Date A Live Encore


Date A Live Encore Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4:Spirit King Game[]

Being slowly roasted in a large microwave oven, that was undoubtedly the feeling that he was having right now.

Under gazes so sharp that it felt that they might pierce his skin, Shidou unconsciously made that comparison.


Groaning lightly, he surveyed his surroundings with only the movements of his eyes.

A huge table was placed in a space not more than three tsubo, Tohka, Kotori, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Reine as well as Origami were all in the room.......Aside from Yoshino and Reine, everyone else was resisting the urge to sit down on their chairs, maintaining a forward-leaning posture as though they were about to lunge towards Shidou.

With gleaming eyes, everyone was looking at Shidou.

Shidou’s back was already drenched with sweat.

Even though that was the case......if he were to describe this situation properly, everyone’s passionate gaze were not directed on Shidou.

They were looking at his hands. The bunch of disposable chopsticks that Shidou was currently holding, were all being scrutinized extremely closely.


Due to the endless sense of tension surrounding the space, he couldn’t help but gulp. However, it is not a solution to remain like this forever. Shidou breathed in as though making a decision, speaking those words with trembling lips.

“Who is the—king?”

——In that instant.


Everyone rose up from their seats and extended their hands, it was as though they were all hungry crocodiles fighting for a piece of meat that was thrown into the water, withdrawing the disposable chopsticks at a frightening pace.


Five disposable chopsticks, instantly vanished from Shidou’s hands in just a short moment.

This is not a contest of speed......But it’s probably useless if he said it to them right now.

“U-um......pardon me.”

“......Hm, I’ll take this one.”

After the storm passed, Yoshino seemed terrified as she and Reine slowly drew from the remaining disposable chopsticks.


Tohka yelled out, she raised her chopstick high.

On the stick was a single word, [King].

“It’s my turn to be the king! Prepare yourself Tobiichi Origami......! You will regret for your evil ways!”

Saying that she forcefully pointed her disposable chopstick at Origami. However, Origami remained expressionless as she returned a calm look.

Looking at the scene, Shidou muttered to himself in despair.

“......Is the King Game, really played like this......?”

It all happened a few days after the summer vacation.

The bell which signaled the end of the fourth lesson period and the start of lunch break sounded out, just as Shidou was keeping his books and notes, the two tables on both sides connected with his with a clack.

“Shidou! It’s time for lunch!”


On his right was the girl with crystal pupils and night-black hair——Tohka, on the left was the girl who looked like a doll——Origami, both girls spoke at the same time.

The eyebrows of the two twitched, sharply glaring at each other, before breaking eye-contact by turning away.

How should he put this, even though the two of them are incompatible their actions are remarkably similar. Shidou could only lightly scratch his cheek upon looking at their actions.

Not too long ago after Tohka had transferred over, the relationship between the two would be so bad that they would almost engage in a duel to the death each time they argued. After Shidou paid closer attention to this, the two girls had at least taken some measure of self control. Despite saying that, they merely changed tactics into arguing in secret or cold wars, Shidou was still unable to relax.

Sweat dripped down Shidou’s cheek as he withdrew his bento from his bag (Just in case, he made minor changes to Tohka’s bento), the door to the classroom slid open. Two girls flamboyantly entered with their arms interlinked.

They were the twins who were studying in the class next door, Yamai Yuzuru and Yamai Kaguya.

“Kuku......Oya? I was wondering why was it so rowdy over here, well if it isn’t Shidou, Tohka and Origami? Are you all going to have lunch? Then how about we have it at the cafeteria? We had just chased away the writhing fallen in Purgatory, obtaining our rations not too long ago.”

“Victory. As expected, Yuzuru and Kaguya are the strongest today as well. No one can stand before us Yamai.”

“Fufu. Does this need to be said! Someone with the ability to stop the ever-changing mikos of the typhoon, does not exist in the present nor in the underworld!”

“I agree. It was precisely so. Kaguya’s movements were extremely entertaining today. That swift and beautiful motions, is only something that Kaguya can achieve alone.”

“No no, that was also thanks to Yuzuru’s support.”

“Agreement. However, I still think that Kaguya’s actions are prettier.”

“But Yuzuru is still better than me.”

“Disagreement. Kaguya is better than me.”

After the identical twins had conversed for quite sometime, they relaxed whilst smiling, they puffed their chests out with satisfaction at Shidou and the group.

The relationship between the two is still close enough to warm the heart. Shidou smiled, turning to the two girls.

Speaking of identical...that was only limited to their facial features.

The competitive Kaguya who had a slender figure and coiled her long hair up, Yuzuru who braided her hair, had a lethargic expression and a voluptuous body, due to the two girls puffing up their chests they unknowingly compared their body sizes against each other. For some reason this made Kaguya seem pitiful.......Well, of course. Kaguya also had her own charm, there was no way to determine who was the better one.

However, Kaguya and Yuzuru seemed to have not yet noticed what was Shidou thinking, they raised the bag containing bread upwards.

Kaguya had bought melon bread and a red bean bun with strawberry. Yuzuru, on the other hand, bought tuna sandwich, coffee bread and coffee milk.

“Aaah, you two went to the store today as well.”

At Shidou’s words, Kaguya and Yuzuru both affirmed that by nodding their heads.

Not too long ago, he had brought the two of them who did not prepare bentos to the store. Since then the two had been very taken in with the act of buying, their lunches were always bread.

“That’s really fast, didn’t lunch break just start not too long ago?”

“Kuku. We moved with extreme speed. In order to obtain the best, speed is of the utmost essence.”

“Affirmative. But the enemy today was really a handful.”

Yuzuru sighed.

This was really rare. Shidou’s eyes widened at this.

“Who was that? Was it someone new who had joined the store’s Elite Four?”

However in response to Shidou’s words, the two of them could only shake their heads.

“No. It was the store owner. Because we didn’t have enough money so we asked her to put it on our tab, but for some reason she kept hounding after us.”

“Agreed. Speed not befitting of that age, we spent quite a lot of effort in order to escape.”


Because of the words of those two, rice spewed out of Shidou’s mouth.

“Y-you two…ran away without paying!?”

“That’s why I said to put it on our tab.”

“Agreement. We would pay the money tomorrow.”

Shidou used his fist to hit the heads of the two.


“Surprise. It hurts.”

Kaguya and Yuzuru held their heads, giving off short whines.

“W-what’s wrong —”

“Dissatisfaction. Requesting an explanation.”

“Putting a bill on a tab is useless if the other party is not agreeable to it! Hurry, I’ll pay for you two so come with me! Let’s go and apologise!”


“Unhappy. Uh—”

The Yamai sisters pouted with discontentment, but they still followed after Shidou.

Shidou gave a huge sigh, turning towards Tohka and Origami.

“......So that’s how it is. Sorry but I’ll have to go to the store for a while, so you two can start......”



Looking at Tohka and Origami both turn their heads at the same time, Shidou went into silence.

......Letting Tohka and Origami who were in the middle of a cold war alone with each other, caused him to feel extremely uneasy.

Shidou looked around the classroom, chancing upon a group of people at the tables near the wall.

“......Yamabuki-san, Hazakura-san, Fujibakama-san!”

Shidou called out, the three female classmates in the midst of laughter———Yamabuki Ai, Hazakura Mai, Fujibakama Mii looked over at the same time.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“What—is it?”

“It’s rare for Itsuka-san to talk to us first.”

“I’m leaving for a while, can I ask you to keep Tohka company for me? Please!”

Shidou left behind such a line, leaving with the Yamai sisters in tow.

......In order to let Kaguya and Yuzuru understand that they have to first obtain the agreement of the other party, he had lectured them for some time but that can’t be helped. If the store lady were to tell the teachers about this, the worst case scenario could be suspension.......Well, if that was really the case, <Ratatoskr> would probably settle it for them.

“Ah, shidou!”


“Hey, why the rush —!”

“Explain it clearly—!”

“Our fee is expensive damn you!”

Leaving the voices of Tohka and the three girls behind him, Shidou left the classroom.

“What's with him......leaving without explaining why.”

“Really now. There’s no problem if he wants us to keep Tohka-chan company though.”

“It’s frustrating to let Itsuka-kun order us around like this—”

After Shidou led the Yamai sisters out of the classroom. Ai, Mai and Mii voiced out their complaints as they walked towards Tohka, however they soon understood the situation when they saw Tohka as well as Origami who sat two seats next to her.

“ that’s why.”

“You really can’t let these two be together unattended huh......”

“It will trigger the Ya-Tobi war —”

Saying that they pulled out vacant chairs, sitting down around Tohka.

“Well, that’s how it is. Tohka-chan, do you want to talk with us until Itsuka-kun comes back?”

“But Itsuka-kun is really too much, how dare he neglect Tohka-chan.”

“Unforgivable, let’s proceed with excruciating torture when he gets back.”

The trio separately voiced out. However Tohka shook her head in response.

“No......I’m alright. I already understand. Because shidou has a lot of things he has to do himself, he can’t just take care of myself.”

At Tohka’s words, the three girls seemed touched as tears rimmed their eyes, embracing Tohka at the same time.


In response to being suddenly embroiled into a game where one squishes a mochi, Tohka unconsciously made a pitiful whine. But Ai, Mai and Mii did not relent in their assault, instead they passionately rubbed Tohka’s cheeks.

“Aaah,Tohka-chan, what a good girl you are.”

“But that’s all right, you don’t have to force yourself!”

“That’s right! Girls are supposed to be stubborn!”

“B-but, I don’t want shidou to feel troubled.”

When Tohka voiced out her concern, the three nodded in agreement, finally breaking away from her.

“But, do you want Itsuka-kun to love you more?”

“T-that is......”

Tohka became incoherent......finally blushing, nodding her head. Ai, Mai and Mii saw that, screamed in excitement. After huddling up and whispering to each other, they showed a smile.

“Right then, let’s teach Tohka-chan our secret method.”

“If it is this, then you can ask Itsuka-kun to do whatever you want.”

“Anything you want!”

“What......d-does such a method exist!?”

Tohka widened her eyes in surprise, the three, in contrast, nodded their heads in agreement. In that particular moment, even Origami who showed no response whatsoever, her ears suddenly pricked up. But for Tohka who was being enticed upon hearing about this secret method, she did not notice.

“Listen closely, That is——”

Ai, Mai and Mii displayed a confident smile, imparting that method to Tohka.

“Huu......really now, you two have to pay more attention next time.”

Fifteen minutes after leaving the classroom. After apologising repeatedly to the store lady, they finally managed to control the situation so that the girls would not receive punishment, Shidou sighed as he climbed the stairs.

“Kuku. It’s been hard on you, Shidou. I’ll commend you.”

“Affirmative. You did a wonderful job.”

Hearing Kaguya and Yuzuru say such things behind him. Shidou frowned, glaring behind him.


“......Ugu, sorry.”

“Reflection, we won’t do it again.”

The Yamai sisters surprisingly obediently bowed their heads in apology. Shidou patted the two of them on the head, opening the classroom door.

Near Shidou’s desk were Tohka and Origami as well as Ai, Mai and Mii. It looks like the situation did not escalate into a fight. Shidou patted his chest in relief, walking towards them.


“Oh. Sorry Tohka, I’ve kept you waiting.”

Saying that he looked at Ai, Mai and Mii, raising his hand to express his gratitude. The trio did not show any sign of discontent, revealing weird smiles of happiness instead.


Inclining his head to one side due to suspecting that something was amiss, but his thoughts were quickly cut off.

“Hey, Shidou. Do you know what is the King Game!?”

“Eh......? A-aaah......I do know that but......”

Shidou despite feeling suspicious, he answered her.

He has not played it before to be honest, but he did know the rules. If he was correct then amongst the tip of disposable chopsticks allocated to the number of players, one would have the word [King] written on it while the rest would have numbers. Just like drawing lots, the one who drew the chopstick with [King] written on it would be the king, he would then be able to give orders to the players via the numbers that they had drawn......It was that sort of game.

The king’s orders are absolute, there’s no way to decline. Because of this rule, it seems that drinking parties or mixers play this sort of game doesn’t seem to be rather healthy to be honest.

“I want to play this sort of game! Let’s play!”


Shidou widened his eyes——subsequently turning towards Ai, Mai and Mii. The trio purposely averted their gazes and started to whistle.

“T-those people, saying excessive stuff again......”

“Hey, can’t we play? Shidou.”


Shidou looked around feeling troubled.

Seemingly interested in this [Game], Kaguya and Yuzuru who stood behind Shidou suddenly moved closer, their eyes glittering.

“Oooh, are you guys discussing about something interesting?”

“Self-reply. If it is a game, we would not lose. Requesting participation.”


The Yamai sisters voiced out,Tohka widened her eyes in surprise.

“I’ve heard that the King Game is to be played with two people......Can everyone play as well?”

“Heh? Yeah......You can’t really play if it was just with two people...”

In regards to Shidou’s explanation, Tohka nodded her head while saying: ”Is that so?”.

Ai, Mai and Mii seemed to have been making wide motions that denounced that suggestion behind her, but Tohka did not notice them.

“Is that so. Then let’s ask everyone to play! Hey, can’t we? shidou!”

“Eh, let me think about this...”

Shidou scratched his cheek, he was unable to think of a plausible reason to dissuade her.

“W-well, if Kotori is fine with it......”


Tohka nodded in content.

“——Aaah, there’s nothing to say about this.”

After school. Once Shidou raised the issue to his little sister Kotori, he received such a laid-back response in return.

“Is that really okay!”

Shidou couldn’t help but raise his volume. Even though Tohka had said it as such, but he was hoping that if it was Kotori, she may be able to come up with some believable reason to make Tohka give up.

Moving her hair that was tied into two bunches with black ribbons, Kotori arrogantly lay down on the sofa. She half-closed her eyes as she looked at Shidou.

“What’s wrong with that? Since Tohka says that she wants to then you should play along with her. With <Ratatoskr>’s point of view, we hope that we do not restrict the Spirits’ feelings too much.”

She raised the stick of her Chupa Chups as she spoke.

That’s right. Aside from being a middle school student in the city, Shidou’s sister was also the commander of the organization <Ratatoskr>, who was in charge of protecting and allowing Spirits like Tohka to live happy, normal lives.

“B-but, isn’t the King Game a little too early for Tohka......”

Shidou said while sweat rolled down his face, Kotori, however, raised her head and shrugged.

“Ara. If we just look at the rules, isn’t it just a normal social game? Or what kind of orders did you plan on giving out, when Shidou becomes king?”


Shidou unconsciously fell silent. He never did think of giving any orders that may be overboard, but he did feel embarrassed due to being found out that he had harboured indecent thoughts.

That was right, even though it was a game that would cause one to involuntarily think of it as unhealthy, it probably would not be a problem if only close friends join in.

“If I were to pick a side, it’s because I don’t wish to make Tohka upset by rejecting her over this. Well, if you really are so concerned about this, then Reine and I will assist you.”

“Nn......I-I understand.”

Once Shidou nodded, Kotori raised her legs, using the momentum to get up from the sofa.

“Well then, time is precious. Let’s hurry up and make preparations. As for the meeting location......well, it’s alright at home. But since it’s a rare chance, why don’t we have a change of ambience?”

Kotori took out her handphone, rapidly manipulating the screen, she seemed to be making a call to somewhere.

Roughly an hour later. Shidou and the group of girls had changed and went to a Karaoke lounge near the station.

In the interior of the room three tsubo large there were tables and long chairs placed inside. In the deep end of the room a large screen displaying commercials as well as karaoke equipment were placed. The walls had multi-coloured stars painted on them. Light of different colours rained down from the ceiling.

It’s probably their first time coming to a place like this, Tohka and the Yamai sisters have been looking around, the moment they had stepped into this room.

“Oo, oooh......what is this place! It’s awesome, the room is all glittery!”

“Kuku. So that’s how it was, a location fit for a king was prepared huh.”

“Understood. Agreed. We cannot fall in this battle.”

Nodding as they commented, they entered the room.

The next one to enter the room was a petite girl who wore a straw sunhat with a large brim as well as a unique rabbit puppet on her left hand. With sapphire blue hair as well as eyes with the colour of the ocean. The Spirit whom Kotori called over by saying that it was a rare chance ——Yoshino.

“’s amazing, Yoshinon.”

[Yeah yeah, it looks extremely romantic —]

Yoshino was the same as Tohka and the rest as she spoke with sparkling eyes, [Yoshinon], the puppet on her left, opened and closed its mouth as it replied. It really was their first time going to the karaoke lounge.

But if this keeps up, it would be unsuitable to play the game. Kotori and Reine who were behind Yoshino adjusted the illumination of the room, opting for a normal lighting. Tohka and the rest exclaimed once more in surprise.

Shidou, who was the last one to enter, smiled at their antics, closing the door and seated down.

After that he made use of the phone placed in the room to order sufficient drinks and snacks. When the food arrived, Kotori took out disposable chopsticks from her bag equal to the number of people present.

“Come, let’s start. The King Game that Tohka so very much wanted to play.”


Tohka clenched her fists and cried out loud.

“——Well, we’ve just explained the rules earlier so there shouldn’t be a problem there, but......”

Kotori raised up one of the disposable chopsticks, on the tip there was the word [King] written on it.

“The King Game, is a game where everyone draw lots, whoever draws the chopstick with the word [King], is allowed to freely order the other players once.”

“An order?”

Yoshino questioned. Kotori on the other hand nodded her head in affirmation.

“The rest of the disposable chopsticks already had numbers written on them, so the king can only give orders to the players by the number that they had received. Well, let’s just play a game first.”

Kotori covered the written parts with her hand, holding the disposable chopsticks in a bunch, holding it out to everyone.

“Here, take one. Don’t let anyone see it.”

Everyone obeyed Kotori as they took turns to draw lots. Finally, when Kotori was holding only the last disposable chopstick, she raised her voice.

“Who is the—king!”

At that, everyone looked at their own disposable chopsticks. Following that ——

“! Me, it’s me!”

After a while, Tohka’s eyes widened as she raised her hand up high. Her cheeks took on a crimson hue, excitement creeping into her voice.

“What’s that...are you saying that I’m not fit to be a king!?”

“Objection. Unable to accept.”

The Yamai sisters voiced out their displeasure. Shidou’s face had a forced smile as he comforted the two people.

“No, this is just a matter of luck. We’ll start the next round very soon.”

“Hmph, then forget it. In the end, the last one smiling, would definitely be the true king.We the Yamai sisters.”

“Acknowleged. The sword of the chosen belongs to the one who seeks it.”

The Yamai sisters mumbled to themselves, finally withdrawing their unhappiness.......although it somehow feels that they have misunderstood something, but it’s great that nothing has happened.

In short, the first King was Tohka. Kotori looked at Tohka, as though prompting her to give an order.

“Come, Tohka. Since you are the king. Say out the order that you want.”

“Yeah, alright!”

Tohka nodded her head. After that, Kotori turned to look at the rest.

“——Everyone has to obey her order. Understand? The king’s orders are absolute.”

Following her reminder, everyone took in a breath and agreed——directing their attention to the king who holds the absolute authority.Tohka.

However, Tohka seemed to have thought for quite some time, acting fidgety as though it was hard for her to say it out.

“Kotori......this is just an affirmation, but is any order alright?”

“Eh? Yeah...that is the case.”

“I-is it really true? The person that I order, will have to follow my order no matter what?”

Blushing hard for some reason, Tohka asked again and again.

Shidou frowned. If it was something that was so hard to say, what kind of order did Tohka want to give out.

Unconsciously, the unease that he had previously felt started to come back in waves again.

Although he need not worry if it was Kotori. But if he were to think it through logically, the one who gave Tohka this odd idea was those three girls. They could have said a lot of incredible words without even explaining to her what they meant.

Just as Shidou was about to remind Tohka,Tohka opened her mouth having made her decision.

“S-Shidou! I want you to [Ah~——]!”


Due to an unforeseen phrase coming out from Tohka’s mouth, Shidou’s eyes widened.

“Um, about the [Ah~——]......are you referring to the sound when people feed you?”

“Yeah, yeah......Ai, Mai and Mii told me, if I were to become the King then I can say such selfish words. You can’t say no! That’s the order of the King!”

Stating that,Tohka nodded her head with a serious expression.

Shidou felt his shoulders relax, it seems that he had been worried for nothing.

“W-what it was just that huh ——”

However. Shidou stopped speaking. Tohka was currently the King, her orders are absolute......However the content of her order had a small loophole.

“Tohka. The King must order the players by their numbers.”

“W-what? Is that true?”

Tohka blinked in surprise, looking back at the other six players sitting on their chairs. After that she frowned whilst feeling extremely troubled.

“Then that mean, shidou may not be the one doing that for me?”

“Well, that’s because it’s the rules......”


Tohka’s voice became softer and softer, her shoulders weakly drooped.

At this point of time, Shidou felt his side being jabbed. Turning to look, he saw Kotori, who was sitting next to him, with an angry expression on her face.

She must be saying something on the lines of ”How can you let Tohka feel depressed You dung beetle!”.......On hindsight, he pitied himself for being able to understand her in times like this.

Kotori made a fake cough, speaking to Tohka.

“Tohka, it is regrettable. But the rules are rules. Designate a number.”

Tohka raised her humbled face——her eyebrows suddenly twitched as though she saw something.

Following her line of sight, Shidou exclaimed in a low voice.

Kotori was currently raising three fingers for Tohka to see, using her chin to point at Shidou.

That’s right, that was the number that Shidou had drawn. It seems that Kotori had sneaked a peek when she nudged him in the side.

“......Kotori, you rascal.”

Sweat flowed down Shidou’s face, he groused to Kotori with his eyes half-closed. Kotori replied with a similar volume.

“Do we have a choice. Since this game was set up because Tohka wants this, what are we going to do if Tohka isn’t satisfied?”

“Well, that may be the case......”

“......Hmph, if it was me I too would want Shidou to...”


Shidou’s eyebrow twitched in confusion, Kotori turned her head away in anger.

At the same time, Tohka who finally discovered Kotori intentions widened her eyes and exclaimed.

“It’s 3! The person with Number 3 has to [Ah~——]!”

Tohka loudly proclaimed.

Even though it was breaking the rules......Well, since it was just an exception. Shidou bitterly smiled as he raised the chopstick with [Number 3] written on.

“Everything is as you command.”

After he made a splendid bow, Tohka’s expression brightened.

“Um......Now I have to do that right?”

Shidou pointed at the large plate of fries, Tohka confirmed his query with an jubilant nod.

Shidou picked up a French fry, holding it out to Tohka.

“Here, ah~——”

“U-uh, mm.......ah~——”

As though replying to him,Tohka opened her mouth wide. Shidou slowly placed the fry into her waiting mouth.

Instantly, the room was filled with exclamations of [Oooh—], he could even hear small clapping and whistling sounds.

......How can he put this, it was much more embarrassing than he had thought. Shidou could only scratch his head while blushing.

“H-how was that? Was it delicious, Tohka?”

“Yeah......! shidou,Thank you!”

Being questioned by the bashful Shidou, Tohka replied with a face full of smiles.


His heart thumping abnormally loudly. Shidou averted his gaze. But his actions were naturally seen through by Kotori. This time his side was struck with her elbow.

“What’s with that—That sort of behaviour. Rather than feeling shy, shouldn’t you be a little more happy —”

“S-shut it!”

Shidou snapped back, Kotori grinned as she collected the disposable chopsticks. After shuffling them in her hands again, she held it out to everyone like before.

“Come. Let’s determine who’s is the next king, start drawing.”

Everyone nodded and started to draw lots.

[Who is the —king!]

When everyone said that line, Kotori’s eyebrows raised up as she voiced out in mild surprise.

“The next one is me huh. Hoho......What sort of order should I make hm?”

Kotori’s mouth twisted as she made a sadistic grin. Faced with her dangerous countenance, Shidou started to perspire once more.

It was unknown as to whether Shidou’s thoughts were being read, Kotori glanced at him, shrugging her shoulders as though she understood what he was thinking. “Then, yeah. Since this is our first time at the karaoke lounge, let’s let Number 1 and Number 4 have a faceoff.”

Kotori played with the chopstick with the word [King] as she declared her order, Kaguya and Yuzuru stood up.

“Kuku. I’m Number 1.”

“Replying. Yuzuru is Number 4.”

After that, both of them looked at each other, linked arms and made an amazing pose together.

“Hehe. You really are careless to be placing us in a group. You’re saying a faceoff right? Which means you want to enjoy our beautiful voices correct?” “Understood. Our singing ability has already been tested on our thirty-sixth match. We’ll let you see the ultimate pairing of Yuzuru and Kaguya.”

Kaguya and Yuzuru threw the microphone on the table into the air, catching them with synchronized splendor.

Not waiting for the accompaniment music to begin, the two had already started to sing.


Even though there was no background music, it was excellently sung. It wasn’t just their voices, the whole room echoed into a chorus that might cause one to suspect whether it had been planned beforehand.

Several minutes later, Kaguya and Yuzuru’s concert came to an end. Everyone strongly applauded.

“What’s with that, didn’t you two sing extremely well?”

“Hoho. But of course. We are the super perfect Yamai Sisters!”

“Agreed. The number of things that we can’t handle amounts to almost nothing.”

Saying that the two girls made a dazzling pose once more.

“Come. Let’s hurry up and do the next round. As to why the position of king still hasn’t come to our hands, is really incomprehensible.”

“Agreed. The next one will definitely be our reign as king.”

Kaguya and Yuzuru returned to their seats on the left and right respectively, using their fingertips to tap the disposable chopsticks on the table. The chopsticks flipped through the air, landing right into Kotori’s hands. Everyone reciprocated with another thunderous applause.

Kotori recollected the other players’ disposable chopsticks, handing them out to them again in the previous fashion.

[Who is the—king!]

When everyone said that, they drew out a chopstick.


Yoshino, who was sitting at the end of the table, silently sounded out. The Yamai sisters let out another wail of lament.

“Congratulations, Yoshino. Give an order.”

“U-um, I don’t know how to give orders......”

[So you’re not going to say it—Number 2 will let the king sit on your lap, and rub the king’s head!]

When Yoshino was about to shake her head sideways, [Yoshinon] on her left hand spoke.

“Y-Yoshinon, what are you doing......”

“......Hm, me huh?”

Yoshino had just begun to speak, when Reine revealed the Number 2 lot that she had, patting her own lap.

[Oh no—I didn’t pick Shidou-kun—Nuhoho, but Yoshino, didn’t you always look at Reine-san and say to yourself: ”What must I do, to be able to make my breasts grow till that size......”? Now you can go and investigate till your heart’s content —]


Yoshino held her breath as she forcefully plugged Yoshinon’s mouth. But Reine, the person in question, did not mind at all, she merely inclined her head as though asking if Yoshino was not going to sit.


Probably unable to withstand the pressure, Yoshino squeakily said, ”T-then......I’m sorry......”. Taking off her large hat that would hinder her, sitting on Reine’s lap.


Looking at that scene, Shidou couldn’t help but exclaim in a low voice. Kotori and the Yamai sisters seemed to have the same reaction as well.

It wasn’t something strange. Reine’s full breasts were being pressed by Yoshino’s back, they had flexibly changed shape.


Yoshino who was directly in contact with that sensation let out a dazed sound, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink as she lowered her head.

“......Next up, is patting right?”

But Reine did not seem to have noticed everyone’s line of sight as well as Yoshino’s voice, she merely looked downwards, started to stroke Yoshino’s hair. While she was doing that, Reine’s breasts seemed to move along with her movements.

———After several minutes, Yoshino was finally released from Reine’s lap.


Yoshino rose while maintaining a dazed expression on her face, returning to her seat as though she was in a trance.


Everyone took a deep gulp.

In the end, Reine only inclined her head in surprise.

“......? Are we not going to continue?”

Thanks to her reminder, everyone snapped out of their daze. Kotori hastily started to recollect the disposable chopsticks.

Shidou heaved a sigh of relief.......Well, although this time was a little overstimulating. But the game was proceeding on rather well. Everyone was happily playing, the contents of the orders were not malicious. It seems that he had overthought things too much.

Kotori showed the disposable chopsticks to everyone once more.

[Who, is the —king!]

Just as everyone was about to draw lots.

The door to the room opened all of a sudden.

“Is something the matter? We didn’t order anything......”

In mid-speech, Shidou instantly stopped talking.

He had originally thought that the staff had entered the wrong room——but it wasn’t the case.

Standing right there was, Shidou’s classmate, Tohka’s arch nemesis, Tobiichi Origami.


“O-Origami!? Why are you here in a place like this?”

At Shidou’s question, Origami turned to look at him. She replied him in a clear voice, a single sentence.

“——Let me join too.”

“Wha, haa!?”

Faced with such an unexpected request, Shidou cried out in shock.

“W-wait a minute. Origami? Do you know what we are currently playing——”

“The King Game.”

“Th-then why did you know that we’re ——”

“Just a coincidence.”


“Actually I am a fanatic player of the King Game. I am one of the ten S-ranked players within the country. Once the title of <The UnreasonableTobi > is uttered, there’s no one who doesn’t know who I am.”


While Shidou was at a loss as to what to do with the rambling Origami, Tohka slammed the table and rose up.

“Who cares about that! I will definitely not accept someone like you to join in halfway!”

“Petty woman.”

“W-what did you say!”

While Tohka and Origami were in a stare-off, the Yamai sisters who were seated spoke.

“Hoho, isn’t this just perfect. Accepting foolish challenges is also the duty of the king.”

“Agreed. If it is Origami-senshu, Yuzuru has no objection. I hope to be able to witness the techniques of an S class opponent.”


Tohka’s eyebrows knitted together due to the arrival of her enemy’s reinforcements.

However she seemed to have discovered something amiss, her eyes widened.

“T-that’s right. The chopsticks aren’t enough! If that’s the case——”

“I have made preparations.”

Origami interrupted Tohka, taking out disposable chopsticks that had numbers written from her pocket.

There were eight, which was exactly the number of players with Origami included.

“H-how can this be......”

Sweat poured from Shidou’s forehead.

However, Tohka shook her head, displaying an attitude that she can’t accept the events that were unfolding.

“I’m saying that no means no! I will definitely not accept Tobiichi Origami’s participation!”

Origami scoffed at her with a nonchalant expression.

“You’re afraid of losing?”

“Wha——! You, you dare say those words......!”

Faced with Origami’s blatant taunt, Tohka stood up suddenly. Leaving the issue of whether the existence of the King Game was real aside, that was a major insult to Tohka’s pride. Tohka who had been riled up stared daggers at Origami.

However, Origami looked as though she did not care. She automatically went and sat on an empty seat, handing out the disposable chopsticks in her hand.

“Take them.”

“Ah, y-you cheat! You’re forcing people to do what you want them to!”

Although Tohka raised her objections, the Yamai sisters had already taken their lots by that time. Next, Origami wordlessly offered Kotori the disposable chopsticks.



Both people did not make a sound, they only let their eyes meet.

Although, that was something that cannot be helped. Origami had, in the past, suspected that Kotori was the enemy who had killed her parents, attempting to take her life in revenge. Even though it was all a misunderstanding......The complicated relationship and feelings the two had for each other was understandable.

Kotori maintained her silence for a long period of time, in the end she sighed as though admitting defeat, taking out one chopstick.

“Alright alright, it’s alright if I do it like this right......but only for a while.”

Once Kotori made her move. Yoshino who did not know what to do as well as Reine who was observing from one side, started to draw their lots. Shidou scratched his head in helplessness, extending his hand towards disposable chopsticks.

Origami nodded her head with satisfaction, she started to speak with two chopsticks still left in her hand.

“Who is—the———”

“W-wait a minute! I haven’t even taken one yet!”

Tohka took her lot in a haste.......In the end, it became a situation where everyone was being led by the nose by Origami.

Origami scoffed. Everyone looked at the interaction between the two, crying out as one.

[Who is the—king!]

“——It’s me.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Origami raised her hand. In her hand was a chopstick which did have the word [King] written on so nicely that one could have thought that it had been printed on it.

Following that.

“Number 6 shall stand, the person shall flip her skirt and reveal her underwear by herself, staying like that for a full minute.”

Not taking any time to think, she merely gave the [Order] with her calm, monotonous voice.


Everyone’s expressions froze due to Origami’s declaration.

It wasn’t specially set by anyone, but there was an unspoken rule set up between the players. The main point was ——not to let the other party feel uncomfortable.

However this civil rule, had been ruthlessly taken apart with the arrival of the outlier. Knowing that he had been too naive, Shidou regretted his thinking. He thought that it would be alright since Kotori had approved, in the end he still can’t entirely leave the decision to others. More importantly, he had made a major slip up thinking that “since Origami had come all this way, he shouldn’t just chase her away like that”.

Allowing Origami to play the King Game, isn’t that the same as letting the oni wield its club or letting her have a recoiless nuclear missile——?

“D-don’t joke around! How can anyone do such a thing!”

Tohka cried aloud with a red face. It looks like she was Number 6.

“Is that so. If you don’t want to do so then by all means refuse.”


Tohka frowned due to being caught off guard. Everyone else in the room too had surprised expressions on their faces since those words didn’t sound like what Origami would say.

However, Origami continued in a calm voice.

“——As recompense, I hereby judge you of committing the crime of [Treason] against the king, you are eliminated from the game.”

“Eliminated......are you saying that I am disqualified from this game!?”

“That’s correct. By constantly repeating this, the person left standing will be the true king. After that, the true king will select a single invidual from the players, having one entire day to order the person around as much as the king likes.———This is the King Game’s special rule, the [King of Kings].”


Because of Origami’s words, everyone’s faces had another change of expression. Shidou, Tohka, Kotori and Yoshino had looks of shock, Reine, on the other hand, remained expressionless, only the Yamai sisters seemed to be riled up.

“Ordering a single person around for a whole day......!? You, what are you planning!”


Tohka said with a wary expression on her face, in response, Origami wordlessly glanced at Shidou———licking her lips expressionlessly. For some reason, he instinctually sensed fear, chills went down his spine.


“Y-you! Why are you looking at shidou!”

“That is none of your business.”

Origami ignored Tohka. She merely pointed her chopstick at Tohka, tranquilly saying.

“Then, I will now charge Tohka with the crime of [Treason] and remove her from the game——”

“H-hold on......!”

As though overturning Origami’s declaration, Tohka yelled aloud, standing up.

She looked in Shidou’s direction, groaning in conflict, reaching for her skirt with closed eyes.

“H-hey! Tohka, don’t be rash!”

“It’s alright.......I will definitely not let shidou fall into Tobiichi Origami’s hands......!”

Tohka clenched her teeth, rolling up her skirt with her own hands.


He couldn’t help but gulp.

In that instant, he could see that what was beneath the skirt was most likely selected by Reine, a simple design but it had a make of excellent quality.

Shidou hastily closed his eyes, turning his face to one side.

Of course, Shidou was a healthy male. He would be lying if he said he had zero interest in that forbidden zone......However upon looking at Tohka’s shy expression, he was attacked by a heavy sense of guilt.

Although, by doing it like this, Tohka had carried out the order. The order did not say that Shidou cannot avert his gaze, so they probably shouldn’t be charged with [Treason].

Origami clicked her tongue in annoyance and started to count.


“You, you’re doing this on purpose!”

After that, Origami’s exceptionally slow count finally reached 60. Tohka had splendidly accomplished the king’s order.

——However, that was merely the beginning.

[Who is the—king!]

“It’s me.”


Origami who unhesitatingly raised her hand, instantly drew the attention of everyone present.

The nightmare has reoccurred. It seems that Origami is the king once more.

Basking under everyone’s wary gaze, Origami took out writing paper from her pocket, using a pen she swiftly wrote down her order.

“Number 6, read this out with the microphone.”

The instant Origami said that, Yoshino’s shoulders gave a massive jump, showing an expression of utmost unease. It looks like she was the one who had drawn the number 6.

Origami glanced at Yoshino, placing the microphone and the paper in front of Yoshino.

Yoshino looked at the paper with a terrified face ——


Yoshino held her breath, her face rapidly reddening like a tomato……what on earth is written on it?

[Uwaaaah—, this lass really did it now. This is probably too much for Yoshino huh —? There’s no helping it, just let Yoshinon do......]

“Of course, only the person who had withdrawn the lot can carry out the order. If the rules are flouted, then she will be immediately disqualified.”

[Urk, this is bad.]

Although [Yoshinon] tried to help, it was stopped by Origami. Yoshino who had lost her only shelter could only look around helplessly.

“ U-um......, I, I......”

“If you can’t do it, that’s fine too. But in exchange, I’ll sentence you with [Treason].”

Origami coldly said.

Yoshino’s eyebrows formed a [八]...... However she subsequently shook her head, opening her mouth as though a decision has been made.

“I, I’ll do it.”

Saying that she took up her microphone with her right hand, letting her eyes rest on the note that was placed on the table.

As though steadying her wavering heart, she took a deep breath.

[A......A, although I have a......gentle look......b, but the truth is, I am a girl, who is not what, you all think......I am.......Whenever I see a, body will gradually get, um......I will start thinking......of doing e, ecchi......stuff......]

“H, huh......!?”

Shidou widened his eyes. However Yoshino continued to read on, despite having a red face.

[Right now, I still think of it......I can’t stand it anymore. S, Shidou-san’s,]

Reading up till this point, steam billowed out of Yoshino’s head with a ”Pon!”, dizzily collapsing to the ground.

“Fu, fumu......”


“......She’s alright, it was a little over stimulating for her that’s all.”

Reine supported Yoshino’s body, allowing her to rest onto the chair. After Shidou heaved a sigh of relief, he turned to face Origami.

“Y, you......How can you let Yoshino say such things.”

“The world of winning and losing is ruthless. No matter what, she was unable to read the note till its end, she will be eliminated due to [Treason].”

“H,hey now......”

Although he said that while scratching his cheek......but he couldn’t very well ask Yoshino to read that paragraph once more.

While Shidou was still hesitating, Origami wrote the word [Treason] onto the writing paper, pasting it on Yoshino’s forehead.

[Who is the—king!]

“It’s me.”

“You again!”

Faced with Origami who had raised her hand once more, Shidou couldn’t help but exclaim aloud.

The odds of becoming the king three times in a row, her luck must really be over the roof.

But Origami merely ignored the curious looks around her, silently giving her order.

“Next up is Number 1 and Number 2, I’ll take care of both of them at one go.”

“Oh? Take care of you say?”

“Response. It’s harder to carry out than just mere words.”

The ones whose faces had bold smiles on them, were Yamai Kaguya and Yamai Yuzuru.

......Revealing their identities before the order was given out, wouldn’t that be extremely disadvantageous. However, the Yamai sisters did not seem to mind at all. Was that because taking any challenges head on is the duty of a king as well?

“Kuku. I’ll say it first. Don’t treat us like we are on the same level as Tohka and Yoshino, revealing our underwear or any hidden dirty paragraph recitations, they are but a child’s play before us!”

“Affirmed. Even though saying that was embarrassing, but Kaguya who boldly declared something as racy as revealing our underwear, is but a reward to Yuzuru.”

“W, what are you saying Yuzuru......!”

Kaguya restrained Yuzuru in a panic.......How should he put this, it kind of feels like they would be a goner even before they knew about the order was given.

Even so, it could have been Origami’s mistake to have called out these two at the same time. Even though she had given out similar orders to Tohka and Yoshino, they were only punished alone, by having another person in the same shoes as oneself, one’s mentality would be completely different. Furthermore it was the Yamai sisters that she was up against, they are twins that could be said to be of one mind.

However, Origami unhesitatingly spoke as usual.

“——Number 1 and Number 2, both of you will rub each other’s chests continually for five minutes as well as say out your thoughts. Remaining silent for more than ten seconds will result in elimination.”


“Unknown. I don’t understand Origami-sensei’s thinking.”

Kaguya and Yuzuru tilted their heads at Origami’s strange order.

“Rubbing Yuzuru’s chest? Hoho, has the renowned Origami finally become dull? Do you think that I, Yamai Kaguya would be embarrassed by just this?”

“Agreement. Yuzuru and Kaguya are of one mind. Such a thing, is no different from touching one’s own body.”

Kaguya and Yuzuru who sat with each other, now positioned themselves so that their bodies are now facing each other.

“Kuku. Then I’m going to start, Yuzuru.”

“Acknowledged. Can I ask someone to help with the timekeeping?”

Saying that Kaguya and Yuzuru both reached out, touching each other’s chests. Kaguya’s hand sunk into Yuzuru’s breasts, Yuzuru’s hand caressed Kaguya’s chest. Just like that they wriggled their fingers, playing with each other’s breasts.

“Ho ho ho, it’s fine just like that? This is easy.”

“Agreement. It’s just funny to try and let us surrender with only this level.”

The two spoke with relaxed expressions, looks like Origami wouldn’t be able to get what she wants this time.

“Uh? Then again,Yuzuru. Has thee’s measurements increased yet another size? Hmph, although you are my other half, but that makes me envious.”

“Denial. That’s not the case. I have said it many times ago as well, it’s obviously Kaguya’s appearances that is more beautiful”

“Ho ho, alright already. Don’t say that to make me happy——Nn.”

“Denial. I wasn’t saying that to make you——Ah......”



For some reason, after a minute into the act, their conversation suddenly stopped.

“......Y-Yuzuru......? Hold on......aren’t you, using too much force?”

“Rebuke. Regarding that......Kaguya is the same as well.”

“Nn......ah, I , over there......wait——”

“Torment. Uu......nn, ah......”



“, Yuzuru......”

“Reply. it, Kaguya.”

“Direct contact......can’t we?”

“......Comtemplation. Everyone is......looking.”


“, please don’t show......that kind of expression. That’s against the rules.”



“Hey! Wait a moment! Calm down the both of you!”

It was only at Shidou’s panicked voice, did the two snap out of their trance.

After that the two of them made eye contact once more, unnervingly turning away, moving their hands from the other’s body. However, only four minutes had passed.

“Kaguya, Yuzuru......?”

“......W, we.......give up.”

“Agreement.......if this continues, we would become......right.”

Saying that the Yamai sisters turned to face their bodies to the front once more.

After that act, the two of them spent a long time fiddling with their fingers, not daring to look at each other.

[Who is the—king!]

“It’s me.”

“Something’s wrong here, how many times did you draw that!”

The King was still Origami, Shidou could not hold his outburst any longer.

No matter how good her luck was, it was too unnatural. Shidou started to inspect the disposable chopstick he had drawn. However, there were no markings to differentiate the disposable chopsticks. Shidou frowned in contemplation.

In that short moment in time, Tyrannical Origami gave her order.

“——Number 3 will take off her undergarments. Everyone else is not to turn their face aside nor close their eyes.”


Everyone who was in the room sucked in a breath from Origami’s words.

Even though the previous orders were just barely making it, but it seemed that it had finally come to the point where someone has to take off their underwear...

If he let this continue, who knows how absurd would the next order be like, hence Shidou who worried about that spoke.

“H-hey, Origami......?”

“What is it?”

“Isn’t it too......much, right?”

Despite trying to hint to her to cease and desist, Origami silently shook her head.

“Fanning the flames of embarrassment is the basics in the [King of Kings]. This can still be considered to be one of the gentle types that are still legal. If one cannot handle orders of this level, it is impossible to become a true king.”

“No, even if you say that......”

“The person with Number 3, hurry up and identify yourself. Or else it’s [Treason].”

Origami’s words halted.

There was an extremely simple reason for that. Reine reached into her collar, pulling out her black undergarment directly from under the clothing. After that she swiftly placed it on the table.

Judging from that, Number 3 was Reine.

“......It’s alright like this correct?”


Reine spoke with a monotonous tone like usual, Origami wordlessly turned to face Reine.

For some unknown reason, Shidou could sense that invisible sparks were flying between the two.

Thinking back. Reine had always been like this.

From the earlier order where she let Yoshino sit on her knees, she has a warped sense of logic. In truth, even if Shidou were to accidentally bury his face between her breasts, she would be able to deal with the situation calmly. Just like the current order, she had pulled out her underwear from her clothing in front of Shidou. Even if it was <The UnreasonableTobi> who had plenty of experience, it seems that more effort would be needed if she wanted Reine to feel embarrassed.

“......Is it going to be over with just that?”

“You got guts.”

Reine asked bluntly, Origami replied with a clear answer. Once again regathering the disposable chopsticks.

[Who is the—king!]

“It’s me.”


How is it possible to succeed five times consecutively? Shidou stared at Origami.

However, before Shidou could voice out his suspicions, Origami causally gave out her order.

“Number 4, your underwear ——”


Kotori snorted derisively.

This time it was Kotori who was chosen......she changed her sitting position while maintaining a relaxed face.

“Again with the underwear? Alright then. No big deal about that. Since most of us are of the same gender, the only guy here is Shidou.”

Saying that she shrugged.

Even though she was just saying that to not make herself seem weak in front of Origami. However Shidou had seen Kotori’s underwear multiple times. Not that he would not feel embarrassed at all, but it was not on the level that he would be charged with [Treason] from the order.


“——will be taken off by Number 2.”


In reaction to Origami’s next words, the voices of Kotori and Shidou had perfectly overlapped with each other.

That’s correct, the identity of Number 2 was Shidou.

Gleaning the information from Shidou’s reaction, Kotori’s originally passive attitude had changed, she wretchedly pointed her finger at Shidou.

“W-w-w-w-what’s that! What are you trying to do to your sister you pervert!”

“T-there’s no use complaining to me!”

Hearing Shidou’s cry, Kotori made a groan, throwing a hated glare at Origami.

However Origami, as usual, made an expression as though nothing had happened.

“It’s alright if you can’t do it.”


Kotori made another groan dripping with hatred and regret.

“D-do it...”

“Huh......? H-hey! Kotori.”

“I’m telling you to do it! H-hmph, you must have thought of something. This is nothing to me!”

Saying words that were obviously forced, Kotori who sat opposite Shidou stood up.

Following that she grabbed hold of Shidou’s hands, slowly guiding them towards her skirt.

“H-hold on!”

“Shut it! Don’t overthink things you pumpkin!”

Kotori rebuked him. It seems that she was treating Shidou like a pumpkin.

......It somehow feels that it was Kotori who was taking this harder than him.

“Aaah, I don’t care anymore......”

Shidou made his decision, placing his hand under Kotori’s skirt and feeling about. He would be lying if he had said that he did not feel guilty, but since Kotori had already said it as such, Shidou can’t allow Kotori to be disqualified from the game like this.

Also, it would probably be a better decision if he did not overthink Kotori’s request. They had bathed together constantly in the past, if he were to think of it in another way———

Removing his wild fantasies, Shidou who was still moving his hand around under her skirt, felt a strange sensation from his fingers.


“W-w-where are you touching!”

In the midst of her screaming, Kotori kicked out with her knee. Shidou, who had no where to run as his hands were being held, had his chin kneed as a result.


“It’s here, this place.”

Kotori brought Shidou’s hands to her waist, letting him touch the elastic band of her underwear. Shidou was unable to rub his aching chin, he looked up at Kotori with teary eyes.


“I-I already said you could, so hurry up and do it.”

Kotori said with a nonchalant tone. Her cheeks however, were blushing, her tiny lips too were trembling.


Shidou swallowed, slowly using his hands to pull downwards.

The faint rustling of clothes resounded in his eardrums, the resistance of the elastic band as well as the sound of fabric slowly dissolved from Kotori’s smooth skin. It was a feeling that caused one to lust for, the wavering in his heart grew stronger.

Just like that, as long as he keeps this up, Kotori would be able to safely accomplish the order. Shidou took a deep breath in order to suppress his rapidly beating heart.

However, just as he was about to see the white cloth from Kotori’s skirt———

“——I-it’s impossible after all......!”

Kotori wailed with a reddened face, swiftly snatching Shidou’s hands. Along with the sound of elastic, she pulled her underwear back to its original position.

After that, she could only pant heavily——Suddenly remembering something after a while, her shoulders jolted, she raised her head.

In that direction, Origami who was supporting her chin with her hand, she was sitting on her seat with a calm expression.

“The King’s order is absolute.”

Following that, she pointed at Kotori whilst maintaining a calm tone.

“You will be disqualified from the game via [Treason].”

“Gu......, uuuuuu......”

Kotori grit her teeth in regret, it seems that she was thinking of grabbing Shidou’s hands once more———


Probably recalling the overwhelming sense of embarrassment she had felt earlier, her arms lost their strength, returning to her seat.

“With that——that’s four down.”

Origami remained emotionless as she raised four fingers.

[Who is the—king!]

“It’s me——”

“Hold on a minute!”

The next round of the game had begun, just as Origami was about to raise her hand once again, Kotori stopped her movements with a loud yell.


“......We were being played, take a look at this.”

Saying that, Kotori took Origami’s disposable chopsticks——as well as her own chopstick and raised them up high, breaking them in half.

With that, everyone could see that there was something resembling a thin, long electronic chip inside, How was it placed inside was a mystery.

“T-this is......”

“......I’m afraid that it’s something that is like an electronic marker. Even though that there’s something off about this, but this was used to differentiate the lots huh.......This is rather bold if I say so myself?”


Hearing Kotori say that, Tohka looked at her own lot with a disgusted expression, breaking it in half. It was just as Kotori had said, there was an electronic chip inside.

“I-it’s true......there’s something placed inside. Why you, Tobiichi Origami, how dare you cheat!”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Why you! Even though you’ve already been exposed......! You’re the one who are disqualified! Get out of here!”

Tohka clenched her fists and cried out.

However, the one to restrain Tohka with an outstretched hand———was Kotori.

“Let’s not be hasty first. There’s no point if we leave it just like that.”


Tohka frowned. Kotori folded her arms as she looked up, throwing a glance filled with malice at Origami.

“Although it was true that what you did was definitely against the rules. By right you should be disqualified immediately. It’s your choice to feign ignorance, but what would everyone around here think?”

After looking at the rest in the room, Kotori continued to speak.

“——However, I won’t pursue the matter this time. However, the price for that would be a new addition to the rules, we’ll revive the disqualified members. As well as——from the next game onwards, everyone present has to reveal which number did they draw.”


Shidou’s eyebrows twitched at Kotori’s odd proposal.

Openly declaring their numbers......that means that, the King can choose who to give the order to.

Under the situation where the lots are untampered, the odds of Origami becoming King, is now simply one-eighth.

Kotori is probably attempting to use the difference of numbers, by setting impossible dares to force Origami into committing [Treason].

Even though it was karma, but the odds are currently extremely stacked against Origami.


“......I’m okay with it.”

Surprisingly, Origami readily nodded her head in agreement. Despite understanding that she was now at an overwhelming disadvantage, was she unwilling to give up the throne of the true King——or, was she still confident that she would come out top, even though she was faced with such an unfavourable situation? Whichever it was, her face did not betray any sense of torment nor embarrassment.

“What are you saying Kotori! How can you let the likes of her stay——”

“Tohka. Are you able to just sit there and not do anything?”


Tohka’s shoulders shuddered from Kotori’s words. No——it wasn’t just Tohka. Everyone who had been bullied by Origami’s orders all felt the same way.

“At the very least, I can’t bear with this humilation. How can I just let it go, if I don’t let her have a taste of what I felt......!”

Kotori made a serious expression which invoked fear in everyone in the room as she continued to speak.

“Of course, even though we are going to use untampered lots, there’s a chance that Tobiichi Origami may become King. But, if any of us becomes King, we would be able to give an order that targets her specifically. If we didn’t have evidence of her cheating like this, we wouldn’t even have the chance to set up such an unfair rule in the first place.”


Sweat formed on Shidou’s cheek, he called out to Kotori.

However, Kotori and everyone else who had their hearts ignited with the flames of revenge, did not seem to hear his voice at all. Everyone half-closed their eyes and digested what Kotori had said.

“......So that’s what it was.”

“Kuku, it really is not like me to not retaliate after getting hit. The price for looking down on the divine children of the tempest, you better be ready to accept it all.”

“Agreed. We cannot forgive Origami-sensei no matter what.”

“Eh, t-that......”


Tohka and the Yamai sisters glared at Origami. Although there were two people present who are not that supportive of the plan but it is impossible for them to stop with their strength alone.

“Let’s start from the beginning. Reine, call the counter for more disposable chopsticks. Kaguya and Yuzuru will ready the marker pens. Tohka, Yoshino and Shidou pay close attention to Tobiichi Origami, don’t let her make a marking on the lots!”


“Hold on——”

Along with Shidou’s unease, the King Game [King of Kings] continued.

For the sake of fairness, the disposable chopsticks were left to Shidou for safe keeping. It became a situation where everyone has to listen to Shidou before they could draw lots.

Shidou wondered if the way that they were playing the game were correct, but he didn’t have room for any arguments since the rest agreed to play it as such.

When he stretched his hand out to the centre of the table, he couldn’t help but make a tiny whimper.

......For some reason, everyone was giving a very scary look. The four who had their hearts ignited with the flames of revenge, the white devil with a heart full of ambition, one who was just a bystander, there was one who had a comforting aura. The last one was a jester who was only interested in making the situation more interesting.

Everyone’s eyes were on Shidou’s hand. Shidou suddenly felt as though his arm was being dragged into a vat of boiling oil.

“W-who is the —king?”

At Shidou’s call, everyone drew their lots. After a split second delay, Reine and Yoshino too had drawn theirs.


The one who cried out was Tohka. She stood up on the spot, pointing the disposable chopstick which had the word [King] towards Origami like a sword.

“It’s my turn to be king! Prepare yourself, Tobiichi Origami......! Feel regret for the crimes you had committed!”

Tohka remained in that pose, continuing to speak as though she had already obtained victory.

“First of all I will return what you have done to me right back at you in full! You will reveal your underwear in front of everyone! The number——”

Tohka halted in her speech. After a while, everyone revealed the number in their hands.

The number of Origami’s disposable chopstick was——

“Number 5!”

Tohka cried aloud.

As the numbers are open to all, there’s no way that she would call the wrong number. Origami placed the chopstick with the number [5] onto the table and stood up.

“He, hehehe! How is it Tobiichi Origami! Flipping up your skirt in front of everyone, just the very thought is embarrassing enough right! Furthermore you have to show your underwear to everyone for a full minute......! Come! What do you intend to do! It’s alright if you feel embarrassed——”

Tohka who seemed to be yelling out all of her pent-up rage, stopped midway in her outburst.


Origami grabbed her skirt without hesitation, pulling it up in one go.

Furthermore she did that while facing Shidou’s direction.


Due to the naturalness of that action, there was a lapse in his reaction. Shidou hastily closed his eyes, turning away just like the time with Tohka. “What......h-how could you! Aren’t you embarrassed by doing such a thing!?”

“The one who gave the order was you.”

“E-even though you are right......”

Tohka who had given that order, was now the one making a defeated voice.

“Shidou, open your eyes wide. Even though I’m feeling embarrassment to the point that I can barely handle it, but the king’s order is absolute.”

“H-hold on a minute! I don’t remember giving that kind of order!”

“Look at me, Shidou. Look closely. Scrutinize me.”

“H-hey! Don’t move closer to Shidou!”

Even though he heard the sounds of bickering, until a full minute had passed, Shidou did not dare to open his eyes due to fear.

———From then onwards, the revenge of the masses had begun.

“Ah......I-I’m the, king......”

[Nhoho, then let us erase Yoshino’s regrets———Read this paragraph that Yoshinon had thought up with a loud voice! The person to do it is Number 2!]

Saying that, [Yoshinon] took up a pen with its hands, swiftly writing a paragraph out on paper, handing it to Number 2——Origami’s face.

Origami took the paper, opening her mouth with a blank expression.

“——I am an incorrigibly perverted girl. I think about Shidou’s XXX when I’m alone at night, using his XXX to XXX. But I can’t be satisfied with just this anymore. I am now at my limit. Please. To my pitiful sow XXX, use your majestic XXX to XXX, please mess me up. Be forceful. As forceful as you can. Ahh, my XXX is being XXX by XXXXX.”

Origami blankly read the script.

Everyone’s faces slowly turned crimson, they looked down in embarrassment.

......It somehow felt that the second half had become something like an eroge reading session.

“K-kuku......So it’s finally here, our era!”

“Acknowledged. Although we were put down somewhat before, its going to be our show from here on out.”

“Fuu......Our order is of course this!”

“——Number 4, you have to let the king and Number 3 rub your breasts for five minutes straight.”

Of course, Number 4 was Origami. The King and Number 3 seems to be the lots that Kaguya and Yuzuru.

“Kuku. Origami, ready yourself. We will use our demonic fingerwork, to make you reach the peak of estacy!”

“Smile. Even if you beg for forgiveness, we will not stop.”

The two swiftly made their way in front and behind Origami, with hand movements from both ends that would cause anyone’s heart to blaze with passsion, they started to play with Origami’s modest breasts.

"Kuku. See, how does it feel, Origami?”


“Excitement. It’s alright to let out your voice.”


“I-it’s bad to hold it in?”


“Intensity, is it alright here?”


In the end Origami’s expressions did not change in the slightest, not even a peep was made.

The Yamai sisters on the other hand seemed to have lost their confidence, for a period of time they sat in a corner with their heads lowered in dejection.

“......Hm? Is it me this time. Well then......I’ll just let Number 4 take off her underwear.”


Before the next king, Reine, even finished giving her order, Origami had already pulled out her simple-looking underwear.

“......Your movements are swift.”


Origami nodded in agreement. She then threw her recently removed bra towards Shidou’s seat.


“Next round.”

As Shidou cried aloud at the sudden pass, Origami had already spoken with a calm voice.

“Oh my, so it’s my turn now? Let’s see......then I guess it’s best if I return it to you in full——Number 6 shall take off Number 1’s underwear!”

Shidou held his breath from Kotori’s declaration.

“Hold on......, Number 1 is Origami...Isn’t Number 6 me! Why are you dragging me into this as well!”

“That’s because the rest of them are all girls, isn’t that more embarrassing for her. In order for her to suffer the same humiliation as I did, you’ll have to do the job.”

“Even if you said that......”

As Shidou was hesitating, someone grabbed his hand from behind.

“Shidou. The king’s orders are absolute. Even if you’re embarrassed to death, there’s no other way around it. Come on.”

“H-hey. Wait a minute Origami. Don’t pull my hand!”

“Touch me. Here. Use more force.”

“No, wait, at least let me cover my eyes.........Ah, ah, ah......N-noooooooooo!!”

——After roughly thirty minutes later.

[Haa......, haa......, haa......]

Everyone looked at the impassive Origami amongst ragged breathing.

Despite being repeatedly targeted from the start, Origami had calmly completed all orders.......So it seems that an S ranked player (self-proclaimed) isn’t just for show.

However, everyone did not seem to be stopping until they had pulled one over Origami. She sent a glance at Shidou after saying “Next!”.

Shidou gave a dry smile as he raised the disposable chopsticks. Everyone else soon swiftly drew their lots.

“Who——is—the king?”

Saying that Shidou started to ascertain his own lot ——before making a cry of surprise.

Since the start of the game, it was the first time the [King]’s lot had landed in Shidou’s hands.

Due to everyone disclosing who they were, it was natural that everyone quickly knew what was happening.

Tohka, Kotori and the Yamai sisters all looked at Shidou, sending off a glare that had the intention of ”Beating Origami” mixed in it.

“E-even if you all stare at me like that......”

Sweat flowed from Shidou’s face.

Even though she had withstood everyone’s concentrated fire, Origami still did not show any sign of wavering. What kind of order must be made in order for her to feel embarrassed......or make her commit [Treason] and disqualify her from the game, it was simply unimaginable.

It should be more appropriate if he did not try to sabotage Origami and give an order that he liked———


The instant he thought that way, an idea formulated within Shidou’s head.

Shidou was currently the king, he can give an order that the targeted person could not refuse. A chance like this, may possibly not happen for a second time.

——That’s right. Right now, Shidou can accomplish what he could never do normally.

Shidou confirmed the numbers that everyone had before giving out his order.

“——My order will be this. Until the King says so, Number 2 and Number 6 have to be friendly with each other.”


Two girls frowned at Shidou’s words.

Number 2 and Number 6———meaning to say Origami and Tohka.

“......What do you mean.”

“Gah, if you want’s just like what I said. Number 2 will not be allowed to hate Number 6, she is not to argue with her as well, I hope that the two of you can be friends. If you can’t do it——then it’s[Treason].”


Origami spent quite a long time thinking silently. All of a sudden she stood up, sitting next to Tohka.

“Nu, wh-what are you thinking of doing?”

Tohka warily stared at the rapidly approaching Origami, she gave a surprised look.

However Origami passionately held Tohka’s hand, pulling her hand close, she inched her shoulder closer to her as well.

Next up——



Due to Origami’s voice, goose bumps had immediately surfaced on Tohka’s entire body.

“W-w-w-wh-what are you rambling about Tobiichi Origami......!”

“Please don’t use such a distant way of calling me. Please call me Origami, Ori-chan is fine too.”


Tohka made a scream that was an octave higher than usual, making a pleading glance towards Shidou.


“Um...How do I put this, can Tohka please try to get along with Origami as well?”


The king’s orders are absolute. Hearing Shidou say that, Tohka’s eyebrows made a [八] in despair. Timidly turning towards Origami——saying her name with trembling lips.

“Ori......Ori, gami.”

“You finally called me by my name, I’m so happy.”


Origami did not stop her assault, she half-forcefully interlocked their fingers together. Gently continuing to speak.

“I’m so sorry for what I’ve done all this time, although I’ve always wanted to be friends with you, but I’ve never been able to have the courage to do so. Please forgive me.”

“U-umu......? T-that’s alright......”

Tohka blushed while feeling awkward. However Origami did not pay attention to that at all, bringing the distance between the two even closer.

“I will turn over a new leaf from today onwards——I beg of you, Tohka. Please be friends with me...Buguhaaa!”

Her words had barely finished, Origami had already vomited blood.

No, truthfully speaking she did not vomit out fresh blood.

But for some unknown reason, it looked like she was throwing up blood......the cause of that was probably due to the accumulation of extreme stress.

Along with a sound, Origami got on all fours.



Kotori and the Yamai sisters stood up.

“You did a great job, Shidou!”

“Kuku......I see, so there was such a blind spot.”

“Understood. Meaning to say, if we can’t force you to submit then we should use a soft approach.”

Everyone else nodded their heads in somehow turned into a situation where Shidou had thought long and far in order for Origami to be successfully be set up.

Just as Shidou was about to explain himself, the telephone in the room rang——it seems that the time had already expired.

“Yes, yes.......alright, no problem, thank you.”

Kotori who had answered the phone merely glanced at Origami who was supporting herself on the table, she hung up the phone without requesting a time extension. Although the true king wasn’t decided, but since they had already dealt a blow to Origami, she felt better all of a sudden. It wasn’t just Kotori, the Yamai sisters too made expressions of glee. Yoshino let out a sigh of relief from the safe end of the game.

Tohka had spent some time panicking due to confusion, but she finally calmed down, releasing her fingers that were still interlocked with Origami’s, moving her hand onto the table with a surprisingly gentle touch.

“Come, time’s almost up, let’s go home now. Hurry, everyone lend a hand too.”

Kotori waved her hand and spoke as though urging everyone to tidy up.

“O-oohh. Yeah.”

So they all started to place the microphones back into the basket, gathering the trash into one place.

———Just at that moment.

“Ah...That’s right.”

Tohka raised her head as though she had remembered something.

“Hm? Is something the matter?”

“Umu. I just remembered, that Ai, Mai and Mii had told me of another game. This one seemed to be more harmonious——Hey, Shidou, how about we try it next time, the Pocky Game?”



Everyone who was tidying up the room, as well as Origami who was still on the table, their eyes lit up with a bestial glare once more.