Devil's Son-in-Law


Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 3

"My name is Alice."

Seeing the pure and beautiful loli smile made Chen Rui feel even more ashamed.

"Brother, what’s yours?"

"I’m called… Chen Rui."

Thinking for a bit, Chen Rui chose to use his real name. Since I’ve been reborn in this spooky place, I’ll just drop the name Arthur.

"Alice, can you tell me how to leave this place?"


Alice’s lovely bright eyes shined as she said:

"Aldaz master’s laboratory is not far from here, you wanna go there? Let me take you there."

"No! Of course not that place!"

Chen Rui jumped. What kind of joke is that? It took all I had just to run away. Only people with brain damage would go back there!

Alice asked curiously:

"Why not? I heard that the experiment there is very interesting. I wanna go and see."

Yeah, it’s interesting alright. Pouring poison for people to drink can’t be boring…

Looking at this naive and adorable little girl, Chen clenched his teeth and reluctantly lied:

"Ah, so you didn’t know. There’s an accident at the lab! I’m a new apprentice master had taken in recently. Just a moment ago, master carelessly ate some strange medicine and went crazy. He atttacked anyone going near him; even Sally got knocked out. If you see him now, you’ll be injured. I have some urgent matter and need to leave here but I forgot the way out. Can you guide me?"

Hearing Aldaz go crazy, Alice looked frightened:

"Sounds horrible! But you are master’s apprentice; so it’s hard to leave without his permission."

"Master didn’t calm down yet and my matter is very urgent,"

Chen Rui pleaded:

"Alice, can you help me?"

Alice pouted her lovely lips while she was thinking and finally nodded:

"Okay, but you have to cover your face with the cloak and lower your head while walking. Others cannot find out you are a newcomer."

"Thank you very much!"

Chen Rui was also afraid that his human identity would get exposed; so he immediately agreed without thinking much.

"There’s nothing to thank me for, brother."

Alice smiled sweetly, showing her two cute little dimples. She initiatively pulled Chen Rui’s hand and walked out. Chen Rui felt the little girl’s silky hand and his heart warmed up: Who said Mozu is a cruel and savage world? This good-natured little girl, earnestly helping people in need, is kinder than angels!

Along the way, the two bumped into many strange-looking demons; most of them are tall with fierce appearance. On their hands were weapons so they should be the guards.

The little loli seemed to be a frequent visitor here; those guards not only did not come to ask, but also expressed respectful demeanor towards her. Seeing no one stopping them, Chen Rui’s heavy heart seemed to lighten up a bit. Recalling Alice’s sincere words, Chen Rui lowered his head to keep his face hidden as he walked; so he did not see the strange expressions the guards were making while looking at the two of them.

The backyard’s area seemed to be very large as they only stopped after walking for a long time.

"We’re here!"

Chen Rui overjoyed. But when he looked up, his whole body instantly petrified: He was standing in front of the place he feared the most, Aldaz’s crazy laboratory!

Alice smiled; her eyes curved into two lovely crescent moons:

"Didn’t brother want to come here? You should thank me, no?"

She was still showing the same pure and angelic smile; but Chen Rui faintly saw fangs coming out of her lips and a tail wiggling behind her back. He wanted to slip away, but her warm little hand was like an iron pincer; her body did not move in the slightest.

"Is anybody home? I’m coming in!"

Alice intimately pulled Chen Rui in and called out loud.

"Who is it? Just impolitely rushing in…"

The little imp shouted loudly and lamely jumped out; but just as he saw Alice, as if he was frightened or startled, his body fell straight to the ground.

Ashen-faced Aldaz heard the voice and came out; seeing Chen Rui, his eyes suddenly shot appalling beams. But contrary to Chen Rui’s imagination that Aldaz would fling himself to strangle him, the dark elf just lowered his upper body and bowed towards Alice.

"Master, it’s been a long time,"

Alice loosened her hand, her face looked like she had just been wronged:

"Your new pupil was lost, so I helped him find his way home. It just that this brother wasn’t honest. He said master had taken the wrong medicine… And if you saw me, you would strip off all my clothes, and then…"

"Cough cough…"

Chen Rui coughed violently as his face turned green, wishing he could dig a hole to crawl into. This little girl, was too mischievous!

At this moment, nothing could be explained anymore. Just like the time his feelings almost got cheated by a demon in his past life, his skill was lacking, so he could not say anything.

"Little Princess should not believe this cunning human."

Aldaz also looked awkward and changed the topic:

"This guy fell into Mozu three days ago; I was about to to use him to slowly test my new potions. Everything was going well originally but today none of the potions works on him. I tried to make white potion but carelessly caused an accident. He took the opportunity and escaped, but fortunately he ran into Your Highness."

Little Princess! Chen Rui finally knew the true identity of this naughty little loli. Consider that he crawled into the trap on his own, he could not say it was unjust. However he could not accept that Aldaz called him cunning. Compared to Alice, he was as pure as a glass cup!

"All potions are ineffective?"

Alice’s eyes shined, as if she was looking at new toys.

"This time I and Athena went to the Rain Forest and brought back some interesting things; this is Heart Breaking Grass; this is Soul Rotting Flower… We might as well let this human try them out?"

Ahh, turns out in the basket were not fresh fruits or flowers, but this "interesting" stuffs? This girl is indeed the true little demon here; no doubt! Without waiting for Chen Rui to protest, Sally tied him up and dragged him back to the lab.

One hour later…

Aldaz’s brow wrinkled even more. Although the herbs from the Rain Forest had extremely strong effects, nothing happened to Chen Rui.

The Super System activation progressed to 19.6%, but Chen Rui did not feel the slightest bit of joy: A crazy workaholic was horrible enough; now that a naughty loli joins in, it’s not simple as one plus one equals two.

Because she loved pulling pranks with micro-toxic potion, Alice had been very interested in Potionology, and was also considered Aldaz’s half-apprentice; she leaned her cheeks upon her hand, pondered for a moment and suggest:

"Master, you’ve been using only potions with negative effects; how about testing him using buff potion?"

Aldaz thought that this idea was feasible, picked out a bottle of red syrup from the cabinet and said:

"Let’s first try this Strength Potion."

Sally received the potion respectfully and poured the liquid down Chen Rui’s throat; Chen Rui just felt his body boiling hot, as if he was using stimulant, his physical power was boosted immensely and the rope tying him was destroyed in an instant.

Sally wanted to impress the Princess; he "bared fangs brandished claws", and tried to subdue Chen Rui. It was just the right time when Chen Rui was wondering where to vent all his extra power; so he immediately started wrestling Sally. However, in reality even if Chen Rui drank the Strength Potion, it was difficult for him to actually defeat Sally since he was so weak; but in front of the Princess and his master, Sally dared not kill Chen Rui and the stimulated human just went all out on the offense; so the imp got suppressed and could not put in any strength to fight back.

Sally’s cry for help kept getting higher and higher; it was just that Aldaz and Alice did not seem to care. Chen Rui’s resentment for this bully-the-weak-fear-the-strong little imp had already skyrocketed; and he beat up the imp even more. However, he did not try to go against Aldaz or Alice: Those guys are dangerous terrorists! Better not mess with them.

Strangely enough, the Super System did not absorb the energy of this buff potion; the progress only increased by a little bit to 19.7%.

Only until the little imp became black-and-blue and panted roughly on the ground, did the effect of the Strength Potion subside. Aldaz carefully observed Chen Rui and once again showed his horror expression:

"Strength Potion can significantly enhance physical power, but it comes with side effects. The user will be in a very weakened state after the strengthening effect wears off. How come he didn’t get affected?"

Alice asked in surprise:

"Maybe master figured out how to make True Strength Potion, that doesn’t have side effects?"

Aldaz flinched, but immediately shook his head:

"That’s impossible; the recipes for this kind of potion have been long-lost. Only the legendary Potion Grandmaster can make them. There isn’t a single bottle of True Potion can be found in Mozu."

When Chen Rui heard the two words "side effects", a thought popped up inside his head: Is that the automatic absorbing function? Consume all the negative elements but keep the beneficial ones? Although it’s only a guess, but this hypothesis is very likely to be true; otherwise how can I live if the System absorbs all of the beneficial substances? No matter how much I eat rice, the System will just steal all the nutrition away; I can only starve to death!

Aldaz experimented some more with several types of buff potion, and came to an absurd conclusion: Poison on this human is totally useless; and for tonic, the more he drinks the better!

In front of this person, notoriously dangerous Poison Masters will just simply become nutritionists!

"There must be a potion that can restrict him!"

Aldaz roared loudly; he did not try to keep his composure in front of the Princess anymore and started coming to a dead end:

"Just a few hundred years, humans have turned into such fearsome creatures? And this is just a small and weak ordinary human! If so, how can Mozu continue to exist?"

Alice calmly shook her head:

"I don’t think all human beings are like this, but there’s rather a problem with this human. Master, can you make a magic equipment to examine him?"

"I can’t make that kind of equipment. Alchemy is extremely broad and profound. I do research only in the field of Potionology."

Aldaz is very rigorous to himself in the academic aspect. Suddenly, he thought of something and his eyes exposed bloodthirsty light:

"I had Sally drink his blood, but there was no immune effect; we should just cut his body open to investigate!"

Chen Rui almost had a heart attack; the thing he worried about the most finally happened.

"Master, wait, wait!"

Alice said the line that was on Chen Rui’s head on behalf of him,

"Don’t kill him! This guy is very interesting, I wanna play with him."

This one moment, Chen Rui felt the angel halo appear again on Alice’s head; her fangs and tails vanished without a trace. While seriously considering the career path of being a toy, he hurriedly said:

"Don’t kill me! Master, you can test your new potions on me until you’re satisfied!"

This is a good idea; not only can I protect my life, but I can also wait until the System activates; at that time, maybe I can even become superman, "fist hits little Imps, foot steps on Dark Elves".

If Chen Rui said this a few hours ago, nothing would have happened; but now that line sounded no different from the most insulting sarcasm to the dark elf’s pointy ears. Aldaz’s already gloomy face became even more cloudy.