Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension


Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension Chapter 7

Chapter 007   Headquarter envoy

Translated by Yorasu, edited by Kai

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Wu Lingfeng followed Xiu Kesi into the wooden house. Entering the house, he found that the interior was surprisingly ‘clean’, though he wasn’t talking about cleanliness per se. This was because besides a bed, there was only a table, several chairs and cooking utensils in the kitchen. Other than that, there was really nothing else in the house.

Even though the wooden house is small, it was comfortable to live in. He was surprised that there was a beauty Lolita named Wen Ni hiding in such a place. She was indeed the so called village beauty. Wu Lingfeng couldn’t help but sigh.

 “This, we only have warm water. Sorry for such bad hospitality….” Wen Ni offered a cup of water to Wu Lingfeng while unknowingly revealing a charming smile.

Wu Lingfeng quickly shook his head and replied, “it doesn’t matter. I like drinking warm water the most. Natural and good for health….”


Wen Ni couldn’t help but chuckle. This master magician was indeed amusing….

Xiu Kesi, observing both them getting along well, said to Wen Ni, “Wen Ni, from now on Lingefeng is your husband. I have already entrusted you to him and Lingfeng already agreed too…..” (1)

Wen Ni started to blush. Her bright blue eyes blinked for a moment looking at Lingfeng, she then pulled the corner of her own clothes with her pair of small hands. She planned to use this action to overcome the shyness in her heart.

Wu Lingfeng couldn’t help but to feel shy as well. He thought that he would only tell her after knowing each other for a while. Never did he expected Xiu Kesi to be so direct. This was too hasty.

“Since both of you have no opinion, then let us set it this way. However, Wen Ni, Lingfeng is now a magician so you can only be his concubine. After all, his wife must be a magician….” Xiu Kesi mentioned this in a low voice.

Wen Ni nodded. Although she did not go into the outside world that often, she knew that magicians are a very noble existence, the aristocrat. Since she was just a normal civilian, of course she knew she could not be the first wife. Even so, many girls still dreamt of becoming the woman of a magician.

At this moment, Wu Lingfeng sincerely felt the awesomeness of the system.

Without doing anything, a beauty just sent herself into my door. Seems that changing job to magician is not a bad thing. O master system! You did well in understanding my desire…..

“If this is the case, then this matter is settled. We will wait till you two enter into adulthood and at that time, hold a wedding ceremony. Right now Wen Ni go pack your stuff. You are coming with us. From now on, always stay beside Lingfeng. It is your duty as a wife to take care of your husband’s needs….” Xiu Kesi pat the table.

Wu Lingfeng’s heart started palpating vigorously after hearing that. A personal maid for me? Really? Does this mean it is a go sign to warm up the bed?

“Uncle Xiu Kesi, I thought in the barracks, no women are allowed?” Wu Lingfeng asked.

“Haha….” Xiu Kesi laughed out loudly. “That is only applicable to normal ordinary soldiers. Magicians do not need to worry about it. You must know that magicians are all a group of pampered children. Even if you are guilty of capital offense, the empire will not harm you at all. At most, you will just stay in the prison for two days and after that, back to your normal ordinary life.” (2)

WTF?! This is even more extreme than an emperor himself. Wu Lingfeng excitedly exclaimed. So this is what magicians are all about? Breaking any law which could be a death sentence for the commoners is just a small matter. With this identity as a magician, it is equivalent to having an immortal golden plate following me around me anywhere.

“Alright, let us go back then. I believe the headquarters envoy will be there soon. Not only the headquarter of Wolf Corps but even the royals of the empire would know this news. After all, breaking the chain to evolve into a magician from a commoner never appeared in history before. Lingfeng is the only one….” Xiu Kesi pat the table again.

Wen Ni nodded and told them. “I’ll go pack my things then…”

Wu Lingfeng was in cloud nine now. O my life, how could you be so wonderful? Letting me coming over to this world is so good. Finally, my perfect life is going to start?

“You need my help?” Wu Lingfeng asked Wen Ni.

“It’s okay. I am fine….” Wen Ni immediately waved her hand.

In a short period of time, Wen Ni finished packing up her luggage and followed them back to the barracks. Wen Ni looked like someone who had never gone to the outside world before. She seemed to be curious and interested in anything she saw.

Entering the barracks, there was a soldier calling out to Wu Lingfeng. He was told that the army headquarters had sent a general to escort him back to the headquarters.

Wu Lingfeng followed the messenger and walked into the tent of Captain Ma Ke. In the tent, a blonde beauty was sitting on the bench playing with her sword. Her whole body was equipped with red armor which radiated out the aura of nobility. She had a pair of red fiery eyes with a matchless fair skin. However, her expression was somehow not right, as if someone owed her money…. (3)

The moment Captain Ma Ke saw Wu Lingfeng entering, he immediately welcomed Lingfeng warmly and while pulling his hand, “This general here is the daughter of Wolf Corp’s chief, Xian Niya. She is one of our Light Empire’s four rose knights. Just recently reached 18 years old but already achieve a rank of earth golden knight….”

Wu Lingfeng nodded and conversed with the blond beauty. “Hi, General Xian Niya. I am Wu Lingfeng, a soldier who also knows magic…..”

Xian Niya observed at Wu Lingfeng carefully before casually saying, “Can you show your magic power a little? You know, I have to ensure the truth of this matter. If you guys deceive me, hmmpph…..”

Ma Ke who was beside them quickly explained, “How could this be false? With my honor as a Wolf Corp soldier for more than 10 years, I guarantee that Wu Lingfeng is truly a magician….”

Wu Lingfeng curled his lips, took out his right hand and instantly, a magic sphere appeared on top of his palm……

Xian Niya’s eyes sparkled after seeing the appearance of magic sphere. Her dark face eventually started to brighten. Feeling satisfied, she asked, “This is indeed power of magic. So, what level are you at now?”

Wu Lingfeng replied back, “I only obtained this power just a while ago. It just awakened suddenly. Thus, most probably I am only a low level magician for now. I have two powerful magic skills, magic cyclone and ice sphere.”

Xian Niya nodded and said, “Seems that your blood power has awakened. Although magicians inherit their powers through their bloodlines, there were some cases where certain generation was able to awaken his ability suddenly. Magician Wu Lingfeng, you know your magic skills directly after awakening?”

Wu Lingfeng replird, “Yea, I immediately knew about the skills after awakening. There seem to be more powerful skills but it’s just that I am weak right now so I’m unable to use them.”

Xian Niya became excited after hearing his reply. Her fair face blushed. “Then, your ancestors might be gods. In this world, those who automatically understand magic are dragons, fairies, phoenixes, those mystical types of beasts created by god. Besides them, there is one more which are descendants of god.”

Wu Lingfeng silently nodded. He could only laugh in his heart. His boss is the all mighty god of the system. Well, there is not much difference compared to the god she mentioned. If she wanted to think it this way, then let her be. Anyway, there was no harm at all to himself.

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