Demon's Diary


Demon's Diary Chapter 14

“Since Lin Shi Di has said it like this, then I will say them. I believe that although the various Shi Dis here love talent, they wouldn’t lose face and fight for the Clan Descendant members with us, the Nine Infants.” After hesitating, the scholar said with a sarcastic tone.

Once these words left the scholar’s mouth, the members from the other factions felt great embarrassment.

Even though the Nine Infants Faction was much weaker than the other factions, to hear it put so bluntly made everyone feel ashamed.

“Relax Jia Shi Di. Take your pick, and if anyone decides to challenge your right to do so, I will take care of it. No matter the talent that comes out of the Clan Descendant members, your sect will have priority in choosing.” The Barbarian Ghost Ghost Sect Leader acknowledged the difficulties faced by the Nine Infant Sect Members and said solemnly.

“Thank you, Sect Leader Shi Xiong!” Hearing that, the scholar smiled and thanked the Sect Leader.

Naturally, the others had nothing to say.

“To be honest, of the Clan Descendant members, there are only a few of decent talent. It’s still uncertain if they will pass the Opening Spirit Ceremony. Of them, Zhu Shi Di and I have already made contact with the three Loose Practitioners. From our estimates, the member called Gao Chong has a quite high chance of having a Nine Spiritual Pulse. Another member called Yu Cheng has some sort of innate talent in his eyes and can practice the Ghost Dove Techniques from our faction. There’s some hope of him being able to master the unmastered Dove Eye Technique. As for the last loose practitioner, he has very ordinary training talent, but he has eaten a Rotting Poison Spirit Grass, and now his Yuan Li has a Rotting Poison attribute. If he can pass the Opening Ceremony, there may be other surprises. As for the others, we’ve also made contact with a few clan members. However, only Lei Zhen is worth paying attention to. He will probably have a Nine Spiritual Pulse and probably have some of that bloodline power of the Lei Clan.”

Once the scholar revealed his thoughts, the other faction members all showed signs of greed, but with the words from the Sect Leader, they could only stay quiet.

“Jia Shi Xiong, Lei Zhen is my nephew, so I plan to personally train him.” A shadow that had been silent up until now finally spoke with a low voice.

“I guessed that you would say something of that nature, so I only observed him without making contact.” The Scholar didn’t show any emotions except slight disappointment.

“Thank you for your understanding!”Lei Shi Di said with an hint of apology.

“So Jia Shi Di would like to use your faction’s three spots on the three Loose Practitioners?” Chu Shi Di couldn’t help but speak up.

“Yes. What? Does Shi Di want to trade your faction’s pick of sect-trained members for these spots?” The scholar replied with a smile.

“Haha, since Shi Xiong has put his sights on them, as your Shi Di, I won’t be forcing them away.” Chu Shi Di yawned and quickly gave up.

Even though Gao Chong and the other two Loose Practitioners were quite talented, they were obviously less important than the sect-trained members.

“Okay. If these three Loose Practitioners pass the Opening Spirit Ceremony, they will be under the Nine Infant Faction. I wish for the Nine Infant Faction to recover its lost fame, and with our eight factions together, our Barbarian Ghost Sect can become even stronger!” Seeing this, the Barbarian Ghost Sect leader said slowly.

Hearing this, some faction leaders nodded while other didn’t move.

The Sect Leader’s brow furrowed upon seeing such a sight, but as he was about to say something, a Spiritual Apostle flew over with a grey cloud.

“Sect Leader, the Spirit Converging Stage has been finished. It can be activated at any time.”

“Since it is done, activate it.” The Sect leader replied without hesitation.

“Yes, Sect Leader!” The Sect Member bowed and flew back to where he came from.


At the same time, Liu Ming was surrounded by youths from influential clans, staring at a girl in the file of the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s own practitioners.

Actually, it wasn’t only him. There were countless gazes that were going there.

There were even Sect Practitioners that were sneaking gazes towards her.

This was because the girl was just too pretty.

Even though she only looked to be about thirteen or fourteen, she had snow-like skin and a delicate face. Jet black hair went past her shoulders, and there was an alluring glint in her eyes. Every move she made would make one’s heart beat faster.

The young girl seemed to be accustomed to being watched by many people: she retained her smile without showing any embarrassment.

Liu Ming watched the girl for a while before suddenly realizing and biting his tongue to force his view away from her face. At the same time, he whimpered in his heart – scary!

Was this the legendary Aphrodite Body!? At such a young age, the girl was already luring people in; imagine the power she would have if she was a bit older.

What made Liu Ming more scared was that the girl had been in the line for a long time but no one noticed her before. How was it that it was only after a while that he realized that such a pretty girl was there?

In addition, Liu Ming felt a cold sweat when he realized that even the girls had a hint of love in their gazes towards the pretty young girl.

This girl was definitely strange; it would be better to be farther from this girl – Liu Ming quickly made a decision.

However, other people didn’t have as strong of convictions as Liu Ming, and their sneaky gazes turned to outright stares after realizing that the girl in question didn’t care.

After some time, the young girl furrowed her brow and looked towards the youths from the Practitioner Clans.

The youths that met her gaze all lowered their heads with their cheeks flushed, but there were a few, like Lei Zhen, who returned her gaze boldly.

When the young girl’s gaze passed over Liu Ming and found that he wasn’t looking at her like the others were and was instead looking at the Spirit Convergence Stage, she was slightly stunned but did not dwell on it.


A milk-white beam shot out from the silver diagram and converged towards the sky.

The clear crystals and silver lines embedded in stage also lit up, while the entire stage rumbled softly.

At almost the same time, Liu Ming felt the air around him stiffen with something extra in it.

After hesitating slightly, he took a deep breath and felt a refreshing sense wash over him.

With such a drastic event, the youths who were still lost in the young girl’s charm woke up and showed surprised expressions as they looked to the stage.

In addition, on the high platform, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader ordered after seeing the stage successfully activated.

“Lei Shi Di, as discussed before, you will hosting this ceremony with the other Shi Dis helping. The Opening Spirit Ceremony is a large event for our sect and can not be treated carelessly.”

“Yes.” Hearing that, the others on the platform bowed.

The youths waiting suddenly saw a couple of shadows fly up from the high platform and speed towards the stage.

The youths from influential clans were all stunned by this sight while the Barbarian Ghost Practitioners kneeled down on one leg and shouted:

“Greetings to our Shi Shus!”
TL: Shi Shu is a Shi Di/Shi Xiong of one’s Shi Fu(master/teacher)

“Stand. In a while, we will split you guys into files of a hundred to enter the Spirit Convergence Stage. In it, you’re life will be in jeopardy but if you open your Spiritual Sea, you will no longer be a mortal! I’ll ask you one more time, is there anyone who would like to forgo this chance?” A shadow who was Lei Shi Di spoke softly and slowly.

Hearing this, neither Barbarian Ghost Practitioners or youths from influential families spoke up – no one was dumb enough to let so many resources go to waste.

“Good, very good!” Lei Shi Di said two goods and nothing else.

Liu Ming was hidden within the crowd and curiously looking at the Shi Shus in the air.

However, he couldn’t see the real faces of these people because of the layer of light that surrounded them.

However, when he looked back towards the Barbarian Ghost Practitioners, he realized that the pretty girl who was drawing everyone’s attention had disappeared. In fact, he could barely remember where that girl was last standing!

Even though Liu Ming could be considered to be quite brave, he still felt a tinge down his back, much like seeing a ghost in broad daylight.’

The crowd that Liu Ming was in also seemed to have realized that they couldn’t find the girl anymore. With the realization came a decent sized commotion while many had a look of disbelief on their faces.

On the high platform, when the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader saw this and looked towards a slightly pretty girl, he smiled at Lin Shi Mei who didn’t fly up and host the ceremony.

“Jia Lan’s Aphrodite Body is truly amazing. It has quite a large effect even before she opened her Spiritual Sea, I think she will be quite impressive when she becomes a Spiritual Apostle.”

“Hmph, if not for that, why would I fight with Chu Shi Xiong over her. Unfortunately, even though this Spiritual Body is quite rare, the owner of the body has many more obstacles in training and the Aphrodite Body isn’t very useful again those that are of a higher level then the owner.” Lin Shi Mei bragged proudly before starting to list out the inadequacies of that Spiritual Body.

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