Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse


Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse Chapter 17

Lian Hua needed courage to eat his meal. Jiang Siyu kept staring at him eat, especially when he stretched his chopsticks towards the honey chicken legs. 〒_〒 Big sister, can I call you big sister? Stop staring.

After eating his fill, Lian Hua sat on the chair and refused to leave. This time, he stared at Jiang Siyu. Who told you to make your brother eat faster, your brother will also stare at you now.

Lian Hua stared at Jiang Siyu until she felt uncomfortable and couldn’t even stomach her food. She shot daggers out of her eyes and glared at Lian Hua, but Lian Hua didn’t crack. Your brother’s suffered under Pig Leg’s eye daggers. Sister, your level isn’t high enough? Speaking of which, weren’t you supposed to be a pair of beautiful sisters? Then where is the older/younger sister? Furthermore, it seemed that in the story Pig Leg didn’t come into contact with them. Where did this paper sister come from? Strange.

“Brother Xia, try this honey chicken leg, I spent a lot of effort on it.” Jiang Siyu refused to seriously eat, she wanted to tease Pig Leg. Are you unsatisfied until you’re seduced all the men at the table?

“Which one?” Xia Zhi lifted his head from his bowl.

“This one!” Jiang Siyu saw him look at her and happily pointed to a certain place.

“(⊙_⊙) Hm?”

“That! ⊙▽⊙” An empty plate sat at that location, not even a little sauce was left.

“What, ah?” Xia Xingwen’s mouth spat out a chicken thigh bone, mumbling with his mouth full, “It’s delicious.”

Jiang Siyu was about to choke on her anger. Lian Hua happily watched the show, this cannon fodder young lady was really interesting!

Jiang Siyu grasped her chopsticks tightly, making them clatter. “Hey, be gentle! Don’t you know that espers have great strength? Holding them so tight, what if they snap? Right now, all of our resources are extremely precious.” Xia Xingwen continued to throw oil on the fire.

“Pfft.” Lian Hua couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud. The other men at the table were holding back so hard, they almost got internal injuries.

Jiang Siyu’s face turned green. “Brother Xia…” She sobbed, looking pitiful.

Unfortunately, the appearance of a frail beauty to Pig Leg was like showing off to a blind person. Wasn’t this the reason Pig Leg hated the White Lotus the most? Pig Leg only likes men, don’t you know? Sister, you should figure out the situation, alright?

Jiang Siyu “…” She couldn’t figure out this idiot! She fiercely glared at Lian Hua, your mother is going to eat now.

Jiang Siyu “…”

There were only empty plates on the table. Any dishes that tasted good were licked clean.

Lian Hua “Pfft…”

Who told you to be distracted at the dinner table with so many wolves? Move fast, if you’re slow, there’s nothing left!

“Finished eating yet?” Xia Zhi asked.

The men nodded.

“Tomorrow, we’ll follow the troops and withdraw from S City, make the final preparations today. I shouldn’t need to remind you what to pay attention to.”

“Yes, (Big) Boss[1]!”

Lian Hua watched with two shining eyes, wow, Pig Leg commanding his brother in arms really made one feel mesmerized. Lian Hua thought about the appearance of his little wife, not good, his heart skipped a beat!

“Master! Master!” Lian Yu’s voice jumped out.

“Insignificant*, so you were still alive…” Lian Hua spoke weakly.

*This is a reference to Lian Yu’s… “size”.

Lian Yu “…” Of course this old man is still alive, in the future he will still be alive! And you shouldn’t call this old man insignificant!

“Beloved master, people have digested the Evolution Fruit.” Lian Yu was too lazy to correct him.

“That so? Congrats.”

Lian Yu “…” That’s it? A few words of praise?

“Master, is there anything else you want to say to me?” Lian Yu’s voice suddenly rose.

“Say what? Baby, you are so good*?”


Lian Yu “…” You still didn’t say it.

“This is for you.” Lian Yu was quiet, how did it pick up a master who couldn’t read the mood? It really couldn’t be more tragic.

Lian Hua took out the tender little mushroom that looked like it had all the water squeezed out of it until it didn’t look like a mushroom any more. -_-///

“Can’t you generate another species?” Lian Hua couldn’t hold back and asked.

“You expect a mushroom to give birth to apples, and apples to give birth to pears?” Lian Yu ruffled its fur, screaming in Lian Hua’s mind. “You don’t have common sense, ah! Master!”

“No no no, I was just giving an example! Mushrooms are the most delicious. Mm, the yummiest!” Lian Hua needed to quickly comfort his ears, he couldn’t afford to hurt the cute pet’s fragile soul. This exceeded common sense, alright?

“That’s what I’ve been saying! Mushrooms are the most beautiful things in the world!”

Lian Hua “…” You have no shame. Wait, Lian Yu didn’t have any face to lose.

“Bang!” A noise caught Lian Hua’s attention.

“You with the last name Bai, Brother Xia was talking to you and you dared to space off, you look down on Brother Xia too much!” Jiang Siyu roared at Lian Hua.

At the start of this year, were all the girls so quick to scream as this? Lian Hua cleaned out his ears, calmly saying, “How could I? Of course I don’t look down on Brother Zhi, and I always place him in my heart.” Then he innocently looked at her, his face obviously asking, where do I not respect him?

Jiang Siyu rolled her eyes, “Brother Xia! look at him!” Jiang Siyu changed her target.

“Well, so be it. Young master Bai, from now on, you’re part of the support team. Aunt Lee will tell you what to do.” Xia Zhi decisively settled the matter.

Nani*? Support? “Brother Zhi, did you say something wrong?” Lian Hua was shocked, he didn’t want to stay with the support team, the support team was for the mothers and aunts! They didn’t fight, this was an insult to his pride as a man!

*ChipaneseーLian Hua is bastardizing Japanese here.

Xia Zhi looked at Lian Hua, who nervously looked back. “You tell me?” He even eyed Lian Hua’s petite weak body up and down. The atmosphere was heavy.

Your brother isn’t a weak chicken! Lian Hua really wanted to grab Pig Leg’s collar and scream. But in reality, Lian Hua knew his place and wilted. Pig Leg’s aura was too strong, a cannon fodder couldn’t resist. T^T This world was so cruel! Lian Hua moaned and sighed, casually throwing the flattened mushroom into his mouth.

Lian Hua “…”

Fuck!! Great medicine!

Lian Hua only felt a huge stream of energy invade his body, squeezing him until he was about to explode. Wretched teammate throwing friendly fire! Sooner or later, your brother’s gonna get killed because of you! Lian Hua cried without tears, he could only do his best to suppress it. Right now, he only wanted to go back to his room, meditate, and absorb the energy. His face was red and looked distorted.

“What’s wrong? Are you dissatisfied?” Xia Zhi saw that Lian Hua’s expression was unnatural and thought that he wasn’t satisfied with the arrangements.

“…” Lian Hua was speechless, he could only desperately shake his head. It wouldn’t be good to irritate Pig Leg.

“Say something.” Xia Zhi came closer to Lian Hua, staring into his eyes. Lian Hua only felt that Pig Leg was too close to him, so close that he could almost smell the light fragrance from Pig Leg’s body. He didn’t know what to call this fragrance, only that it smelled very good. He looked at Pig Leg again, only seeing that Pig Leg’s small fan-like eyelashes were slightly trembling, making his heart itch. He looked a little lower, and as he was sitting and Pig Leg was standing with his back bent over, he could see the exquisite clavicle in the collar!

Lian Hua instantly went crazy,  (ˉ﹃ˉ) Fuck, Pig Leg was so seductive. Lian Hua firmly believed that Pig Leg was playing foul! How despicable, to take advantage of his beauty! Was Pig Leg trying to disorientate him, then viciously dump him, after which the white lotus would be abused body and soul?

The look on Xia Zhi’s face was suddenly weird, he retreated a step away from Lian Hua. What’s Pig Leg doing? Lian Hua felt strange.

“You…” Pig Leg wanted to say something, but stopped. “Do you need to wipe it up?” Xia Zhi was a bit flustered.

Wipe? Wipe what?

“For you!” Xia Xingwen popped out of nowhere appear like a ghost, applying a paper towel on Lian Hua’s nose.

Lian Hua was surprised for a moment. He pulled the paper towel down to look, he was having a nosebleed? ⊙▽⊙ Whoa whoa whoa, your brother was having a nosebleed! Lian Hua almost jumped up three feet.

“Although my boss is beautiful, ah no, handsome! You do not need to look until you have a nosebleed!” Xia Xingwen spoke exaggeratedly.

Lian Hua “…”

Your brother overdosed on medicine, not on lust! Lian Hua was speechless, he could only ferociously glare at Xia Zhi, then glare at Xia Xingwen before running away crying. Your brother’s image was ruined, wretched mushroom, just you wait!

Xia Zhi “…”

Xia Xingwen “…”

Lian Yu “…” Why did it suddenly get so cold? Is it winter? Oh well, go back to sleep.

Lian Hua covered his face all the way back to his room, carefully locking the door before immediately sitting cross legged on the bed, guiding the energy to circulate around his body. Fuck, this energy was huge, better digest it quickly and stand up. Lian Hua could only feel that his body was in pain, his bones and muscles seemed like they were about to explode.

Meditating for most of the night, Lian Hua finally digest all of the mushroom’s energy and reached level two! Lian Hua stood up and found out that he actually grew taller! Hum, that’s right, a little taller than 1m70cm*, so wonderful! 〒_〒 Lian Hua wanted to stand up and howl three times, but he still held back.

*(5’7″, holy crap, he’s so SHORT)

“Lian Yu~ ~Xiao Yu Er~~” Lian Hua used a voice full of excitement to call Lian Yu.

“What?” Lian Yu was not happy because it was awoken when it was half asleep, and now the master was acting weird.

“What was that? Do you have any more of those mushrooms?” Lian Hua asked flatteringly.

“What are you doing? No, don’t think about it any more!” Lian Yu was immediately alert.

“I gave birth to one little mushroom and I’m already dead tired, got it? I couldn’t give birth without the Evolution Fruit! You think it’s so easy? How could you be so greedy, you’re a greedy Master who doesn’t know how to understand! Wah wah wah, Master, you jerk! Why is fate so cruel, ah, sob sob sob, why is fate so cruel, ah?!” Lian Yu rolled around and cried loudly.

Lian Hua “…”

“Alright, alright, I don’t want it.” Lian Hua quickly comfort Lian Yu, he couldn’t stand Lian Yu’s magic voice that directly pierced his mind.

Lian Yu “…” Humph! This trick is really useful to deal with the greedy owner, I really am a super genius.

“You really don’t need it?” Lian Yu asked weakly.

“Yea, yea, yea, don’t cry!” Lian Hua repeatedly nodded. He prayed to his ancestors for there to be no more trouble.

“That’s good!” Lian Yu immediately stopped crying. “I’m going to sleep, don’t be noisy.”

Lian Hua “…” He had the feeling that he was just deceived.

Forget it, it was the middle of the night anyway, might as well sleep.

That’s why they say, like Master, like pet.

Translator’s Notes:

I can do it if I try! That’s uhhhhh 3 hours translating, 3 hours drawing! I translated this because I was procrastinating on ROLYA ahahaha;;;;

[1]老板 is more like the boss of a company/老大 is more like the boss of a gang. 老大 uses the character for big, so this one will be “Big Boss”.

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