Dare ga Otome Geemu Dato Itta!


Dare ga Otome Geemu Dato Itta! Chapter 18 part2

◆◆◆◆◆◆ PART TWO

[Ugh, haa….Sheryl!]

Rafael struggled on top of the bed.

But the improved restraining clothes are sturdy, so no matter how much he struggles, there’s nothing like clothes ripping happening.

Because I’m aware of it, I kissed Rafael’s sweaty forehead.

[Un, you’re a good boy so just be patient for a bit.]

[Aah…. kuh…. nngh]

Looking at Rafael breathing heavily in my arms like this, how should I say it…. it feels good.

He will get me back for it later if I get carried away, so I keep it in moderation.

It would be good if we could mitigate the negative mana that accumulates in the body by activating magic, but in Raphael’s case the accumulation is more than his consumption, so I had to do it surgically.

How out of standard is it to not make it in time unless we use advanced magic

Since it such an amount, it’s extremely hard to accumulate enough positive Mana to balance his body.

It’s popular among the patients who are not in critical condition to eat foods abundant of positive Mana instead of using the magic stones.

It’s also included in Rafael’s diet, but it feels like a wasted effort as of now.

[Haa… ha….ugh, Sheryl, is it over yet?]

His breathing is rising up.

I used Mana detection and nodded.

[I think it’s about time.]

[Then…. ugh]

Rafael ejaculated the moment I opened the front button.

Rafael’s semen that vigorously flew landed on my face.


I think the facial shot is uncalled for.

[Haah, haah]

But since I know that it’s useless no matter what I say to Rafael who is limply sinking into the bed, I no longer said anything else and wiped the stuck semen with a towel.

He’s probably also sweating a lot due to the treatment.

I reached a hand towards the bedside, took the previously prepared cup of water and brought it near Rafael’s mouth as I lift his head to let him drink some water.

[Fuu…. please hurry up and let me loose.]

[When I think about what will happen after this, I can’t help but think that staying like this isn’t so bad.]

[Do you plan to finish this after having fun by yourself?]

[Mine was just the treatment….]

[You were having fun, weren’t you?]

I was exposed.

Because I can only take the initiative when it’s time for Rafael’s treatment, I hope he forgives me.

I reluctantly remove the buttons on the back of the restraining clothes.

Even though the Rafael in the restraining clothes looks quite charming. The person himself wants to take it off immediately, though.

When Rafael’s arms finally got free, he quickly took off the rest himself.

[Aah, I’m finally released.]

[You’re still not used to it?]

[You’re also not used to doing it with me either, right?]

I was hugged into his sweaty chest.

He lifted my chin up, his lips coming down.

I mentally told my loudly beating heart to calm down.

[Nnh, chuu… hu, isn’t it better to drink more water?]

[You’re right.]

Rafael poured water from the jug into the glass while his other arm is still holding me.

I silently watch his Adam’s apple move as he drinks.

[You drink, too.]

[EH!? Uhnn]

Rafael with water still in his mouth inserts his tongue, the water pouring in from there. The water that I couldn’t drink spilled into my neck.

When Rafael lets go from my lips, his tongue moves as if tracing the flow of the water.

Around my neck and collarbone, he sucked strongly that my voice leaked out.

[ah…. fu….]

[Fuu, aren’t you more sensitive than I currently am?]


It’s a terrible thing to say after attacking a person’s sensitive spot.

But when he pinches the protrusion in my chest, I’m no longer able to say anything.

The pain runs and that shortly after that part starts to feel hot. When he kneads it with his fingers, my fingers that’s grasping his hand is also filled with power.

[Haa….. Ah, ….. nngh, Rafael, don’t, only focus on that part]

[Because you’re feeling it? Or is it because you want me soon?]

As he asks those questions while nibbling on my earlobe, my back shuddered.

Without letting such a reaction pass, Rafael purposely caressed my back with his fingers. When those fingers reached my flanks and buttocks, my body reflexively moves.

[Hyah, Rafael, wait….]

[Sheryl likes it when I do this, right?]

I wanted to get away from Rafael’s caresses so I twisted my body.

However, Rafael’s fingers persistently followed me.

His other hand that has invaded under my shirt is also hateful.

[Look, this place has also gotten pretty hard, hasn't it?]

He directly pushed my nipple with the surface of his finger, adding power as he grinds against it.

Even when I catch his wrist to stop his movements, he’s not stopping.

With the heat Rafael brought, my breath also becomes rough.

[Haah! Ah…., Rafael, already….]

[You also want me to touch below? It’s completely gotten bigger. Are you aware that you’ve been rubbing against me for a while now?]

[I, haven’t…. ugh]

It’s the first time I noticed that our bodies are closer than necessary as he pointed out.

When I think about how I demandingly moved my own hips by myself, my face turned red with shame.

[I think it’s adorable, though.]

[I’m not, happy at alll]

[Then, should I say that you have a lewd body.

[Meanie….! Aahh, ngh, mnh!]

When I got pushed down on the bed and got completely stripped off my clothes violently, Rafael positioned himself between my legs.

While Rafael is strongly rubbing my buttock as if he’s enjoying its elasticity, he’s sucking on my chest and is adding a rhythm with his hips.

Even though he hasn’t put it in yet, my body is misunderstanding his realistic movements and is turning hot.

[Ahh! Ahh! Don’t, Rafa, el, I’m cumminggg….!]

[It’s fine, you also made me cum once a while ago after all.]

Even if I will say that it’s part of the treatment, Rafael probably won’t accept it.

While being urged, I gasped and released my heat.

[Ahh! Ahhn! Au…. ugh….!!!]

My thighs are cramping and I unconsciously dug my nails into Rafael’s arms.

A boiling sensation attacked my head and exhaustion followed afterwards.

[Ha….Aah, no way, Rafael, wait]

Ignoring me who is losing strength, Rafael’s fingers entered the hole.

Even if I wanted to run away, my body won’t listen so I have no other choice but to accept it.

The increased fingers together with the lubricant made squelching sounds, and the fingers that are penetrating deeply pushed a certain point.

[Ahh… Hah….ugh! AAAah! Yah, that place, no~!]

[There’s no mistake that this is the right spot. If you say that it feels good, I’ll pull them out.]

During that time, Rafael keeps teasing my prostate.

I couldn’t bear it and raised my voice.

[It feels good, it feels really good so! Sto, HAUU!]

Only after pushing it with more strength once more did he pull his fingers out.

My center member which just came was dripping from the tip.

[Fu, uugh…]

[Next, let’s feel even better, okay?]

[No way, no wayy…. ugh]

My tears overflowed from the huge mass that freely forced its way into my body.

I want him to stop. I want more of it. Contradictory thoughts revolves around my head.

[Haa…. Ah, inside….. it’s in… ugh]

[Yeah, all of it is in. Inside you, sure is, warm.]

The pressing feeling of being entered until the deepest part of me makes it hard for me to breathe.

When I opened my mouth widely to catch some air, Rafael’s tongue obstructed me.

[N!  Ngh, hey.... ugh…. Rafwah, I can’t breathe, mn!]

With our tongues entangled, my mouth is overrun.

When that movement stopped, the intensity of his hips’ movements increased.

[Yaahh! AH! AH! Inside, no moree!]

I’m afraid of going crazy from the pleasure being drawn out on every thrust.

The depths of my eyes fluttered every time I’m being rocked.

The sounds echoing inside the room nails into me.

[Ahn! Ahh, aah! Kuh…. ah…. no way, it’s coming, again!]

[You can cum, as much, as you like.]

Even when I shake my head in refusal, I can’t win against the assailing wave.

My body trembled while I was being pressed.



My sight is whiting out.

Rafael pulls out hurriedly and lets his semen out on my stomach.

I can feel the creases twitching after that presence suddenly disappeared.

My disturbed breathing still hasn’t calmed down.

But my consciousness is slowly fading away.


When the dinner party, I pushed Nicole on Noe.

Because Nicole has been acting with me the entire time, his time meeting with Noe had been reduced so I hope they’d take their time at this moment.

I found Miwa cooling herself in the terrace so I turned my feet towards her.

[Miwa, may I sit?]

[Go ahead.]

Sitting in the offered seat, I follow Miwa’s line of sight and also look at the lights spreading down the castle.

Miwa opened her mouth with her eyes still looking towards the castle.

[How do you feel? Well, I don’t even need to ask.]

[Thanks to you, I’m feeling good. Are you used to working as a healer?]

[I’m still a novice, though….. I never thought a day would come that I’d be able to talk with you like this. Since I thought I am banned from getting near you.]

[The current you is harmless.]

I’ve heard that the Karma value which was at 80 when we met at the research building is now 0.

Because of her constitution, Miwa is obligated to periodically check her Karma value in the hand mirror.

[What are you going to do if it suddenly changes?]

[Even if I get influenced by it, you’ll deal with it with the healing technique, won’t you? Saintess-sama?]

[.....Really, I can’t win against you.]

Ever since Miwa became a healer, from her devoted appearance, it can be said that she’s being treated as a saintess a lot.

Only a few people know that she’s the cause why Rafael suffers from the Dreaming illness, and it’s been covered up generally. It’s so it won’t cause unnecessary confusion.

[I thought I will definitely be gotten rid of once the cure has been established. I guess even someone like me still has her uses.]

Rafael said that instead of killing Miwa who is no longer a threat, while there’s still remorse remaining in her, it’s better to work her like a cart horse and more advantageous for the kingdom.

It’s often said that people are assets.

[Is it painful living in this world?]

[It is. But, you see, I decided that I won’t look back anymore.]

No matter how lonely I am. I want to live in order to not shame my family who have gone first.

Towards Miwa who was saying saw, I saw “Lydi” overlapping with her.

I once again think that she has always been Miwa and at the same time, Lydi from the beginning.

[What are you talking about? Can you not tell me about it?]

[Rafael, that’s not it.]

Rafael who appeared while carrying a glass selfishly sat beside me.

His hand placed on my thigh tickles.

[Even if you don’t bother showing that to me, I won’t steal him away.]

[I only want to show off so don’t worry about it.]

[I mind, though?]

Like this, Rafael didn’t allow me to be alone with anyone else.

I wonder if he can stop finding faults with even Nicole.

When Miwa who was asked by Rafael how things have been recently bitterly smiled, Felicy run up to us while carrying thin booklets.

[Older Brother! We have not yet finished talking!]

[How many times do I have to tell you I have no interest in going on a blind date!?]

Apparently, Rafael being Rafael, he’d been escaping from Felicy’s blind date attacks.

Although he has rescinded his right to the throne, there are countless women who are willing to birth Rafael’s child. It was also his daily life to be pressed by his relatives to leave an offspring.

[First of all, I told you not to make that kind of talk in front of Sheryl!]

[Oh? I have received Sheryl-san’s understanding, you know?]


Because of Felicy’s unnecessary words, Rafael’s target changed to me.

When speaking to Felicy before, just how much of the Mana capacity will get inherited, I can’t say that I got caught up in my interest in it even if I’m forced.

[No….. that, it’s not really good to refuse it based on just my feelings, right?]

[Considering His Highness’ Mana capacity….. Wanna make children with me?]


Towards the unbelievable words Miwa said, everyone on the scene looked at her with wide eyes.

Indeed if it’s a child with Miwa who has comparable Mana capacity with Rafael then…. Wait, that’s not it.

[Did you become interested in making a family…..?]

Miwa who has a trauma of losing her family, she has refused such existence in her life.

It looks like the reason she chose to go the harem route at school was to forget her sadness over losing her family.

[Hm, saying this might increase my Karma value but, you guys will raise it even if I give birth to it, right? And even though it’s not at the level of in vitro fertilization, we can still plant the seeds without doing the act.]

[....You mean a surrogate mother?]

[Yes, that! Don’t they have it here?]

[Sheryl, don’t talk about things only you guys can understand.]

While I was talking alone with Miwa, Rafael said with a gloomy voice.

My concern is other than that, I was sweating when Miwa talked about sowing seeds in front of Felicy.

But the person in question, Felicy, was acting as if it has nothing to do with her, so for the meantime, I pat my chest down.

[Explain it so I can understand.]

[Let’s see….. To put it simply, without becoming a couple, Miwa will only take on the role of giving birth to your child, then it will be all up to Rafael after that.]

[So you’re only lending us your stomach, and you don’t need custody?]

I frowned at how direct Rafael said it, but Miwa didn’t seem to mind as she nodded.

[I don’t want to have a family.]

[Miwa-san has about the same Mana capacity as my brother so I think it’s worth considering with regards to making a child. However, if so then you need to become Big Brother's family. Otherwise, it will be difficult to convince those around us.]

[Couples who only go through the motions of being husband and wife is quite a common story after all. Do you not like even that concept?]

[I wonder….. I think I can live just fine without being in a relationship with anyone….]

There’s no air of sadness surrounding the pondering Miwa.

But I know that there’s still a deep wound within her chest and I couldn’t forgive that.

In order to lighten the atmosphere, I said in a bright voice.

[Is Rafael now interested?]

[You said…. in vitro fertilization? I’m interested in it. As long as we don’t do the act.]

[Hm? Isn’t the point to insert the ejaculating part inside the v***na?]


It might definitely be as she said but for the interjection to come from an unexpected point, I can’t hide my shock.

Towards her next words, I can only be dumbfounded.

[It's a method often used by girls that want to make a fait accompli.]

[So it’s often used….]

[Even in the previous world, they take it from the used rubber (aka condom).]

[Enough already! I want to remain uninformed about it.]

A lot seems to be going on in the women’s world. I, right now, didn’t hear anything!

Even though I thought it’s going to be a medical talk since it’s about in vitro fertilization. No, IVF itself is so, but how did we come to such a vivid topic?

[IVF is a way to fertilize the egg with the sperms outside the body, then put the egg back inside a woman’s body….]

[That’s right, but isn’t it difficult in this world?]

[I guess it is….]

There’s also a surgery, but the treatment used is a healing magic.

It seemed to be difficult to reproduce the delicate work in this world.

[As I said, stop talking about things only the two of you can understand.]

[Big Brother, you’re too narrow-minded.]

A smile naturally forms upon seeing the familiar interactions of the two siblings.

Miwa who was watching it with me muttered.

[It’s not a, game, isn’t it?]

[That’s righ….t!?]

It suddenly grew dark in front of me.

The cause of the sensation I feel on my lips is Rafael.

[Who said this is an otome game? You guys should start talking about reality already!]

[Don’t sulk.]

As I wryly smile at the amazed ladies at the end of my sight, I give Rafael a light kiss this time.

I wonder if I will only remember my past life when I look in front of a mirror?

After all, the Trickster dreams inside the mirror, doesn’t he?


Thank you for reading until the end.