Demon Hunter


Demon Hunter Volume 1 Volume 1 Chapter 3

"Genes decide everything." This was the first famous quote of Doctor Maksim Rochester.

60 years ago, at the end of the Old Era, Dr. Maksim Rochester was an expert in genetic and biology. He treated himself with the same zeal and madness he spent on science. Because he couldn't find enough volunteers, or in other word - test subjects, for his genetic researches, he used himself as the subject.

In a 10-year period, innumerable gene fragments were implanted in his body. These genes acted together, mixed with each other, and mutated. Later, Dr. Rochester’s body had become a gene battlefield; countless genes were fighting each other and mutating at the same times. They tried to destroy or control their own opponents. As the gene carrier, Dr. Rochester's body carried hundreds of deadly viruses.

According to Fawcett, daughter of Dr. Rochester, from the perspective of genes, in his later years Dr. Rochester couldn't longer be considered a human being

Dr. Rochester also had that same thought. In his later years, he didn't considered himself as a human, but Apostle of the God; especially after a series of reorganization, his genes finally formed a mysterious, stable, and brand new genome.

At this time, Doctor's left hand could condense an extraordinary high temperature, which was high enough to burn alcohol. This was the temperature that a normal body couldn't endure, but Doctor's left hand didn't have any wounds.

"This is the Left hand of God!" Dr. Rochester was staring at his left hand while he spoke his second famous quote.

One year after, the Control Temperature ability of Doctor became more stable, and the temperature of it also improved continuously. Dr. Rochester recorded his experience in this ability, as well as the initial stable genomics model. This record was divided into three parts; two of them was stored, while the last one was used in his speech to declare his achievement to the world.

At the same day of Dr. Rochester's speech, the World War broke out without any warning.

The high-temperature flame and shock wave instantly destroyed everything, even Dr. Rochester, who recently stated that he got the body of the God. However, his brief but shocking speech was delivered to every corners of the world through radio.

The short war ended as abruptly as its arrival.

The survival people began to come out from various shelters and ruins, and looked thrillingly at a completely different world. Some of them still remembered the speech of Dr. Rochester, and they even found the safe which Dr. Rochester left. That safe, which was created from the highest prewar technologies, was in one piece, and the data inside was still intact.

The data they found inside that safe was the prototype of Level 1 Ability in Magical Domain today: The Flame.

Every Abilities of human was born since that day.

Ten year after, in this Turbulent Era, Abilities appeared like mutated insects burst out from their nests. Among these Abilities, some of them were very stable, some had very short effect, and some even brought deadly effect to the user. Moreover, human discovered that Abilities also appeared on people who was surviving on the wilderness and in the ruins. Their bodies, which was exposing continuously under deadly radiation, created various Abilities without artificial genetic recombination.

After classification, aggregation, systematization and a series of quarrels, all of the well-defined and having stable effect Abilities were categorized into five main Abilities Domain: Magical, Fighting, Perception, Psionic and Occultism.

Magical Domain contained every energy manipulation abilities. It was named "Magical" to commemorate Dr. Rochester, who was a fantasy paranoid. Combat, attack, defense and mobility Abilities was grouped in to Fighting Domain. Perception Domain, similar to it name, was the group of detection abilities. These ability could work in current 3-D world or even unknown worlds. Psionic Domain was a summary of control Abilities. The most common Abilities in this Domain was the ability to control weapons, from the most basic Non-firearms Operation, to intermediate ones like Normal Firearms Manipulation and Sniper Specialization, and advanced ones like Complex Weapons System Control.

The last one was Occultism, a really complex and kind of useless Domain. Actually, it was a bunch of unclear abilities which couldn't be classified. The central of Occultism was "Luck", and there was tons of "Luck"-related ability in that Domain. However, the people who spent a lot of evolution point in Occultism usually didn't have extraordinary luck in their imagination. They didn't find rare mineral mine, they didn't have extravagant wealth or superhuman abilities fall into their lap. In fact, there was one person found a gemstone mine, but he was chopped into a pool of meat by greedy mobs. As a result, fewer and fewer people wanted to focus on Occultism.

Of course, the border between these Domains wasn't so clear or possible to bypass. Along with the time, more and more Abilities was discovered, and many new-found Abilities couldn't be classified into one specific Domain. Moreover, many Abilities were built up from the combination of Abilities from different Domains.

Dr. Rochester, once was the madman, had been known has "Father of Abilities Domain." He used his "Left hand of God" to open a door, so humanity could increase their possibility of survival and continuation in this harsh world. However, up to now, no one knew that what was behind that door. Was it Heaven, or Hell?

When the survival people woke up from the aurora of Abilities, they horribly found out that everything this world was stable anymore, even the genomes of every species.

Every species on the world, even human, evolved rapidly. The evolution and mutation progress, which needed millions years in the Old Era to accomplished, was condensed into a few years in the new era. The knowledge of mankind of the world, which was accumulated for thousands years, was collapsing at an alarming speed.

Outside of the fence made from barbed wire, there was a red eyes, long ears, and tender temperament rabbit. It was using its high speed to run away its natural predator. However, no one can make sure that a rabbit, which was only slightly faster than a cheetah today, would become what kind of animal in the next year.

Because of these reasons, this brand new era was called "Turbulent Era"

Su walked carefully in the cave; his footsteps were light and soft. He moved without making a sound like a flexible cat. The thick hood and cape, as well as the bandage wrapping his body made sure that his body scent and temperature wouldn't leak. This would make his presence become harder to detect, because these dangerous species living underground relied mostly on their smell or Infrared Vision to hunt.

In his hand, there was a sharp edged triangle steel bar. Its tip was grinded sharply. It could be used to swing or pierce, and it was a deadly weapon. His modified rifle and revolver was put behind his back and hidden under his cloak, respectively. His revolver had high power but low accurate, however, in a narrow environment like the cave, power of this revolver could be multiplied.

The only problem was the gunshot could be heard from very far if he used it in this quiet passage. It was similar to talk to his enemies in an area with a few kilometers diameter that - I'm coming.

Su's eye emitted a faint, jade color light. This light didn't change significantly while the environment's light changed dramatically. With the help of it, the scenery in the passage became clearer. This Abilities was Level 3 of Vision Enhancement, which was belonged to Perception Domain. It had another name - Low-light Vision.

In this natural cave, N11 base set up some electric lamps. Their light revealed an area with 100 meters diameter. They were the result of the previous discovery. Other lamps, which were located in deeper area, were destroyed. Nevertheless, the base was wise enough to not deploy more personnel to repair and recover them. But it didn't cause any trouble to Su, who had Low-light Vision. He only needed a faint light to see everything around.

Now Su was walking in a dark passage. There were some visible luminescent moss scattered around, and some ponds of radiated sewage. The light emitted from them were enough for Su's Low-light Vision.

Su suddenly stopped at a corner. His body slowly retracted into his cloak, then slowly disappeared in the darkness.

There was a low rustling in the cave, and a one-meter-long Violent Gopher came out. On its head, its disproportionately large nose raised to the air and twitched crazily. Their little eyes was dimmed; it looked like Violent Gopher's eyes were completely degraded. A dozen years ago, Violent Gopher and their close, living on the ground relative, Violent Rodent had the same appearance, but now, they were completely different.

Su, who was silently hidden in the darkness, suddenly moved. The triangle steel bar thrust out like a lightning; it pierced from that Violent Gopher's nose to both its upper and lower jaw, and firmly nailed it to the ground.

The nose was the greatest fatal point of Violent Gopher. It screamed wildly while its four short and sharp claws was desperately clutching the ground. Small stones were scattered around, and a hole was quickly created on the hard rock.

Su's left hand firmly hold the top of the triangle steel bar, his delicate arm was unshakable like a rock. Due to the wound on fatal point that Violent Gopher couldn't endure more than one minute. After a violent twitching, its body stopped moving.

Su slowly pulled out the steel bar, and flipped that Violent Gopher over. He recognized it was a female gopher. Although the male Violent Gopher preferred acting alone, when a female Violent Gopher went out of the nest, it always be protected by another male one.

Su quickly moved a few steps to the side, then stopped at the place which that female Violent Gopher appeared. He slightly lowered his front leg, while pushing his other leg to the ground, and simply held the steel bar toward the darkness straightforwardly. An instant later, a stench wind came out and a stouter male Violent Gopher suddenly sprang out from the darkness, rushed to Su.

The steel bar didn't had even a slightest movement. It used the momentum of that Violent Gopher to pierce it from its mouth to its butt.

Su released his hand and quickly walked back a few steps. His movement was light and fast, like he was sliding on water.

A crack sound issued. That male Gopher used all its might to close its huge mouth and ferociously bit that thick steel bar. While Violent Gopher's front teeth could break most of the stone, it weren't tougher than thickened steel. After its bite, the steel bar only had a slight bend, while all of Violent Gopher's front teeth were broken.

After that, the Violent Gopher slid on the ground with the steel bar and stopped in front of Su.

Su raised his right leg and stepped on its head. The male Gopher squeaked and struggled, but it couldn't raise its head. As long as it moved, the unbearable pain would come from its severely wounded body. Despite its wound, it still struggled for a full minute before stopped breathing.

Su beautiful eyebrows gently knitted. Based on his experience, these Violent Gopher were tougher a little than themselves a few month ago. Their evolution speed made Su feel unpleasant.

He didn't want to use that triangle steel bar again. He searched for a while on the wall, then pulled out a wire. It was the line set up by the base for electric lamps in here, but now it was abandoned. He cut a two-meter long wire, then stripped the cover to get the tough alloy wire inside. He wound the ends of the wire around his hands, then continuously walked into the darkness.

With the Low-light Vision and his rich experience, Su easily tracked back the trace of Violent Gopher, even in that dark, rugged cave. It didn't take him so long before he found the nest of Violent Gopher. Inside the nest, there were almost 30 different Violent Gophers. The biggest one was almost matured, while the smallest ones still hadn't opened its eyes. It could be seen that these Gophers were born at three different times. From the three months of adulthood of the Violent Gopher, Su realized that the dead female gopher gave one birth per month.

"Fertility period was shortened by ten days." Su muttered, and his unpleasant became larger.

His bad mood didn't affect his action. He used the alloy wire to trap an incoming Violent Gopher, then tossed it back to the wall of the cave. Blood flew out wildly from its neck, and that Violent Gopher couldn't stand back. Su swept the blood sticky wire around, and the heads of seven to eight immature Violent Gophers were cut into two halves.

One minute later, that nest was completely destroyed. Violent Gopher was an animal had a strong concept about territory. If the first nest was treated as a center, there weren't any second nest of Violent Gopher in an area with 1 kilometer diameter.

Su pulled out a map, carefully added the terrain of this passage on the blank area. After he finished to note the area of Gopher's nest, he put it back carefully.

Su continuously walked a few hundred meters forward, then stopped at a collapsed area. Behind the rubble, there was a door, which was big enough for only one person. The area beyond that door was the subway passages, which was complex, dark and dangerous like a labyrinth in the myth. Su had come to this place, which meant he already had gotten 500 Yuan reward. Beyond that door, a dose of basic medicine for genetic enhancement was seducing him.

Su knelt on one knee near the entrance, listened attentively.

The wind blowing inside the subway passages fluctuated from strong to weak. There was a vague rustle inside. The air inside had a really bad smell; It showed that the percentage of oxygen inside was very low and it was clearly not suitable for normal human. It was one of the main reasons that N11 couldn't clear this subway passages.

Of course, Su wasn't an ordinary human being. He had one level 3 ability in Perception Domain and one level 2 ability in Occultism. Even he couldn't answer whether he was human or not. After killing that nest of Violent Gopher, Su felt that his genes was ready to reshuffle again. He had accumulated three genetic evolution points, and perhaps he would get another one after this trip in this subway passages system.

Evolution point was a common name in the Turbulent Era. In fact, Evolution point was the space for new genes, after the reshuffling of old genes. More evolution points meant more space, and it also meant being able to obtain higher level and more powerful abilities. There were many ways for obtaining evolution point, however, most of the naturally occurring evolutionary points came from unknown causes. In additional, there were two controllable shortcuts for getting evolutionary points; it were genetic enhancement medicine and fighting.

After obtaining evolution point, human also had to get a specific genome to form an appropriate ability. In five main Domains, there were many identified abilities, but the number of unknown abilities was higher. New abilities usually appeared when human got evolution points through fighting. Most of the time, these abilities were not the same as known abilities. When two people fought against each other till death, there was a small chance that the survival would get the loser's abilities. Due to that reason, many soldiers treated their abilities as their biggest secret.

So, ironically, in that Turbulent Era, killing indeed made people become stronger.

Su closed his eyes; the vague rustle drew a clear image of living corpses in his head. They were aimlessly wandering in the subway passage, their red eyes hungrily glanced at everything around. Living corpses were different from zombies in the Old Era novels; they was thin, flexible and agile, and their movement was faster than normal human many times. Their strong muscle and their flexibility even made them to move on the wall or the ceiling easily. From the angle of genome, in fact living corpses was closer to old era human than this era human, especially who received numerous times of genetic enhancements.

The world war had passed fifty years. Now many of the living corpses were the second generation or even the third generation. Compared with their parent generation, they were stronger, faster, and able to survive in harsher environment. In order to adapt with the environment in subway passages, where didn't have any light, many living corpses were evolved to have Infrared Vision.

After reconfirming that there weren't any dangerous creature hiding on the other side of the door, Su pulled out his revolver and moved into the subway passage. He stepped on the rail and moved by jumping. While he was moving very fast, there weren't any sound come from under his feet, and his balance on these thin rails was very stable.

As Su moving forward, the vague rustle became louder, and the rancid, unique smell of Living Corpses became clearer. Su took a turn at a corner, and he saw a tilting train, which was blocking half of the passage. The passenger car had already rusted horrendously, and its body walls and its windows were broken completely. Through the windows, Su saw two living corpses in the farthest passenger car. They were rummaging around to find food.

Su looked at the surroundings a little, then moved silently. He picked up a few pieces of rust iron and a thin wire, then returned to the entrance passage. The thin wire was stretched across the center of this passage. He folded the iron pieces into cone-shape, then put them on the ground. Then he picked one coned iron piece and moved silently to outside of the farthest passenger car.


Su tapped on the wall of passenger car. The sound of knocking wasn't large, but in the keen audition of living corpses, it was similar to a thunder. These two living corpse stopped their searching and immediately turned around, and they saw a shadow disappeared behind the door. In the eyes of living corpses, which only had animal instinct left; everything could move was a delicious food.

With its crazy howling, two living corpses rushed to the end of the passenger car with the speed of a hunting dog. The living corpse at the front dove into the sky and crashed in the broken window. Half of its body squeezed out from the window. It looked around from right to left to find the trace of its prey.

Suddenly, a small sound issued. From under the windows, the coned iron pieces easily pierced into its throat, and cut its neck bone into two halves.

Su calmly stood up and walked to the passage, didn't pay any attention to that living corpse, which was trying desperately to pull the iron piece out of its neck.

The second living corpse, which was blocked inside the passenger car, had already lost its patience. It roared and held the legs of the first one and violently pulled it back to the car. The sharp pieces of glass on the window frame cut into seven or eight deep wounds on the body of the previous living corpse; its black and red blood flew down with its internal organs. However, these two living corpse didn't care about it. The previous ones were almost died when the second one rushed out of the passenger. It was only able to see a faint shadow disappeared in the corner.

The second living corpse stretched out its neck and roared fiercely. Its hard feet, which also had very long and sharp nails, stepped heavily on the ground. It rushed through the corner like a blowing wind!

Suddenly, that running as fast as flying living corpse really flew off the ground! It swung back and forth few times in the air before heavily falling down from the metal wire. As soon as it landed on the ground, it immediately howled in pain! The coned iron pieces on the ground was pierced deeply into its back, while the metal wire cut a deep wound on its chest.

After seeing that, Su opened the safe trigger on his revolver. He walked over the second living corpse, which was struggling unconsciously. In fact, he didn't pay any attention to it. He raised his head, then gently leaped up. His body lightly raised two meters high, then boarded on the abandoned train roof.

Inside Su's jade eye, a coldness suddenly flashed. Suddenly he ran along the abandoned train with a faster speed than living corpse. Although he was running so fast like that, his breathe was still stable. Looking from the behind, Su's body disappeared like a black smoke.

Bang! Bang! Two thunderous gunshots disrupted the silence of the subway passages. In a passenger car, two living corpses were shot, the huge impact completely blew off their heads!

Bang bang bang bang! Four continuously gunshots sounded when Su ran to the end of the train. He immediately jumped off the roof without slowing down; and some cracking sound issued while he was on the air. When he landed on the ground, his revolver was fully reloaded.

He increased his force from his feet, and his speed was also increased by 30%. The 10 meters long passage was completed in an instant. It looked like Su turned into a breeze, he swiftly went pass four incoming living corpses!

Su suddenly stopped and turned his body back, then immediately fired three shots!

Three living corpses fell down, while the remaining one turned over, then yelled to Su!

Su looked this one silently and motionlessly. This living corpse could only walk a few step ahead, then completely fell down the ground.

On Su's right hand, a black, light reflective tungsten steel dagger was holding in reverse grip. In the previous moment when he went pass four living corpses, this dagger completely cut open the rib of the last one.

Su turned around and looked to the end of the passages, where the four living corpses came out. Another two living corpses appeared. However, the strange thing was these two living corpses were carrying a corpse of a Violent Gopher. From their glowing red pupils and dripping saliva mouths, Su knew that they were very hungry. But they didn't touch on the food on their hand, and it was completely contract with Su's experience. Satisfying their hunger was the sole living purpose of Living Corpses, and they didn't know what was moderate. If you fed a living corpse enough food, it would eat until it die.  Moreover, the stomachs of not only these two new living corpse, but also the four previous ones were shriveled, that meant they were torturing by their own hunger.

Some Living corpses didn't eat the food in front of their mouths?

Bang Bang Bang! Su lowered his revolver then walked to two living corpses, which weren't able to stand up again. This time, 1 shot missed its target. Su wanted to shoot its head, but he hit its chest instead, so he had to add another shot. Because the distance was larger than 10 meters, the low accuracy of his revolver caused this problem. This time, Su wasn't blessed by luck, he couldn't kill 1 enemy by 1 shot.

Living corpse, which was made from blood and flesh, couldn't compete with metal and gun powder. At a close distance like this, a 20 centimeters diameter circle would appear on living corpse's body, at the place was hit.

Su reloaded his revolver before observed these two living corpse. The vitality of living corpse was amazing; even their lower body was completely destroyed, they still could leap to the hunters and bite them.

These two living corpses were significantly thinner and weaker than the four previous ones. Based on Su's knowledge about Living Corpse, these two one was old stage living corpse, which were capable for activity, but their power was reduced dramatically. The clothes on these living corpse also make Su surprise. The clothes on the group of four were better and tougher than that of the group of two; moreover, there wasn't any noticeable difference between the clothes of the four previous living corpses.

Everything was clear. The previous four living corpses were specialized in hunting and fighting, while the old two remaining was responsible for carrying. This was a very well organized labor system: the strong and capable to fight living corpses were allowed to eat and dress better, while the old ones had to do the chores and eat lesser than the former. The most important thing was these living corpses weren't controlled by their instinct anymore, they learnt how to be moderate!

That mean these 6 living corpses were belonged to a tribe, and this tribe had well organized rank and labor systems. They were different from the living corpses that Su killed in that abandoned train; they were belong to a hunting team.

"I hate the clever stuff." Su stood straight, thought silently.

These living corpses reminded him to that wolf pack leader in the valley. In the instant before it was killed, Su saw its shock, confusion, and anger. These emotion was mixed with its full of curse eyes, and it was engraved in Su's mind. While the organization of that huge Rotten Wolves pack was still basic and chaos, these living corpses had formed a clear, organizational division of labor. It suggested to Su that there were a clever leader among these living corpses. It wasn't a good news, because in the underground area, living corpses were creature which were very hard to deal with. And the danger of organized living corpses were higher than normal multiple times.

Whether the Turbulent Era or the Old Era, there was no free lunch. The price for killing an organized living corpse pack were higher than a dose of basic genetic enhancement medicine. The number of their hunting team was 6, so probably the number of the pack was over 30. A normal people could get one evolution point by killing all these living corpses.

Perhaps N11's base committee had already known that there were organized living corpses in this subway passages, so they would spend such a high reward to hiring Su to clear it. A sort of shadow passed Su's heart when he remembered the sincere smile of Tony and Turner. But he immediately cast this problem aside. After moving from many settlements, Su learnt that he shouldn't have too high expect for anything.

Su starred to the deep and dark passage; the jade light from his eye scanned the bottomless darkness for the trace of living corpse. At this time, he was a hunter, and he had to finish his task first.

At the end of the passage was a thick darkness. Even Su, with the help of Low-light Vision, could see 5-6 meters far. Of course Su wouldn't be stupid enough to turn on a light; in this environment, this action was similar to suicide.

Su exhaled slowly, and a vague steam came out from under the bandage. He pulled down the bandage on his face a little, revealed his straight forward nose and white skin. In this dark passage, the rancid, unique smell of Living Corpse was everywhere. This smell was significantly heavier in that passage, which mean this area was a common active zone of Living Corpse. Basically, normal human couldn't survive in this area. The smell was one way of forming the border of Living Corpse's territory.

Su analyzed the air on his nose; hundreds of information was flowing into his brain. Finally, he recognized the smell of these 6 living corpses.

Su covered himself in the cloak and hood, then walked into the dark passage like a ghost. The smell of these 6 living corpses was the guiding lines; it led Su to their own nest. From the strength of the smell, they had gone out for hunting for 2 days.

The passage was rugged; inside it some empty cans were intentionally put in some places. While Su could avoid this basic alarm system, they definitely slowed him down.

Su suddenly stepped two steps forward, then jumped up. He grasped at the corner of ceiling and the wall, then moved forward like a lizard.

After moving around a turn, Su slightly dropped down behind a living corpse, which was standing at a corner. This living corpse was holding an iron bar; its glowing red eyes were staring at the dark passage.

Su stretched out his hand and patted its shoulder.

Roar! A low roar came from its throat, then that living corpse immediately turned around. Before it could act anymore, the sharp dagger in Su's right hand were cut open its throat. Its neck was almost broken down.

Su bent down, slightly put this living corpse down. From the touch from his fingertips, he could know that this living corpse was the strongest one he had meet since he went down this passage. Moreover, the sharp end of the steel bar was created through grinding. Probably, this living corpse was a sentry, and lucky that these organized living corpse in this place wasn't smart enough to know that they need to put 2 sentries.

Not far from Su, there was a half-constructed sand barrier, but there weren't any living corpse at this place. Behind the sand barrier was a huge room, and Su could see the flickering fire inside through the half closed door. From inside the room, occasionally, the low or high pitched roar of Living corpses issued.

Usually, among these mutated creatures who barely got simple intelligence, there was a leader who had the highest intelligent. The best way to deal with the whole pack was killing that leader. Without leader, the other would fall into a chaotic state. There was a world of difference between the danger of an organized army and a pack of fighting by instinct creatures.

Su pulled back the bandage to cover his nose, and began to move to the nest of the living corpse. His speed gradually increased, and it looked like he was running when he came near the door.

He suddenly opened that heavy gate, and jumped into living corpse's nest!

This huge room was a few hundreds square meters hall; there were about 30 living corpses scattering inside. A few of them were cooking Violent Gopher meat in a large cauldron. At a corner, a couple of Living corpses were breathing heavily while they were mating. A conspicuous, big bed was placed in the center of the hall, and a living corpse were sitting virtuously on top of that. From its appearance, it looked like a female Living corpse. She was wearing a set of suit and pencil skirt, which was a common clothes of white-collar lady in the Old Era. Her skin didn't have wrinkles and some large black green spots like other Living corpse. Overall, her skin was quite smoothly, and her face was very similar to white-collar lady in the Old Era. Comparing with other living corpses; her petite body, her proper sitting and her crossed-legs posture made her much more similar to an office lady in the Old Era.

However, from the cautious attitude of other living corpses; which didn't dare to come close to that bed, and from her red eyes, which was glowing brightest than all other, Su could know that she was the Queen of that nest!

When the main door of the hall was opened, all of the living corpses inside moved their sight to it. But, there was no one at there!

In one instant when Su opened the door, he immediately released his forces, and rushed a few meters forward in a second. In the eyes of Living corpses, it was similar to teleport! When he had already came to the middle of the hall, all of the living corpses inside had just started to look to the door, so they couldn't see anything. Su took an advantage from that moment, and continued to move 3 meters forward!

Su's pupil shrunk rapidly, and formed an enigmatic cross! This cross and the sight on the muzzle of his revolver formed a straight line, and it aimed to the middle point of the Queen's eyebrows

The Queen was the only Living Corpse in the hall wasn't looking to the door, so she could see Su. Her mouth was wide opened and it looked like she was surprised. Her red eyes was filled with fear, and she didn't dare to have any action!

Now the Queen was similar to a frightened litter deer. Looking at her expression, Su's finger on the trigger was loosened a bit; his forward rush was also stopped, and the revolver was lowered.

The Queen's red eyes suddenly emitted the bright red light. She revealed her one-inch-long fangs, then rushed to Su with a speed higher than ordinary living corpses! Her extremely opened mouth completely twisted her face!

Bang bang bang bang bang bang! 6 rounds of bullets were shot at almost the same time. The first one pierced the Queen's neck, while the others drew an arcs along her collarbone, completely cut off her head from the body.

Su slowly lowered his revolver.

Until now, the Living Corpses in this hall reacted. They roared hysterically; their eyes was glowing red lights, and they rushed to Su crazily.

Once again, Su moved backward smoothly like water to avoid the living corpses' attack. Then he used his quick and crushing footsteps to rush to a big living corpse, which was guarding the door. He stretched out his hand and caught in time the steel bar which it was swinging.

Su pulled his hand back, and easily stole this steel bar. Then he charged into the Living Corpse's chest, pushed it backward. That Living Corpse couldn't stand again his force; it was pushed until its back was slammed against the wall! After that, Su quickly got out of its chest, then ran to the door and completely disappear in the darkness. On the chest of the big Living Corpse on the wall, there was a bottomless deep wound.

The corpses in the hall roared and crazily rushed to the door!

A strange and sharp whistle suddenly issued in the air, and the previous steel bar flew back in the hall with an unremarkable speed. It pierced through 3 Living Corpses before it stopped. When it fell to the ground, it still bounced back slightly a few times.

Although Living Corpse was a vindictive creature, they still knew fear. And the fear was spreading out in this hall; some of them started to avoid the door.

From the darkness outside, a drop of blood flew into the hall. It dropped on the ground and created a small crown shape.

Roar! The pack of Living Corpses started to lose their control. Their deepest desire of fresh blood finally overcame their fear; they quickly scrambled out of the hall, and rushed into the dark passage.

They didn't know that up to now, darkness was the kingdom of Su.

The dull and heavy gunshot sounded occasionally, and spread out along the passage.

Ten minutes later, Su walked into the hall. The place, which was occupied by the Living Corpse was originally a subway station waiting room. However, at this era, there weren't any subways or passengers. Su walked to the big bed at the center and stopped by. He picked up the magazine on the bed, and flipped its pages readily. It was a FASHION magazine, published in 5/1997. He could see that it was very carefully preserved.

Su put down the magazine and walked near by the Queen's corpse. His right hand gently brushed her face; then the red light and the luster in her eyes slowly faded away. Su took out a 10 cm long exquisite aluminum box, and carefully opened it. He took out a scalpel from the box, then removed the Queen's eyes. Finally he put everything back to that box.

Now he had got the gene sequence inside the Queen's eyes.

Infrared Vision had always been the next ability Su wanted to get. It was obvious that Living Corpse's Queen were stronger than normal ones in this ability, and it was why Su collected her eyes. Now Su only needed 8 evolution points, then he could use the Queen's genetic sample and her eyes structure to evolve to Infrared Vision.

Su walked along the ladder of the hall all the way up until he was stopped by a barbed wire door. He removed the debris that blocking the door away, then shot the rusty iron lock on the door and opened it.

After walking up 10 more meters, Su's pupil shrunk a bit. A bright sunlight shone on his face, which make him feel a little unpleasant, because he had stayed too long in the dark.

After a little adaptation, Su walked to the ground. The “METRO” mark on the ladder was still very clear, it didn't blurred through many years.

Su looked around, and realized that the west of him was the endless wilderness, while the east was numerous skyscrapers hidden in the fog. Perhaps this place was an outskirt subway station in the Old Era. Because this subway station and the small area around it was in the hunting range of that Living Corpses' pack, Su thought that there weren't any dangerous mutated creatures around here. Although the Living Corpses hate the sunlight and they rarely went to the ground, they still went out of the underground and wandering in the city in the night when they were starving.

Su pulled out the map and marked his place as "safety". At the same time, in a deep place inside Su's brain, a precise, accurate map was turned on. On this map, the area around Su was highlighted. While Su's eye were scanning around the area, a partial outline of a big city was gradually appeared on this map.

At this point, the task of N11 base was finally completed.