Other name: Infected #2

Genre: Horror, Sci-fi

Date released: 2008
Views: 8661

Author: Scott Sigler

Status: Completed

Translator: Unknown

Contagious continues the story of 2008's Infected, predominantly following characters Perry Dawsey and Margaret Montoya as they attempt to stop an alien infestation of 'hatchlings'. Dawsey, former Michigan linebacker, has survived the events in Infected, but remains telepathically linked to the aliens. His insight into the aliens' behaviors help the government hunt them down, and Dawsey is forced to participate.

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Chapter list

Contagious Page 9 (3/7/2017)
Contagious Page 8 (3/7/2017)
Contagious Page 7 (3/7/2017)
Contagious Page 6 (3/7/2017)
Contagious Page 5 (3/7/2017)
Contagious Page 4 (3/7/2017)
Contagious Page 3 (3/7/2017)
Contagious Page 2 (3/7/2017)
Contagious Page 1 (3/7/2017)