Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort


Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort Chapter 9

Ye Qingli irritatingly smiled and said, "I do not understand, this here is my home, where would I come back too?"

Yuan mama sarcastically sneered, "What did I just hear from the young lady that ran away in the eve of her wedding. Even though the wedding ceremony failed, we all thought you had fled away to a faraway place. Unexpectedly, you still show your ugly face and return back here at the Ye Estate!"

Ye Qingli saw her eyes flashed and immediately understood.

Obviously, Madam Guo wanted to frame her and pin the title of elopement on her.

Sure enough, the servants in the surrounding all gazed at her in strange eyes.

This place was not far from the main Mansion,  no one knew, but someone opened the door to the Mansion. Then Yuan mama talk especially loud so that the people around her can very clearly hear what she said.

Ye Qingli's look was indifferent, "I went outside the city to the village in order to be married. Since we failed tying the knot, I certainly would return to the Ye Family. I am not like some woman with no face of shame, crying and shouting to grab someone else's husband. Nor will I do it and see myself rubbish in the end!"

The cocky, arrogant, shameless face of Yuan mama all of a sudden became green and white, her breath won't emerge and was stuck in her throat.

This slutty bitch in front of her would be submissive and always would say 'yes'. Even if you slap her in her face, she would not ever dare fight back.  Today, how did the mouth of this crappy child all of a sudden became so sharp and shrewd?

Listening to her words, they were directly pointing at the mulberry tree and cursing at the locust tree. This is not how Ye Family’s second young miss talk!

Yuan mama trembled in anger and pointed at Ye Qingli, "Little slut, what did you just say?"

Ye Qingli's face utterly changed, "Do you dare say that again?"

Yuan mama sneered, "Little……bitchy…….slut……."

"As a slave, you actually dare to bully your master, today, in behalf of being the Ye family's young miss, I will discipline you for being disrespectful!"

Saying that, Ye Qingli raised her hand and sent a heavy blow rushing at her face.  

Yuan mama laughed, like she had heard the most ridiculous thing in the whole world.

Watching Ye Qingli's feeble arms swept towards her face, she instantly grabbed it, then with her other hand dashed in and gripped her shirt's collar.

However, she did not hear the scream that she anticipated.

She was shocked to found out that her hand had just reached half, when it actually became stiff, she can not move it, not even a trace.

Her whole body felt as though she had lost all consciousness, her stiff, outstretched hand was still there.


A crisp sound of a slamming palms sounded out. Her was beaten, beaten until it became swollen and unrecognizable.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"


Ye Qingli not did not hold back and brutally gave her more than a dozen hard slams to the face, then only she stopped. Both sides of Yuan mama's face were high swollen up beaten to the point of being unrecognizable.

She screamed out, "All of you!!!…..What are you doing standing there!!…….Get her…..don't harm …"

A few fierce-looking old mama behind her came up and grabbed hold her clothes.

But the two person just touched her sleeves when their screams, like a pig being killed, echoed through the surroundings!