Dare ga Otome Geemu Dato Itta!


Dare ga Otome Geemu Dato Itta! Chapter 12 part4


As I stiffly sit in my wheelchair with a red face, Nicole watches me looking as if a smile might pop out his mouth.


[I’m glad that you’re getting along well with His Highness.]



Even when I turn to glare at him, Nicole was looking at nothing in particular and is not listening to me.


[I was just getting bullied, that kind of thing…]


My face gets hot just by remembering it.

What did he mean by, “This kind of crying face of yours is better”? Nicole’s laughter enters my ear as I was mumbling.


[Fufu, but you didn’t find it unpleasant, did you?]

[That’s…. right, but still.]

[If it’s Sheryl-sama, you could’ve stopped the other party’s movement through Mana manipulation.]

[The other party is a Royalty, you know? Besides, I promised Bellom-sensei I won’t use Mana carelessly.]

[If you say it like that, you won’t know what will happen next time, you know?]

[Wha, wha, what do you mean ‘will happen next time’!?]

[Then I will show an example right now.]



Nicole opens the door to Noe’s office while saying so.

Noe welcomed us with his usual cheerful smile.


[Hey~, welcome.]

[Sheryl-sama, please watch from over here.]

[What’s wrong?]


Nicole moved me in the corner of the room, facing the bed that was prepared before for our convenience.

Noe was looking at us who was acting differently from usual.

The next instant.




Nicole sweeps Noe’s feet and pushes him to the bed.

It was so sudden that even Noe wasn’t able to do anything but be shocked.


[Wait, Nicole, what’s going… tsu]


Nicole blocked Noe’s next words by sealing his lips.

As if to show me on purpose, he licked his lips, and in Nicole’s countenance, I saw Rafael’s image overlap as he did that thing to me before so I turn my head away.


[Ah, mn… Nicole, don’t…]

[What do you mean ‘don’t’?]


Noe seems to be trying to resist. But I soon realize his resistance was futile after seeing his clothes scattering right after.

Nicole’s tone also changed from when he usually talks to me.


[Even though Sheryl-kun is here.]

[If you really don’t like it, you can use your full strength to resist me, can’t you? isn’t this part of your already standing up?]

[If you touch it like that, mn!]

[I just pinched it a little, and to think it’s right before the treatment, aren’t you too sensitive? Do you get excited while being watched?]

[You’re wro… Aahh!]


I can hear the sound of repeated sucking.

Even though I wish I could leave the room, I couldn’t move for some reason. (TN: SHERYL, CHANGE PLACESW/ ME!!!)

Although I thought they’re acquainted with indulging each other through Noe’s treatment, it looks completely different to me now.


[Ahh, ah….! Nicole, why, so suddenly…]

[It’s a lesson for Sheryl-sama.  Sheryl-sama, this must get used to it first.]


After being called by Nicole, I return my gaze back to them.

Nicole took off his clothes unnoticed, and he held Noe’s leg up as if to show me clearly as he buried his fingers in Noe’s body.


[Lubricant oil is used, but not so much as to overdo it. When it comes to Noe though, it will enter easily.]

[Kh, umn! Nicole, wait!]


Every time Nicole thrusts his fingers in and out, Noe’s body shakes.

His movements gradually hasten and the conjunction gives out a wet squelching sound.



[It should be about time. Sheryl-sama, please watch carefully. As you probably already know, doing this can make your fellow man feel good.]


Nicole lifts Noe from his back in front of me, who, for some reason is unable to take my eyes away from them. (TN: Holy ****! The picture is so vivid! I can see it!!!)

It’s literally showing off.

Nicole penetrated in between Noe’s widely open legs.



[Look, Noe. Sheryl-sama is looking at the lewd part of you that’s feeling good.]

[Ah, Sheryl-ku……Aaagh!]


The moment my eyes met with Noe’s, Nicole’s hips strongly thrusted in.

Ignoring Noe who couldn’t stop himself from arching his back, Nicole continues his action.

Every time he’s touched, Noe let’s out a loud cry.


[Ah! Ah! Ah!]


With his hair disheveled, Noe’s tongue peeks through his widely open mouth.

I seem to see their body fluids caused by their passion gush out.

Noe couldn’t help crying out with each repetitive rhythm.


[Ah! Aah! Nicole, I’m cu…… I’m cumming……!]

[Good. Make sure to let Sheryl-sama see the moment you cum.]


At that, I met eyes with Noe once again.

Noe’s eyes are on me as his body turns red, shuddering all over.


[Aa! N! Sheryl, kunn, AAAHH!!!]


I watch attentively as Noe finishes.

Although I took my eyes off at the beginning, I wasn’t able to look away from halfway until the end.

While Noe is breathing roughly, Nicole pulled himself out from Noe’s body and released his heat on top of his(Noe) body.


What was the start of all this?

I think it’s about whether I could go against Rafael or not.


[Sheryl-sama, were you able to understand it?]

[…But Nicole, Rafael was only teasing me.]


Having such a beautiful bride, I don’t believe that Rafael is thinking  of doing something like that to me.

When I answered like so, Nicole started rubbing his eyes.


[I also feel sorry for His Highness.]

[….By the way, can you start explaining about this situation?]


Noe raises his body after gaining his breath.

While wiping away the stains of Noe, Nicole explained the incident that happened to me today.

After Noe listened to everything, he reacted the same as Noe.


[I think Rafael-kun’s behavior is quite obvious, though.]

[It’s probably because Jule-sama’s skinship is too intense that you don’t notice how special you are. Or is it that your being a Dreaming Illness patient gets in the way of your thinking?]

[Even if he’s a patient of the Dreaming Illness, there’s a limit to how much it could obstruct one’s mind. In the first place, if that’s the reason then I would’ve acted the same way]


Noe converses with Nicole with his still disheveled clothes.

Since we’re going to do the treatment, will be okay to remove his clothes?


[I guess we can observe for now.]

[If outsiders say something regarding this matter, not a lot of good things will come out either way.]

[I will have a talk to Rafael-kun to prevent his reason from flying away.]

[I leave it to you.]


Probably finished with their talk, they both raised their heads at the same time and looked at me.

They seem to get along pretty well recently.

Whether it’s suddenly pushing him down or carefully wiping his body, I wonder if the two of them are dating?

At least, to me, he’s treating him differently compared to the time he was with the kitchen boy back at home. (TN: That surprise ecchi scene on the first chapter.)


[Sheryl-kun, can you do the treatment?]

[If Noe is fine with it then I don’t mind. By the way, are you two going out together?]


In order for the treatment to commence, I also climb up in the bed.

After being confronted with the question directly, the both of them each took both my hands.

Noe kissed the back of my right hand, Nicole did the same on the back of my left hand.


[Even so, my only master is Sheryl-sama.]

[I can’t think of anyone else as his master other than Sheryl-kun.]


Ye, yeah, I can accept this answer positively, right? Why can’t the both of them give an answer properly?

Having the atmosphere change suddenly, the both of them leaked out a bitter smile while I decided to concentrate on the treatment.