Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort


Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort Chapter 94

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 94

Madam Han triumphantly said, "Don't you master and servant have a deep relationship with each other?  Then obediently let them tie your hands and feet and capture you. If not, the life of your maid will most likely be lost!"

Having a hostage in her hand was like possessing a life saving talisman. She did not care at all, Swaggering forward, she proudly said, "Are you not going to obediently kneel down and let them tie you up? Do it, otherwise I will make your maid suffer a terrible death!"

She shouted, "Let her see color red flow!"

Huge smiles were plastered on the faces of the two old mama seizing Little He, The next second, they took out sharp bamboo sticks from their pockets. Grinning maliciously, they raised Little He's palms and plunged and skewered the sticks into the gaps between Little He's fingers.


Pig like screams blasted across the eerie night sky!

Mournful screams pierced everyone's eardrums.

Little He's body softly fell down.

The two old mamas were half kneeling, one of their hands were firmly placed on the ground. Blood was spurting out, their palms were badly mangled and mutilated. Blood kept on flowing out.

Two sharp, radiant daggers impaled their palms and were nailing it to the ground!


Their screams of pain and despair resounded out.

Ye Qingli coldly said, "I would like to see who would dare move again!"

Her gaze was as cold and sharp as knives, staring at Madam Han in front of her.

Madam Han's heart gripped in terror as she turned to flee, turned to run, Suddenly her body moved backwards. Her waist bent over.

"Help, she's going to kill…………"

Ye Qingli grabbed her hair, and directly dragged her in front of herself!

The next moment, Madam Han's pig butchering cries rattled everyone's hearts.

"You girl……..bold….arrogant……"

"Painful isn't it?"

Ye Qingli lowered her head and gently whispered to the ears of Madam Han.

Suddenly, she grabbed Madam Han's hair on her hands, and exerting her strength, she yanked it upwards. Madam Han terribly screamed in pain.

At this time, as she stared at Ye Qingli it was as if she was staring at the devil himself..

This little slut is fierce to the extreme.

Ye Qingli's mouth slightly upturned and looked at Madam Han with a devilish grin.

"Now….you know what pain is… ….now you know that it hurts….…"

She actually kidnap my maid right in front of me then user her to threaten me? Did she take me as a fool, did she take me as a clay puppet?

Each and every person were shocked and stunned. They never expected a terrifying scene to unfold.

No one dared to come forward.

They only stared at Madam Ye hanging on Ye Qingli's hands, afraid to have the same misfortune befall on their heads.

Finally, Madam Guo shouted, "Qingli, what are you doing, let go of your grandmother!  You better have something good to say!"

Madam Ye angrily said, "You really are an outrageous girl, you dare to act so disrespectfully on your elders!"

Ye Qingli's knife like glare suddenly glued on her, frightening her into keeping her mouth shut, her heart already palpitating in fright.  

Ye Qingli coldly whispered, "She is my grandmother? Really? What qualifications does she have to dare stand in front of me? She is just a cheap skinned woman from a brothel, and I am the dignified eldest young miss of the Ye Family! Even if I am in a bad mood and killed her, the Guo Estate can not even say half of a word!"

Everyone was tongue-tied.

Her words were not wong, the law of the Da Luo Dynasty got strict respect based on status. Between the common people and the higher level citizens, there is an insurmountable gap.

But not everything is as simple! Not everything is so simple!

As a doted and beloved concubine of the Shangshu Family, can she be just an ordinary brothel woman?

But Ye Qingli did all of this in a savage, cruel manner. No one would dare to say her no!