Cruel King and the Princess of Prophecy


Cruel King and the Princess of Prophecy Chapter 16

Chapter 017 - Christine the Second, and Letishia the Third (Chapter 16)

Christina the Second, and Letishia the Third (Chapter 16)

Ever since then, Wolfgang has gone to Nicolette every now and then to talk about his past. Nicolette also told him about her life in the monastery, she might want to talk her past too.

In the end, Nicolette didn't reject him. He felt sort of happy, but Wolfgang felt like he was asking her the impossible.

However, she just smiled.

"If Wolfgang would let me put your hair into a braid, then I'm already satisfied, you know~"

Such things happened a lot. Wolfgang would spend part of his day having his hair braided several times. It wasn't a two head braid of course, but one. Since braids don't really fit Wolfgang, it might just be Nicolette messing with him.

Wolfgang continued the story about Rizoretta, then started talking about the stories of his Second and Third wives. Since Nicolette is the one who asked, Wolfgang decided to tell her the not so pleasant story.

Wolfgang's second wife was the Princess of Kanbianika Kingdom. Even though her title was Princess, she was the Granddaughter of the King of Kanbianika Kingdom that was adjoined with Hainzel Empire, She was named Christina. Wolfgang had already become Emperor by then, so Christina was an Empress when they married.

When they married, the Hainzel Empire and the Kanbianika Kingdom were in the middle of a war. Since the Kanbianika Kingdom was losing, they planned to make an alliance with the Empire, but who they chose was wrong, or so Wolfgang thought.

Though she was 22 years old at the time, Christina had a voluptuous and alluring body, she even brought her lover from her homeland to the Empire.

She was surely looking down on the Hainzel Empire. Looking at her Kingdom's history, they didn't have a longer one then Hainzel Empire and Kanbianika Kingdom's culture was even more developed.

However, the past differs from the present. Kanbianika Kingdom's golden age has already passed, so it could be argued that Hainzel Empire just entered theirs.

However, having a good tie with Kanbianika kingdom is also a good thing for Hainzel empire. Roware Kingdom is the leader of the anti-empire alliance that will surely surround the Hainzel Empire. If The Kanbianika Empire was out of the circle, or if they didn't join the war, then that would be good news for Hainzel Empire.

Kanbianika Kingdom had the best intentions to come to an agreement. If the opponent didn't pose a threat, Wolfgang didn't have any real reason to attack them.

However, Christine of all things was bearing the kid of her lover in her belly. She always flirted with her lovers before that without caring about where she was, and that raised complaints from the people around them. The kid inside her belly wasn't Wolfgang because they have never slept together before.

In the end, Wolfgang executed Christine and her lover for adultery.

"....It's similar to a story I heard somewhere before, you know."

"That's right..."

Wolfgang agreed to Nicolette's muttering. The reason that Nicolette married Wolfgang was because her Sister (Alexandrine) was pregnant. Since Wolfgang was able to meet Nicolette, he actually felt grateful to her.

"I think that Christine-sama was the one in the wrong, not Wolf-sama. Rather, bringing her lover with her is against common sense. -(TL: Says the girl who lacks common sense)

"If even you said that, then there was no hope for her..."

(TL: The King agreed with me) (ED: Lol, true, I was just thinking that)

Wolfgang hugged Nicolette from behind with a wry smile and tightened his grip. Nicolette is the type of girl who brought her beloved gun to the Kingdom. Wolfgang had the intention to fall in love them, but there were too many differences between Nicolette and Christine.

Nicolette touched the hand that encircled her body and looked up at Wolfgang, who was hugging her from behind.

" After Christine-sama's execution, what happened with the Kanbianika Kingdom?"

"They attacked of course with Christine's execution as the reason. "

"Even though it's clearly their fault?"

She kept complaining in her head if she thought they were fools. She was wondering who influenced her, but Nicolette became sharper each day.

Kanbianika Kingdom used Christine's execution to attack the Empire, but Wolfgang was able to defend and flipped the tables, bringing Hainzel Empire victory. Since they surrendered, their King changed to Christine's uncle.

It was a story when Wolfgang was twenty-six years old. Rizoretta lasted for two years, but Christine only lasted for less than half a year.

As soon as Kanbianika Kingdom was defeated, Wolfgang took Letishia from the Mesa Kingdom has his Third Wife. She was the first Princess of Mesa Kingdom by the time she married Wolfgang, and she was nineteen years old, just like Nicolette. Their atmospheres are completely different though.

her outer appearance can be said to be similiar to christine. she is a woman with vuluptous body, hoHowever, she wasn't as beautiful as Christine.

She was a woman that was good at bargaining. The south of Mesa Kingdom was in fact once owned by Hainzel Empire. She might have been risking herself to negotiate about that area. The Kingdom would most likely be destroyed if they displease the Emperor of the Kingdom that protects them.

For whatever reason, Letishia came to entice Wolfgang. The negotiations went well since she was so good, and she got only rather well with Wolfgang.

However, Letishia's Father, Mesa's King, was scheming to control Hainzel Empire from behind by making his daughter the Empress.  Since he was was more clever than Duke Rainhenbahha, it was quite troublesome, and he had a stronger mentally than Rizoretta, so finding out the schemes was quite a problem.

Wolfgang's father had a history where he murdered almost all of Mesa Kingdom's royalty, so they had a grudge against Hainzel Empire.

One year into their marriage, Letishia didn't show any pregnancy signs, which angered King Mesa. She was yelled at by her Father because of this, which Wolfgang found out, what a dumb story. While being slightly shocked, Wolfgang returned her to her homeland. When the King returned to his country, Wolfgang ordered him to abdicate the throne.

Since he was found out, King Mesa became rebellious, and the Mesa Kingdom revolted. Letishia and her big brother the Prince joined the war. Wolfgang ended up taking down Letishia. He went to take care of the revolt.

If someone were to ask if he loved Letishia, then he would say he didn't. She was like a best friend that he got along with, but he didn't love her in a romantic way. Wolfgang felt like he lost an irreplaceable friend, so he cried when she died. (TL Note: DAMN YOU, KINGS! AND THE DUKE WHILE I'M AT IT )

Mesa Kingdom's revolt was suppressed after that by the Imperial Army. King Mesa and the Prince fled to their castle where they committed suicide and burned it down. From their brave acts, Wolfgang praised them from the bottom of his heart.

The Mesa Kingdom met it's demise since everyone who could succeed the throne is dead. That land is now Hainzel's.

Wolfgang went to attack Roware Kingdom with  the same vigour he used when taking over Mesa Kingdom. They kept refusing to surrender even when their surronding countries kept surrending one by one, so they ended up asking to marry one of their Princesses to the Empire.

This marked the end of the Empire's series of wars.

"Is that so? That is very saddening."

Nicolette gripped Wolfgang's arm hard and then stroked his chest with her cheeks, just like she was pampering him. Without showing any signs of giving pity, she talked like she was stating a fact.

That might be why Nicolette is so easy to talk too, she is a very good listener.

"You're a curious person, heh?"

When talked to her, he always felt more at ease. For mental problems,  she just silently listened to his story without agreeing or disagreeing with any of its content. Saying that she was listening to the story might also be incorrect.

Of course, since he's the Emperor, he can't speak about such matter so easily, but he feels like no one will ever earnestly hear his story.  Everyone wouldn't see him as one person but as an Emperor.

"So, Wolf-sama said that I am interestingly weird and eccentric, right~?"

Looking up at Wolfgang, Nicolette smiled. Wolfgang thought about all of the stories that he just told her, and he thought it was cruel to end it like that. Even so, while she was smiling, Wolfgang thought about how strong her mental strength must be to hear all of that and still smile, he might need to study her later on.

If he said that to her though, he felt like he would get an answer like, 'E~h, is that so?', so he didn't say it out loud.


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