Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort


Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort Chapter 50

Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 50

Ye Qingli slept straight until the moon was nearly parting.

At this time,Orchid Pearl Courtyard was already brightly lit.

Shopkeeper Su's legs was heavily wrapped in bandages. He was lying on a stretcher sweating profusely, trying to appeal on Madam Guo with his tears.

"Cousin, can't you see, that little slut is just too undisciplined and out of control. She totally disregard your face in front of so many people. And she broke my leg! Who does she think she is? In this Ye Estate, that slut is nothing!!!"

Grimacing in pain, he was incessantly clamoring, "Cousin, you must quickly call her and beat a lesson into her. Otherwise, she would not respect how powerful we are!"

"All right, you don't have to tell me!"

At this time, Madam Guo’s mind was in disorder. That Ye Qingli, what does she want to do? And when did she learn such good medical skills?

Did Madam Jiang's soul really possessed her body?

She suddenly shuddered.

Madam Guo had never forgot what she did before.

Perhaps Ye Qingli’s experience of near death changed her character.

But still, a mere fifteen year old little girl, how can she have such medical knowledge,

Today, she will take advantage of this matter and ruthlessly beat that bitch's arrogance into a pulp.

She sneered, "Everyone get out, I am going to change dress. Someone call that girl to come over!"

Guo mama was already beaten badly by Ye Qingli, she can only hide in her room to recuperate. So the errand messenger fell on Yuan mama's body.

Trembling in fear, Yuan mama went in front of Ye Qingli's courtyard, and declared Madam Guo's orders.

However, Ye Qingli stayed in bed for a long time. When she finally listened to Little He's anxious reciprocation, she merely stretched her back, "Seems she really is in an angry temper. Well, I'll be there."

Madam Guo hd already waited for full two hours when she strolled into the Orchid Pearl Courtyard. 

When she saw Ye Qingli, she burned in anger and snapped, "How dare you turn a deaf ear to my summon? I sent someone to call you, they have coaxed and pleaded for you to come over. They said that you are sick. Really? You just don’t want to move did you?"

She looked at Ye Qingli, the anger in her heart could not help but gush out.

Breaking this slut into pieces again would be a good thing. She was already abandoned in disgust by Ye Zhongtai. These two days, he actually was resting in another courtyard of another madam, and did not come to the Orchid Pearl Courtyard at all!

Today, I will make her acknowledge who is the most powerful person here in the Ye Estate! I will show her who is the boss!

Do not think that your cleverness is enough to stir up the storm and rain in here. Compared to me, you are still very much too tender!

The scolding she just yelled at her would have frightened the prior Ye Qingli. It would have frightened her witless and could not speak back.

But now, Ye Qingli just lazily yawned. She said, "Aunt, I am unable to do anything. I can not be blamed. I was somewhat truly frightened in shock and just recently slept well. After returning home, Little He helped me look for a drug to calm the nerves in my body. I woke up later, hurried up to dress. No worries, it seems I am not late at all."

Madam Guo's anger was almost choked out. When Ye Qingli talked to her, although courteous, but when she does opened her mouth, she really emphasize the word "Aunt' in her sentence. Perhaps it was so that other people won't forget her birth.

This girl must be doing it intentionally!

At this time, Ye Wanshuang coldly smiled and said, "It seems elder sister's body is really delicate. Hearing her mother's summons, did not come and hasten. Instead made her wait. How dare you?"

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