Demon's Diary


Demon's Diary Chapter 8

“Since young master has already mastered the art of manipulating Yuan Li, young master can now learn a couple of skills for the Practitioner weapon. However, if young master would like to master these skills quickly, it’s best to only pick two or three of them instead of many of them. After all, I can only teach you basic skills for your Practitioner weapon while the Sect can offer you many more skills.” Guan Lao Da suggested.

“Alright. Besides an attack skill, the remaining two skills should be intended to protect my life. How about Yuan Fortress and Lighten?” Liu Ming had obviously considered this before and answered without any hesitation.

TL: These skills have many names – Yuan Fortress, Yuan Block etc.

“Sure. You don’t need to choose for the attack skill since Practitioner weapons usually have the same method of attacking. All you need to do is just concentrate the Yuan Li within you and then have the Practitioner weapon release it. Take my glove Practitioner weapon, the attack that is emitted is a Yuan Li blob. Gu Lao San’s Practitioner weapon. which is a short sword, concentrates Yuan Li into a light blade. As for young master’s Tiger Bite Bracelet, I have not personally witnessed it in action. However, the power is definitely not low. I’ll teach the methods to you later and you can slowly dissect them. If you have anything that you don’t understand, the two of us will be here for you.” Guan Lao Da explained.

“When you fight with someone, no matter what skill you use for your Practitioner weapon, you must record the number of times that you have used a skill. We practitioners cannot compare to Apostles since we have very limited Yuan Li within our bodies. Everytime we use our Practitioner weapon, a huge cost is extracted onto our bodies. Especially for young master who’s a beginner Practitioner, I’m afraid that you can only use your Practitioner weapon three or four times before you run out of Yuan Li. A practitioner without Yuan Li is only slightly stronger than a normal person. Young master must remember that.” Gu Lao San reminded by the side.

“If it’s like that, we Practitioners don’t need a second Practitioner weapon. So strength is not determined by the number of Practitioner weapons that one has.” Liu Ming was somewhat surprised.

“Normally it’s like that. After all, beginner and middle tier Practitioners have limited Yuan Li. They wouldn’t have much use of more Practitioner weapons. However, for high tier Practitioners, it’s different. They have quite a bit more Yuan Li and thus with more Practitioner weapons, they have more options, which in turn leads to them being able to respond to attacks or attack appropriately. However, no matter how many Practitioner weapons he has, he can only use one Practitioner weapon at a time. I heard that the Spirit Apostles and Spirit Masters have some kind of method to use more than one Practitioner weapon but the details aren’t very clear to Practitioners like me and Gu Lao San.” Guan Lao Da said seriously.

“Thanks for the advice, I finally understand a bit more. I will be more careful about these things next time.” Liu Ming cupped his hands and said seriously.


Two months later, on a winding path of a very dark and daunting mountain, Liu Ming’s group was slowing climbing up bit by bit.

This mountain path was abnormally dangerous with bottomless cliffs and precipices on two sides. The path was also very narrow, only one person could pass at a time. Furthermore, the rock steps of stairs were covered with green moss due to no one walking it for years, which made the path even more slippery.

If the three were not Practitioners, who were much more agile than normal people, they would have fallen long ago down the cliffs by the side.

Even like this, Guan Lao Da and Gu Lao San walked with utmost caution while sweat poured down their backs.

However, the young man between the two stayed calm, as if he could not see the dangers in front of him.

While being surprised by the youth’s lack of response, Guan Lao Da and Gu Lao San began to respect his courage.

To Liu Ming, the danger in climbing this mountain was nothing compared to the dangers he experienced on Savage Island.

After climbing for four hours, the three finally reached the top of the huge mountain.

After looking around, all three were dumbstruck.

The top of the mountain was a huge field quite a few acres large, but not even a single human shadow could be found.

“Guan Da, this is right place, where the Sect designated for us to come to, right?” Liu Ming furrowed his brows and asked.

“Young master, this is an extremely important matter. How could I not remember where to go? Maybe the envoy hasn’t come yet.” Guan Lao Da wiped the sweat off of his forehead and bitterly responded.

“How long is it until the deadline that the Sect set?” Liu Ming thought about it for a second before asking again.

“About two days.” This time, it was Gu Lao San who answered.

“Since we still have time, let’s wait here for a while.” Liu Ming looked around before deciding.

The him now had completely been immersed in the character of Bai young master.

Guan Lao Da and Gu Lao San naturally agreed.

Thus, the three of them found a clean rock and started to rest on it.

Time went by little by little and soon, it was noon with the sun up high.

At this time, sounds of footsteps came from the other side of the mountain. The resting Liu Ming and group quickly opened their eyes and looked in that direction.

Quickly, five people came out from another path that led to the top of the mountain.

There were two middle-aged men, one elder and one middle-aged women who all crowded around a girl dressed in purple.

The two middle-aged men were fit with colorful clothes. They both had knives at their waist.

The elder had a green robe and somewhat skinny. His eyes seemed to be eternally narrowed and he had a goatee.

The middle-aged woman looked normal but had skin whiter than normal. She was dressed in green servant clothes.

The purple clothed maiden looked to be about eleven or twelve. She looked extremely cute with a jade-like carved face. With two pitch-black eyes, whenever she looked around, a sense of eccentricity was conveyed.

When the five people saw that there was already someone at the top of the mountain, they all paused for a second. After examining Liu Ming and his group for a few seconds, the elder whispered something to his group.

Thus, the five led the girl to the other side of the space and found a few rocks to rest on as well. They were almost directly across from Liu Ming and his group.

Seeing this, Liu Ming had a hint of doubt and turned his head to use a gaze to question Guan Lao Da and Gu Lao San.

“Young master need not worry. They are not from the Barbarian Ghost sect; they are probably other participants in this ceremony and waiting for the envoy from the sect. Hehe, looks like we found the right place.” Guan Lao Da smiled and explained.

“That’s why. So that means that someone else will come.” Liu Ming looked like he was pondering a serious matter.

“I can’t say for sure. It depends on whether the nearby Practitioner Families are willing to take out enough resources to buy a spot for their kids to go to the ceremony.” Guan Lao Da answered.

Liu Ming nodded and closed his eyes to rest again.

Although Liu Ming looked like he was resting, in reality, the Yuan Li within was orbiting under some special rhythm. At the same time, the Yuan Li resonated with the Tiger Bite Bracelet to make it lightly pulse.

However, this all was covered by Liu Ming’s robe and thus no one could see what he was doing.

Not long after, one of the middle-aged men stood up and came walking towards Liu Ming’s group.

Seeing this, Guan Lao Da and Gu Lao San’s eyes sparkled, with feelings of caution etched on their faces.

Liu Ming also seemed to have sensed something and opened his eyes.

“I’m Guang Lin City’s Mu Clan’s member, Tie Yun. I’m here to greet you, by my lady Ming Zhu’s orders. You three are…” The middle-aged man didn’t come too close and stopped about seven to eight meters away from the three.

“So it’s the famous Mu Clan. I am Yu Mu City’s Bai Clan’s guest, Guan Da. This is my young master Bai Chong Tian.” Guan Lao Da became serious as he quickly stood to return the greeting.

“Ah, so it’s Bai Clan’s young master. Our two clans have quite a good relationship, why don’t you come over and sit with us?” The man was initially taken aback before he reacted and smiled.

“Hm. Our young master doesn’t feel well so we won’t go bother lady Ming Zhu.” After hesitating, Guan Lao Da declined respectfully.

“Oh, that’s quite regretful. Then we can only wait until our young masters get accepted into the sect before they interact.” The middle-aged man showed some surprise and looked deeply at Liu Ming. However, he didn’t insist anything and after cupping his hands, he turned around.

“Guan Lin Mu Clan, is it powerful, famous?” After the middle-aged man left, Liu Ming turned around to ask.

“Famous would be an understatement! Mu Clan is the strongest Practioner Family in the entire Da Xuan. Although Mu Clan and Bai Clan look to be about the same, it’d probably take three or four Bai Clans to be equal to a single Mu Clan. I have heard that the Mu Clan has at least four Spirit Apostles in various sects.” Gu Lao San seemed to be quite fearful of Mu Clan.

“So it’s like that. However, why does he want for me to go over there? Would he see through our deception?” Liu Ming continued to ask.

“I don’t think so. Although Bai Clan and Mu Clan had a period of communication when our previous family head was still alive, our two clans haven’t had much relation ever since the new Family Head took control. These people have at most heard your name but never met you in person.” Guan Lao Da confidently said.

Gu Lao San to the side also nodded his head in agreement.

Seeing this, Liu Ming relaxed his worries.

At the same time, among the Mu Clan members, the girl named Mu Ming Zhu showed a peculiar expression when she heard the middle-aged man’s report.

“Uncle Tie, I didn’t think that they would be from the Bai Clan. I think I heard the name Bai Chong Tian from my father before but I don’t have a deep impression of him. Third Uncle, do you know this Bai Clan young master?” The girl turned her head and asked the skinny elder besides her.

“Bai Chong Tian. Hmm, Bai Clan does have such a young master. He should be the unrecognized son of their family head and now has the title of adopted son.” Hearing the girl, the skinny elder smiled and slowly said what he knew.

Although his words were slow and careless, he exposed a secret that the family head of the Bai Clan had been desperately hiding.

“Hmph, Bai Clan’s family head owes my aunt a lot. That action of his isn’t too out of character. However, Bai Family head must really value his “adopted” son to the point where he even convinced the other members of his clan to send Bai Chong Tian to the opening ceremony.” The girl said with a hint of arrogance.

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