Divine Protection of Many Gods


Divine Protection of Many Gods Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

The sporadic attack from the skeletons slowly became organized.
But of course, when multiple of them timed their attacks together, there was a certain degree of change in their movements that was previously just advancing straight towards the target.
However, this was a considerable event for Sai's group on the defensive side.
Basically, the skeletons won't attack if you didn't obstruct their way. That's the strategy for the skeletons, furthermore they will attack in groups.
The advantage in the battlefield, which Sai somehow struggled to bring to his advantage, was slowly changing to the skeleton side.

"This kind of movement, there must be a fellow who is controlling them from somewhere." (Sai)

While fighting in combat, Sai carefully looks around the surroundings. And then…

"Is it, that?" (Sai)

In the direction where Sai was looking at, there was a skeleton whose body was wrapped-up in a red mucus.
It seems it has noticed that Sai had found it, it begins to make a clattering sound on finding Sai.

Ruby took part in the battle with high spirits.
It is looking at the skeletons, and apparently, it seems to be selecting them.
After selecting around 10 skeletons, there was finally a skeleton which it liked and it began to wrap around it.

"What is't doing? That Ruby?" (Zir)

"I dunno?" (Hibiki)

The appearance of the skeleton was gradually regained, Ruby seems to be doing the fusion technique, which it used to unite with me, with the skeleton.
As expected, it seems you will need to train to cover the whole body with dragon scales. The left arm is only partially covered with the scales.
Apparently, the control for the body is being handled by Ruby, the skeleton that had been staggering just now has begun to move slippery like it was an another being.

"So it is using 【Unificator】 to directly manipulate it, eh? The surrounding skeletons' movements have become better than before." (Hibiki)

"Yea, it appears that it did put the other skeletons under its control." (Zir)

The lower classes of skeletons have no ego, therefore, they will obediently obey the instructions from the necromancer.
No matter how unreasonable it is.
With 【Unificator】 it seems to have taken possession the right of command. Also after having taken a skeleton, it seems it caused the connection with the other skeletons to become stronger.

The skeleton force which was commanded by Ruby, is slowly overwhelming the goblin force.
The sporadic attacks like earlier, had been changed to a joint attack by several skeletons.
Afterwards, the skeletons who had just foolishly aimed at the target, no longer received attacks defenselessly and they now gave priority to the enemy.

Even though the battle was starting to give it the advantage, Ruby didn't loosen the attack.
It lead a group of 6 skeletons and took up a position between the two corps, to completely isolate them from each other.

"Woah, what precise instructions." (Hibiki)

With this, Lalu's corp must watch both the front and the rear.
The container with Sai is completely surrounded too.

About 30 minutes after the attack by Ruby's command started.
Apparently, Sai seems to have given-up the defense of the container. The corp begins to gather towards Lalu's side.
Although it'll be given a demerit since the training is to fight until the last man is standing, it's not a bad judgment.
It seems he is thinking properly about the conversation from before we began the training.

"But then, there is still the fight with the Ruby Skeleton." (Hibiki)

So, Sai's strategy is to rendezvous the container's defense corp with Lalu's side. He intends to have them break through the space that Ruby's corp is defending, so they can join with Lalu's corp and overtake the encirclement.
But, you need to defeat Ruby for that.

Sai might have already noticed that too.

"I will take care of that commander. You must join-up with Lalu's corp and enter under Lalu's command!!" (Sai)

Sai, who was at the head of the assault formation, gave out an instruction.
Apparently, Sai intends to make Ruby his opponent.

"Charge!!" (Sai)

Sai lead all of the remaining war potential in an attempt to break the encirclement.

"Sei!!" (Sai)

He made a preemptive attack on Ruby by himself, and let the other goblins go ahead.
Ruby understood the intention, before they were aware the skeletons between the 2 corps had increased.
Whether or not the counter-plan will be sufficient by increasing the numbers, the challenge from Sai has been accepted.
The sword attack was stopped by a sword.
The two people approach each other's sword guard violently. To begin with, it's impossible for a skeleton to have such strength.
Ruby who covered the skeleton's body seems to be substituting for muscles and giving the skeleton power.
It's like a powered suit.

"Kuh, as I thought it's strong." (Sai)

Sai who judged he wasn't a match in a contest of power, took several steps back.
Ruby remained standing with its sword held up without chasing him.

Sai who took enough distance from Ruby, took some breaths, and began to quickly re-approach Ruby again.
Without panicking he observed and used the sword with his left arm.

"This is tough." (Sai)

Ruby repels the sword and swings its sword at the place where the posture was destroyed, but Sai caught the attack with his artificial right arm.
The artificial arm was created from magic steel, even though it's not as hard as a dragon's scale, it is possible to use it for defense.
However, when you use your dominant arm, which is the right arm, for defense, there is choice but to use the left arm to hold the sword.
It seems there is no hesitation with Sai's attack, even though not a lot of time has passed since he has been handed the artificial arm.

"As I thought, did I pick up something good?" (Hibiki)

The duel between Ruby and Sai was a good match with its to and fro.
As they had decided, the goblins have already joined with Lalu's corp and ran away safely.
Abruptly the mission failed, but it's just training. I don't care how much they fail.

So it was supposed to be the end of the training, but Ruby and Sai are not stopping.

"Being half-assed, it'll leave a bad taste. Please let us finish till end!!" (Sai)

Sai shouted while fighting, it seems Ruby is also in agreement.

"Alright, do your best till the end!!" (Hibiki)

The goblins have already returned and are cheering from the surroundings.
It seems there are a lot of cheers for Sai.
Well, Ruby is taking the form of a skeleton right now.

With the swords pitted against each other many times, the end of this great match came abruptly.

The moment Sai's sword strike was defended with the skeleton's left arm, it broke.
That sword is a normal iron sword, it might not be able to endure an attack to the dragon's scales.
When it appeared that Ruby was going to win the match, suddenly the skeleton crumbled apart.
Apparently, the skeleton inside was unable to follow Ruby's movements.
The sword attack did not reach the skeleton, so it might only be the effect of Ruby's movements.
Ruby who is unable to keep its humanoid form, looks around, but the other skeletons have already disappeared.

"This is, I guess it's a draw." (Hibiki)

Continuing on from the baseball game, it feels like there are a lot of draws appearing recently, but it can't be helped.
Both sides probably have their own opinions on the subject but we decided to call it quits for today.

"Well~, Lalu, Musashi, and Ruby are strong, if you were to appear as an enemy, I might die this time for sure." (Sai)

The preparation for dinner had already started, when we returned to the plaza where we had lunch.
Apparently, eating lunch in the plaza seemed to have been enjoyable.
When I heard the story later, Frey was peeling the potatoes with Latia who was wearing a maid costume.
How should I say it, Frey doing peeling. It somehow suits her well.
Yakuu has adapted well and has also began to help with the dinner preparations.
It seems she is working restlessly following around Latia's back.

"Thank you for all of your hard work, master." (Ayla)

"Thank you for hard work." (Amy)

Ayla and Amy ran up to me.

"The bath has already been prepared so please wash off your dirt." (Ayla)

I have been taken to the bath, by force.
Currently, there are two kinds of baths in the goblin village.
The bathtub which I made the first time, is right now being used as the bath for humans.
And then, the newly made bathtub is for the goblins public bath.
This is because, the temperature for the goblins is a little bit different from us, but thanks to that, I can stretch my legs comfortably.

"Fu~, the feeling from a bath is nice." (Sai)

"Do you like it?" (Hibiki)

"Yeah, I feel like I coming back alive." (Sai)

Right now, there is only Sai and me in the bathtub. Ayla and the girls wanted to wash my back. Though I said that, Sai who just did a fierce battle with Ruby is the dirtiest amongst us.
When I told them that I will be entering the bath with Sai, there was no other way. They gave up on the idea.
I want you all to endure for today because we always enter together.

"At any rate, who are you really, Hibiki?" (Sai)

"I have said it, right? I'm just an adventurer." (Hibiki)

"Well, it's fine. You are my employer." (Sai)

"Yep, show me some respect." (Hibiki)

"From now on, should I call you [Master] or [Aniki]?" (Sai)

"Hibiki is fine." (Hibiki)

"I see", Sai who said that suddenly becomes silent.
It seems from his expression he wants to say something, but I keep silent about it.
The moment when Sai tried to speak about what was on his mind…

"Uwaa~~ Amazing." (Yakuu)

"Yakuu-chan, isn't it dangerous if you're running?" (Latia)

"Yeah, I fell down many times in here and hurt my hips. The floor here is hard and painful." (Frey)

Yakuu, Latia, and Frey had entered.
Of course they are naked. It seems they have not noticed us.

"O-oi, Hibiki!! Don't look at Yakuu!!] (Sai)

"I didn't look at her!! If I want to look, I will only look at Latia!!" (Hibiki)

"Yes? Did you called me?" (Latia)

Latia found us.

"Eh, nii-chan. Also, Hibiki. Did you enter the bath too?" (Yakuu)

"Y-yeah, we have." (Sai)

"In the middle of cooking, Frey-san knocked over a pan, so we're taking a bath because we got dirty." (Yakuu)

Apparently, Yaku is still too young, while Latia is not feeling shy because of the sense familiarity of seeing me as a relative.
Only Frey in the rear, who had wrapped herself with a towel, flopped onto the floor with her ass saying "Iyaa".
You walked in on the night before the duel on your own, and yet what's with that attitude? (Darknari: refer to ch53 for details)

"Nii-chan, the bath is amazing, right?" (Yakuu)

"Y-yeah, it's amazing." (Sai)

It's because Latia was naked, so he give a flustered reply to Yakuu.
The three people are already using the bathtub. Frey seems to want to say something, but she decided to keep silent while entering the bath.

"I'm sorry, for intruding on you. Ah, do you want me to wash your back?" (Latia)

"N-no, it's okay." (Hibiki)

Latia is talking normally without hiding anything at all.
Her nice breasts which are on the small side are swaying in the hot water. Hm, this is really nice.
By the way, I didn't do anything to Latia.
Although it's kind of complicated, Latia and I are friends to the end.
But, if Latia asked it of me, of course I'll respond to her.

"It's not on purpose, right?" (Frey)

Frey was talking to me while showing a little bit of anger.
This fellow is really, I haven't done that yet. I haven't made out with her since that night in the bathroom before the duel.
This girl seems to hold something against me because of the matter of that punishment game earlier.
Well, it also depends on the timing.

"When may I take my bath?" (Frey)

"That's, oh yeah. Sorry." (Hibiki)

Frey has become considerably obedient lately. The quarrels have also decreased, otherwise our relationship is not bad.
Thank you, I felt like I can respect my own opinion.

There is young Yakuu in here, so I didn't do anything erotic and spent the time peacefully in the hot water.
Later on, Amy will bring everyone into the bath together in the middle of night to fuck, but it was not bad.
As long as I have the Star Sword and [Youth Medicine], I won't be defeated.
Though my body has become sodden, 【Self-Regeneration】 is also effective for this kind of thing.