Demon's Diary


Demon's Diary Chapter 18

At this time, all the Spirit Masters including the Barbarian Ghost Sect leader stared unblinkingly at the tall youth drifting down from the air. Nobody would split their focus on the other Pracittioners.

With a puff sound, the twelfth light ring formed onto Gao Chong’s body. He opened both his eyes and involuntarily raised his head to roar.

The roar was deep and long. After dozens of breaths, he finally started to calm down.
TL: Breaths is an ancient measurement of time, about 3-4 seconds

“Ah, I, this…” Gao Chong found himself in midair and his startled body immediately started to sink and fall back toward the ground.

“Child, do not be afraid!”

At this time, an ancient old voice rang next to Gao Chong’s ear.

The youth, under the support of an enormous power, stopped steadily in midair. Following that, a silhouette shook and a blond old man appeared in a hemp garment. His face was filled with a smile while he scanned up and down without stop.

The voice just now was the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader. Unknowingly, he had revealed his true face at some point.

Almost at the same time, the wind started to pick up at the side. Lei Spirit Master, Lin Shi Mei, Chu Shi Di, and several other Spirit Masters appeared at the same time but after seeing the Sect Leader getting there first, they couldn’t help but look at each other.

“Sect Leader Shi Xiong, this kid is…” Chu Shi Di hesitated for a bit and wanted to say something.

“You all don’t have to say anything. The Spirit Opening Ceremony has not been finished yet. Wait until all the Practitioner awaken, then we can talk about this kid. First return to protecting the formation, otherwise the consequences of our sect rules awaits.” The Sect leader waved his hands and said harshly in an uncompromising manner.

The others looked at each other for a bit. Although they were unwilling, under the Sect Leader’s valid words, they can only say “Yes” and return to their original positions.

But over half of them still stared at Gao Chong without stop.

And when Gao Chong understood the old man in front of him was the Barbarian Ghost Sect leader, he frantically started to bow and pay his respects.

“No need to be too ceremonious. You already formed an Earth Spiritual Pulse. The formation here and the Spirit Rain won’t have too much of an effect for you. Follow me over there, I want to ask you a few questions.” The Sect leader stopped the teenager’s kneeling with one hand and said in a strangely warm manner.

Although Gao Chong still didn’t fully understand yet, he naturally couldn’t decline under such shocking treatment.

The old man then grabbed the youth’s forearm, and flew directly back to the high platform.

Lin Shi Mei saw this and followed along without saying another word.

The only ones remaining were Chu Shi Di and his group of Spirit Masters who could only curse silently in their heart.

And at the top of the formation, the Gui Spirit Master, who had been chanting without stop, grew very frantic watching the situation.

According to the agreement, the Loose Practitioners would belong to their Nine Infants Faction. But the actions of the Sect Leader obviously showed that he wished to go back on the agreement.

This made him anxious, and he could only wish that the ceremony would immediately end. That way, he could follow the Sect Leader and question him.

And it was not only him who had such thoughts. The rest of the Spirit Masters almost wished the Practitioners within the formation just quickly all died, so that they did not have to waste anymore time for them.

It should be known, every moment they spend here is a moment more for the Sect Leader to pull that “Earth Rank Spiritual Pulse” youth into his faction.

This type of Twelve Spiritual Pulse talent is something that occurs only once in a hundred years in Da Xuan. The last time the Barbarian Ghost Sect received talent of this level was at least several hundred years ago.

And for talent above Earth Rank Spiritual Pulse, the Fifteen Spiritual Pulse “Heaven Rank Spiritual Pulse” had never been seen before in the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

Only the top sect in Da Xuan, Heaven’s Moon Sect, had had this type of talent a thousand years ago.

This disciple helped lay the foundation for the Heaven’s Moon Sect to have power over the rest of the other sects for the next thousand years.

An Earth Rank Spiritual Pulse could not be compared to an Heaven Rank Spiritual Pulse. Still, as long as Gao Chong matured, it was very possible that Barbarian Ghost Sect would rise in power and strength.

With such terms, all the Spirit Masters including Chu Shi Di of each faction would naturally would use their utmost efforts to try to take this Earth Rank Spiritual Pulse disciple into their faction. This could easily allow their faction to become the number one power within the Sect.

As time went on, even though there was not much time till the end of the ceremony, many Clan Practitioners died painfully deaths. For a while, no one was able to awaken successfully.

Gui Ru Shen, Chu Shi Di and the others did not take this to heart at all and their gaze swept across the high platform.

What they saw on the platform was the Sect leader saying indiscernible words Gao Chong who kept nodding his head like a chicken eating rice.

Seeing this, Chu Shi Di and all the Spirit Masters in the formation grew pale.
At this time, a cry came out of the formation. The white light around Liu Ming flashed and started to form white lines. As the lines appeared, the formation began to dance wildly while the air around started to make a buzzing sound.

With such large movement, some Spirit Masters finally noticed and turned their gaze over.

Seeing this strange scene, they had hope in their hearts that another good talent appeared.

But in contrast to what the Spirit Masters expected, there were only three light rays around Liu Ming’s body when the white light stopped and disappeared. He was actually only a Three Spiritual Pulse.

Chu Shi Di and Lei Spirit Master saw this and felt disappointed. Immediately, they no longer bothered looking at Liu Ming and changed their gaze back to the high platform.

Gui Scholar’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled before shaking his head as he no longer gave any attention to Liu Ming.

But at this moment, Liu Ming showed a very happy expression.

At this time, the silver light ball circled around his body nonstop. After a deep breath, Liu Ming shivered, it felt like every hair on his body started to absorb a cool stream from the outside world.

Although he only formed Three Spiritual Pulses, he had awakened his spirit sea. Thus, he was definitely a Spiritual Apostle.

In reality, if not for the fact that during the last crucial moment, Liu Ming split his immense mental energy in two – one half to guide the energy into his dantian and the other half to weave the energy inside his dantian to force it to form a circle. If he didn’t do such a thing, it would have been a completely different story on whether or not he would have been able to awaken his spirit sea.

This feat was due to him mastering Yuan Li Manipulation and having a strong conscious that could be split into two. If it was another disciple, there was no way they could have accomplished this.

While Liu Ming was still immersed in his immense happiness, the endless mantra finally stopped. Then a silhouette appeared and Lei Spirit Master blurrily appeared at the top of the formation. He announced without any expression, “Time is up. The Practitioners that were not able to awaken their spirit seas will all need to leave. There will be people that will take you away from this field. As for the Disciples that successfully awakened their spirit sea, please rest to the side for a bit. Later, we will go together to the Ancestral Halls. ”

As the voice fell, the formation came to a stop with a buzz.

Chu Shi Di and the other Spirit Masters did not say anything and immediately shot toward the high platform.

When the Lei Spirit Master saw them, he rolled his eyes and after saying a few more words, he also flew along.

Liu Min saw this occurrence and looked at the high platforms intently. Afterwards, he walked out of the formation but stopped when he saw a dazed girl.

This girl was Mu Ming Zhu.

The girl did not die during the ceremony but also failed to awaken her Spirit Sea. With her arrogant personality, the disappointment in her heart could be imagined.

But at this time, a young female Spirit Apostle within the formation that looked similar to Mu MingZhu walked over and hugged the girl and started consoling her softly.

The young girl in purple could not hold back the pain in her heart and cried out loud.

In the end, the girl was only eleven to twelve years old. Receiving this large of a shock, it was impossible for her to control her emotions any longer.

Liu Ming shook his head and started to walk away from the two girls.

But at this time, the pretty young woman suddenly called out and asked with a smile, “You are Young Master Bai, right? I, Mu YunXian, saw your father several times. Your successful awakening is something to celebrate. If you’d like, why don’t you find a chance to visit me? I can introduce several of my good friends to you.”

“So you are an acquaintance of father. Once I manage to have some free time, I will definitely come over for a visit.” Liu Ming’s quickly turned and connected his hands in a polite reply.

“Haha. Then I will wait patiently for you. Oh yes, now that you have become a Spirit Apostle, we will be fellow disciples under the same sect. You do not need to be overly polite. If you don’t mind, you can call me Sister Yun.” Mu Yun Xian smiled sweetly, with her eyebrows showing a hint of seduction.

Liu Ming acted as if he did not see it and left after a few words.

“Aunt Yun. This Bai Clan kid is only a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple. There’s no way he will become a Spirit Master. Is he even worth roping in?” Mu MingZhu asked quietly while her eyes were still red. She finally stopped crying when she heard their conversation.

“Ming Zhu, what would you know. It is not that easy to become a Spirit Master; uur sect has over a thousand Spirit Apostles but less than 30 Spirit Masters. From that, you can see how hard to accomplish. Even the Nine Spiritual Pulses, they simply train a little faster than Six Spiritual Pulses like mine. Their chances of becoming a Spirit Master is only higher by one or two percent. Moreover, to keep a foothold in the sect is not an easy thing. If that kid can add a shred of strength to my circle, it would be worth it to rope him in; there are no disadvantages.” Mu YunXian shook her head and said in a voice that almost could not be heard.

“Aunt Yun, is your position in the sect not too good? Do I need to…”

“Relax. You don’t need to worry about me. Although you did not become a Spirit Apostle, as long as I am here, you won’t have to experience too many grievances. This isn’t a place to speak too much; go down first. About the situation in the Sect and the different taboos, I will find another chance to let you know in detail.” The young aunt cut off the young girl’s words, and said solemnly.

Mu MingZhu felt her heart tremble and naturally nodded her head before following her aunt out of the formation.

At this time, Liu Ming already arrived in the midst of the Barbarian Ghost Sect Disciples that successfully awakened their Spirit Sea. Then he casually sat next to a delicate and sweet looking young girl.

The young girl turned her head and looked carefully at his face. A strange look flashed in her eyes but her face quickly grew emotionless as she turned back around.

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