Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse


Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse Chapter 25

That night, Lian Hua rested right in Pig Leg’s small courtyard, the excuse being “convenient for taking care of!” Lian Hua didn’t think for a bit that Pig Leg needed a servant to take care of him. Couldn’t you see that Pig Leg even washed his own clothes? Pig Leg definitely didn’t want anyone else to touch his things! Lian Hua didn’t want Pig Leg to hate him, so he didn’t run around or touch Pig Leg’s stuff.  Pig Leg’s room was arranged meticulously, clean, and neat. Lian Hua felt awkward entering.

Lian Hua returned to his spot, hugged his blankets and pillow over, spread them down next to Pig Leg’s bed, and immediately fell sleep. Lian Yu was finally free, it refused to go to sleep and jumped back and forth throughout the room.

Xia Zhi just came back from his shower when he immediately noticed that Lian Hua had turned himself into a baby silk worm cocoon and Lian Yu was jumping on his bed.

Xia Zhi: “…”

This servant was so incompetent, his master hadn’t turned in yet, but he dared to lie down first.

Xia Zhi stood next to the bed, kicking the baby silk worm Lian Hua. Lian Hua twitched and scooted away a bit. Xia Zhi kicked him again, and Lian Hua scooted further away, but when he did, he hit the foot of the bed!

Lian Hua: “…”

Pig Leg still didn’t want to let him go? Even pretending to sleep was useless!

“Brother Zhi!” Lian Hua blinked and crawled up, pushing his blankets to the side. He had not even changed out of his clothes yet!

“Go take a look at your mushroom.” Xia Zhi pointed at his bed. His beautiful brows were wrinkled.

Lian Hua was shocked! Shit, it couldn’t be that the wretched mushroom did something horrible? He looked towards the bed.

Lian Hua: “…” 〒_〒 Wretched mushroom, are you complaining that your master’s life is too long? How dare that wretched mushroom Lian Yu leave “footprints” one after another on Pig Leg’s white as snow sheets? The sheets were in terrible condition, it couldn’t be slept on! Lian Hua looked for Lian Yu and found it playing dead under the pillow.

Lian Yu was motionless and pretended to be a real mushroom! As soon as Xia Zhi walked in the door, Lian Yu knew that he was in big trouble. How could it forget that this room didn’t belong to it or the master, but the scary Pig Leg? Furthermore, it was rolling around in the great tiger’s bathing water!

Master, I’m so sorry! QAQ

“Ah! Brother Zhi, it’s been too long since Xiao Yu Er was free. It was too excited today, it didn’t mean to make your bed sheets all dirty. I’ll go clean up right away.” Lian Hua spoke soothingly, and immediately rushed about, removing the bed sheets, the quilted covers that were soiled, and the pillow covers that were demolished, smoothly fishing the Lian Yu that was playing dead out and shoving it in his pocket while he was at it. Lian Hua was scared that Pig Leg would get angry and take Lian Yu away to roast and eat, but Pig Leg just looked at him and didn’t say a word, making Lian Hua even more terrified.

In order to earn Pig Leg’s forgiveness, Lian Hua quickly removed all of the dirty things from the room, supported it with a shelf, and vigorously wash it with water balls.

“Master, have people caused trouble for you again? Boo hoo hoo. 〒_〒” Lian Yu’s weak voice spoke up.

“Be good, if Pig Leg didn’t explode, then he’s not mad at you! Next time, don’t touch pig leg’s stuff.” Lian Hua could only comfort the Lian Yu that had a small heart, worrying that the little mushroom was scared to death.

“Really? But people are deeply scared, what if Pig Leg wants to deal with this later?” Lian Yu asked again.

Lian Hua: “…” Your brother doesn’t know either! “Don’t think about it too much, you should just honestly stay put in the pocket!”

“Oh…” Lian Yu finally couldn’t say anything anymore.

Lian Hua washed the bed sheets and quilt, removed the water vapors, then carried the clean things back.

Xia Zhi crossed his arms and leaned against the door. Lian Hua felt that Pig Leg’s pose was really handsome and paused in shock! Regrettably, he only dared to peek out of the corner of his eyes.

“Brother Zhi, I washed it clean. I’ll put it back on for you now.” Lian Hua smiled brightly at Xia Zhi and revealed a white tooth.

Xia Zhi looked for a while before nodding.

Lian Hua hauled ass and ran inside, carefully arranging the sheets, quilt, and pillowcases, then turned to look ingratiatingly at Xia Zhi.

“Brother Zhi, get on top[1]!” Go to sleep soon! Don’t stare at me like that! It makes me nervous! 〒_〒 Lian Hua completely didn’t realize that his words could be taken a different way.

“Next time, don’t speak so ambiguously!” Xia Zhi suddenly got closer to Lian Hua, leaned in close to his ears, and gently spoke.

The hot breath spilled over Lian Hua’s ear, making him break out in goosebumps. He only felt that his heart was beating like thunder! After that, Xia Zhi jumped down from the bed as if he were riding the clouds and flew in front of Lian Hua. The tip of Lian Hua’s nose grew hot and he almost had a nosebleed! He quickly covered his nose, not daring to speak, and repeatedly nodded.

Xia Zhi reached out and pinched Lian Hua’s cheeks. Hm, compared to several months before, it was rougher and he had tanned. Instead, it looked quite healthy. It was no longer sickly pale, as if he had a disease, and it was easier on the eyes.

Lian Hua was scared still! 〒_〒 Pig Leg, you don’t have to be so close! You also don’t have to pinch and squeeze your brother’s face, your brother is nervous to death! Being so close to Pig Leg, he could even smell the refreshing fragrance from his body. After the apocalypse, the thing Lian Hua smelled most was the putrid stench of zombies. It was his first time smelling something so good. Lian Hua’s brain started to get dizzy, his face was almost on fire!

Xia Zhi could also sense Lian Hua’s face grow steadily growing hotter and involuntarily raised the corners of his lips into a smile. It was as if spring came and a thousand flowers were racing each other to bloom! Pig Leg always had a serious, expressionless face. Lian Hua even silently wondered if he was cosplaying as a pair with his future paralyzed face, loyal dog gong! Suddenly seeing Pig Leg’s incubus[2] like smile, Lian Hua couldn’t hold it any more! A stream of hot liquid escaped from the barrier of Lian Hua’s hands, trickling from the gaps…

Lian Hua: “…”

Xia Zhi: “…”

Xia Zhi expressionlessly let go and retreated a step. Lian Hua quickly covered his nose with his sleeve. 〒_〒 Your brother has lost all face in front of Pig Leg! This was such a tragic tale.

Xia Zhi frowned. This idiot was so useless, getting a nosebleed from just this much! However, even Xia Zhi himself didn’t realize that the corners of his own lips raised in slight satisfaction before quickly disappearing.

“You should take another bath and then go back to sleep!” After speaking, Xia Zhi casually disrobed, exposing his smooth and shiny back. Lian Hua’s eyes bugged out. He only felt that his nose was raging more ferciously! He did his best to look away, chanted “your brother didn’t see anything, your brother didn’t see anything”, then ran outside unsteadily.

Lian Hua repeatedly splashed several water balls on his face. He heavily breathed in gulps of fresh air before finally calming down.〒_〒 What’s happened to your brother? Why couldn’t he control himself when he saw Pig Leg? Beauty really could make you stupid!

A white shadow flashed by, scaring the wits out of Lian Hua. He chased it, but then saw that Big White had returned to the form of a kitten and wanted to climb on Xia Zhi’s bed. Xia Zhi stretched out his leg out from under the covers and sent it flying. Big White stood up and circled the bed twice before dejectedly lying down on Lian Hua’s bedding.

Lian Hua: “…” Pig leg was bullying your brother; his cute pet was also bullying your brother; so sadistic! However, he couldn’t fight back against either!

Lian Hua cleanly washed away any traces of blood. Just as he was heading to sleep, he discovered that the energy in his body was boiling. Lian Hua happily discovered that he was about to break through to level three. After eating so many energy mushrooms, it was about time for him to break through. He quickly looked for a place to meditate. Pig Leg’s small courtyard was very safe, there were even people on duty outside.

Two hours later, Lian Hua stood up refreshed. Ha ha, your brother is the first one to break through to level three in Pig Leg’s group! No matter how Pig Leg let his comrades bathe in the water from the spirit stream, or gave them corpse crystals, he was still in the lead!

Then again, was Pig Leg in the late stage or peak stage of Qi Refining[3]? Lian Hua only knew that when Pig Leg reached the peak stage of Qi Refining, he was about level four. At level five, he built his cultivation foundation[3] and was much more overpowered than other espers at the same level. At that point, there was a time Pig Leg swept the territory in YN province belonging to the White Lotus’ foster father for supplies. Only by depending on the jade marrow was he able to break through to level five and build his foundation at the same time. He wondered whether Pig Leg would be able go to there in this life. Lian Hua really missed his little stronghold. He prepared so many supplies, but he wasn’t able to enjoy it before Xia Zhi dragged him back to S City. So sadistic. 〒_〒

Right now, it was approximately two or three in the morning. Aside from the night watch, everyone else was asleep. Lian Hua didn’t want to bother Aunt Li at this time. He silently returned to Pig Leg’s room and took out a seed. This was something he collected on the road under Lian Yu’s guidance. He extracted the wood elemental energy and a vine quickly matured. Lian Hua shook the vines and wove a hammock in the corner of Xia Zhi’s room.

After testing its firmness, Lian Hua felt that there was no problem. He didn’t take off his clothes, but immediately lay down, shut his eyes, and went to sleep. Tomorrow, they had to leave this place. It was hard to find a good place to sleep, so Lian Hua wanted to sieze the opportunity.

The next day, Lian Hua woke up before Pig Leg. He collected his hammock, washed his face clean, then organized his precious backpack. Mm, stock OK.

In order to qualify as a nanny, Lian Hua went to the support team before they distributed breakfast.

“Aunt Li, I came to get breakfast for the boss.” Lian Hua smiled brightly and greeted Aunt Li.

Aunt Li still liked Lian Hua very much, “Xiao Hua! Good morning. I heard you went to the young master’s place to work. The young master’s temperament isn’t always good, and sometimes he’s cold, but don’t pay attention to it. The young master’s heart is in a good place. You have to get along[4] well…”

Lian Hua: “…” He had to endure even if Pig Leg was cold.

Lian Hua could only repeatedly nod his head and quickly leave with the tray.

Returning to the small courtyard, Lian Hua placed Aunt Li’s things onto the table one by one.

Pig Leg’s meal was the same as the rest of the group’s; a boxed lunch. However, there were times when Aunt Li would secretly sneak in something nice. It was one of the perks of being the leader. Lian Hua tagged along and mooched off of him. Who told Aunt Li to like him?

Today’s breakfast was polenta, two side dishes of pickles, and six steamed buns. Aunt Li obviously intended for Lian Hua to eat with Pig Leg; there were two portions of everything. Lian Hua silently cried, he actually wanted to eat outside!

After setting the table, Lian Hua called Pig Leg out of bed. Lian Hua knew that Pig Leg was not a morning person. If he didn’t have a good night’s sleep, the person who woke him up would meet great misfortune.

Lian Hua’s luck was good today, Xia Zhi was already awake. Lian Hua doggedly brought Xia Zhi’s clothes over. Xia Zhi took them, lifted his quilt, and wore his clothes. Lian Hua quickly averted his gaze. 〒_〒 This habit of sleeping naked wasn’t good aaa! Lian Hua screamed ear piercingly in his heart. He didn’t want to nosebleed so early in the morning.

After wearing his clothes and putting on his shoes, Xia Zhi sat still on the bed. Lian Hua quickly presented him with a toothbrush and a water ball. The ball of water floated around within Xia Zhi’s reach for easy access. Xia Zhi brushed his teeth and washed his face, then Lian Hua collected the dirty water and threw it out.

After Lian Hua finished helping his lord freshen up, he quickly invited the other to eat.

“You sit down and eat too.” Xia Zhi spoke. He didn’t seem to be in a bad mood.

Lian Hua confirmed that Pig Leg really did want him to sit down before seating himself and taking a steamed bun to eat. He was already starving.

“Your cultivation speed is very fast.” Xia Zhi glanced at Lian Hua and threw out a line that almost made Lian Hua choke to death.

Lian Hua took a sip of the polenta before he could swallow his bun, “Brother Zhi… About that, I…”

“Don’t explain it.” Xia Zhi reached out and also took a steamed bun, “Make sure you hide your stupid mushroom well. Don’t tell anyone about its powers. If someone else were to find out, even I can’t protect you!”

“About that, Brother Zhi, do you know just what Xiao Yu Er is?” Lian Hua felt anxious.

“Basically, it’s an otherworldly entity. If it already accepted you as master, then you ought to treat it well.” Xia Zhi didn’t speak any more and Lian Hua could only swallow his curiosity back down.