Dance With The Devil


Dance With The Devil Volume 1 Chapter 3


There is only one bed in my room to lie down. So I lay that angel on my bed.

「No way, I didn’t do anything at all」

When I tried to rip his clothes that dyed with blood, I frowned my eyebrows. His back didn’t have a trace of his cloth stabbed by a sword. Yet it stained with blood. When I tore his cloth, his wound became exposed.

(TL Note: In the previous chapter, Vala just guessed he was pierced by a sword. Please read again carefully before asking a question please.)

His chest wounds, were burned badly. It’s not a wound slashed by a sword. But it’s a burn. The wide are small. The burn mark is around his heart area.

It’s similar like shots by a fireball.

「Do you have been attacked by a demon that controls fire?」

Demon flame. There are many of these shooters that can aim to hunt him down. Ma~a, if it’s just a bruise, I will manage to heal him somehow.

I put my palm over the wound, I poured my magical powers. However, his burns scratches were hard to heal, even though I have poured quite of a strong magical power.

「It didn’t cure……?」

Even though I haven’t tasted human soul for years, has my magical power weakened?

So I thought it was suspicious.

This wound, Is it a burn? If you had been attacked by a fireball from the demon, Should it was able to burn all of his clothes? Moreover, this wound didn’t have a sign of magical power residues.

When I checked his torn’s cloth. Linen that worn by a lower rank angel, is undoubtedly stained by a fresh blood. Does the blood come out so much from the burn wound? Furthermore, seems like this splashing of blood……this is …… that’s right, seems like this angel―――― completely soaked by splash-back from his opponent.

I looked down at the angel who fainted with pallor.

This angel, where on the heaven are you from?

「Where I am ……」

As soon as I held my hand on his forehand, the angel woke up. The color of his pupil was clear hazel.

Oops. I thought about reading his past, but I mustn’t do it.

(TL Note: This sentence is said ‘past’ … Not sure about this because this translator already read the whole chapter long time ago and I am sure this is a typo from author-sama… hrrm… let me correct in the future.)

The angel, scuffed in an unfamiliar bed, and astonished because seeing me refrained from his side.  It seems his pain appear because he vigorously raised his body. The angel screamed and crouched down.

「It is impossible for you to get up now」

I let the groaning angel lay quietly on the bed.

「I am Angel who is serving Archangel Uriel, my name is Lyla … ….” 」

「Don’t talk now. It would be painful for you」

The angel breathes heavily, and shook his head to express ‘no it’s okay’.

「Thank you very much for your kindness nursing…… a lowly rank like me, I cannot thank you enough」

I was laughing at myself.

I know that the world of angels has a rank. From the moment angels are birth, they classified into the third-lowest rank angels. Whatever the lower person is and no matter how low he is.

The power’s difference is everything for all demons.

But that’s not the reason why I laughed at myself. Because that was a fundamental mistake to judge everything.

「My bad, you are misunderstanding」

An angel blinked and looked back at me with his Hazel’s pupil. I suddenly smiled at him. The angel’s cheeks blushing, and suddenly he smooths his eyes.

Ah, it’s seemed this boy is easy to fall in love.

「I am a demon. Not an angel」

I definitely declared myself, but the angel opened his mouth.  It was a face which seemed to want to say that he couldn’t understand what I am saying.

After seeing this, Lilim says 「as I expected Master more suited with white color after all!」  And it’s exactly like what he says, only white clothes can be worn by me, it can’t be helped if people think I look like an angel.

Don’t even mention it to happen in the future I will put suitable clothes to wear!

「Oh you are joking…… Noble gentlemen like you, I have never met anyone other than my lord」

Noble gentlemen, ridiculous words suddenly come. Seems like my teeth loose.

I wholeheartedly sneer with a voice.

「It’s not fun. This is Hell, I am a demon. You were lying in my territory」

The Angel held his breath, he gazed around with his eyes slowly while lying down.

Sleeping bed with a canopy hanging many layers of lace, windows, sofa with purple cloth stretched, wooden cabinet. Just seeing all of this only, you will recognize where this place.

Ma~a, I wonder if a mere angel easy to be able to notice this is a demon headquarters.

I held my hand behind my ears, and scooped my hair that grows up till the knees. The angel held his breath, when he saw my black wings that appeared at the same time when the golden hair fluttering. In addition, I looked at the two ugly horns that grew in my head, and this time he lost his complexion.


「Duke Valafar」

The angel trembled and placed his hands in his mouth. His eyes opened very wide because of a tremble with a fear.

Ma~a, that was natural. Only high ranking angels or demons have wings. Angel with the lowest rank among angels doesn’t have wings.

This is his first time he saw a demon with black wings like this.

「That’s a fact. You better to moving quickly as possible as you can move」



When I tried to return, I heard a small murmur from the angel sound, so I stopped my leg.

「How beautiful. This is my first time I saw a beautiful person like you」

Ha~a. Why this angel’s appearance like a guy falling in love who put such a frontal line. I will not forgive this angel.

If this dense angel is successfully fallen in my beautiful appearance. My solution is, to make he think my appearance is exactly as he said.

「Okay, angel」

「His name is Lilim」

I instantly pointed him, and lost a word for a moment.

「Lilim…… Do it」


His Hazel eye that looked up at me was shining brightly. Oh my, I really were in trouble.

「My appearance is a mimicry」


I will question back to you. I guess this boy is a straightforward angel.

「Yup. I can resemble the figure of an angel. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to fool you or a human? 」

Demon is generally beautiful.

If you are ugly, humans would be scared and don’t approach you.  If my appearance is not beautiful, I can’t sign a contract, I can’t tempt an angel.

That’s why demon is usually beautiful. Among of them, they mimic the angels themselves. If you assume that demon is an angel, your opponent is so careless.  Some of the humans that I hunt so far didn’t suspect me as an angel until the end.

Because I didn’t tell them that I was the demon, my contractor’s soul is eaten by me while being ecstatic.

「If you too much being influenced by demon’s appearance, you would be despised in the blink of an eye. 」

「Wow you guys are pretty and beautiful」

The angel’s hazel eyes sparkled and said that words very clearly.

Because of that, I just can sigh.

Even I can’t tell how many times I sighed now. This boy, Isn’t his head is somehow lacking something?

「If you really have a bad mind, you should have deceived me in the blink of an eye and make me a fallen angel. I wonder if you have any trouble with my words?」

I frowned my eyebrows.

「But, you didn’t do that, and even explained that you are a demon. Furthermore you nursed me who is an angel」


「”It’s not just your appearance. How beautiful you are, and you are very gentle」

I turned around this time and opened the door which leads to an utterly dark corridor.


「Anyway, get out if you can move」

I said that words without looking at the angels.