Divine Protection of Many Gods


Divine Protection of Many Gods Chapter 79

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Chapter 79

It had been an hour since we realized that Zir was gone.
We searched thoroughly inside the village, and we concluded that she might have gone outside the village.

"I thought that something would happen, but for it to happen this fast…" (Amy)

"That's right, I didn't think that she would act in this short time from yesterday's events." (Hibiki)

Amy and I talked about our next actions while sighing to each other.

"We need to search for Zir's whereabouts." (Hibiki)

"Well, for the time being, I had installed a [transmitter] onto Zir's clothes made out of a part of Boiler-san's body. With this, we should be able to search for Zir using the demon detector." (Amy)

I asked for it yesterday afternoon, but to think that it was already done by the next day.

"When I had finished the prototype, I went to search for Zir only to find out that you two were enjoying yourselves. So I decided to take this chance and install the transmitter on the clothes Zir had thrown off." (Amy)

Amy told the events plainly.
She is very scary with her neutral expression.
I was forced to promise to love her all night long after we return as compensation.

"Are you going anywhere?" (Selva)

Selva said with a sleepy voice.

"We are going to search for Zir!" (Hibiki)

"Zir is perhaps that white haired girl?" (Selva)

"That's right!" (Hibiki)

"Shall I give you a ride?" (Selva)

"Wha-!?" (Hibiki)

"If it's her, she seems to be right outside the city, inside a western-style house. If you are in a hurry, should I give you a ride?" (Selva)

"Wh-why do you know that?" (Hibiki) (TN: Same opinion, and about the house style too)

"Well, her mana and smell still remains, so I can know immediately?" (Selva) (TN: And the style of the house too?)

Draconian senses are something to be afraid of.
However, is it really alright to ride on her back?
If I'm not mistaken, no one else can ride on a dragon's back unless they are its special companion.
For sure, that person doesn't seem to be a vampire like Zir?
She is appealing in an easy way that I could be her companion. Maybe she's trying a psychological exposure play?

"It shouldn't be a problem if you hide your face. …Either way we will have such a relation so it shouldn't be a problem." (Selva)

I couldn't catch her later words, but there shouldn't be a problem.
And since I can fuse with Ruby, I can easily hide my face.

"Then, please." (Hibiki)

"Please leave it to me~" (Selva)

She answered with exalted breathing.
And since Ruby is already at my feet, I can go without any preparation.

"It's here. There's her smell, there's no mistake." (Selva)

Selva is circling above the mansion.

"All right, please let me down." (Hibiki)

I implied for her to drop me slowly.
However, Selva's judgment, as the unconditional ruler, deemed that this height is nothing.

"Ok, work hard~ I'm going back to sleep~" (Selva)

With that, Selva just turned upside down.

"Wha-, wai-wait!?" (Hibiki)

Naturally, I began to fall.
I instinctively used wind magic deceleration and mental force magic effectively to add an angle to my fall, so as to prolong my air time.

Because of that, I ended up making a flashy entrance with a rider-kick hitting the wall of the western-style house.

Promptly there were guards that came over, however, none of them had a weapon that could damage dragon scales, so I was be able to make them faint one by one calmly.

"These guys have white hair too." (Hibiki)

As if it's the same looking hair as Zir's.
I checked their status and as I thought they had the same race as vampire.

"In short, are they relatives or something similar?" (Hibiki)

Although the family name is different, they should have some connections.
I should keep them from fainting from now on to extract some information.
As the next opposing victims came by because of the commotion, I extended Ruby's body to capture them.

"Well then, what are you doing here?" (Hibiki)

As I thought, the captives also have white hair. As I believed that at this rate they won't spill their guts, I changed my approach.
I punched through every inch of their body from head to toe.
They started bleeding by shaving their skin with my scale armor, and they screamed loudly but as the times passed they only glared at me.
Then with all my effort, I used a gentle voice to speak to the men of what I'm going to do from now on.

"From this moment onwards, I will torture you guys as I had just done. If there is no place for me to hit you, I will just use healing magic and keep on hitting." (Hibiki)

They started to tremble like mad, however I continued.

"Please tell me if you decide to spill your guts while I use magic on you, I will gladly hear you out. If you say that you will speak, I will hit you guys again and use magic once more and hear you out. That's why I recommend you to speak early. Since there will be a lag when you finally decide to speak."

I heal them while I talk to them.
They started to tremble like mad.

"Well, let's start." (Hibiki)

When I started to move my arms, both of them told me to wait, so I just listen to their talk without doing anything anymore.
Of course, I told them that if I heard any rubbish, they would face the consequences.

It seems that Zir is here to experience a ritual to transform into a vampire lord, a superior rank of vampire.
These guys' boss seems to have threatened her that if she doesn't become a vampire lord, we would end up in a dire situation, and brought her here.

"The Evil God's cult helped us to make this ritual." (Vampire)

"They said that once she becomes a vampire lord, she will immediately be transformed as a demon and will erase the contender heroes." (Vampire)

It seems that a vampire lord who becomes a demon has a similar power to that of a Demon King. In fact, there seems to exist a vampire lord that is also a demon king.

"They have told us that under the protection of a vampire lord, we could live in peace." (Vampire)

It seems that vampires are victims of persecution.
And it looks like Zir is a daughter of a royal vampire family.
They have been protecting the persecuted, but that seems to have lead to the extinction of the royals.

"That's why if only she becomes the vampire lord, she will slay the humans and protect us." (Vampire)

I have heard an unpleasant story, but I won't give up Zir just like that.
She is mine.
Even if she turns into a vampire lord, what would happen if I eradicate all that she had to protect.
Well for starters, I approach the men in front of my eyes.

"Wh-what are you trying to do!? St-stop it!! That wasn't part of the deal!!" (Vampire)

"Shut up, you ended up becoming hindrances." (Hibiki)

"Do-don't co-come!! AHHH" (Vampire)

Because the unnecessary jobs increased, I ended up spending too much time.
Every time I came across a guard, I used some time, but I finally reached the place where Zir should be at.
As I opened the double doors, there was an extravagant chair at the far end of the room, in which was seated a familiar looking lady.

"Zir!!" (Hibiki)

As I talked to her, Zir gave a twitch and opened her eyes slowly.
On her neck, there was a pendant which I have no memory of. Is that an item that was offered by the cooperators?

"What? Master? And wherefore art thou hither?" (Zir)

Zir is looking at me with curiosity. I feel a sense of discomfort looking at what seems to be Zir.

"What happened to your hair?" (Hibiki)

I realize the seed of discomfort. Her beautiful white hair has changed to black.
A soft black color like the wet feathers of a crow, it changes her atmosphere into a bewitching sexual appeal.
Don't tell me that the ritual is over already? I check her status in a hurry.


Zirconia Vlad (Vampire Lord) Lv. 36 (TL Note: Like the jewelry)
Necromancer 18 years old

【Blood sucking (Lord)】
Sucks the target's blood and makes the target's stamina and mana into her own.
Also, can give the target the skill 【Blood sucking (Servant)】 and give the abnormal state [Vampire (Servant)]

【Contract (Blood)】
Can make a contract through blood.

【Death magic】★★★
Can use death magic.

【Vampire Lord】
Acquires the power of a vampire lord.


"This? The color did change during the ritual. Dost master hate the black hair?" (Zir)

Zir's casual gesture made me swallow my saliva. As I thought, the ritual is already over.

"Kuhuhuhu, it seems that it is to thy liking." (Zir)

"Zirconia-sama, please leave aside the jokes." (Velgord)

"What ever is the matter Velgord. Doth not interrupt mine and master's lovers' talk." (Zir)

Zir glances at the man named Velgord. The man kneels over just like from what seems to be a strong pressure for him.

"Zirconia-sama, that man is a human." (Velgord)

"I understand that already, tis impossible that would I mistake mine master." (Zir)

"However!!" (Velgord)

"Silence." (Zir)

That voice was quiet but was able to shake the heart violently.
As if Velgord was under sleep paralysis, he couldn't move a finger even with all his willpower. (T/N: the term is "kanashibari": being bound by a ghost or a similar entity while sleeping)

"Well then, master. I did not bethink that thou would especially come and pick me up." (Zir)

"It's because you are mine. Didn't you tell me also? That you wouldn't cause any trouble." (Hibiki)

"Yea, I forsooth did tell thou that." (Zir)

"However, you caused some annoyance." (Hibiki)

"Mm? Is that soo?" (Zir)

"I'm annoyed by the fact that you aren't with me!!" (Hibiki)

Zir became depressed for a moment, then she started laughing.

"Kuhuhu, that is an extremely passionate confession." (Zir)

"Whatever you may say, I won't give up on you." (Hibiki)

"So that is't, then master." (Zir)

"Tell me." (Hibiki)

I thought that it was time to fight, so I prepared every once of my strength.

"Then, let us go back." (Zir)

"What!?" (Hibiki)

"What!?" (Velgord)

I and Velgord, overlapped our responses.

"What? Did thou not come to pick me up?" (Zir)

"Ye-yeah, that's right." (Hibiki)

"Then do let us go back already, I wonder, what thither wilt be for breakfast?" (Zir)

Zir slid off the chair, stood up, and walked slowly until she reached me. (TN: SFX: Teku-teku, so cute!?)

"Then, wherefore hast thou not embraced me yet. Ruby, thou art intruding, so depart for a little bit." (Zir)

Ruby listened to Zir's words and left my body.
Zir opened her arms and is waiting for me to follow.
Zir hugged me with force.

"Yea, as I thought, being embraced by master is relaxing." (Zir)

"Ahaha, what were my worries." (Hibiki)

"Hmm, wast thou perhaps jealous that I went to meet another sir? It can not be helped. Even if I did has't tell thou that thither is nay other sir than thou master." (Zir)

She was laughing exaggeratedly, and looking at Zir's face all my worries flew away.

"Wait a minute—-!!" (Velgord)

We were planning to leave the mansion hugging each other, but we were stopped by Velgord.

"Thou art being noisome, did thou know. The ritual is already ov'r, is't not?" (Zir)

"Yes, it is over. Even so, why are you still flirting with that man?" (Velgord)

"Even if thou asketh me. What is wrong with me hugging the sir I love?" (Zir)

"You became a vampire lord, you know!? So exterminating that man should be a piece of cake." (Velgord)

"Well, thither is nay reason for me to exterminate humans." (Zir)

"That is preposterous!! Do you not know that your parents were slain by humans!!" (Velgord)

"Forsooth that is true, until recently I did detest humans." (Zir)

"But why then!?" (Velgord)

"Thither is nay meaning in hating all humans, is't not? Thither art valorous and dastardly humans. That is common knowledge." (Zir)

It's true that when we meet, Zir hated us.
But there wasn't anything special in our relationship until now, we just ate, slept, and lived together.

"To begin with, how many humans doth thou believe exist? Thither art too many of those folk." (Zir)

Zir was sighing in disappointment, and shrugged her shoulders.

"I won't accept this." (Velgord)

"Well? What of?" (Zir)

"I won't accept this!!" (Velgord)

Velgord shouted while he drew his sword.

"I'm not the only one. Not only I, but other of our kin that are here won't forgive you!!" (Velgord)

There are approximately 50 vampires located here. If they all assaulted us together, even if I would be fine, I would worry about Zir's safety.
Since I don't know anything at all about a vampire lord's capabilities.

"Ah~, sorry. Your comrades, I defeated them all." (Hibiki)

"Wh-what!? Did you kill them all!?" (Velgord)

Hearing those words, Zir showed me a saddened expression. As one would expect, she would be affected if I mass murdered her kin.

"No, I just 【Subordinated】them." (Hibiki)

"What do you mean!? You must be human!?" (Velgord)

I can use all of Zir's skills.

【Blood sucking (Lord)】
Sucks the target's blood and makes the target's stamina and mana into her own.
Also, can give the target the skill 【Blood sucking (servant)】 and give abnormal state [Vampire (servant)].

With this skill, I made everyone into the state of [Vampire (Servant)].

The abnormal state [Vampire (Servant)], can transform one into a [Vampire (Servant)] in an hour.
With this, I can easily command with absolute obedience a common vampire, to disarm easily.

"In other words, you are the only vampire here." (Hibiki)

"I-im-m-possible." (Velgord)

While Velgord was discouraged by the events, I went and gave him the status of 【Servant】.
It seems that with this the pure lineage of the vampires could be said to have been destroyed.

With this, the incident was over and we triumphantly returned to the village.

"I'm back." (Hibiki)

"Welcome, back?"

"There are really a lot of them."

She is talking about the quantity of people.
The 52 vampires that lived in that western-style mansion lost their place to live.
I told them that the mansion was still there, but I was told that the mansion was just prepared for the ritual and they can't live there for long.
And also, they requested to me that they want to live near Zir, who is the vampire lord.

"Master, I want to ask on behalf of those folk also. Can thou not beest their lighting post?" (Zir)

Since I was asked like that, I couldn't refuse.

"You guys, I will make you work hard. I'm especially strict with guys!!" (Hibiki)

By the way, among those 52, there were 20 women.

"Master, I wilt not cease thee from embracing those women, but prithee make it consensual." (Zir) (T/N: not like those guys from Yale shouting absurd things)

"I'm fine with just you being the one sucking my blood." (Hibiki)

With this, there were new members in the village.