Cthulhu Gonfalon


Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 41

As soon as A Xue took action, her and the kid's momentums immediately changed to another level.

Her momentum was completely different from Sui Xiong's as it didn't only give off the high and boundless kind of feeling from a God, but it was also powerful and ferocious. It was more like the kind of energy that could make everyone's spirit frightened like they met their natural enemy. It was the kind of mighty energy that could be found on the creatures on the top of the food chain.

The look in her eyes also changed. The previous one, which was not any different from an ordinary person's, now turned into a golden red color. Her fair face, which was a little fat, was covered with black and blue runes. Tiny scales appeared on her body; horn and side-whiskers beside her ears started to grow as well, which made people tremble with fear when seeing this.

"Frost, close the door! Graupel, activate the formation!" She coldly said, "And, Phil! Kill him!"

Following the command, the peculiar kid named "Frost" immediately jumped out, stood with A Xue and confronted Sui Xiong. Just with one step, he had reached the door. Only with one swing, a loud pounding sound resonated heavily at the door. After that, a streak of blue and white light showed up under their feet and appeared in the air in the middle of the grocery store in a blink. It was obvious that there was someone powerful casting magic in the dark.

At the same time, a sound of heavy footsteps transmitted from inside the house. It was the sound of metal boots walking on the wooden floor.

Sui Xiong of course would not naively wait for the enemies to complete their formation after they had surrounded him. He screamed out loud. Dozens of tentacles shot out at the same time with the attack of A Xue and "Frost". Another tentacle went straight to the room to block the way out of that person.

At this moment, he had figured out those people's identities in this store. He wasn't merciful at all when launching the attack-----even if a god wanted to show mercy when confronting a besiegement from several Giant Dragons, it was definite that he didn't want to deal with that overly thick skin and want to seek for other's help to destroy it instead.

It was like playing a game. A top player in the game world could beat "I want to fight with you" amateur player but what if he faced a higher level player? What was the difference between that and a fight!

For example, in a soccer match, if Brazil gave up ten balls for China, there would be no problem -----but what if the one they gave up the ten balls for was for Russia!

Along with shrieking wind sound, the ice power turned into tentacles going straight to the target. Two of them struck a pincer attack on Frost. Other eight besieged A Xue. One blocked the room. The remaining four shielded Palin up. In the meantime, Sui Xiong was still constantly condensing ice power to create more and more tentacles, trying to enhance his attacking power.

After closing the door, Frost had turned into a half dragon half human shape, which had a dragon's head, dragon's claw, dragon's tail, and a human body. His entire body was red and extraordinarily tall. He waved his two claws in the wind. Every time it waved up, a wind-tearing sound came up, which was like the sound of a dancing blade. Sharp claws and tentacles constantly hit each other, sending out crashing sound in unbroken succession. It was like a group of great Hercules waving their hatchets to dig a hard ice block.

However, his strength was still as before, weaker than Sui Xiong's. He was beaten again and again. If it wasn't for the tail's support, he would have soon been defeated and lost.

Sui Xiong and A Xue's fight was different. At this moment, A Xue had turned into a big group of white and blue ice lights. Her appearance was basically unable to be told. The eight blocks of ice light surrounded the four giant tentacles. They entangled each other and were covered by an eccentric frost layer at the same time. Two ice layers wrapped around each other, constantly eroded each other. Even though, there wasn't even a sound coming out of that scene, it put Palin on tenterhooks when witnessing the battle.

As a shaman, although his capability was not strong, his vision was basically not bad. Highness Hollow Mask had taken the upper hand in the battle with that half human half dragon kid. He absolutely had no possibility of losing in that battle. However, he was still stuck in the battle with the lady boss. The dark magics of both sides were eroding each other. The dark power was trying to take control over the ice power. This kind of battle was the most dangerous one, which had countless hidden dangers. They were like two shamans using magics to fight against each other. It was the fight between the control over dark magic and the accumulated god power. Once he exposed his weakness, the enemy definitely would take advantage of that to attack. When that time came, he was either dead or severely wounded!

As for the last battle, Sui Xiong basically didn't try to attack inside the room. That tentacle flew over and directly broke the room door, turned into a solid ice wall blocking the door, preventing the enemy from getting out.

He had made up his mind from the beginning of the battle to separate the enemies, divide and rule.

When a lion caught a rabbit, he should also be careful a little bit, and should not give the enemy any chance to fight back!

In short, his strategy was perfect. If nothing unexpected happened, he could knock out the fellow named Frost first then control the lady boss A Xue, finally tidy up their reinforcements.

But a surprise would always happen in the end.

An explosion sound came up. A reddish brown shadow not far away from that broke the floor and dashed over here. That was a fellow in a half dragon half human shape. He appeared a little shorter than "Frost". But his energy was also the same, incredibly powerful. Yet, he didn't go rescue Frost or attack Palin. On the other hand, he went straight to the room.

Sui Xiong was surprised at heart. He used his two tentacles to block him. This reddish brown shadow didn't plan to use force against force. His body bent down, almost hit the ground, sliding past the two tentacles to reach the sealed door.

This half dragon half human fellow roared then swung up his claws, brutally smashed the ice wall.

At the same time, the man inside that room also launched an attack on the ice wall.

Following the loud bang sound, the ice wall directly shattered. A sturdy man who was covered with a thick armor and a huge sword on his back stomped his feet and came out. But he didn't immediately attack, asked in a low tone: "Are all of you thinking of destroying the Dragon Roar Town?"

Both sides were simultaneously surprised. Their hand movements unconsciously slowed down.

"Snowflake, I've soon told you, your action is like playing with fire. Sooner or later, trouble will find you." Standing on the ground that was filled with broken ice pieces, the robust man in the thick armor spoke in a low muffled voice, "You see, the trouble has come now!"

Palin coincidentally realized this man. He was a merchant from the Northwest Four Towns.

"Are you "Armored Devil Sword" Phil? That famous knight-errant?" He couldn't stand but surprisingly ask, "How can you end up in the same place with the dragons? Are you perhaps the Giant Dragon?"

His guess was very logical. Judging from the current situation of the "Good Eyesight" grocery store, it was clearly run by a bunch of Giant Dragons in human shapes. And the one stepping outside of that room must also be a Giant Dragon or something like that.

"He is neither dragon nor human." Sui Xiong said. Due to the fact that he had slowed down his fighting to discharge his spirit to pry into the real situation, he then came across an eccentric sight. "To be honest, I am also really curious what on earth he is---------the armor is completely empty inside. There aren't any traces of spirit existences. Truthfully speaking, the thing that has left the deepest impression on me from his entire body is the sword on his back."

"A buster carrying a good sword." An adventurer called "Phil" spoke with a mechanical tone, "I still question about the same problem a moment ago. Do all of you really think of destroying the Dragon Roar Town?"

"That's right! Stop fighting! Stop fighting!" Palin helped dissuade. "If you keep fighting like this, before all of you can find a winner, the Dragon Roar Town might be finished first!"

At this moment, ice energy was hovering around inside the room. Both sides were good at using dark power. Just with scattering ice energy, the temperature inside the grocery store had become surprisingly low. The thick frost layer covered everything that lacked protection. From the eyes looking out, almost everything was frozen inside the ice block.

However, Palin still could see very clearly as the magic formation covering the grocery store had had a crack during the battle. The freezing coldness inside the house had penetrated outside. He could imagine how frighteningly cold the air inside the grocery store had gotten to. Any resident or adventurer who by chance came across this and breathed even a little cold air would tremble due to the cold---in fact, when they were talking, some sneezes constantly came up from outside the store.

This ice energy magic formation was being confined inside the house. Once the battle got more intense, the entire magic formation would be broken, and the big amount of cold air would be spread outward. That kind of scene...

When thinking of this possibility, even though Palin was under the protection of Sui Xiong's dark power, he couldn't help but shudder.

It was not only like that. The opposite party had got the reinforcement, and thus, the battle might reach to another level. He remembered about the battle Gerrard had told him. The battle happened when Highness Hollow Mask came to save Gerrard: A great God turned into an ash-gray Giant Beast with dozens of tentacles in the sky. Every tentacle was sturdy as a mountain. The enemy was like a forest. Each tree in the forest was like an avatar of itself and tentacles.

That intense battle had made the sky change color; mountains turn into lowland, forests turn into ashes. Consequently, there were still many deep traces from the fight on the ground. The aftermath of the collision was like a daytime light shining over the Shadow Surface.

If Highness Hollow Mask and the three Giant Dragons along with the famous "Armored Devil Sword" in the Northwest Four Towns fought with full power, even if the situation wouldn't become as terrifying as that time's battle, it would be absolutely very large-scale, and would implicate many other people. Moreover, the exposure of the cold air.... once the battle really started, the residents of the entire Dragon Roar Town would be downed to one-tenth, and those survivors would be considered extremely lucky....

This kind-hearted little shaman didn't really want such a situation to happen. Therefore, he really tried hard to persuade both sides, and used all of his own words that he had learnt from the Old Suo Si to negotiate vividly and thoroughly.

His effort as well as "Armored Devil Sword" Phil's advice had finally succeeded in persuading those three to stop fighting, to sit down, and use words not fists in solving the problem.

Only a short while later, the cold air which had originally filled up the grocery store was gone. Both sides, who were fighting hard against each other a moment ago, had sit back together. Except for the trace of fighting on the floor, an epic fight just now that had almost destroyed the entire Dragon Roar Town disappeared without a trace as if it had never happened.

Everyone who was sitting on the table had gotten rid of their fighting states and completely recovered their usual appearances.

Of course, the three Giant Dragons from the Dragon Tribe no longer used their disguising human appearances anymore but turned back into their true forms.

If they didn't want to fight, when facing a God, the very least requirement was to be courteous.