Dance With The Devil


Dance With The Devil Volume 1 Chapter 4


『Vala is really kind』

When he summoned me, Yuuya was wearing black clothes both above and below. It seems that was a school uniform. I was told by him afterward.

Yuuya laughed, he told me I might not be able to wear it.

Summoning a demon is not something that anyone can do easily.

Even if the art and spell are already perfect, that alone will not reach our ears.

What that needed is “strong feeling” that is strong enough to reach the demons’ ears. When considering that, Yuuya had that strong feeling, but contrary to his appearance.

I want to live, that was his wish.

『Because I would honestly agree. If I think that you are an angel, isn’t they easy to take my soul too? 』

There was no human is aware that I which they summoned is a demon. But, Yuuya is the first human that found out who I am, Are you Valafar? I was being asked by him.

I nodded. There was no choice but to nod.

It was me who fell in love with the boy’s straight eyes first.

『And from all that, you are truly gentle……』

Yuuya smiled and placed his hand on my neck. I embrace Yuuya’s thin body.

『I love you. Vala. I love everything about you, whatever you are devils or angels.  I love you……』

Yuuya whispered with a small voice which was unbearable.

I always wanted to stay like this.

While I embraced Yuuya, time must stop.

A human and a demon. We were in love with each other, on a boundary line that we could never meet.


With a sluggish body, I was shaken.

Ah, it’s a dream Even though I know, in this moment I tortured by the most of my hopeless feeling.

When I opened my eyes a little, I just could see a chestnut hair. That Lilim, this time I really wanted to blame that chestnut hair.

「Vala-sama. You will catch a cold」

He~e. Can he use such that polite tone? …… Can’t he.

I was suddenly realizing when I awakened, the one who shake me, in a normal way is that angel.


「It’s Laila. Vala-sama」

I have slept, with leaning my back at the armchair.

How much time passed from that day, until the Sunlight passed through the window. Sunlight basically can’t shine at the Hell. The lump of darkness always keeps spread. But sunlight for some reason shines on my territory. The sun rises, and the sun sets.

One day already passed, I didn’t know if my magical power worked, Laila was standing up and moving.

「I already said that you must leave」

Hell’s air is poisonous for angels. Aside for an angel, as a low-rank angel, it will be stifling just by being here. You should leave the Hell soon.

「I am sorry.  I was occupying Vala-sama’s bed」

Ma~a, that’s right. No, actually there were many rooms, but it can’t be helped, because now I always stay around indoors, because of my spare time I have to fire all my servant, so there is no servant to arrange the room. I don’t want him to lie down in dusty bed.

So now it’s just Lilim who takes care of my personal belonging. But this guy expertise is sexual intercourse, so he can’t do things like cleaning. However, because he takes care of me, Ma~a I will do my best too, That guy as well. I have to compliment him when he comes back.

Laila is feeling useless, he made his eyes moist. Oi stop it! Even if you feel it pity.

「Because I served you, I will not cause inconvenience, Vala-sama. Please give me whatever your order」

However, I was dumbfounded at the word’s bomb that I got after that.

「What the hell are you saying. You are not serving me! Get out immediately」

「No way I don’t wanna」

He rejected it clearly. My mouth became open, and looked down at Laila who is prostrate at my feet.

「From now, I will be Vala-sama’s servant. I swear loyalty to you」

「I refuse!」

Laila moistened his hazels eye, and looked at me.

「Your reason is?」

「My reason, because you are an angel!」

「Then I want to become a fallen angel」

I become speechless again and my mouth became open.

He will become a fallen angel if I declare him to be a fallen angel. There are two ways to make an angel fall.

One suggests an angel, to rebels against God.

This method is difficult. The low-class angels are unable to breaking into the shrine where the God live because he possesses his sword. Probably, before doing that I think you must raise your class first. Angel’s class is thoroughness. There is no one except Lucifer-sama that can raise the revolt against God. You can’t do it, unless you have big power.

The fastest way is the next method.

It’s to rape an angel. If the demon rapes an angel, he will fallen quickly.

According to Lucifer-sama, those who have fallen have original ability of an angel. Most people don’t know, most fallen angels are raped by demon.

Whether it was raped by a demon, or you want to do sexual intercourse with a demon, if you do with a demon, you become fallen and become a demon.

Now this guy, told me that he wants to sex with me. I held my head.

「So you, don’t have any desire on me……?」

Lilim and Laila moistened their Hazel’s eye.

For an angel, Lila’s appearance is perfect.  Hazel’s eyes and red lips like cherry-peach are pure and beautiful.  I think there will be many demons will drooling because tempted and want to eat him.

But my taste is boy too…… No, different, different.

「That’s not the problem. You are going to become a demon」

「I would be happy to serve you, sir」

「Don’t say stupid words!」