Demon's Diary


Demon's Diary Chapter 7

Liu Ming couldn’t help picking up the Bronze Bracelet with an astonished expression on his face.

This bronze bracelet was as light as the wind, as if it was weightless.

“Is this Young Master Bai’s Practitioner weapon?” Liu Ming carefully inspected the bracelet in his hand before asking.

“That’s right.The Tiger’s Bite Bracelet is a rarely seen upper tier Practitioner weapon with both offensive and defensive capabilities and can be ranked amongst the top ten Practitioner weapons even within the Bai Clan.” Gu Lao San explained while looking at the bracelet with an air of reluctance.

“However, for the young brother to activate it, I fear you must first learn the most basic skills to control your Yuan Li. As for these techniques, we will teach them to you as we journey on. We will definitely help you activate the bracelet as soon as possible.” Guan Lao Da added on.

“Then I give my sincere thanks to both the Uncles.” Liu Ming said with a hint of joy as he placed the bracelet onto his right wrist and felt a cooling sensation emanating from it.

“Very good but your current appearance is still slightly imperfect, and needs to be adjusted so that the Apostles of the Sect won’t see through our ruse.” Guan Lao Da was nodding his head while observing Liu Ming’s face.

“Adjusted…in what manner?” Liu Ming frowned as he heard this.

Even though Liu Ming had an average appearance, he was still unwilling to let others change his appearance to any large degree.

“Ah, relax young brother! We will definitely not damage your original appearance, we only need to make some slight adjustments to your hair and skin tone. In this area, Gu Lao San is an expert and you can leave it to him.” Guan Lao Da immediately saw through the youth’s worries, and reassured him with gentle laughter.

“If it’s just like that, then I don’t mind. Gu Uncle, I’m sorry to bother you” Liu Ming set down the worries he was carrying in his heart and agreed to their request.

“Heh heh, this is a small matter. In the days before I became a Practitioner, I once held the title of [The Man with a Hundred Faces]” Gu Lao San boasted with a laugh.

At this, he turned around and from his massive bag pulled out a number of vials, along with some small yet unnaturally sharp blades and gestured for the youth to go over.

After some hesitation, Liu Ming stood up and walked towards him.

After an hour, in front of Liu Ming was a shiny bronze mirrors that cast light upon his facial features.

“The eyebrows are slightly lighter and the hairs that were originally crooked have been fixed, while a silver hair band has been to the forehead, giving off an air of elegance. But the biggest change is still…”

Liu Ming raised both his hands which could originally considered to be a rather healthy pair and discovered that they’d become abnormally white, giving him the appearance of a pampered noble.

“Take this vial of Skin Washer, apply it to your body once every night. I’ll brew a few more bottles for you during our journey and thus in doing so, by the time we reach the Barbarian Ghost Sect, your skin color will remain as such for some time. By the time the color begins to fade, nobody will notice it anyway. Even without using this appearance changing skill for so many years, looks like I’m still pretty good at it.” Gu Lao San remarked delightedly as he held the bronze mirror.

Gua Lao Da gave the youth a look over and gave his look of approval.

The current Liu Ming definitely looked more suave than his previous self. So long as it was not a person who was closely acquainted with the young master of the Bai Clan, the disguise would not be so easily seen through.

Even though Liu Ming had never met the young master before, judging from the satisfied looks on the two mens faces, he knew that the transformation was a success and inwardly heaved a sigh of relief.

Now that he was in deep with these two men, if they were unable to scam their way through, his own life would also be in jeopardy.

“Ah that’s right, you are our master from now on, please refrain from calling us uncle. Just address us as Guan Da or Gu San will be fine, just to prevent any slip ups when we get there” Guan Lao Da remarked.

“I got it” Liu Ming replied with a heavy expression.


One day later, a small yellow vessel could be seen travelling downstream.

On this small boat, while holding onto the rudder with both hands, Gu Lao San occasionally took a glance into the cabin.

Within the cabin, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged under the guidance of Guan Lao Da.

In front of him was a small wooden table upon which the Tiger’s Bite Bracelet was placed.

All of a sudden, Liu Ming let out a low cry and aimed a finger towards the bronze bracelet.


The bracelet trembled slightly, after which it didn’t move again.

Liu Ming frowned at this sight.

“Not bad. To be able to form a reaction between your Yuan Li and the Tiger’s Bite Bracelet within such a short time, seems like you are rather gifted in controlling Practitioner weapons.” The middle aged man standing by the side was rather pleased unlike Liu Ming’s dissatisfaction.

“Didn’t you say I only have 2 months to train?” Liu Ming slowly asked.

“Young master may not know, but the Tiger’s Bite Bracelet is a upper tier Practitioner weapon and by that virtue should not be that easy to control. According to my knowledge, the Bai Clan should have a secret technique specific to the controlling of this Practitioner weapon. Right now I only have normal techniques to pass on to you and thus the effect is greatly lessened. Of course with your talent, 2 months will be more than enough to grasp the basics of manipulating this Practitioner weapon.” Guan Lao Da explained to him.

“Since Guan Da says it is so, then there should be no problem. However, even after understanding the Tiger’s Bite Bracelet, there are still attack and defence techniques to be learnt, and I’m afraid those might take some time as well.” Liu Ming responded.

“Young master need not worry. So long as you can master the art of control and are able to synchronise with the Practitioner weapon to a certain degree, everything else is a small matter of practice and familiarity.” Guan Lao Da replied without hesitation.

“So that’s how it is. Then I’ll spend these few days focusing on my control. That’s right, exactly what kind of a school is the Barbarian Ghost Sect? Guan Da should have at least some knowledge in this area.” Liu Ming suddenly thought of this and asked.

“If Young Master wishes to know about the Barbarian Ghost Sect, this might be a slightly difficult request to accomodate. Although its ranking amongst the Sects in the Kingdom of Xuan is closer to the bottom, if one were to talk merely about secrecy, no other sect can come close the Barbarian Ghost Sect in the way they so jealously guard their secrets.” Guan Lao Da said with an uneasy expression on his face.

“Oh? But why?” Liu Ming was taken aback.

“This is because the Barbarian Ghost is a school that specialises in manipulating demons. I’ve heard that the sect is built in a terrifying place where humans are unable to live and is surrounded by miasma all year round. As for apostles and masters who practice the techniques of this school, all of them have a strong connection with the river styx and can thus summon and subdue demons to use against their foes. But it is because of this that the participants for the Barbarian Ghost Sect awakening ceremony are rather few and most capable practitioners opt instead to join other sects. Of course this is all just hearsay. Anything else regarding the sect and I honestly can’t say for sure anymore.” Guan Lao Da replied after thinking for a long while.

“Manipulation of demons does indeed sound extremely terrifying. However, apart from the Barbarian Ghost Sect, the other sects in the Kingdom of Xuan are…?” Liu Ming asked curiously.

“I’m actually more familiar regarding the other sects. In the Kingdom of Xuan apart from the Barbarian Ghost Sect, there are the Heavenly Moon Sect, the Hall of Blood, the Nine Enlightenment Mountain, and the Firestorm Way. These are the four biggest sects.” Guan Lao Da recited their names by heart.

“Oh, then what techniques do these schools specialize in?” Liu Ming asked excitedly

“Heavenly Moon Sect is a sect that specializes in wielding swords; it’s said that the students under the Sect can wield flying swords that kill hundreds of meters away. The Hall of Blood is…”
At his request, Guan Lao Da starting describing the Sects without witholding any information

Half a month later, a pitch black carriage drawn by four horse was flying down an official road.

Gu Lao San was sitting peacefully in the coachman’s seat without moving.

Within the carriage, Liu Ming was seated cross-legged with his eyes firmly shut and had both hands on his knees while he was breathing lightly in a steady pattern.

As he breathed, the bronze bracelet he wore on his hand vibrated continuously as it followed his breathing patterns.

It was almost as if there was some form of resonance between the two of them.

Guan Lao Da nodded his head as he watched this scene from the opposite side of the carriage.

To be honest, he’d originally thought that the youth’s potential was average at best, but was treated to a surprise with the intensity in which the youth showed in the Yuan Li manipulation exercises performed throughout their journey.

Apart from the time spent sleeping, Liu Ming practically spent every available minute moving Yuan Li throughout his body, searching for a feel of the resonance with his Tiger’s Bite Bracelet.

Even during mealtimes, one could get a glimpse of the bracelet on his hand vibrating and producing light yellow light.

This form of training was extremely dry and boring and required the highest levels of concentration and discipline from the practitioner.

No matter how insistent ordinary Practitioners were, they would be able to keep this up for at most a few hours a day. Any longer than that and it would definitely take a toll on their spirit causing them to be unable to focus and would basically become a sisyphean task.

Unable to contain their curiosity, the two men asked Liu Ming how he accomplished such a feat.

In the end Liu Ming revealed to them his innate ability to split his consciousness, which left them speechless.
TL: To be able to do two things at once

Now they realized how, even without the supervision of a teacher, this youth managed to train himself to attain such an high amount of Yuan Li.


A month later, Guan Lao Da and Gu Lao San were standing atop a knoll, staring attentively into the distance.

Liu Ming was sitting hundreds of feet away from them with his eyes closed, while raising the arm on which the Tiger’s Bite Bracelet was worn.

All of a sudden, he opened his eyes, flicked his wrist slightly, and called out, “Element Shield!”

In an instant, the bracelet made a buzzing noise and gave off a brilliant flash of light, a small round shield appeared and fixed itself to his forearm.

The shield was glowing yellow and was apparently made entirely of Yuan Li.

“Finally! Even though it is the most basic of Yuan Li defence techniques but it is suffice to say you have already mastered the basics of using the Tiger’s Bite Bracelet. Originally I thought it would take the Young Master at least two months to reach this stage, I never expected it to be finished so quickly.” Guan Lao Da let out a sigh of relief, while at the same time being unable to cover up his surprised expression.

“This is also all thanks to the patient efforts of the two of you; me reaching this stage. Now that I have this Practitioner weapon to protect me, I can say to a certain extent that I am less worried about the Opening Spirit ceremony now.” Liu Ming replied cheerfully and with a flick of his wrist, extinguished the shield.

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