Destination of Crybird


Destination of Crybird Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – To East

There were many villages between the Ikea River and Collet Village. The news of Collet Village’s destruction should have been spread to villages in the neighbourhood but the harbour area was still as desolate as the time we last came.
I guess it is the same for all the villages. They won’t have anywhere else to live even if they were to run away from their villages.
Medea and I settled in one of the huts at the harbour area. I don’t know if it was because she suddenly realized that she was going to spend the night with me alone, Medea’s face turned red. Medea is certainly a lavishing beauty but both of us are still kids. I shall act normally without having any strange ideas.
“What are you planning to do in the future after you were graduated from the magic academy, Medea?”
“Well, I was planning to become an Adventurer alongside with Onii-chan but…”
“I also have the same intentions but I wanted to confirm it since we didn’t talk about it face to face. I will be in your care for the rest of my life.” (TN : There is actually a pun here and that’s not what he exactly says but this is the closest translation I could came up with.)
“For the rest of your life… I-I-I-It is not like we are getting married, right?”
Medea’s thoughts are wandering off to a strange direction. She didn’t had such reactions when she was teased by Kite at the Lieber’s Mansion while we were surrounded by Goblins. I guess it was because she was too nervous for that back then.
“The death rate of the Adventurers is quite high. Thus it means we might die anytime.”
“Is that so? I see.”
Medea finally calms down but she starts to smile as if she realized something.
“Then that means we will be together until we die, right?”
“I am afraid that’s the case but in order to prevent ourselves from dying early, we need a trustable vanguard. We are still kids. If we find a bad person, we might be tricked and sold to the slave traders in the first opportunity. Or he might abandon us and escape when we are in danger. I could hold out against a few Goblins by myself but it would be impossible if their numbers were more than that. Besides in the case of acting as a vanguard, I wouldn’t be able to use magic.”
“Then, leave it to me. Even if I don’t look like it, I am confident in my judgment of people. When I first saw my current mother and father, I could immediately tell that they wouldn’t bully me. Besides I also had the same feelings when I saw Kite-nii-san and Tanya-san. “
“Okay, I will be counting on you.”
“And Onii-chan, can I call you Larcus-nii-san from now on?”
“What is this suddenly?”
“I am sure that Onii-chan made me forcefully called you so in order to make me mixed in the family quickly however from now on I don’t want be only your little sister, I also want to be a full fledged partner of yours as well.”
To be honest, I feel desolate when I think about Medea stopping calling me Onii-chan. However this is something Medea who was always reserved asked for. There is no way I can not respect her wish. Besides even though one of the reasons I made her called me so was as Medea said but 80% of it was because it was my fetish. I can not force my fetish on her.
“Understand, Medea.”
“Yes, Larcus-nii-san!”
Medea replied happily.
We arrived at Koru Thread at the evening of the next day. However the city wasn’t bustling at all. It was quite tranquil on the contrary. I asked the people in the town but nobody knew about the huge Goblin assault on the opposite side of the Ikea River. Just in case, we decided not to use the inn we stayed last time that knows about us being from Collet Village.
There aren’t many travellers in this world but it is the common sense to use merchant caravans for travelling. When you stepped out of the town, since there is no way to know when or how many times you will be attacked by monsters or bandits, merchants would always hire bodyguards during their travels from town to town thus there were many who would request to travel together with them. That’s why you are required to pay some money to merchants in order to travel with them. Because of that, firstly we decided to go to the Merchant Guild in order to gain information about caravans and trustable inns.
On the reception desk of the Merchant Guild, there were two children serving who looked like maids. Nevertheless they quickly answered our questions in a very polite manner. I was quite surprised about this.
Apparently there is a caravan going to the Royal Capital Nord of Arnaldo Kingdom 4 days later. Thus we decided to stay in the inn we learnt about today, and go to the company who is in charge of the caravan tomorrow.
“Excuse me, we two want to get a room.”
I called out to a woman who looked like the mistress of the inn. There are many inns that also serves as a bar and they never run out of the customers but since it was still bright outside, there weren’t any customers who were drinking currently.
“What are you two children doing here?”
“We are in the middle of our travel to Sarajek in order to enroll an academy there.”
“So you are a Young Master and a Young Lady of a wealthy family, huh? Don’t you have any servants accompanying you? Well, there is no way a child of such great person would come to this inn and if you don’t have money, you can not enroll into an academy.”
Mistress started to grumble. Since we wouldn’t get anywhere if we waited, I started to talk.
“My father and mother were famous ex-Adventurers. We got their permissions to be independent now so we started our travel.”
The mistress looked at me from top to down and seemed to accept it.
“I see. Are you fine with a single room?”
“Yes, we don’t mind.”
The mistress must have thought that we were siblings. Even though she was a little suspicious of Medea’s face turning a little red, she still asked.
“What about the meals? It is plus 1 Large Copper Coin for two meals a day served at morning and evening. If you were planning to stay overnight without meals, it is 1 Half-Silver Coin for two of you. “
1 Large Copper Coin was a coin which was worth 10 Copper Coins and 1 Half-Silver Coin was a coin which was worth half of a Silver Coin as its name stated.
“Please serve the meals at morning and noon. We will stay for 4 days.”
“Okay, no problem. The money should be paid in advance. I will make a little discount for you. 2 Silver Coins and 1 Half-Silver Coins are enough.”
“I will be troubling you but please bring our dinners to our room. Because If we two kids were to eat at the dining hall, there would be a possibility that we might be targeted by the drunks.”
“That’s indeed so. Understood. And we provide hot water and a bathtub to our customers the moment they get a room. Wash your bodies properly and please keep the room clean.”
Shit! There was something like that?
“What? Aren’t you siblings? What are you embarrassed for?”
When she saw our stiffed faces, she told that as she left.