Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse


Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse Chapter 9

Returning to S city, Lian Hua’s entire body wilted. Could he never escape from Pig Leg’s protagonist halo? Lian Hua began to suspect his life expectancy. When he was thrown into Pig Leg’s villa, he didn’t resist. Could cannon fodders only act according to the script?

No way! Your brother has to get back up! Lian Hua cheered himself on! If he died like that, it would be too embarrassing! For a moment, Lian Hua felt his body overflow with courage, “Pig Leg, your brother isn’t afraid of you!” Lian Hua roared loudly…

Lian Hua started to explore Pig Leg’s villa in a good mood. As expected of Pig Leg, he had good taste. Lian Hua looked at the decorum in the villa and nodded his head repeatedly. However, the most important thing right now was to prepare for the advent of the apocalypse. He didn’t want to turn into a zombie.

Pig Leg and his sidekicks weren’t present. They were probably taking advantage of the time left over to finish up some work. Lian Hua wanted to take advantage of the situation to run away, but as soon as he thought that, Pig Leg had arrived in front of the door and fiercely glared at him. Lian Hua couldn’t help but shiver. Fuck, so scary! Lian Hua felt that if he dared to run away, he would die a miserable death!

Aunt Li, the housekeeper, was ordered to make a large amount of food. Afterwards, he locked himself in the living room on the first floor to eat. He was warned that the second floor was a restricted area, but Lian Hua didn’t even want to go up there, hmph. Your brother already knows that there’s only supplies on the second floor. It’s also just there as camouflage.

He definitely had to keep up his physical strength. If the body wasn’t well, the chances of becoming a zombie would increase. Lian Hua comfortable ate and drank his fill, then stroked his precious backpack. After that, he jumped on the bed and went to sleep. After all, the end wouldn’t come until midnight. He might as well sleep while waiting.

Lian Hua was awakened by a burst of intense pain. The pain was terrible, it felt like something hard was drilling into his body, disemboweling him and chiseling his flesh. Lian Hua knew that this was a virus…

On the morning of December 22, 2012, meteorites that landed in the western Pacific Ocean brought an unknown substance, sweeping the globe at an alarming rate. There were successive disasters and drastic changes to the environment. The apocalypse had come. This period of time was later known as the first year of the New Era.

Lian Hua was quite insistent, the virus could bring miraculous evolution to all living things on the planet. However, if you couldn’t overcome it, you would die or turn into a soulless corpse. Lian Hua didn’t want to die. Furthermore, he didn’t want to turn into a zombie. He felt like his body was being ripped to pieces and then joined back together. His nails ripped into the palm of his hands, spilling fresh blood. However, he still maintained his sanity. Lian Hua knew that if you held on longer, the benefits would be better. It was written like that in the book, so it must be true. Lian Hua wanted to endure until he reached his limit.

After who knows how long, Lian Hua’s limbs unconsciously started to twitch, the sound of his teeth gnashing grew in volume, his sweat dampened the sheets, his consciousness started to blur. The feeling of a day dragging into a year almost pushed him into madness. Finally, Lian Hua could only feel a burst of sharp pain in his brain. He spasmed for a while and then passed out…

As Lian Hua fainted in a room on the second floor, Xia Zhi also couldn’t hold on any longer and also passed out.

Lian Hua stumbled alone in the darkness, the surroundings silent. Aside from him, there was nothing else. Lian Hua didn’t know how long he was walking, or in what direction. He just kept blindly walking, walking… Suddenly, a bright spot appeared ahead. Lian Hua was shocked, his intuition told him it was there! So Lian Hua ran like the wind, chasing after that spot, trying to grab it…

Lian Hua’s fingers slightly twitched, his eyes slowly opened. In front of his eyes was still a mass of darkness. Lian Hua shakily reached his hands towards the bedside cabinet, hitting his cell phone. As soon as he opened it to take a look, he saw that three days had already passed. Luckily his phone was of good quality, there was still battery. No wonder he was so weak right now, his throat and stomach were also in pain.

He struggled to get up and pressed the light switch. Lian Hua refused to wear the smelly pajamas, quickly opened the door, and hurried to the kitchen. Thank god he’s been in there before, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to successfully find the refrigerator at this time. Lian Hua took out a large carton of milk, ripped a hole in it, and gulped it down. After drinking the entire carton, he finally felt that he was alive.

He intended to take some bread out of the refrigerator to stuff in his mouth, but unfortunately there were only raw ingredients inside. Lian Hua had to settle for two cucumbers, three tomatoes, and four raw eggs before his stomach finally felt comfortable.

However, he still felt hungry. Lian Hua found a package of noodles in the cupboard, started to boil water, washed a bunch of cabbage, and cracked several eggs open. Lian Hua casually sprinkled in seasonings and felt it was incredibly fragrant. He couldn’t wait any longer and started to noisily slurp the noodles, not afraid of the heat.

Perhaps he was led here by the smell, Xia Zhi also clamored down the stairs. Lian Hua didn’t bother to spare him a glance, concentrating on slurping noodles. Xia Zhi didn’t care, silently fishing out some noodles from the pot, then sat opposite Lian Hua and started to eat zealously. The two people had a tacit understanding and didn’t say a word. The huge pot of noodles was cleaned out between the two of them, even a bit of soup wasn’t left over.

Lian Hua burped in satisfaction, rubbed his belly comfortably, and sat on the sofa to digest. Xia Zhi hadn’t eaten his fill yet, he frowned and took out a tomato to eat.

Soon, people started appearing in the living room on the first floor. Lian Hua looked around. There was Pig Leg’s secretary Xia Xingwen, the two men with shades, and Pig Leg’s head of security Xia Xingwu[1] that Lian Hua was seeing for the first time. Even the housekeeper Aunt Li emerged.

“Ah, boss! You’re actually sneaking food with young master Bai! I’m about to starve to death, I’m so pitiful, you’re abusing your staff!” As soon as Xia Xingwen walked out, he started shouting noisily and gave Lian Hua a look of contempt. Indeed, wasn’t the elite’s face showing his thoughts? Lian Hua’s head was covered in black lines. -_-///

“Don’t you think so? Blockhead.[2]” Xia Xingwen poked the nearby Xia Xingwu.

Xia Xingwu was a simple and honest model citizen. Although he looked more powerful than Xia Xingwen, he wasn’t doing whatever he wanted, like a new daughter in law.

“Hungry.” Xia Xingwu just told the truth.

Lian Hua wouldn’t be cheated just like that. It was written in the story that Xia Xingwu was only simple and honest in front of Pig Leg and The Elite, but inside, he was quite black. He was retired special forces and had seen his fair share of blood. Wasn’t the scholar Xia Wingwen eaten clean by him? It’s just that the other person didn’t know yet! Lian Hua still remembered clearly, after Bai Lianhua killed Xia Xingwen, Xia Xingwu went crazy and sought revenge, bringing a lot of trouble for Bai Lianhua and his cheap cousin. In the end, he was still killed! →_→

Lina Hua shivered and silently sank into the shadow of the sofa.

“Aunt Li, go prepare some food first. As much as possible.” Pig Leg finally spoke up.

Aunt Li was obviously surprised and panicked. After hearing the command, she hurried into the kitchen.

Xia Xingwen picked up an apple and sat beside Xia Zhi, crazily biting it. Xia Xingwu also came closer with a cup of water. The two men with shades didn’t say a word and moved closer to Pig Leg.

Lian Hua felt the pressure as heavy as a mountain and tried to make himself smaller.

“I believe everyone has already guessed. That right, the world has changed. You will understand at dawn.”

“Boss…” Xia Xingwen spoke hesitantly. Although he didn’t know how Xia Zhi knew, but thinking about the boss’s behavior some time ago, he felt that he could grasp the truth.

“What about young master Bai?” Xia Xingwen looked at Lian Hua with mixed feelings.

Lian Hua stiffened, what about him? He was forced here by Pig Leg.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s just Bai Yi’s lover.” Pig Leg rewarded Lian Hua a glance and carelessly answered.

When did your brother disappear? Lian Hua snarled in his heart. Pig Leg was obviously venting. Otherwise, why would he bring Lian Hua here instead of sending him back to his cheap cousin? There must be a conspiracy. Lian Hua thought to himself, but didn’t dare show it. He just slowly moved his ass further away from Pig Leg.

Afterwards, everyone was silent. Lian Hua worried about his future. Although at this time he was calmly eating noodles with Pig Leg, Pig Leg was still the protagonist that wanted to severely abuse the white lotus to death. Right now he had fallen into Pig Leg’s hands, Lian Hua was very worried that he wouldn’t be able to see the sun rise tomorrow.

Lian Hua suddenly missed his cheap cousin. At least being by his side wasn’t life threatening! No matter what, they were still relatives, and would take care of him. However, Lian Hua suspected, did his cheap cousin really asked Pig Leg to take care of him? It couldn’t be that Pig Leg used that as an excuse to tie Lian Hua to his side? After the cheap cousin comes to demand his freedom, Pig Leg could punish the pair of cheaters[3] all in one swoop! T^T

The more Lian Hua thought about it, the greater the pain in his heart. The small face that tanned a little was as white as a sheet now. At a glance it was very wronged, very pitiful.

Pig Leg and his comrades believed their boss obviously hated Lian Hua’s delicate and charming expression, especially The Elite, whose contempt was written on his face.

In the end, Pig Leg chased Lian Hua back to his room as if shooing a fly.

Lian Hua returned to his room and locked the door before breathing out. Humph, humph. If you want to fight with your brother, your brother will find a way to disgust and nauseate you to death!

Therefore, Lian Hua happily held the new clothes that Aunt Li prepared and went into the bathroom for a quick bath. His pajamas smelled horrible, he wanted to change long ago. Later, there won’t be many chances to leisurely bathe. Lian Hua remembered that in Pig Leg’s pocket dimension, there was a stream of spirit water and couldn’t help but be jealous. It was convenient to bathe in, and could automatically purify itself.

However, an evil thought floated in Lian Hua’s head. Pig Leg drank the water in the spiritual stream to cleanse his body, so wasn’t it like drinking your own bathing water? And there was that Elite and all of Pig Leg’s comrades who would later drink the spirit water. That Elite was also drinking his boss’s bath water. Lian Hua thought, how dare the deadpan Elite despise him! They deserved such bad luck.╭(╯^╰)╮

After bathing, Lian Hua comfortably wore his new clothes. These clothes were requested by Lian Hua, black, manly, durable against dirt and wear, both strong and warm, and most importantly, waterproof. When fighting zombies later, he wouldn’t be afraid of being splashed with various strange fluids. His shoes were leather boots. Lian Hua wrapped himself in skin tight clothes that were both easy to move in and convenient to fight in, feeling quite intelligent.

Lian Hua also prepared a mask and a hat. He wanted to prepare for everything. There were also safety googles. He didn’t want anything splashing in his eye. Lian Hua remembered his first pair of glasses that were unreasonably destroyed by Pig Leg. Tsk, tsk, tsk, what a waste.

On one hand, he reminisced, on the other, he shivered. Lian Hua quickly finished preparing. At this time, there were two hours until dawn.

Thinking of his precious seeds, Lian Hua quickly brought out his seeds. He thought for a while, removed his coat again, and took out a sewing kit and a shirt. He cut cloth from the shirt and sewed several pockets onto the inside of the coat. This way he wouldn’t have to worry about things falling out. Finally, he picked out a few seed of each variety and placed them in the pockets. There were also a few small pieces of jade that he definitely had to bring with him. Of course, all of these pieces of jade already had a drop of Lian Hua’s blood.

After preparing everything Lian Hua relaxed.

Translator’s Notes:

[1]Xia Xingwu(夏行武)’s name is one character off from Xia Xingwen(夏行文). Wen (text) is the secretary, Wu (martial arts) is the bodyguard.

[2]大木头…This seems to be some kind of pun or riddle or something but it’s literally a big piece of wood, so I substituted?

[3]This isn’t too important, but the phrase used here is usually a woman and a man in an illicit affair. The author changed it to a man and a man.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t been capitalizing “Pig Leg” unless it’s being spoken… Most of the time it meant protagonist, so I guess that’s why I generalized it? I dunno, it feels weird to capitalize it… But it refers to one specific person, so…

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