Consort Overturning the World


Consort Overturning the World Chapter 20

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-Chapter 20, Consort Overturning the World-

"There are torrents of rain, we only have a few frail elderlies left at home, you ask them to carry? Furthermore, what if their frail bodies get sick from the rain?" She moved closer to Doctor Sun with every word, wanting to pull Doctor Sun out.

Doctor Sun stroked his beard and snorted. "No matter what happens, we will never change our policy. If we do, other patients will learn and follow from you. We'll be very busy then!"

Although this policy seemed weird, Doctor Sun was determined to uphold it. Doctor Sun thought of his past, where a rich household had not hesitated to bring thousands of gold to invite him to visit the patient himself. However, Doctor Sun had remained unmoved. If he was really pulled there by this rascal, then how would he face his patient!?

"Doctor Sun, I'm begging you, please take a lool at Butler Tang…" Yanxuan was already in tears. "What do you want in order to take a look at Butler Tang?"

"Nothing will make me break my policy." Doctor Sun said, closing the door with a 'Pa'. No matter what Yanxuan did, he wouldn't open the door.

Yanxuan stepped backwards. Under the downpour, she revealed a bitter and miserable smile with a hint of determination.

Wiping her eyes, she bit her lip tightly and bent one leg, half kneeling down… Her other leg soon followed, her body kneeling straightly towards the Huichun Hall.

She had never kneeled before to anyone, and also hated kneeling. She had prohibited the people around her from kneeling because she saw every person as equal. She believed nobody should degrade oneself by kneeling.

They say that there is gold underneath a man's knees.* Actually, anyone's knees are packed with gold beneath them.

*A saying that a man's pride is in kneeling.

Because she held this type of conviction, to her, kneeling to anyone was by far more humiliating than slapping her on the face. The feeling of humiliation seemed to flow into her body through her knees.

Her knee was already beginning to ache. She watched the tightly shut sliding door closely, her determined voice sharp and clear sounding through it. “Doctor Sun, I, Yanxuan, will kneel here until you come out. Until you come out, even if I die…I will continue kneeling.”

Doctor Sun’s stiff voice was like the wind and rain beating against her eardrums. “Then you can keep kneeling.”

Then you can keep kneeling…

He had initially thought that this rascal wouldn’t have much determination and perseverance, just kneeling for a while before leaving herself. When all was said and done, even a healthy robust male youth would not be able to endure the rain and wind for that long.

If, if Doctor sun was willing to open the door and see Yanxuan and peer into her eyes, he would definitely see her rain-washed limpid pupils that were clearer than glass held something more dazzling than gold, something that was unable to be described by mere words.

That something, was facing death with equanimity…*

*(To be unconcerned about death; unafraid of death. On another note, I think I’m falling in love)

A person that was unafraid of death, what else was there to be afraid of?

If he could accomplish his purpose, then what was death?

(Edited this sentence because it looked really terrible if translated word for word)

Like a silent, unmoving structure in the rain, she remained still, water dripping from the hair plastered on her temples.

Doctor Sun paced around in his room repeatedly. The rain outside was so heavy, if it broke the roof, he would need to change the broken tiles.

Looking past the narrow crack in the sliding door, the green figure of the young lady still kneeling in the rain, her body swaying slightly, biting her lip. Her bones seemed to carry determination which would move anyone.

What rascal, you think my heart is too soft and won’t allow you to kneel? Thinking this, Doctor Sun’s heart hardened, and he sat down on a chair, raising a cup of tea and drinking it. After he finished, he realised that the green tea in his hand was finished in one gulp.

Before he finished grieving for his tea, the tightly locked window behind actually burst open. Doctor Sun’s heart jumped, frantically going over to lock the window. This wind was too truly too strong…

Only, the rascal outside…

He looked at her through the crack of the door again. The green figure of her was already trembling enough for the naked eye to see. There was the faint red colour of blood on the floor. Against the raindrops, it was like a painting of a beautiful blood-red flower, glaring to the eyes.

Hey, although he said that he himself wouldn’t personally go and treat patients, but the rascal that was kneeling in front of his door…although she was pleading with him to save another person, didn’t he have the obligation to treat her? (as a doctor)

-Chapter 20, end-

Last part was basically Doctor Sun compromising himself by basically saying that she was injured so he should save her as a doctor. Honestly I really empathise with him and his dilemma, some rules may not seem important but they always have to be upheld. Anyways I find him rly cute lol

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