Demon's Diary


Demon's Diary Chapter 19

Though Liu Ming thought it was odd, he did not put it to heart. He glanced at the high platform in the distance.

Over there, a group of Spirit Masters were circling a tall youth and seemed like they were talking about something with him. However, due to the large distance, Liu Ming could not hear the contents of the discussion. He could only faintly feel that the atmosphere felt a bit tense over there.

At the same time, on the other circular high platforms, there were also quite a few groups discussing with each other.

“Si Ma Shi Xiong. It looks likes our days in the future won’t be easy. Haha, this year actually has three extremely talented disciples. One with an Aphrodite Body, Nine Spiritual Pulse of the Lightning Attribute, and an Earth Rank Spiritual Pulse that’s only seen once in a hundred years. This batch of disciples are probably far more important to our master’s eyes than us,” A tall and skinny young man who was wearing a long green robe while wielding numerous bone spears on his back, smiled and said towards a man next to him that exuded a chilling aura.

“Hmph. Even if their talent is great, so what? Zhao Shi Xiong, Lan Shi Jie used to have far higher talent than us but where are they now. Although our sect values individual talent, they also push for free competition between disciples and survival of the fittest. Otherwise, the yearly Small Competitions, the Big Competition and Life and Death trial every three years would be a joke. Although these three Shi Dis and Shi Meis have overwhelming talent, they will still need to train for many years before they can threaten us. More so, even if there are people that should worry that their position in the sect, I’m afraid it won’t even be us. Yang Shi Xiong and Qian Shi Jie will have to worry about this even more.” The gloomy man closed his eyes, before replying with a cold smile.

“Haha. That’s true. They always place as the top ten core disciples. Now that we suddenly have so many impressive Shi Dis and Shi Meis, they won’t be able to sit so calmly anymore.” After hearing that, the tall and skinny young man laughed lightly.

At the same time, on the other side of the circular high platform, two girls that were between a group of female Outer Sect Disciples started to discuss the same topic.

“Earth Rank Spiritual Pulse. I truly did not expect it to appear in our sect. Cui Er, looks like you will have a strong foe in the future. Before, in terms of cultivation speed, your Spirit Marrow Body would definitely be at the top. This allowed you to become a High Level Spirit Apostle from a Low Level Spirit Apostle in three years. However, the Earth Rank Spiritual Pulse contains twelve Spiritual Pulse. This allows him to absorb Heaven and Earth Energy several times faster than the average disciple which is probably faster than you by a bit. In addition, when an Earth Rank Spiritual Pulse tries to reach the Spirit Master realm, they have a much easier time compared to a Spirit Marrow Body.” An older woman in yellow said lightly to a fifteen to sixteen old girl in a green dress.

“Is the Earth Spiritual Pulse really that amazing? I still can’t believe that with my Spirit Marrow Body, I still can’t compare to his cultivation speed. If it comes to it, I’ll just play less in the future and focus more time training.” The pig-tailed girl stuck her tongue out, revealing a very cute face.

“I knew you weren’t putting in your full focus in training! From now on, you will live with me. I will personally supervise your training.” A blue dressed girl said happily while revealing a beautiful smile.

“Qian Shi Jie, please don’t….” The green dressed young girl’s face instantly turned miserable.

When the Outer Sect girls saw this, and couldn’t help but smile secretly.

“So how do all of you view our new Earth Spiritual Pulse Shi Di?” A large man dressed in a tight suit moved his gaze from the high platform to the companions next to him.

Standing next to him were actually Spirit Apostles that were quite old, around thirty to forty years old. There was even an elder that had fistfuls of white hair.

“Wu Shi Xiong’s question is a bit strange. We have already passed the age to fight for a Core Disciple position. The hope to become Spirit Master to us is basically nonexistent. Even if this tiny Shi Di has amazing talent, it doesn’t have anything to do with us.” Another dark skin large man around the age of thirty asked back in curiosity.

“That might not be certain. Feng Shi Xiong, how do you see it?” The big man dressed in the tight suit turned around to asked the elder with white hair.

“Wu Shi Di, if you have something to say then say it directly. We have known each other for quite a while now; there’s no need for all these twist and turns.” The white haired old man replied expressionlessly.

When the others heard this, they also revealed questioning gazes.

“Haha. Since Shi Xiong said it, then I will be frank. I’m planning to lead us to go and submit to that kid: our “Gao Shi Di.” The vigorous man said with a laugh and did not hide anything anymore.

“What? Submit to that kid that just became a Spirit Apostle?” Immediately, there was someone that couldn’t control his voice.

“Right. Don’t any of you know that because we are too old to compete for a core disciple position, the resources we get from the sect is many times lower than before. Normally we can only risk our lives to accomplish missions in order to gather Contribution Points to continue training. Under this kind of situation, do you think we have a chance to aim for Spirit Master? According to what I know, everybody over thirty years old that becomes a Spirit Master use an enormous amount of resources. In addition, they rely on the help of other Spirit Masters and good luck in order to barely enter the Spirit Master realm.” The vigorous man said slowly.

“Oh. Wu Shi Di means that we should bet on the fact that the Earth Spiritual Pulse kid will definitely become a Spirit Master. And if we go submit to him now, then later on he may help us out when he becomes a Spirit Master.” The gray haired old man eyes opened, as he understood what the vigorous man meant.

“Feng Shi Xiong is right, that is what I meant. The sect has strict rules and us older disciples cannot compete with the new disciples. Still, rules are dead and people are alive. If it’s just a bit of indirect help, our little Shi Di shouldn’t refuse. Also, this type of stuff have been done before.” The vigorous man replied with confidence.

“Yes, this is definitely a way.” As everyone understood what the big man meant, they couldn’t help but grow interested.

Looking at the situation now, relying only on their own strength to break into the Spirit Master realm was definitely impossible. But if it was with the help of another Spirit Master, then a shred of hope would appear.

“You all can do that but I will not participate.” The gray haired old man was quiet for a while, before saying while shaking his head.

“Feng Shi Xiong, why not?” Wu Shi Di was very surprised.

“All of you Shi Dis can still considered young. As for me, after battling with a Thousand Foot Ghost once, I sacrificed over half of my life force to cast a forbidden technique. Even my appearance has turned this old. Even if a Spirit Master helps, there is still no chance of becoming a Spirit Master for me. So, a few days ago I already applied at the Duty Hall to leave the sect and establish my own clan. Haha, even if I cannot become a Spirit Master, I still cannot let my own bloodline disappear.” The gray haired old man gave a wry smile and explained.

As others heard this, their expression grew dim.

In a hidden room within a mountain in the Barbarian Ghost Sect, a person had his eyes closed while sitting in an area filled with black air.

Suddenly, the one of the secret holes in the room opened and a piece of paper quickly flew in.

“Those guys. Didn’t I say to not disrupt my cultivation unless there was something important?” The dark shadow saw the scene and grew frustrated. However, with a move of his hand, the piece of paper fell upon his palm. He lowered his head and gave it a quick glance.

“What? This year not only had the Jia Lan girl’s Aphrodite Body but also a Nine Spiritual Pulse with an Lightning Attribute? Even the legendary Earth Rank Spiritual Pulse appeared! Haha! This is amazing. I, Yang, was just thinking that the sect’s big competition was getting boring. But it looks like the I can look forward to the upcoming years.” After the dark shadow saw the paper, he was no longer angry and instead laughed out in happiness.

The laughter shook the entire room. The dark air also started to shake violently and spread out. Faintly, an enormous skeleton tens of feet tall could be seen standing behind the dark shadow.

Liu Ming gave a calm look outside the formation. As the Clan Practitioners saw that Liu Ming and many others were able to become Spirit Apostles, they grew excited and the third batch quickly assembled.

And as the people on the high platform finally finished what they were saying, Lei Spirit master, Gui Scholar and other Spirit Masters also flew back with a gloomy expression.

After that moment, the buzzing sound of the formation rung and the Opening Spirit Ceremony started once more.

Half a day later, as the daylight grew dim, the last surviving batch of the Clan Practitioners walked numbly out of the formation.

Out of the eight remaining batches of Clan Practitioners, only six people successfully awakened their Spirit Seas. In addition, most of them were on the level of Liu Ming with three Spiritual Pulses.

From the other two Loose Practitioners, only the red haired youth was able to become a Spirit Apostle.

But the Spirit Masters present didn’t pay much attention and hurriedly announced the end of the Opening Spirit ceremony. Besides one of them staying behind, the rest of them flew back to the high platform once more. Obviously when they were speaking with Gao Chong earlier, there were no results.

The remaining Spirit Master slowly landed in front of the group of Spirit Apostles. As the light dispersed from his body and showed his appearance, it was surprisingly a woman in her forties. She wore rough clothing and had an ordinary appearance but her gaze was abnormally cold.

“I am your Li Shi Shu. Follow me. You will first arrive and wait in the Ancestral Halls and the Sect Leader will arrive there shortly.” The lady said this and performed a technique with one hand. Opening her mouth once more, she blew out rich dark air.

The dark air scattered in four directions before turning into black cloud the size of an acre. It floated quietly, as if it was flat ground.

The lady walked up the black cloud without a single word. As the disciples saw this, they also hurriedly rushed on.

Liu Ming stood on the black cloud and looked at the headless corpses in the formation that still hadn’t been cleaned up before the dark cloud rose up, carrying tens of new Spirit Apostles toward a faraway mountain peak.

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