Devouring the Gods


Devouring the Gods Chapter 3 part1

I’ve been too busy, had to go to London twice in a span of three days, stuck in car for like 12 hours in total. Plus Selected my GCSEs for next year and spent like one month feeling how it’s like unlike some schools. So anyway, I splitting this into parts as I have only managed to mtl one page according to google docs. I was gonna make the structure easier and not in paragraphs, like lines. But I was like no cuz I wanted to try. After I mtl the entire chap, I’ll add it onto here or post it as part 2 or something. So, enjoy!

Devouring The Gods Chapter 3 – Blood | Part 1

Leaving Haoyue City, Chu Fei knew he offended someone big.

That young man clad in luxurious robes armed with a dagger, Li Jia, was actually the fourth young master of the Li Clan. The Li Clan was one of the four major families in the Can Yue Empire, even those mighty experts would not dare to provoke them.

Now that he offended Li Jia, it would be wonder to let him off. He's just left Hao Yue City and men under the Li Clan have already come to kill him. There would be a big wave of people every three days followed by a small wave of people in the next two days to kill him; they numbered 7 or more. This cycle repeated for half a month.

Although they were strong, they couldn’t compare to a Gathering Breath Tier 3 cultivator like him. It seemed the other party couldn't bear it anymore so as a result, he was chased all the way.

"Eternal Darkness!"

Gazing at the mountain, Chu Fei realized that he had a serious problem. His purpose was to become a disciple of the Myriad Sword Sect. He escaped pursuit but in the end, he was lost. He rose in the air standing on Eternal Darkness. There was nothing he could do except be vexed.

If it wasn't that Chu Fei threatened him greatly, Li Jia wouldn't have sent out the Imperial Guards of the Li Clan

"Hehe, you finally call out Laozi."

With excitement, Eternal Darkness’ voice sounded clearly in his mind, “What’s in it for me?”

"Less nonsense, you have a long life. You ought to know where we are right?"

Chu Fei looked at his surroundings, only seeing barren land with no inhabitants. Wanting to go to Myriad Sword Mountains, it was impossible go back where he came from. So he only could ask the Old Man.

"If you wish to know, then promise Laozi one thing once we reach Myriad Sword Sect…"

"Okay, just hurry up and tell me!" Chu Fei didn't have any patience to ask about the conditions and readily agreed. He was still being pursued by the Li.