Cthulhu Gonfalon


Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 116

"Frank, why did you come back?" Seeing his student coming back, Lei was not happy as he furrowed his brows.

"I want to fight, want to help you, and want to protect these refugees!" Frank was a little bit scared, but he still answered seriously.

"You go maintain order. That is helping me and protecting them."

"Having Liv on that side is enough. She will do very well. When teacher Parn was still young there were many devil creatures coming and going in the neighborhood of the Golden Tower City. He immediately trained a group of people, then raided for two months, and wiped out almost all the devil creatures, which could form into an army of a beast race. Liv is a daughter of teacher Parn. She has inherited his blood and talent, grown up under his education. She will maintain order, and lead the refugees to run away. She can do those jobs really well." Frank clearly had thought carefully, as he answered without thinking, "I won’t be much help anyway if I stay on that side. If I come to this side...at least... I can help you kill more fish people!"

"You want to kill fish people relying on your ability?" Lei sneered.

Frank immediately blushed: "Teacher... I am also very powerful! Not too long ago, I competed with some adventurers. I won some battles and also lost some!"

In fact, his competency was not bad. He was considered to be a qualified adventurer. If he was put in the Marine defense force, he would at least be a captain, leading six or seven people. In normal times, he could be alone in charge of a section. As compared to his newbie appearance a few months ago, he indeed had been reborn into a whole new person.

But to Lei, his ability was still lacking a lot!

"Where do you think this place is? Is this a martial arts competition between friends?" He exploded, "This is the battlefield where we fight against the invasion of the Sea Tribe! The ones you are facing right now are not the amiable and polite adventurers but a great army, which there are countless to kill! It is true that you have made great progress. Right now, you could be considered a not-bad adventurer, but it is still nothing when going against the Sea Tribe!"

He raised one finger, pointed at the group of fish people who had just been shot by a cannon, messily marching forward, and getting closer and closer to them.

"Don’t you see that?! See that number?!" He was angry, "Don’t you know in this fight that there are dozens of people killed if not more! But this is just a test attack!"

"You leave right now! Right now! Later when the battle really starts, you won’t be able to run away even if you wanted to!"

Frank lowered his head in silence for a while before holding his head up. Determination flashed in his eyes.

"Teacher, if I have come back, I don’t have any intention of leaving again!"

Lei was dumbfounded, he didn’t believe what he had just heard.

"Teacher Parn and you both have taught me the good virtues of a Knight; modesty, honor, sacrifice, courage, sympathy, conviction, honesty, righteousness. I am not strong enough nor smart enough. There is no way I can implement all of these good virtues. But I know that this moment needs a knight to sacrifice!"

"How can you be called a knight?!" Lei growled more loudly, "You haven’t graduated yet!"

"So, let me stay by your side to learn this final lesson." Frank raised his sword, "I am here to make a vow, I will fight for the weak, bravely fight against any evils and injustices, will not be scared of sacrifice, determined to protect my honor... Teacher, I have done half out of the eight good virtues. As a knight apprentice, aren’t I considered qualified?"

When talking about this, he finally beamed a smile. His childish face revealed an anticipating and joyful look.

This was a kid who did the things he thought was right, who longed for the recognition from the elders and his teacher. His face showed a thirst for praises.

Lei originally intended to fiercely retort, to use his debate skills which were taught by his teacher who used to be a world well-known scholar to scold this idiot, to make him get out of here. But when he saw Frank’s face, saw the anticipation in this kid’s eyes, an indescribably unknown touching feeling surged inside of him, making him unable to speak.

Not too long ago, he was the same. He was full of passion and dreams, wanted to become an outstanding knight, wanted to use his actions to get recognition from his teacher and father, wanted to fight for justice, and become a well-known world hero...

He turned around to hide the tears which were welling up in his eyes, and used his most resolute voice to say, "If this is what you have decided then let’s go together! Hold your sword tight. You can’t fall down! You are my student; you can’t die in a place like this!"

Frank was surprised a little bit, and then he immediately figured out his teacher’s meaning, and couldn’t help but smile.

He knew that his teacher had already acknowledged him.

Thus, he nodded strongly, answered loudly, "I’ll try!"

"Don’t just talk. A knight must use his action to prove himself!"


While they were talking, the great army of fish people had passed the firing of the cannon, and was once again in front of them.

Lei and that old officer led the defense marines to hold their weapons and prepare to attack while screaming out loud.

Swords flashed up, blood splattered everywhere.

"You asshole! Who the hell sent you here?!" Sui Xiong growled furiously, crazily swinging up his tentacles. Every move he made left a deep crack on the ground."Quickly declare everything honestly!"

A moment ago, he had finally besieged this entire space, and had blocked the escape route of the Devil King Shadow. After losing the freedom to commute between the Main Surface and the Shadow Surface, the dark red shadow lost its flexibility. Facing more than ten extremely powerful tentacles of Sui Xiong, it became a little pathetic.

Hence, Sui Xiong couldn’t stand but continue interrogating, wanting to find out the instigator behind the curtain by any cost.

He felt insecure that there was something dangerous happening but he couldn’t find any clue about this.

This made him fret, made him upset, made him irascible. He was originally not a man good at reasoning and debating. Facing this kind of urgent situation, he couldn’t calm his mind to think things through. Hence, he chose to use violence to interrogate it.

But the Devil King Shadow was still as before and didn’t say anything. At that moment, it didn’t have strength to fight back; it could only constantly avoid the shower of attacks from Sui Xiong. Even though it saw the situation had become disadvantageous, it completely didn’t have any intention of surrendering or spilling any secrets.

"You asshole! This asshole!" Sui Xiong furiously cursed, aggressively swung his tentacles. In the end, he caught a chance. From the beginning of the start of the battle, he had really struck a blow on the Devil King Shadow.

The dark red shadow slightly flashed up and turned into a transparent empty form. Such a form was completely immune to normal physical attacks. But under the strong attacks of Sui Xiong, its efforts were in vain. A miserable breaking sound came up. A noticeable sunken hole appeared on its body which was slightly bigger than a normal person’s. It almost turned entirely into a thin piece of paper, and was split in half.

This strike obviously made the Devil King Shadow suffer a serious wound. Since its last encounter with Sui Xiong, it had been keeping silent all along. Finally, it couldn’t keep its silence anymore, letting out a miserable screech.

That extremely miserable sound was like the one from a person who was being massacred by a collective of men and women, both young and old. . . . Various shrieks turned into a creepy sound, which made people’s hair stand up.

"Tell me quickly! Who has sent you here?!" Sui Xiong’s tentacles flew everywhere, transforming into a copper wall, iron bastion, and covering it inside, "Tell me right now, or else I will eat you up alive or beat you to death!"

The dark red shadow trembled intensely. It looked like it was really scared. But the shaking suddenly stopped. Its body jolted strongly once. A peculiar light came up.

Sui Xiong could feel clearly the terrifying energy inside its body.

"Dang it!" In a split second, he was aware of what had happened as he hurriedly stepped back but realized that he was still one step too late.

The bang bang explosive sound reverberated, rocking the sky and Earth. The intense explosion created a shocking wave, which soared up the sky, shattered a big part of clouds in the sky into pieces, creating a boundless area of smoke.

This evil which had committed countless sins in the mortal world had chosen to self-destruct!

The battle on this side was about to come to an end.

Under the joint attack of Sui Xiong and Sarah Heim, Tim Thrall had been in straitened circumstances; he had been battered and was exhausted. Maybe according to its original plan, it would have moved the old enemy to a prepared trap, then strike a blow to knock down Sarah Heim. But due to Sui Xiong’s interference, the situation had been completely turned upside down.

It, of course, had tried to escape but how could Sarah Heim let it get away easily! First, it came up, and firmly grabbed Tim Thrall. Their powers which had the same origin were mutually restrained. Sarah Heim immediately was entangled with it, blocking it in one place, and making it unable to run away.

While Sui Xiong’s attack was continuous, it made it harder and more miserable to fight back.

In contrast to Sarah Heim, which was a little bit slow, Sui Xiong was extremely flexible and fast in the sea. No matter how Tim Thrall changed its position, he was still able to find a suitable position to quickly strike powerful moves.

If this were a one-on-one match, Tim Thrall wouldn’t have had any method to resist Sui Xiong’s attack. However, right now, all of its strength was being constrained by Sarah Heim. All it could do was to use all its might to move its center core to a mysterious place to protect it!

Yet, how can Sui Xiong give it that chance?! Rapid flows of bitter cold water which seemed connected in one piece, acted like a sharp blade as it tore the giant body which was made up from the negative energy and moving to the set center core.

The Devil King, Tim Thrall, which had rampaged wildly for many years, was going to be defeated soon.

The one who always made others terrified in the end could feel the taste of being scared.

In the middle of the corpses and dirty water around its body, the God Power core hidden inside its body trembled intensely, sending its news to some existence.

In the next blink, the vast sea shrieked.

Within ten miles of the open sea, water started to vibrate powerfully. Even the great army of the Sea Tribe, which was rearranging its line up to prepare to attack Garles City, was affected as well.

Along with this shake and screech, wild laughter was echoing in the sea.

"Sarah Monte, you are finally defeated under my hand!"

The laughter was not actually real, but just a happy and triumphant figment of her imagination, which was joyful to the core. Following that thought, an imposing energy transmitted over from the void, making everything in the sea bow its head.

"The Sea Goddess?!"