Deceive epilogue

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Five days later,

“Hello, this is Qin Yi Nan’s house. What can I do for you?”
“Oh, I’m a staff member of the swimming class at City Gymnasium, Mr. Qin Yi Nan had called to sign up for the 26th session of swim class, but he said that he had to go to Qiong Dao that day so he didn’t have time to pay the tuition fee, he just left his phone number to us. Because tomorrow is the start of swim class, so if Mr. Qin wants to attend please be sure to pay the tuition fee by this afternoon or tomorrow morning. If in this session you still haven’t learned how to swim, you can attend the next session for free……”

“Alright, I will tell him. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

He hangs up the phone.

Cang Yu walked with light steps toward the bedroom, fearing that he would wake up the man sleeping calmly on the bed.

“Yi Nan,” he leaned over, like on that day when Yi Nan kissed him before leaving, he gently kissed his swollen and deformed cheek.

The man on the bed didn’t speak.

“Haiz, you have been ignoring me ever since you came back from Qiong Dao, I didn’t mean to be late for three days, I called your phone every minute, I want to tell you ‘Nan, quickly come home, I’m waiting for you to come back!’, I have called so many times but nobody answered…….Yi Nan, don’t be angry, I promise I will always listen to you. By the way, I have quit smoking, I will never smoke again. What do you want me to do, don’t ignore me. Nan……oh, the people from the gymnasium’s training class have called to ask if you still want to attend the swim class, you little rascal, why did you deceive me when you obviously don’t know how to swim?” Cang Yu lifted up the blanket and carefully lay next to Yi Nan, he then hugged the body that had begun to rot.