Demon's Diary


Demon's Diary Chapter 155

Chapter 155 – Dragon Scale Armor

He knew very clearly himself that although his Fa Li was much more pure that an average disciple’s, according to the fact that he was a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple who cultivated this Dark Bone Method of unknown origin, perhaps he did not have too big of a chance in successfully breaking through to a Spirit Master.

However, according to the areas his teacher had told him in the end to be aware of for breaking through to Spirit Master, one of the areas mentioned was that every time there was a failure in breaking through, the Spirit Sea would be heavily injured. Even if one could have more Pure Aura Qi, he would not have the chance to attempt to break through again in seven or eight years.

With this, he became even more hesitant at heart.

After all, according to the few methods that could increase the chance of breaking through to Spirit Master from what Spirit Master Zhong had said, he could not be counted as especially prepared.

Even if he really could break through in his first try with luck, the Yinwu Pure Aura Qi provided by the sect was just too ordinary and if he really had used it to form Cultivation Qi, it would definitely greatly affect his future strength.

However, on the other had, he had greatly offended Gao Chong, who was an Earth Spirit Pulse Disciple. If Gao Chong became a Spirit Master especially early then perhaps his future days at the Barbarian Ghost Sect would be too good.

For official matters, Gui Ruquan, Spirit Master Zhong and the other people would definitely shelter him but Gao Chong only needed to do some actions secretly and that would be enough to cause Liu Ming to find it extremely difficult to cope.

However, if Liu Ming tried to tackle becoming a Spirit Master too hastily, once he failed, his situation would be much worse than right now.

Liu Ming played with the thing in his hand as he quickly thought of everything and carefully weighed the consequences.

If he had enough time, he could definitely prepare one or two more portions of Pure Aura Qi. Then, he could use much of his wealth to buy a couple of pills that help break bottlenecks. Or, he could risk it and wait a couple of years for the mysterious bubble to purify his Fa Li by a lot again.

With the fact that he had Fa Li that was much more than a normal Peak Spirit Apostle, he could probably withstand the extraction from the mysterious bubble. Then with another Fa Li purification, the purity of his Fa Li could jump up. It could at least make the success of his breakthrough rise by at least ten to twenty percent. With a couple years, he had enough time to find other and more suitable Pure Aura Qi.

If Gao Chong became a Spirit Master first, Liu Ming could be able to take a patrol or guard mission that took a couple of years and gave him a chance to leave the sect.

Missions like these were quite simple but gave an incredible amount of Contribution Points. The only trouble was that during the timer period that Liu Ming was away from the sect, the resources that he would have access to and the Yuan Qi needed to train would be incomparable to when he was in the sect. This would greatly affect his cultivation. Thus, those disciples that wanted to become a Spirit Master under the age of thirty were not willing to take such missions.

However, this all was not a factor for Liu Ming.

His Fa Li was already at the peak Spirit Apostle level and he didn’t need to cultivate again to increase his Fa Li. Thus, no more how bad the cultivation environment was, he didn’t need to care.

Instead, he could use this time to slowly purify the Fa Li in his body. Then, when the mysterious bubble exploded, the purity of the Fa Li would be at a purity that was impossible to believe. From there, breaking through to the Spirit Master would be much more probable.

Liu Ming thought left and right and finally came out with that solution. With a gnash of his teeth, he decided to pursue it.

“If I really have a couple of years, perhaps I can go look at that secret. With my current ability, although it wouldn’t be without worries, it should be more than enough to explore that place while staying alive. In addition, its time for me to end the business with Bai Clan and Uncle Qian….” Liu Ming muttered to himself as a flash of cold light appeared on his face.

With Liu Ming’s status as someone who just made a large contribution to the sect, his act of impersonating the Bai Clan person would not be punished too hard. However, he couldn’t delay in confessing to his crime since once time went on, his contribution to the sect would also be forgotten.

After Liu Ming closely thought about his plan, he felt that there were no problems. With that, he let out a light breath and suddenly patted a protruding spot on his arm.

“Pu!” A wound opened up and from within came a milky white mini conch.

It was the Sumeru Conch.

Liu Ming took the object and placed it at the center of his palm to look at it closely. Suddenly, he smiled and said to himself:

“Sumeru Conch. I never knew that this would actually be a treasure of the Sea Race. I wonder how it went to the hands of that Scarlet Dragon. Whatever, no matter what happens, it has profited me.

Liu Ming had investigated the origins of the object by flipping through many ancient records and finally understood the origins of this object. With that, he was naturally overjoyed.

Next, Liu Ming took out a Glyph from his body and with a wave, it turned into a thin white light barrier that covered everything within a dozen feet from Liu ming.

Then, Liu Ming made a technique and expanded the Sumeru Conch. With a flash of the silver inscriptions on the conch and a white light, a jade box and the well-preserved dragon shell that was a couple feet long began floating in front of Liu Ming!

With a wave of his hand, the jade box shakily landed in the hands of Liu Ming.

Liu Ming then opened the lid of the jade box to show a light gold piece of dirt, it was the gold Resting Dirt that he had found.

and carefully examined it. Then, he put it back as if the had thought of something.

Liu Ming then carefully took out the dirt from the jade box and after a close examination, he seemed to have thought of something as he put it back.

The gold Resting Dirt was worth more than a couple hundred thousand Spirit Stones. It could have been said that the worth of this object was only second to the Scarlet Dragon shell.

However, Liu Ming did not know what to do with it.

After all, if such a treasure was sold with through some regular market or store, it would naturally be impossible.

He did hear someone say that there would be some markets that did some auctions periodically and normally, these auctions had good reputations and would not inquire about the identity of the seller. If Liu Ming really wanted to exchange the Resting Dirt for Spirit Stones, this was definitely not a bad choice.

In addition, if there was no way else, Liu Ming could think of taking this object to the rumored Sea Race Market. If he was lucky, he would be able to exchange it for something that he needed.

Liu Ming thought like this and the Sumeru Conch flashed in white light as it once again stored the jade box. Liu Ming then turned his gaze to the Scarlet Dragon shell.

With a grab of his hand, the shell lightly flew over and landed in his hands.

Liu Ming’s finger started to move and slowly slid across the shell. With this, he clearly felt the toughness within each scale.

In terms of value, the gold Resting Dirt was chump change compared to the shell.

A complete Crystal Level Serpent Dragon shell; it could be said that there wouldn’t be a second one of these in the entire Yun Chuan Continent.

What was unfortunate was that this could not see the light of the day. If this shell was auctioned off here or even sold at the Sea Race’s Market, the Barbarian Ghost Sect along with the other large Sects of the country would all suspect every one of the disciples that participated in the Secret Realm. In addition, they would be furious and immediately start searching for answers.

With this, when the Crystal Level Cultivators decided to use some techniques that could draw one’s soul out, he could not guarantee that he could still keep the secret.

As for the Crystal Level Cultivators, although the Scarlet Dragon Shell was quite precious, what they looked more closely at was the Essence Blood of the dragon that could help them increase their Fa Li and break through bottlenecks. However, Liu Ming had no such things and once the cultivators found out that Liu Ming had the shell, they would definitely think that Liu Ming had other parts of the dragon. At that time, he would be stuck between a rock and a hard place without being able to explain anything.

Liu Ming thought of these possibilities and even though he was quite strong willed, his heart could not help but feel a chill. For every day that he did not have the power to contend with the Crystal Level monsters, he could not take the shell out to show anyone.

In addition, the Scarlet Dragon shell was an incredible treasure; even without special refining, the defense that came with it was almost unreal. Normal Spirit Masters couldn’t even pierce through it.

If Liu Ming didn’t take advantage of having such a great treasure, it would be a big regret.

Liu Ming thought about it some more and kept looking over the dragon shell in his hands. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he stared at the individual small scales that were sparkling red.

Although he couldn’t take out the entire dragon shell, he could definitely take advantage of the scales.

Without hesitation, Liu Ming twisted his wrist and the Cyan Moon Sword appeared. Immediately, he flicked it at one of the scales on the shell.


A scale that was the size of a grain jumped off of the shell and the moment it came off, red light flashed as the scale expanded to the size ten times large and was now the size of a thumbnail.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming became excited. With flashes of his short sword, he flicked off more than thirty scales from the shell before stopping.

Then, Liu Ming took one of the scarlet scales and with a light flick of his finger, the sword in his hand sliced down at the scale.


With a flash of cold light, the Cyan Moon Sword actually bounced off of the scale and was not able to cut it open at all.

Liu Ming became much more excited with this discovery.

Liu Ming then put away the short sword and took off his clothes. Then, he took off the Glyph armor that had already served its use and was no longer useful. Then, he measured the scale at his chest and placed it onto his skin. With that, he furrowed his brows, obviously not too comfortable.

However, Liu Ming obviously disregarded this. Thinking, he stood back up again and started searching through the wood chest that was in the corner of the room. He actually found an incredibly soft hide of an unknown animal.

Liu Ming placed the hide over him and sticked the scale on the hide. After shaking around somewhat, he showed a satisfied expression.

Liu Ming then found a thin animal tendon from the chest and took out the green short sword again. He then started slashing at the hide with great proficiency.