Cthulhu Gonfalon


Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 101

"Turns out Xiao Xi Yu had already known as well..." What made people surprised was that when Lei told Lady Teague about Ze Sheng’s information, she wasn’t surprised. On the contrary, she sighed sadly, "That kid is really...clever!"

"Ah? Lady Teague also knew about this?" Lei was frightened.

"Of course, my husband died unclearly on the sea. As a wife, I should have investigated a little bit." Lady Teague calmly said, "At first, I can immediately tell that this is not a coincidence, but a conspiracy. After that, based on the rule "Who has the most will be the most suspicious", I started to investigate the Nobility God’s church first. I very quickly found a clue."

She smiled slightly, "Although I’ve been secluded for many years, after all, I used to be an experienced adventurer. That year, when I used a knight’s identity to go south and head north, I still had a little bit of a reputation. My investigation efficiency is much higher than that Xiao Xi Yu, who is new to this society."

As Lei was suddenly enlightened, he could not help but laugh.

Until now, he had distinctively forgotten the ability of Lady Teague. But he had never thought she was ordinary. If she were an ordinary woman, how she could have enough ability to converse happily with a bunch of extraordinary adventurers. "Parn the Kight was an advanced soldier. Lady Teague is at least a mid-level adventurer. She has a high possibility of having ability on the same level as her husband!"

"If you have already known, why didn’t you say it out loud?" He skeptically asked.

"Who should I tell?" Lady Teague sighed miserably, "The abilities of these kids are very weak. This thing will only be harmful if they knew. If those old friends I know didn’t die with Parn on the sea, then they would join the church of that Honorable Court Lady. I can only keep it a secret. Wait until they grow up and are arranged in other places, then I will find someone to continue investigating."

"But you at least have to tell me!" Lei said, "I wouldn’t ignore this matter if I could see it! Not to mention, my skill is not bad---even if I can’t do it, there are still my companions. If they really can’t do it either, I can find my Lord to step in..."

"You are a righteous knight! But I don’t want others to fall into danger because of my family’s matter."

Lei couldn’t help but smile, "Lady Teague, if you have acknowledged that I am a knight, then you should know that to a knight, getting involved in something is not decided by the fact that whether the insider has asked or not. But it is decided by the fact that whether the knight wants to put his hand in to help or not."

He stood up with a solemn face. "As a knight, I can’t pretend that I don’t see any evil conspiracy in front of my eyes! I swear by my honor to use all my might to expose the possible conspiracy! To make that criminal get the punishment he deserves!"

When he said it like that, Lady Teague didn’t have anything left to decline.

A swear by a knight’s honor can’t be declined. If she still persisted on declining his help that would mean disgracing his honor.

Once they reached a common understanding about the crucial points, then everything was a lot easier.

Lady Teague told Lei about some information she had found. In comparison to Ze Sheng’s information, hers was much more detailed. Especially because there were some key points which made Lei’s eyes light up.

For example, she had found out the person who had contacted that merchant to offer the distant trip.

That person’s name was Shane Riley, the son of the Garles city’s Lord who was in charge of business in Garles city. Before, to explore the trading path, he had gone to the remote Mystique Tower Federation. He coincidentally came across that merchant who was on his way to the White Tower harbor to do business. Those two immediately decided to go together.

If there was really some conspiracy behind this, Shane Riley was certainly involved. He was perhaps the partner of that priest.

Lei slightly nodded his head, "This information is very important! This time, I can consider this a break though! Later, Stelle and I will set off to find Shane Riley and have a little conversation with him."

"But he is not here. At this moment, he will be either in the Garles city or the Cloud Tower harbor."

"Cloud Tower harbor? Didn’t they decide to go together to the White Tower harbor?"

"The White Tower harbor is the most important harbor in our federation. Good and bad are mixed together. Powerful people and organizations are countless. To guarantee the benefit and safety, they for sure wouldn’t choose this harbor as a transit station for the trading route." Lady Teague smilingly said, "The Cloud Tower harbor is not big. But to a fleet of boats, it is already enough. More importantly, the ruler of the Cloud Tower harbor is an advanced shaman. No matter what will happen, it will be much easier to deal with this shaman than with a legendary shaman----at least, his ambition is smaller."

Lei slightly nodded, indicated that he had understood and then asked about things that he needed to pay attention to.

"There is still one thing," Lady Teague smilingly said, "Our whole family will act with you two."

"What?!" Lei was stunned, "How can we do that?! I can trust in your ability. Young Lady Liv is more or less considered as having fighting force. But Agnes, how can she join such a dangerous trip?!

"You all step out because of us and risk your lives to investigate the conspiracy and find the cause of my husband’s death. Reasonably, I can’t stand aside or sit at home watching everyone head into danger. Therefore, I have to go with all of you." Lady Teague calmly said, "I can go, but with Liv and Agnes’ ability, they can’t protect themselves. Leaving them here is not different than giving them to the enemy to use as a hostage or worse, to slay them. Hence, I have to bring them with me."

". . . You can’t necessarily come along. Please trust our abilities."

"This is not related to everyone’s ability. You are a knight and you have your own rule and honor. As Parn’s wife, I also have my own rule and honor." Lady Teague didn’t waver at all. Although her voice sounded calm, it was like a nail on the wall. There was no way to argue with her. "If you feel that we are a burden, we can follow you from afar; we will not trouble the two of you. But please forgive me for being so straightforward. Acting together is the safest choice."

Lei furrowed his brows. In hopes of getting some help from Stelle, he turned to Stelle who was still sitting silently beside, listening.

However, Stelle was the one supporting Lady Teague. "What Lady Teague said is very right. I totally agree with her opinion. Acting together is the safest and most reliable method."

Lei didn’t expect Stelle would say this. He could only ask for orders from Sui Xiong.

"Is there any problems with this?" Sui Xiong suspiciously asked again, "A wife wants to get revenge for her husband and wants to investigate the cause of his death. Isn’t this a matter of course? A daughter wants to get revenge for her father and wants to investigate the cause of her father’s death. It is still a matter of course. As little Agnes, can she perhaps be left alone at home?"

"But. . . Too dangerous! It might lead to an intense battle!" Lei indeed wanted to go insane, "Why don’t all of you think of the danger?! Agnes is still small!"

Sui Xiong finally understood his meaning and couldn’t restrain from cursing him loudly, "Darn it! Are your eyes on the top of your head?! Are you looking down on this big brother?! Even though you can’t settle it, isn’t there still me?! I don’t need to know how intense the fight would get too, can’t I protect a little girl?"

Lei was cursed at full blast, and beamed an embarrassed smile.

Then, everything was decided. Lady Teague was a strong and decisive person. She immediately brought Anges to pack up all the valuable or memorable things in the house. Liv couldn’t help but roll her eyes and drop her jaws as she saw an absolutely empty house when she returned after paying the debt with her friends.

"What...what’s the matter?" She confusingly asked, "Are we moving houses?"

"No, we aren’t. We are going to the Cloud Tower city." Since things had gone to this state, Lady Teague of course didn’t need to keep it a secret anymore, "There are many suspicious points in the deaths of Parn and the others. Mister Lei has already agreed to our offer. He and lady Stelle will go to the Cloud Tower harbor with us to find someone who possibly knows this matter, and investigate the root of that accident on the sea."

Liv dumbfoundedly looked at her mother, whose clothes had been changed into armor. Her mother also wore a long bow on her back, a pack of arrows and a small sword. In the meantime, Agnes had already put on a small suit of armor. She was carrying a small shield like a toy, running back and forth. Liv couldn’t help but doubt her eyes when she saw this scene---what on earth is that noisy thing?! Until now, she still didn’t know that her mom was actually a knight! And the amor on the younger sister must have been prepared for a long time!

"... Wasn’t the fleet attacked by the ‘Undercurrent’ Tim Thrall?" She asked.

"This matter seems a little bit strange. There is a suspicious point in that." Lady Teague said, "If there is a suspicious point, mommy will go find out!"

Liv furrowed her brows. After a while, she nodded and said determinedly: "Fine, this can’t be delayed. We depart immediately!"

Sui Xiong couldn’t help but raise a thumb up inside, secretively saying to Lei: "This girl is also very decisive. The education of this family is not bad!"

"Right, it is just me who has worried too much." Lei bitterly smiled and said, "Just for no reason, I have a bad feeling about this."

"Ple, ple, ple! You have been plagued with ‘bad feeling’.. This big brother doesn’t have any bad feelings. Where do you get that shitty feeling from?!"

Lei was silent, not saying anything, and gave himself a mocking smile, suppressing the insecure feelings in his heart.

Right, just as what Highness said, what danger could be when having Highness as a companion? If having a God’s protection still lacked safety, then there is nothing safe and nowhere safe in this world.

"Maybe I have really thought too much..."

"Of course!" Sui Xiong harrumphed, then silently cast a fortune-telling magic.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that it was related to that conspiracy, the fortune-telling magic was jammed. He couldn’t determine the fortune of this trip.

"It is really inconvenient to be unable to use magic." He couldn’t help but mutter to himself inside, "Haizz! That year when I didn’t know about fortune-telling, I just dully lived through the days. Now, I still don’t find it convenient! Right now, even though I know how to do fortune telling, I can’t do it when encountering big things and this makes me feel a little bit anxious. . ."

He couldn’t help but recall the fortune telling before departing. At that time, he had done the fortune telling to see "if this trip would be favorable or not", and got a result, which was "Favorable, but also get an unexpected harvest."

Judging from the current situation, Lei and Stelle were indeed the unexpected harvest. But the initial goal of this trip was a failure. . . So, what on earth does the "favorable" mean?

Haizz! Not only did ordinary people not do this kind of fortune-teller job well, but a God could also notdo it well!