Cthulhu Gonfalon


Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 19

It would take about ten days for a normal person to walk from the pyroxene town to the dragon roar town. An adventurer would take about the same amount of time to travel there by horse. Because when they had to find accommodation in the town, the distance between those two was not much different. It was about one day walk. Unless someone was scared of dying in this dangerous barren mountain range nearby, decided to sleep outside, or ride horse for one or two days straight, no one could have expediently arrived at this place..

Sui Xiong and Gerrard didn't hurry. They joined with a group of traveling salesmen to form into another group walking toward the Dragon Roar Mountain.

That evil dragon, which was known as the "cold tyrant", had been in the Dragon Roar Mountain for more than five decades. It was also not in a hurry to move its house.

They couldn't rush anyway. The key in facing the evil dragon was Sui Xiong's noumenon, "Hollow Mask" Majesty Oscar. And now, Sui Xiong was in the underground near the Pyroxene town to do the secluded cultivation, adjust his own structure to adapt to the action in the mainland. Fixing such a huge body like this required a lot of works. It couldn't be done in a short time. Therefore, even though they had arrived at the Dragon Roar Mountain earlier, they just could temporarily stay in the town, collect some information. He couldn't let Gerrard go alone into that mountain to fight with the evil dragon.

"Big brother White, have you ever lived in the mountain? Is living in the mountain really hard?" A teen boy, who was about twelve or thirteen years old, from the caravan, used Gerrard's fake name - White to ask him countless things, bothering him a lot.

"... The activities in this mountain are very simple but also very boring, not worth mentioning."


In order to act conveniently, Gerrard chose a group of merchants to be his companions. A group of merchants was made from many caravans to keep watch and defend one another during times of danger----- if the danger was too big, they also could have easily found someone to suffer for them.

The scale of this group of merchants was really big. It consisted of seven or eight caravans. The companions they chose were composed of all the strongest caravans.

There was a caravan named "Lucky Gold Coin". The president of this caravan was a half Gnome named Sou Si, who was a hybrid between a human and a Gnome. He was a little bit taller than a normal person. His skin was slightly red but very rough. His really big eyes could see in the dark. His slender and quick body were born with two magics, which allowed him to become an adventurer and 'leave home to make his way in this world' like 'a fish back in the water'. Later, he quitted being an adventurer, established a caravan, becoming a traveling salesman.

The members of Big Uncle Sou Si's caravan were all his old acquaintances. It was very interesting although this caravan mainly did business with humans. But there was no one, who was one hundred percent human in this caravan. The owner was a half-Gnome. His guards were Orcs. One of his two business partners was a half-elf. The other was a dwarf. Even the temporary employers of this group were also aliens or hybrids. For example, a young shaman named Palin, who was in charge of accounting and liked gossiping with Gerrard, was a dwarf, a purebred Gnome.

In this world, there were many races that had wisdom. Among them, there were also many races with similar forms to the humans. Gnome, Dwarf, Elf, Orc were all the common types.

Gnomes and Dwarves were not tall. They were about one-third shorter than the humans. But do not mistake these two species. Because Gnome was a quick and intelligent species while the Dwarves was a strong and physical species. The first one was skinny and flexible, red skinned, big-eyed with long limbs. The second one was sturdy and strong with bushy and small eyes. Their voices were also resounding than normal people's.

Generally speaking, Gnomes and those hybrid dwarfs tended to choose to become shamans, or itinerant entertainers with their innate bloodlines, or wandering bards, or some kinds of businessmen----of course, concurrently, usually held pickpocketing. But Dwarf? Except for being soldiers, they rarely did other jobs. There were some Dwarfs choosing to be miners, blacksmiths, winemakers or chefs. But of course they were all good warriors, there was almost no exception.

The elf's tall body didn't look much different from the human's. It was just a little bit more sophisticated than the humans. Their characteristics had high magical and natural affinity. They were born to be able to display magic almost any time. However, they couldn't live in a non-natural environment. If they couldn't come back to their natural environment, they would then slowly become weaker, sicker then finally dead.

Therefore, elves always chose the forests to be their home. They were known as one of the two fiercest species in this world. During the time when the humans broke new ground, both species had possessed brilliant histories and formidable military forces. Having conquered the Gnomes and Dwarves, many Elf races had chased the fish Orc and Mankind like Mars hitting the Earth. They had fought till their heads were broken and their bloods were flowing. There wasn't anything that one could have done except to compromise in hopes of seeking an equal co-existence for the development of a united community.

Of course, the most recent new groundbreaking activity was around five hundred years ago. Except for those legendary long-lived powerhouses who had died a long time ago when both sides fought each other, the hatred between them had slowly faded as well. Right now, the relationship among the Elf and Humankind had gotten better than other periods. The Elf admired Mankind's multi-talented potentials and abundant vitality. The Mankind admired Elf's calm heart and gifted talents. They regularly met with each other. Little by little, many mixed children were born. They were called half-elves.

As for those Orcs, they were more likely leaning towards in being an unlucky and pitiful race. They had many different origins. But due to their loss in the war with the humans, they had constantly been expelled. They had finally mixed with each other, forming a somewhat trifling race. The Orc's ancestors didn't have any civilized history. Their civilization had been interrupted. Their ancestors had also been chased away from the land. Their inherited civilization became extinct. Meanwhile, they slowly became the symbol of barbarism and backwardness.

Sadly, the majority of these orcs had forgotten their civilized honor, chose to accept either the human or Elf civilization. In today's world, the Orc's traditional careers such as "Savage Fighter", "Frantic warrior", "Blood-soaked Swordsman", "Spirit Shaman" were getting lesser and lesser. The majority of those who qualified to be Orc's didn't choose to be warriors or knight-errants, but warlocks or priests.

Due to their developments with the Mankind, these occupations were born, which much more formidable than those ancient careers inherited from the Mankind.

Among the group of Orc merchants, the head of the "barbian rock" tribe, leader Ahan was a holy warrior, the successor who had been cleansed and inherited from the God Shrine. He preferred military force than illegal methods from the priesthood. His religious God was a little special, who was named "Steel Lion" Savage God. He was born to be an evil Orc God. However, he brought his subordinate out and formed a Kindhearted Camp.

Ahan and his subordinate were all Savage God's believers. Their armors and shields all had the Savage God's holy emblem-- which was a round golden lion claw. Especially the Ahan's shield, the holy light flickering inside of it was a blessed black art object in the God Shrine.

Sui Xiong paid attention to that shield. The golden halo that sometimes flickered from the shield somewhat felt familiar to him. After recalling his memory, he was sure that this light was familiar with the light from the God who had helped him when the Sleepless God attacked him.

In order to determine it exactly, he specially ordered Gerrard to ask Ahan some information about the Savage God.

Savage God was a God who really liked to travel to places that had injustices. They often changed into lion-men (one of the Orc types) carrying a shield and battle-ax, and a hammer on their waist. When they encountered Evil Gods, they would turn into a glaring golden lightning tearing the void, and fight with the evil god. Although their rank in the God system was just in the middle, their fighting force was extremely powerful. Not only once did they make all the mighty Evil Gods run for their lives. They could be considered one of the most powerful gods.

Sui Xiong remembered every detail about the catechism and religious sect's structure this God had taught him. In general, he could somewhat affirm that this Savage God has helped me at the beginning; moreover he is a Virtuous God.

Really good, only this one is already enough.

He had good technique, strong mind, not to mention a good leader. If I get a chance to follow him, it will definitely be very good.

Of course, if this human family had helped him PK, he would definitely pay back this favor.

"Gerrard, if a war really happens, focus on protecting Ahan." He said.

Gerrard was a little upset. He didn't know why the one he needed to protect was not the old SouSi, who had been in Jianghu for many years and his fighting force had significantly decreased, but a fighter like Ahan, who clearly knew how to fight. But the God's order was absolute, he completely complied.

But Gerrard could affirm that Ahan basically didn't need to be protected. Even though this lion-man wasn't equipped with weapons, he could directly face with a wild bear. Not to mention when he was fully-equipped, even the Wyvern couldn't do anything to him.

Well, today at dawn, they'd wanted to attack that Wyvern, but it had turned into a barbecue party. The old SouSi was cooperating with his companion cum chef - Wrought Iron to cook the meat with a strong wine. A part of the meat had been cooked. The drooling scent from the meat hovered around in the air.

After a long day of trekking, the group of merchants found a small village nearby to station. This was a big empty land, which was enough for several hundred people living in. Because this place was adjacent to the barren mountain, it was out of the affected area of the Ash Forest. The vegetation was shady, the grass nearby was luxuriant. The lively scene made Sui Xiong sastisified, who had been fed up with the blackish gray color.

At this moment, everybody was busy. But when the fragrance from the grilled Wyvern meat came up, almost everyone stopped for a while, someone even drooled.

The old SouSi and his other companion, who was called "Speed" half-elf knight-errant were processing the Wyvern, detaching its materials, its sharp claws, then his poisonous fangs, hard scales on its chest, and its solid outer layer.

Wyvern was a pretty ferocious monster type. Their menus were extensive. But their most favorite prey was the "weak two-legged walking beast"----aka, human. In fact, their most favorite job was to attack the herdsmen and caravans. Even under the circumstance where there was something they could eat, they turned a blind eye to cattle and sheep. They could be considered as the greatest enemy of human.

If it was on Earth, these fellows, who had clearly stated their enmity to the mankind, would be completely killed by any means, at most some of them would be kept and locked in the zoo for later research. On the other hand, in this outdated and savage world, including the mankind, all the races only took up one third mainland of the entire world. High sky and vast sky, everywhere could have this kind of enemy, which everybody had been familiar.

Anyway, they fought for real, the losers would be eaten, the winner---hahaha, the eating and being eaten relationship would be reversed!

At this moment, if they failed PK'ing, they would become a meal for the Wryvern.

At this moment, following the scent from four directions, Wrought Iron smiled heartfully, rang a small bell signaling that the meal was ready.

The bell sound had saved the curious baby-Palin, who was asking Gerrard about everything Nonstop. He quickly drew a round dot of "the Giant ecology". Little Palin hurriedly headed toward the campfire.

Eating was a good excuse. In the end, he could escape this kind of troublesome questioning.