Dance With The Devil


Dance With The Devil Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1.

“I love you, Vala.”

The lingering voice in my ears still had traces of youth.

Yuuya was around fifteen years old. When he laughs, a dimple appears on his left cheek. White, delicate neck that seems like it would break anytime. Pale beckoning fingers.

“I love you, Valafar.”

Yuuya had always looked straight at me. Despite my soul looking like it would vanish soon, Yuuya held powerful ardour to summon me. He kissed my cheeks several times. He continuously held my body while it quickly disappeared before him.

I loved him.

The human boy who had only been alive for fifteen years. I probably wouldn’t love anyone as much as I loved him.

Even before him, even after him.



I abruptly woke up.

Someone was leaning on me.  I was bad at waking up so it took me several minutes to understand that someone was kissing me.


Lilim raised a saccharine cry, nyaaan~, as I forcefully shoved off his slender body. When I surveyed the vicinity, there was the familiar scenery of flowers beyond the brick wall. This is the terrace of my castle. I had fallen asleep on the couch at the terrace.

“What are you going nyaaan~ for? Don’t let out such strange voice.”

I scowled at Lilim. If I get attacked on countless occasions while asleep, I also get used to a conditioned response.

“How cruel, Master~”

Lilim toppled over to on the lawn with a flop and raised his big, beautiful black eyes to glare at me. There were two cat ears on top of his head.

“…What’s that.”
“Cat ears play. It’s popular in the human world right now. Saying nyan~ nyan~ while doing lewd stuff.”

Human lust is really inexhaustible. It has nothing to do with me though.

Lilim is well-informed than me when it comes to the world of humans. This guy cannot live without humans. Lilim is an incubus. He absorbs vitality from his partners through sex. His partners are mainly humans.

Furthermore, he can change gender at will depending on his partner’s preference. He’s an incubus but if his partner’s a male, he can be a succubus. Humans entranced by Lilim drown in the pleasure of sex and finally meet their death when their souls are eaten.

Lilim wiggled his slender body and rubbed his hips against me. His poorly-covered body is of a male’s. Moreover, a boy in his early teens. I frowned.

“Hey Master, have sex with me?”

With his glossy black hair and cloudy eyes, he obscenely invited me. Lilim brought his soft, ripe lips closer while he seductively rubbed his waist against me.


However, far from anything like nyaaan~, Lilim cried out without a hint of seductiveness and jumped back. It’s because I shoved my index finger into his lips.

“So heartless! Idiot Master!”

Lilim protests with watery eyes, completely missing the point.

“So you thought I like young boys?”

“Huh? But in your dream…”

As I thought, this guy peeked into my dream. An incubus is also known as a dream demon. They can scan another person’s dream. Being approached naked by the person they long for in a dream, let alone humans, even demons are helpless. In a sense, this guy is probably the strongest demon. However, it doesn’t work on me.

I casually waved my hand while roughly shaking my head.

“If you want to do it, go down the human world.”

Although Lilim’s glass-like eyes moistened, I secretly braced myself and did some preparations.

“I want Master to do me~”

“I already said I don’t have a fetish for young boys.”

“That’s a lie, ~mon. Master hasn’t hunted humans for years, right? Aren’t you almost starving? I’ll give you some so…”

Lilim covered my lips with his sticky, damp limps. His hot tongue entered inside my mouth. Even though he was just licking the inner walls of my mouth, a numbing pleasure runs through my body. His saliva is as sweet as honey.

Nothing less from an incubus. His body fluids are all honey. This should be the energy he sucked from humans. Lilim always shares his power to me in this method.

“Yup, it’s done!”

I pulled the back of Lilim’s hair and remove his lips from mine. It’s because he’s going to do it for a long time if I’m let my guard down.

Aahn~ What was that just now~”
“I don’t have a little boy fetish.”
“Idiot Master~!”
“Don’t enter without permission, Barbatos.”

I groaned without looking behind me. Still clinging to my neck, Lilim titled his head in wonder then eventually shouted with joy.

“Lord Barbatos!”

I turned around. A man appeared in the middle of the room. Half of his face is covered with a steel helmet. His strong body was clad in armor and a sword was hung from his waist. This guy entered another person’s castle again.

“Shall I appreciate this exhibition?”

“You really have bad taste, as always.”

“But you’re a really praiseworthy guy, refusing the temptation of an incubus.”

“Right~?! Master is really cruel!”

Lilim immediately got away from me and clung to Barbatos. Barbatos comforted him, “there, there” while fondling Lilim’s ass obscenely.

Nyaan, Lord Barbatos, really~”

Lilim wriggled and shook his butt. His black tail stood and swayed back and forth. The cat ears and tail look like they’re draining his strength.

“Despite having an incubus as a subordinate, which is the greatest luxury, your Master is really heartless, huh?”


Lilim raised his dissatisfaction while purring from Barbatos’ ministrations.

“But this time, it’s because your method was just a little bit wrong, Lilim.”

Lilim titled his head to one side while pursing his lips. Why, he seema to ask with his expression, but it’s fully obscene. “Don’t make an indecent expression using his face,” I wanted to yell.

“It’s that face. As long as you disguise yourself with that appearance, Vala will never have sex with you.”


Looking at me who reigned him harshly, Barbatros shrugged his shoulders while saying “Ooh, scary.”

“Did you come here just to say those things?”

“Of course not. I came to see your state. ”

I lowered my eyes.