Dark Civilization


Dark Civilization Volume 2 Chapter 7

Book 2 Chapter 7 - Sudden Illness! (突发疾病!)

On this notebook, there is a document.

Ye Chen slowly read the document.

The content of the document:

               January 24, 2012.

Xiao Feng, today is a good day, the United Nations have finally signed the document, approving of this grand research, once we have researched successfully, I will let you be the first to try it, haha…

                February 28, 2012.

Haha, today I finally met many well-known scientists from all over the world, like the apprentice of a medical scientist that successfully researched the miraculous operation of heart transfer, and the famous people from the medical and scientific communities, I'm extremely happy, the next few cooperation with them will definitely be very pleasant.

. . . . . .

                May 02, 2012.

Today, we have finally created a sample, and we quickly gathered a group of criminals, and plant it in their bodies, hopefully there will be some good results.

May 03, 2012.

It was a failure, it may be due to the huge number of excessive hormones which caused the bodies of the criminals to collapse, and turned into a pool of blood.

. . . . . .

              September 28, 2012.

We failed again, after injecting the genetic drugs into the criminals, their bodies mutated, their skin collapse, becoming blood-sucking zombies.

              March 12, 2013.

I had a dispute with those idiots today, they only know to blindly increase the nutritional elements, and had completely ignored the fact that whether the human body can bear or not.

              July 2014, 2013.

They finally listened to my advice, and began to cut down on the nutritional elements, and increase the amount of meditation medicine inside, we did some experiments on a white mouse, and the result was that a miracle was born, this white mouse unexpectedly became a large and robust, ferocious beast, and it was not weaker than a tiger at all!

              August 28, 2013.

The experiment finally succeeded, and we chose September 1st - this cheerful holiday to distribute, this experiment is absolutely a product that will crossed over centuries, allowing the human body to transform, and change us into new humans, Xiao Feng, I will definitely bring a bottle for you later.

              September 2, 2013.

Xiao Feng, perhaps when you receive this message, I may be dying, their sinister mouths aiming right at me from the iron frames, Hehe, I didn't expect, I would actually die in the hands of my work that I was so proud of.

The world on your side, is it already a mess on the outside, with these monsters rampaging?

On September 1st, from the surveillance camera, I saw a man dressed in black walking into the laboratory, and soon after, the storage room where the genetic nutrition dosages were stored exploded, yet there was no flammable materials or substances there, and to enter one will require a password, yet the black-dressed man unexpectedly walked in just like that…

It's useless to say so much anymore, now I will tell you the ways to survive in this apocalypse.

Firstly, the people around you, most of them will turn into zombies, even though we have researched successfully, we still don't know why such a situation have emerged. These zombies have the strength greater than any average human, and thus you cannot confront them directly.

However, God has not thrown us into desperate straits, in any circumstances, there is always a turn for the better.

These zombies, are in fact new humans who have fail to evolve, and reduced to become another type of organisms, called: Dark Creatures! In an ancient account of the Mayan people, for every thousand aeons [1], the Dark Creatures will descend to this world, and by then, that will be the birth of a new civilisation.

In the early periods, Dark Creatures lack the presence of thoughts, and only when they have reached a very strong level, will they then develop a basic level of thinking, and they also communicate with each other through brain waves, the weak only can unconditionally obey the strong. In the bodies of every zombie, there are mutagenic flesh, and these are formed from the solidification of the genetic nutrition dosage within the body, and contains plentiful energy, which when consumed, can greatly enhance and strengthen the body!

When you have become much stronger, you can go to the army, and together with them, establish a Base City. During the outbreak of the disaster, there were many scientists that had transfer some information and resources to their apprentice and possibly their friends as well, and thus not long after, Base Cities will be establish all over the world, and the secret of the mutagenic flesh will be made public.

Therefore, you must quickly enhance your strength in the early periods, so that in the later periods, you will be able to continue to survive.


Below the document, a lot of details were also talked about, Ye Chen swept through with a glance, as he looked up at Mo Feng while frowning, as he presumed that the one that sent him this document was either his master, or his friend.

"This document was sent to me by my master." Mo Feng's expression was calm, as he looked as Ye Chen and said: "I don't know why you know about this, but that's not important anymore, I had received some news, that next month, the military will be building a Base City in Beijing, and with your conditions, if you go to the army, I believe that you will soon become a brilliant figure."

"Going to the army…" A beautiful image of a woman flit across Ye Chen's heart, and he immediately nodded and said: "That's good, once the city has successfully set up, I will go."

In the Base City, if one pays enough living expenses, they will be able to safely reside in, at that time, his sister Ye Zhu and the others' safety will be more secured.

If he was by himself, to the ends of the world, he could go anywhere and everywhere he wants, but now, he is restrained by countless ways.


The doors of the elevator suddenly opened, and Bai Long rushed out, looking very anxious as he said: "Ye Chen, your sister fainted!"

Ye Chen's expression quickly changed.


His figure moved, and turned into a flash of light, as he charged towards the stairs, and with the blink of an eye, he arrived at the first floor, and rushed towards the dining room, as he immediately saw the sight of his sister collapsed on the floor, with Zhuge Fan and Yue Heng like ants on a hot wok, looking very anxious.

"What happened?" Ye Chen rushed towards the side of the table, and carried his sister at once, pinching her pulse.

"Her pulse is steady, and her breathing is normal."

Ye Chen's heart was slightly relieved, and shortly after, he turned his head towards Zhuge Fan and Yue Heng that were standing at the side and asked: "Why did she suddenly collapse?"

Yue Heng looked at him, and only saw a calm, cool-headed man, cold sweat actually appeared on his forehead as he quickly said: "Just now, she was preparing rice and had only take a few steps before she suddenly fainted."

Ye Chen frowned, as he tightly carried his sister Ye Zhu into her room, covering her with the beddings, as he looked at her delicate and adorable cheeks, his heart burst with pity. After a while, Bai Long, Mo Feng and the others came in.

Mo Feng walked next to the bed, as he examined her pulse, muttering to himself before he said: "I need to collect some of her blood to do some tests, so that we can know what illness or disease she is infected with."

Ye Chen nodded his head.

Mo Feng took out a syringe from his huge white coat, as he collected some blood samples, before leaving the room.

Ye Chen looked at his sister who was in a coma, a trace of weakness in his heart, even if he faced innumerable zombies, he could still clench his teeth and rush out along with his sister, but in front of this ineffable symptom, he was unable to do anything about it, making him feel extremely helpless.

"Don't worry!"

"She will be fine."

Bai Long and the others comforted him.

Not long after, Mo Feng had returned, his expression was somewhat unpleasant, as Ye Chen caught sight of his expression, his heart sank as he said: "Go ahead and say."

Mo Feng glanced at him and replied: "She has leukaemia, and probably, it's already at the terminal stage."

"Leukaemia, Terminal Stage?"

Ye Chen only felt his mind went "boom" and turned blank, as if a bolt from the blue, as he stupidly stood there for a while, before recovering as he opened wide his eyes and stared at Mo Feng and said: "You didn't say it wrongly? "

Mo Feng shook his head.

Ye Chen turned to look towards the bed, on the pure white bedsheets, laid a gentle and quiet girl, the past was like flickering lights and passing shadows, sweeping past his eyes.

"Big Brother, wake up."

"Big Brother, time to eat."

"Big Brother……"

Her gentle words, her laughing and talking, her smiling expression on her cheeks, bit by bit emerged in front of him.

Buzzing sounds echoed within Ye Chen's mind, Leukaemia is a type of cancer, and plus it is already at the terminal stage…

A thread of grief and indignation rose in his heart, and he punched the wall beside him.


That wall rumbled loudly as it shook, before it exploded and crashed down to the floor.

Bai Long and the others were clearly shocked, as they never seen Ye Chen like this before.

"Don't be worried yet, perhaps, it is still treatable!" Mo Feng suddenly said.

"It can be treated?"

Ye Chen suddenly turned around, a pair of nearly blood red eyes, closely staring at him and it was only after a while before he said: "Really?" His voice became hoarse and deep, as he dragged the words for quite long, as if he needed a lot of strength to say it.

Mo Feng pondered for a moment and said: "If it was in the past, we might not be able to treat it. However, her current constitution has already reached the strength of 12 men, and plus with the special mutagenic flesh, that has mixed together with the blood in her, perhaps, there is a 10% chance."

Ye Chen was stumped for words, but quickly calmed down and said: "As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I won't give up."

Mo Feng nodded and added: "The institute does not have her blood serum; we have to head towards the neighbouring hospital to find it."

Ye Chen pulled out a map from his backpack, as he quickly took a look, in the vicinity of the research institute, there is an hospital located east and was not far from here, and its scale was enormous, they should have the blood serum, immediately, he put away the map, as he equipped himself with the fire axe and the soft leather armour, prepared to go out.

"You are going alone?" Bai Long astonishingly said: "It's already night time, it's too dangerous to be outside."

Ye Chen didn't say a word, even if the gate is surrounded by monsters, they would be incapable of stopping him from going out, with each minute of delay, Ye Zhu's condition will be more serious!


Mo Feng suddenly uttered and said: "I'm going too."

Everyone was very surprised, amazingly looking at him, yet Mo Feng acted as if nothing had happened, as he took a soft leather armour, as well as a pistol and a fire axe.

Ye Chen glanced at him, not rejecting his request, as he said towards Bai Long and two others: "You guys help to take care of her here."

Bai Long clenched his teeth and said: "I will go too."

"If you die, I won't be responsible."

"I'm blessed with good luck; nothing bad will happen to me."


Author's Note:

Today I am a bit late…'sweats', the next chapter is a bit scary, I may write a bit late, but it will be out before 12 o'clock, I wrote till my heart trembled…

TL Notes:

[1]: 纪元 means era or epoch but I felt that aeons sounds better?

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