Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse


Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse Chapter 4

After eating and drinking his fill, Lian Hua decided to think a bit about his future plans. The apocalypse was about to come and pig leg would’t let him off. How miserable, there’s no thigh to hug*, so he could only turn himself into a thigh.

*No one to rely on.

Lian Hua returned to the dormitory first, Zhao Jing had run off somewhere. He didn’t mind and quickly rummaged through every corner of the room. There was no method, he didn’t have full access to Bai Lianhua’s memory and the story wasn’t explicit. Money and assets were useless in the apocalypse, and won’t be mentioned!

Amen, thank god Bai Lianhua had a habit of carrying his entire fortune with him. These days, Lian Hua was busily sorting out all his assets. He fished out two checkbooks and all sorts of identification documents. According on those documents, he went to the bank to withdraw insurance money, a bunch of keys, a ream of real estate papers, and some jade jewelry that his blood mother and father as well as his adoptive father left behind after they died.

Ey, you really couldn’t see it, but this small lotus flower had a lot of money. OMG, Lian Hua held his fortune and almost put his hands on his hips and laughed maniacally. Not good, not good, have to calm down, calm down.

Lian Hua didn’t know the checking account’s password, so he could only take the identification papers to the bank and claim that he lost his paperwork, placing all the money into two credit cards while he was at it.

Lian Hua expressionlessly watched the numbers displayed on the ATM. One zero, two zeroes, three zeroes, …seven zeroes, Jesus, eight digits! Goddammit, a total of sixteen million! He actually thought that before he transmigrated, Bai Lianhua’s bank account wouldn’t reach five digits!

Lian Hua casually took out ten thousand and stuffed it into his bag. He walked a bit dreamily, uhm, look to the left, glance to the right, uhm, no one’s following. He picked up his legs and ran to the dormitory ran so fast that there was only a cloud of dust left behind. At the door, Lian Hua laughed out loud, "Right now your brother[1] has a car and lodgings and money in the bank! Wah! Wah! Muahahaha! Your brother is the land god[2], come find a thigh to hug! Ha ha ha…"

Lian Hua was so excited he went crazy. He couldn’t suppress it and rolled around on the bed, rolling over and over. Of course, no one told him that the fortune his parents left behind was managed by the Bai clan in his stead. The amount that came into his hand was trivial, but of course the Bai clan would never give him the opportunity to learn that.

Lian Hua finally suspended his crazy behavior. He had money, better plan how to use it because the apocalypse is coming in one month.

Don’t think only pig leg has a golden finger, Bai Lianhua has one too. Otherwise, how could he kill pig leg? Compared to the hardworking pig leg who had double abilities of lighting type and spiritual type, Bai Lianhua having water and wood type was more than enough. However —— his attack stat wasn’t high, and he couldn’t support anyone else!

You should know, the amount of people who awakened wood type super powers in the apocalypse were very rare! The only reason Bai Lianhua could push pig leg around was because in the entire country there were only five people who had wood type abilities. they were seen as a national treasure! Of course, these weren’t accurate statistics. How could anyone know whether there were one or two wood type espers[3] in some remote corner of the world or not.

They could communicate with plants and use wood energy to camouflage, even mutated beasts wouldn’t attack them. As long as they had seeds, they could grow food and be self sufficient! If they hid deep in the mountains and jungles, it’s guaranteed no one would be able to find them. The most important thing is that espers capable of using wood abilities could also become clerics*, and anyone who was hurt could be healed.

*Pretty sure this is a gaming term.

Naturally, that’s when their ability was high level, otherwise at low levels the most they could do in a day would be to grow a cabbage, life force couldn’t be camouflaged with wood energy, and they weren’t nearly as useful as water abilities. At the very least, the treatment effectiveness of water types early on compared to wood types was much greater, and they could provide water to drink and bathe in. What can you do with a cabbage? In any case, in the early stages of apocalypse, there was no food shortage.

Therefore, in the early stages of the apocalypse, everyone thought wood type abilities were useless. No groups wanted to accept them, so the already small population of awakened wood types dwindled further. No one escorted wood espers to go level up, so more died every day. If not, how could there be only five people recorded in the end? Basically wood espers felt threatened and all went into hiding. As the Earth’s transformation increased, after the mutated animal variations appear, plant mutations follow. Once mutant plants appear, the majority are poisonous, and can not be eaten!

Because of that, the wood espers were promoted to a higher standing. They could figure out which plants were edible while providing additional non-toxic plants to consume. Afterwards, mutated plants not only carried poison, there were also a variety with medicinal properties. Espers could use this medicine to level up. You should know that the higher an esper’s level, the harder it is to train. Herbs must also rely on wood espers to identify and cultivate!

The most surprising thing was that higher level water espers couldn’t keep up with the level of treatment, they began to favor attack instead. On the other hand, wood espers’ treatment effectiveness got better by the day. If there was a high level wood esper, as long as the injured person had one last breath, they could still be saved! Even if they had broken arms and broken legs, it could be healed. If you lost your hands and feet, they will grow out within ten days to half a month as long as you have a high level wood esper.

When pig leg died, Bai Lianhua was very proud. At that time, his water level was six and his wood level was at five. Furthermore, he had a pocket dimension, everyone tried to curry favor with him. He almost became the national treasure, getting whatever he wanted. At that time, there was a wood esper who reached level eight and belonged to the Jiang clan in the capital. Rumors has it that he was successful in regenerating the base leader’s arm and became a person whose security was a matter of national importance. The various medicines that could provide resistance to the zombie virus or enhance the abilities of espers were products of his research. The position of wood espers rose exponentially.

At that time, the white lotus honestly thought that crawling to Bai Yi’s side would be the highest and most useful place! Don’t mention lovers, he could probably even betray his own parents.

Lian Hua was actually very sympathetic towards pig leg and Bai Lianhua. They were both stepping stones for Bai Yi. Don’t you see that in the end the Bai clan and Jiang clan were both on top of the world? Although the Li clan and Xia clan were part of the Four Great Families in the capital, there was neither hide or hair of them.

Lian Hua sighed deeply. However, he didn’t intend to intervene in national affairs. Right now there’s the reborn pig leg, let that guy worry about it! Who told him to only read the parts where pig leg abused the scum and the mistress. He didn’t pay any attention to the national affairs[4]. Aside from Bai Lianhua’s earlier affairs, he honestly didn’t remember pig leg’s affairs.

After all, Lian Hua only needed to remember to stay far away from pig leg and cannon fodder. Whoever leads the country has nothing to do with him! If pig leg already reincarnated, in this life pig leg will grow even stronger and he would need to stay far away from the capital.

Lian Hua felt pretty good. If pig leg chased without worrying about the distance just to kill him, he’ll immediately run into the jungles on the mountains. You should know, after the apocalypse, the oceans and forests were the most dangerous places! Wood espers who trained until level five could use their wood energy to cover their life force. Water espers at level five could breathe under water. If pig leg burnt down the forest, he could run away to the sea. Although it was a bit dangerous, it was still better than being KO’d by pig leg.

Lian Hua thought positively, but he had to see what his physical condition was like now. Could he survive if he ran into the forest? In the ocean there are a variety of marine wildlife that could swallow him whole. Even in your dreams you shouldn’t be too positive!

Lian Hua began to seriously examine the real estate papers. Oi, there were only three, but they were all villas! One was at the capital, one was right here in S city, and one was in YN province! What was the province of YN? It was the birth place of jade[5]. Pig leg was able to level up quickly because he had jade!

You should know, whether it’s the corpse crystal of a zombie or the animal crystal of the mutated beast, the energy inside was very violent. The wood crystals of plants were much more mild, but still took a lot of time and effort to refine and suppress, leveling up wasn’t as fast, and if there was any mistake, you could explode and die. Furthermore, compared to zombies and mutated beasts, plants were harder to deal with. Fighting them was very tiresome. Jade was different, they had the essence of heaven and earth condensed inside, were very mild, easy to absorb, easy to digest, had no implicit danger nor suffering, and could even treat internal energies, boosting your dantian and meridians[6]. Indeed, it was quintessential for a traveler to have while on the road fighting and leveling up!

What? You say pig leg already has spirit stones that are even rarer than jade? Please, although there are a lot of spirit stones, after continued use, it will run out. Isn’t it used in both cultivation and array formations? Besides, spirit stones have impurities. Could pig leg take the spirit stones out for other people to enjoy? Is he not afraid other people will be jealous? Most importantly, if a council surrounds him, even the hardworking pig leg can’t hold them back.

What? Couldn’t pig leg purity the various crystals by putting them in the stream of spirit water? Wouldn’t they become beautiful and pure? Please, other people’s streams need to take a break too! If you don’t nourish it with jade, starve it, and force it to work, then don’t cry when it goes on strike!

Lian Hua thought, didn’t his adoptive father love jade? The villa at YN province surely has his adoptive father’s lifetime collection! But eventually it became a convenience for pig leg. No way, right now he couldn’t give anything convenient to pig leg. He had to enjoy it himself. The villa was in the mountains. When pig leg was level four, he led an expedition there. After returning he immediately became level five. At that time, espers were only level two or three, how could he cultivate so fast[7]?!

Lian Hua decided that he would stay somewhere and cultivate to level five before leaving. After that he could comfortably go sightseeing around the world! Lian suddenly felt enthusiastic, as if he could see pig leg’s appearance when he couldn’t find Lian Hua and stomped on the ground in anger. Really so refreshing…

What? How can a cannon fodder cultivate faster than the protagonist? Please, one month before the apocalypse, pig leg was marking his territory, buying supplies, gathering comrades, preparing all sorts of connections to collect all kinds of objects, and even had to make the scum gong kneel and lick feet and beg for forgiveness. Wasn’t pig leg so busy that he turned into a spindle? How could he have time to cultivate? Furthermore, pig leg’s internal training methods demanded hard work. Leveling up would also be slow, although compared to the normal masses it was still faster -_-///. As expected of pig leg.

Lian Hua believed that he had enough jade, his cultivating speed wouldn’t be any slower than pig leg’s! He didn’t have as many obstacles as pig leg, ack, that’s not right, it’s comrades! If he had enough resources he could escape the fate of being the little mistress abused to death by the little shou!

Should he feel lucky or not? Thankfully, pig leg only announced the method of using jade to cultivate after he reached level five. Of course, pig leg’s comrade knew a long time ago. At that time, jade production became rare. The large clans fought to dominate the market, holding the flow of distribution in their hands. Pig leg’s Xia clan alone held the most!

Lian Hua decided to take almost all his money to buy jade, then finish with buying supplies. o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ Who told him to have wood super powers? He didn’t have to save money.

*Sigh*, afterwards when espers dominate the planet, in every base, large or small, each clan had a variety of powerful espers. Of course, some powerful espers formed their own bases. However, they needed enough strength and manpower to do it. Otherwise they would be used by others, just like vassals of ancient times. Lian Hua decided not join any clans but to make his own base. Having his own strong base wasn’t bad. Ha ha, no one cared who he was. This way, he could escape from the role of cannon fodder, right?

Translation Notes:

There was a lot of complicated vocabulary in this chapter… It was also kind of repetitive. Lian Hua uses some Engrish and I just translated that to the best of my ability lol.

[1]What he’s saying here is 老子 (Laozhi) which is kind of like calling himself an old man, but according to Confucius, the older you are, the higher you rank, so he’s actually being arrogant by ranking himself higher. It’s kind of like someone using “ore-sama” in Japanese. I don’t have access to the raws past chapter 24 so I’ll be using the Vietnamese version of “your (older) brother.”

[2]Back in the day, the land lord had the most authority in a village, so Lian Hua’s just being arrogant by upping that.

[3]Ok, while I know an esper is usually someone with extrasensory perception and leans more towards mental abilities, as far as I know, there’s no one word for “person with super powers” and writing out “person with x super powers” every time is really annoying, so I opted for the next best thing. Mutants are a different in this story.

[4]Remember, he was reading a BL novel. I mean who reads/watches porn for the plot? *raises hand slightly*

[5]This gets a bit confusing, but in this story, the jade here is no different from what jade jewelry is made of… I think…

[6]The dantian is where all of your internal energy is stored when you cultivate, and your meridians carry your internal energy around your body like blood vessels. It’s kind of like chakra channels in Naruto.

[7]This story gets really complicated because you can cultivate both your supernatural abilities and your classical inner force/qi.

My head and my hands started to hurt in the middle of translation so it took a while. The next three chapters are kind of exposition-y so expect them to come out slower.

I appreciate any donations, but I didn’t start this translation project to beg. Whether or not I get any donations, I’ll still be translating as fast as I can. That means I leave in my run ons lmao. One day I’ll go fix it up…