which has been just above of our heads, has nearly set.