Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse


Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse Chapter 23

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Pig Leg’s team rested in the small village for five days and needed to discuss the route to the capital with his friends. Small people like Lian Hua and the others couldn’t participate in such an important meeting, so he took advantage of the free time to go watch a play and raise his favorability with cannon fodder An.

“Back off! Don’t follow me anymore, hypocrite, disgusting!” Jiang Siyu vigorously swatted Jiang Siya’s arm away.

“Siyu, you are my younger sister! How could you treat your older sister like this? What did big sister do wrong? Say it, big sister will definitely change!” Two eyes filled with tears.

An Zhiqi was distressed and hugged Jiang Siya, “Siyu, your older sister worries about you. You two are blood related sisters, how could you hate her so much? From the moment the world ended, she was always looking for you, always worrying over you, can you stop being wayward?”

“I am wayward?” Jiang Siyu voice increased by 180 degrees. She really could not stand An Zhiqi’s accusations against her, “Obviously she’s the one who’s being hypocritical. What proof do you have that I’m being wayward? Do you know this woman’s true face? Do you know what she did to me? She…”

“Siyu! I know you still hold it against me for hogging mom and dad’s love and making them neglect you, but our parents have turned into zombies! They are already dead! I only have you as a close relative! Jiang Siya interrupted Jiang Siyu before she could finish and spoke as if she was about to cry.”

“You… You…”

Jiang Siyu was so angry that she was speechless. “Even if mom and dad hated me, it has nothing to do with you! Get your face out of my sight! I want to vomit every time I see it!”

“Siyu.” An Zhiqi frowned, “Don’t say that, your sister wasn’t comfortable either.”

“Brother An, ever since we were young, you could only see my sister! When did you look at me? How do you know my thoughts, you only know how to support my sister, who is accusing me. Do you have the qualifications to accuse me? Everyone praises my sister. I am vicious, she is kind. Are you all blind? Ever since we were young, I had to take the blame for her so many times. What more do you want from me?” Jiang Siyu was about to have a breakdown.

“Siyu! So you also like Brother An?” Jiang Siya looked like she was about to faint, “No wonder you hate me so much, so it was because I stole the person you liked?” Jiang Siya cried and fell into An Zhiqi’s arms, “But I really like Brother An! I don’t want to give him to you!”

“I like Brother An, didn’t you already know that a long time ago? Now you act like you’re so innocent and you don’t know a thing!” Jiang Siyu spoke ferociously.

“Siyu, I already told you clearly. I only like your sister.” An Zhiqi’s brows knitted even tighter.

“Hahaha, so while others saw me as a villain, why didn’t you look to see if the innocent white flower beside you was just as pure inside as it appears? Brother An, one day you will regret it! Oh and, don’t look for me. I refuse to be seen with such a shameless woman. I have no sister!” Jiang Siyu stalked off after speaking, leaving behind only a determined back.

“Ah, sob sob sob, Brother An, my sister hates me, she doesn’t need me anymore, I’m so sad.” Jiang Siya appeared depressed.

“It’s all right, you still have me. Brother An will always be by your side.” An Zhiqi gently comforted her, “There’s still time, Siyu will definitely understand your feelings. I will find time to persuade her again.”


“Really! Brother An assures you.”

“Mm! Brother An, Siya wants to think quietly by herself for a bit, you leave Siya alone for a while!”


Jiang Siya left.

Hey hey, the whole time he was watching, Lian Hua’s teeth felt like they were going to rot and fall out. Jiang Siya was the REAL white lotus! Lian Hua’s battle stat was negative five, he couldn’t even survive one round against someone else! Look at the other person, forcing their own younger sister into a dead end, turning them to the dark side. So this was a white lotus PK’ing* the vicious female villain? Poor cannon fodder An, his role was to smooth[1] the relationship between them, then get fucked over when he was of no more use? He lived a glorious life and his death was also great! Also, buddy, don’t you know that Jiang Siya was clearing a path for my cheap older cousin? How much do you like, how much do you believe in that woman?

*Player Killer. Note that there is a lot of sarcasm in this paragraph.

“Hey, Zhiqi ah~, you wanna eat mushrooms? I’ll give you this.” Lian Hua waited until he couldn’t see Jiang Siya before approaching, and brought along a bunch of mushrooms. He presented them starry eyed, as if they were a precious treasure.

An Zhiqi “…” Who are you? I don’t know you!

An Zhiqi swallowed his saliva, and accepted the things in Lian Hua’s hands. They were hunted down for a long time without supplies. Siya didn’t have anything good to eat in a long time, and the mushrooms looked delicious.

“Thank you.”

“Ay, there’s need for thanks between us!” Lian Hua patted An Zhiqi’s shoulder, “We’re buddies!”

An Zhiqi “…”

This guy was acting too familiar!

“Come, come, come, this buddy will treat you to chicken leg.” Lian Hua took out half of a chicken leg that was today’s wages from nourishing Pig Leg’s body. They were good brothers, so of course they should share their blessings.

An Zhiqi “…”

Why was there only half? Very strange.

The other person didn’t accept it, so Lian Hua forcefully shoved the object into his hand.

“You’re welcome!” Lian Hua used force again to hit him hard.

An Zhiqi “…”

Do you want to beat other people up?

“Brother An, who are you with?” Jiang Siya came back.

“Ah, someone I just met…” An Zhiqi looked at Lian Hua’s expectant gaze and silently swallowed the two words “team member” back down, “We’re buddies…”

Lian Hua smiled in satisfaction, “Brother, I won’t bother you any more, I’ll[2] leave first.” Lian Hua didn’t want to run into the Jiang sisters at all, so he quickly slipped away. He wanted to warn An Zhiqi, but he had to get closer first. Otherwise, people would think he was trying to dig under a wall[3]. Only a demon would believe him!

“Old Bai!” The elite’s face suddenly appeared, almost scaring Lian Hua to death.

“Fuck! What are you doing here, dead elite bastard?” Lian Hua could be considered very familiar with Xia Xingwen, while speaking, they didn’t differentiate who was higher rank.

“Old Bai! You know…” Xia Xingwen rubbed his fingers. Lian Hua angrily fished out a few mushrooms and put them into his hand.

“Why are you giving me this kind of big mushroom again?! Last time I saw you eat a small variety, it was greenish, it looked really delicious!” Xia Xingwen was unsatisfied.

Lian Hua “…” Were your brother’s energy mushrooms something to take out? Secret weapon absolutely must be hidden.

“There aren’t any, those are Brother Lian’s exclusive mushroom, not for sale!” Lian Hua spoke decisively.

“Alright, you win.” Xia Xingwen admitted defeat. “Say, how come recently you’ve been hanging out with that guy who’s a member of Bai Yi’s team? Don’t you know that it’s not good to be influenced by them?” Xia Xingwen finally got to the important topic. 〒_〒 He had no other choice, didn’t you see how gloomy the boss looked these days? Big brother! You should go play a fool in front of the boss!

“Oh! I really like that guy, he’s a good person.” Lian Hua straightforwardly told the truth.

⊙▽⊙ ⊙▽⊙

Xia Xingwen almost fell to the ground. Buddy, did you not know that the boss was not in a good mood these days? A bunch of men were knocked down by the boss.

As soon as Lian Hua spoke those words, he suddenly felt a cold breeze emanating from behind him. Was he not wearing enough clothes?

“Don’t don’t! Why are you saying such nonsense?!” Xia Xingwen looked strange.

“What are you doing? Your expression is making me uncomfortable.” Lian Hua backed one step away from the elite.

“Old Bai! Why don’t you go show your presence in front of the boss?” Xia Xingwen threw out a flattering expression and smiled.

“Why do I have to go to big brother? What are you planning?!” Lian Hua scooted even further away.

“Aiyo, the boss is in a bad mood, you’re going to coax him back into happiness!”

Lian Hua “…”

If Pig Leg’s mood wasn’t good, then he should avoid showing his face even more! If he was abused to death, who would he find to appease his grudge?

“Ah Wen, don’t you have something to do? Do you want me to give you more work?” Pig Leg’s creepy voice suddenly came from behind, Lian Hua and Xia Xingwen’s scalps momentarily went numb.

“Brother Zhi/Boss!” The two people turned around and used identical flattering expressions. Xia Zhi frowned, why were his subordinates so stupid?

“Ah, boss, I just remembered I have something I need to finish, I’ll leave first.” Xia Xingwen disappeared within a second.

Lian Hua “…” That dead bastard that knows no honor! Next time your brother will definitely give you diarrhea for 3 days! Lian Hua wailed in his heart, but on the surface he could only put on a “sweet” smile to welcome Pig Leg.

“Stupid idiot!” Xia Zhi gave Lian Hua’s expression an evaluation.

Lian Hua “…”

So hurtful! Pig Leg, you’re so despicable, Lian Hua was instantly expressionless.

Pig Leg continued to frown and stare at Lian Hua, as if thinking about something.

Lian Hua “…” Pig Leg was thinking about how to abuse him to death, right? Obviously he performed well these days! He thought Pig Leg was going to let him go! Sure enough, as soon as his cheap cousin appeared, all of Pig Leg’s hatred towards the white lotus was pulled out into the open! He obviously took a detour as soon as he saw his cheap cousin, fearing that Pig Leg would remember that there was still an enemy here.

“In the future, you’re forbidden from looking for people from Bai Yi’s team.” Xia Zhi spoke ferociously. He didn’t know why, but every time he saw this stupid idiot surround someone else, his entire body felt uncomfortable. It was definitely because this guy was too stupid!

Lian Hua “…” Ah? Pig Leg said this? Why was there so much negative energy? Lian Hua was startled, cannon fodder An was actually part of Bai Yi’s team! If Pig Leg thought that he wanted to divulge secrets, or betray them and run away to the other side, that wouldn’t be good. Pig Leg treated traitors in an extremely terrifying manner.

“I know.” Lian Hua nodded his head repeatedly, “I definitely won’t do that any more. I’m sorry Brother Zhi!” Definitely wouldn’t run over there any more.

Pig Leg’s face finally looked a little better.

“Ah, Brother Zhi, where’s your Big White?” Lian Hua just remembered that he had not seen Pig Leg’s cute pet.

A palm sized kitten climbed up from behind Pig Leg’s back, hung onto Pig Leg’s shoulder, and bared its teeth. *Spit* So it was this idiot that forced this stupid name onto this one? This one will kill you!

“Bam!” Pig Leg mercilessly knocked on the head of the dishonest Big White on his shoulder. Big White immediately calmed down and licked Pig Leg’s fingers, looking very honest.

Lian Hua “…”

Fuck, an honest obedient cute pet came about because of that? If you hit it hard, it would become honest? Feeling unloved, Lian Hua burst into tears. He was naive.

“Master, now you know how good I am!” Lian Yu spoke up to establish its existence.

“Dearest Xiao Yu Yu, you’re the best!”

“That’s right, give me all of today’s crystal cores too!” Lian Yu proudly stated.

Lian Hua “…” It was taking advantage of him!

“Why are you suddenly spacing out?” Xia Zhi’s tone was unpleasant.

“Ah, Brother Zhi, I say, your cute pet is so adorable!”

“That’s right, I only needed to teach[4] it for a bit.” Pig Leg looked meaningfully at Lian Hua.

Lian Hua “…” Pig Leg, can you not use that kind of strange expression to look at your brother? You’re scaring your brother to death.

Translator’s Notes:

Idk how obvious it is, but I think it’s heavily implied Jiang Siya is faking it in front of An Zhiqi.

[1]I feel obligated to point out that it actually says his role was to be the lubricant between the sisters.

[2]Lian Hua calls himself the bigger brother. Either An Zhiqi is younger than him, or Lian Hua just likes being in a higher position idk.

[3]Ok, so I heard of jumping over a wall, which is when a man has an affair, but I had never heard of digging under a wall, which, apparently means to cuckold someone… (or steal a company’s employee underhandedly) I’m… not sure why Lian Hua uses the cuckold term, I guess people would think he’s after Jiang Siya? I would have thought he was after An Zhiqi tho :^)

[4]Idk why, but this said tiaojiao in Engrish.

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